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Love and Vidya

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Do you play video games with your gf/bf, /v/?

Have video games ever played a part in romance for you?

Or have you ever failed with love due to video games?

I guess love, loss and vidya thread.
ive usually played left 4 dead with the girlfriends ive had in the past

my current one showed me harvest moon and gave me her psp to play it, pretty neat.
Gta V on ps4 , and yea, scott pilgrim when I had ps3. shes no gamer but those are two she enjoys. It dosent do anything for romance or the relationship, but its fun andyway
We play the Nintendo together.
Both grew up on it so why not
Both 3DS and Wii U. if it has a multiplayer on it, we're gonna play it
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I posted this in another thread

>been friends with this one girl for years
>when we were younger, we both loved Pokemon
>she had a crush on me
>made me her partner in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
>always hinted at her feelings
>I never got the clue
>years later, high school
>she's a 9/10 now
>still great friends
>tides have turned, I've fallen for her
>friends constantly tell me she'll never go out with me
>I try to ignore them, but deep down I know it's most likely true
>haven't asked her out due to fear
>do all this shit with her, and for her
>so many missed opportunities
>i even spent weeks painting a picture of us we took on a trip to NYC

Maybe I'll man up one day. I'm normally alpha with asking girls out, but she's something else. Only girl I've ever had recurring feelings for. She's the girl of my dreams, all I can ever ask for. She hints at having feelings a lot, but I just don't know.

We're still friends. Spent New Year Eve's with her and some other friends. I was going to tell her how I felt, but

>she's leaving
>I tell her I'll walk her to her car
>she says ok
>I decide this is the right moment, she's in a good mood, and I just gave her the previously mentioned painting
>I'm finally going to tell her how I feel
>but then
>my friend, who was hosting the party, also decides to tag along
>he then understands what's going on
>says his goodbyes and leaves
>thank god
>her and I are outside, walking towards her car
>I say"Hey, there's something I want to t-"
>they all want to say goodbye again because of le randomness :^)
>after 20 something fucking hugs and shit, it's just us
>she says she has to get going, parents want her home
>I say my goodbyes, she says she can't wait to hang up the painting
>drives off
>I'm left in the snow wet and sad

Fuck my friends. Seriously, I was really salty when I got inside

I wrecked them in Project M though, so it got my frustration out
GTAV on ps3 with my bf.

He won't play anything else just GTA5, and gets pissy with me if I don't immediately join him or have the audacity to want to play a different game. Logged probably 400 hours online between us.
Best of luck anon.

Do it for her.
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Pepe Dance.gif
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That sounds nice
I'll try

Maybe I'll ask her to hang out tomorrow
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>Do you play video games with your gf/bf, /v/?
>Have video games ever played a part in romance for you?
Sure, I've played P3.
>Or have you ever failed with love due to video games?
No, I haven't reversed any social links yet

Kim Pine best girl, Ramona a shit
you watch too many movies, son
Got some fries with that salt?
Girlfriends a nintendodrone and I'm one of Sonys little bitches.
She likes little big planet though, so I got something
I want to ask one of my friends out too.
We both love each other and dated forever but now we're just best friends.
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I'm a kissless, handholdless virgin with a small dick.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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Kisses feel pretty nice, man
You're missing out there
I don't understand

I wish, I've been craving fries lately
Girlfriend likes games but has a completely different taste in vidya and never bond over it. It had nothing to do with us getting together. She likes Dynasty Warriors and hates Valkyria Chronicles and I just can't understand that. We both like MGS and DMC/Bayonetta though.
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Thanks for making me sad you jerk
If it counts, I want to play video games instead of dealing with my girlfriends constant mood swings.
I'm sorry. But thanks for understanding my pain

I love these kinds of threads
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Who the fuck do you think you're talking to, you normie fuck?
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big boss salute.jpg
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Do it anon, I believe in you.

If she loves you too, than you're all set.

In my situation, I don't know if she loves me at all. She's said "I love you" to me before but I don't know if it meant anything.
of course it means something you dense fuck

don't miss your chance you god damned idiot
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No, all they ever want to do is play wow and I'm lonely.
I have fun playing old school nintendo games like donkey kong and kirby with my GF, she use to own a n64 with banjo/dk64

anytime we play my N64 I'm haunted with the fact that banjo is forever dead
>implying "I love you" always means feelings
>"I love you" can't be used otherwise

So when I tell grandma I love her it means I want to bang her? Hell no!
Well, I guess I'll have to take a chance and see

Wish me luck
If she's not too 'traditional', a safe option is to ask her how she feels about you

*HETERONORMATIVE PRONOUN* is my favorite meme xD
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Oh momma ;).png
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my girl plays vidya more than I do, honestly. She's the one who's gotten me into game collecting and trying to get every system.
Most recently we've been playing Binding of Isaac: Rebirth together. Good stuff.

Happy now faglord?
I always play coop games with the man I wish was gay so he would be my boyfriend
That should most likely work. I think I've asked her that before in a non-romantic way

I'll try it again then, I guess
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What's stopping you, bro?
6 more years to wizardhood. How are you guys holding up?
Accepted that I'll be a wizard hermit, but still getting pangs of longing.
I was abused as a teenager and lost my virginity at 15, so
>Old oneitis
>She's your average LOL, Dota, WOW or whatever game can run on a MAC gamer
>Uses vidya to get attention from guys

Why is it so hard to find a girl that likes vidya because it's fun and not because it's a way of getting attention?
>He has had girlfriends in the past. Shame, we're both so alike it's scary. First winter since I met him, we both found out we collected snow level music from vidya games for December and combined our lists together into 1 super snow level playlist.
Meant to be a reply to
it's not, most of them are pretty casual though.
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No fucking clue, really want to get into my own house after dorm life ends, then I'll worry about my love life. I've got another 9 years, I'm in no rush.

Also not too sure I'll keep a girlfriend on a cool $0 a week income.
My wife hates video games. She always nags me about how I could put time into better things like becoming as good at my job as she is or getting friends in higher places than PSN, but she'll watch me play or even play with me sometimes anyway.
gf is walmart coworker. Mostly just reads a lot of fantasy but has a friend who got her into final fantasy. She's half way through FF13. Cute voice, cute big butt, really smart going to uni in Indiana wants to be a museum curator. Played little big planet on first date. It's like a vidya best friend but with matching genitalia. There's more woman than guys there's someone for you.
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I have dated people with mediocre taste in games.
My first partner was a huge Halo fanatic and to this day hangs on to his dying glory. I tried playing RE6 with them but they couldn't get passed the tutorial. We only ever played Halo and Cod.
My last partner was a /v/irgin that didin't play games. They were the most contrarian sadist I have ever met. They would research about games he didn't even play just to tell people that they have shit taste.
My current partner is just the right level of casual. I play Battlefront 2 and Cry of Fear with them along with our many consoles games. I even got them a 3ds for Christmas.

It's my version of Goldilocks. I don't think I could ever be with anyone who didn't at least appreciate games.
I've played Killing Floor with my girlfriend a few times. It's fun.
>My last partner was a /v/irgin that didin't play games. They were the most contrarian sadist I have ever met. They would research about games he didn't even play just to tell people that they have shit taste.
I fuckin KNEW these kindsa people existed.
My wife and I get drunk and play Tetris.

It's a lot more fun than it sounds
9 years, nothing is between me and my path.
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tfw shit life.gif
619KB, 500x280px
I used to blame video games for my divorce, came to accept that I was a shit husband and father who lacks self control when it comes to sex and conflict. My kids are going to be dysfunctional as fuck and I still can't pry myself from 4chan, anime, games and sex long enough to do something.
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My ex would go to arcades and gaming lounges to play games
she also played games behind closed doors I miss her
Back to tumblr
Sounds fun, I fucking love Tetris.
I slapped the shit out of my girlfriend after she fucked me up when I was trying to unlock that fucking racecar thing in Burnout 3
>have a crush on a grill from uni
>good friends, I decided to push my feelings to the back of my mind because I thought it could ruin a good thing
>"Hey Anon, I heard you talking to your friends about Mario Kart... Do you play it a lot?"
>Uh, yeah I suppose.
>"Do you mind if I come play with you some time?"
>This completely innocuous discussion gives me a huge boner and I start panicking assuming she doesn't just want to Kart, if you know what I mean
>We go play MK8 after dinner
>She comes in 10th to 12th consistently, somewhat frustrated but surprisingly keeps on trying, really wants to win
>After a while I'm bored, but she still wants to play
>What I thought would end up being something more was really just her wanting to learn to play Mario Kart

I guess that's really fine but on the other hand it was an odd experience.
So you're gay and a polygamist?
K tumblr. we're actually more sensitive and compassionate than men into any other medium so stop going for the low hanging fruit.
Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one who did this. I broke my fiancee's nose when she corrupted my DMC:3 SE.
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She's not necessarily my gf but we sometimes play vidya together. I thought she'd be more adaptive to video games than most girls but damn is she a casual. We'd played a few Wii U games before fucking today. Bayo 2 was probably her favorite.
Did you reply to the wrong post or something
No, just a hamburglar legbeard here for the attention of morally devoid hermits.
Help her get good and she'll probably pause the game and blow you.
Why do so many anons go to uni
dude, what?
My girlfriend plays vidya occasionally. she's a casual, but she knows it. she's a casual with decent taste at least. she likes layton and pheonix wright. I've tried to get her to play some of my favorite games, but a lot of the time just never does, even after I have gotten her the game. It's alright though. She bought us a WiiU for christmas.

>this new years
>girlfriend, brother, and good friend with me
>playing sm4sh and nintendoland
>everyone having a great time, laughing the whole time
>up til nearly 6am because no work the next day
>have one of the best new years i've ever had
I'm in a state where I don't even play video games anymore. I haven't played a game in months.

I have nothing to play. I see someone talking about a game and say "Wow that game looks like shit."

I have played a lot of games though!
>"ayy gurl when u gonna stop suckin its mario kart not mario dick lmao"
No, because like most of /v/ I'm too autistic to talk to girls.

I've had really adorable girls interested me and have done nothing.

The shy types, the introverted types, the girls who took their studies so seriously they never had a social life and are now stunted as a result.

It doesn't matter, I can't do it.
Burnout 3 is the only game to ever make me smash a controller, something about it was just fucking infuriating. I think it was the combination of rubber band AI and that there's absolutely no room for any error at all in some of the more difficult time trials.

I thought I was gonna go to jail for like 2 weeks afterwards because the side of her face that I slapped her on got all bruised and swollen. Made her swear that she'd tell people she got in a car accident and hit her face. Close call. Now when I hit her, I make sure to hit her in the legs or gut; face is too obvious.
I dunno if I have anything related to video games to tell.
I mean, her and I played some really casual vidya once.
The only reason that we broke up was because i was a literal retard and didn't know how to into dating a girl.
If you play video games with your sex partner, she will be a complete casual and will have shitty tastes.
You can still enjoy them. Just make sure you point out that your sex partner is a complete casual with shitty tastes, and then show off as hard as you can and laugh at everything she tries to do.
Don't put the pussy on a pedestal. Be confident. Be good at games. Have good taste. Show off how awesome you are. Be alpha.
Games aren't really a way to have fun together, it's a way for you to have fun being awesome around your lessers.
Then fuck. It's fun.
That's adorable. I used to know know a girl back in high school a lot like that. She invited me over constantly to play Melee. Never wanted the relationship to go any farther so I never asked her out and we remained really good friends for quite a while.

Fast forward a few years and now she's blocked my facebook all because I called the boyfriend she just met online a shit eating faggot for telling me to fuck off when I tried messaging her one day.
I leave the excuses to her, if she wanted to send me to prison she would have the first time I tried to crater her face.
Used to play Sanic and Puyo Puyo on netplay, but my Internet connection has gotten too shitty to make it possible anymore. We play Smash 3DS sometimes.

Also, we met on a sonic forum board.
I have a story about my ex. Her parents are illegal immigrants, so shes was a poor mexican girl, but because of that, she had an snes (with a fuckton of boxed snes games, a lot of them in great condition, god dammit.) which she loved to play.
I'm a huge faggot who collects old video games, so when she came over, she saw i had an snes and Donkey Kong Country and she wanted to play it.
We spent the next hour and half playing it and eventually got stuck on the first mine cart level. We retried that fucking level like, 30 times before we got so fucking frustrated, we were going to give up, but i decided fuck that, i'm gonna be a cool guy and ace it on the last try.
Needless to say, i died, but as a constilation prize, she said fuck donkey kong, and we had our first kiss to
It was nice.
It's not hard to get the fuck over yourself and and show your children a path to success and happiness.
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>get talking with a 9/10 girl at a party when I find out she likes Yume Nikki
>invite her over one day to play Skullgirls
>stays for three nights
>end up dating
>vidya every day, sex every night
>turns out she has great taste in vidya too
>she introduces me to tons of cool console games I never played as a kid like Ratchet and Clank and Fatal Frame
>eventually she stops playing interesting games and spends every waking second on Minecraft
>she knows I don't like it but she still gets shitty with me and throws a tantrum when I won't play with her the second I get home after 8 hours at work
>no choice but to kick her out
It's a shame, she was pretty cool when Minecraft wasn't involved
You kicked her out because of minecraft

are you retarded?
kissing is cool, but it always made me feel guilty when my ex gf and i made out.
sucking on her tongue reminded me of how awesome it was to blow my ex boyfriend.
I kicked her out because she kept starting arguments with me after I got home from work. I'm there for 8 hours every day, the least I need is more stress when I get home.
>implying I've ever had a GF

Good one, OP.
>tfw kissed but never made out with anyone.
bad feel.
English major gf hadnt really played games ever before. Bust out phoenix wright. She takes the 3ds out of my hands and starts clicking.
Good on you.
depending on how the other person is, its not great. My ex liked to try and eat my face. She would pretty much work my mouth and nose into her mouth and it was pretty weird. But sometimes we'd get a groove and it was nice.
this thread is making me sad.
>8 hours a day
>a stressful day
what a fucking faggot.
You don't understand, at this stage I'm "the other guy". my ex wife and her new husband have spoiled them so now the boy is a cry baby bitch and the girl still can't use the bathroom by herself. When ever I come over to visit it's awkward as fuck around them because whenever the boy doesn't get his way he starts crying and I can't tell him "man the fuck up." and I can't be alone with the girl because my Exs husband convinced himself that she's his daughter. I want to be there for them but it's just top hard and I just find myself fucking there mother and leaving through the backdoor after saying "hey."
Thanks bud. It was one of the hardest decisions I've made in my life but quality of life has improved a lot now that I actually have some downtime and I don't need to worry about paying for two people to get by. It's a shame she refused to stay friends though
I'm an introvert bro, being around people for any length of time is exhausting and all day every day is just too much
>Play SR2 with gf
>Most of the game was spent getting ammo and doing minigames to be able to do missions
>get lost in a mall eventually
>drive around in stolen gallardo lookalikes looking for the exit
>decide to just crash into eachother
>Bat Country comes on the radio
>he who makes a beast out of himself
>gets rid of the pain of being a man
now you know how it feels to be me whenever I see anything relating to holding hands or gf or something like that.
Is it better to hide your interest in games until you're already together, or should it be used as a common ground starting point?

I'm casual enough, just wanna play WiiU with a qt.
God please go, what is the matter with you people, why did you choose us. This hurts.
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Me and my ex both played the original pokemon games together while we were dating. It was a cute a idea, to bad she was beyond casual and payed for The Sims 3
I haven't touched my old pokemon since she cheated on me, just can't handle the memories
I want to pay video games with comic book Ramona. Not movie Ramona though, just comic book Ramona.
You are ridiculous, please commit suicide.
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How do I find people on the internet that live near me?
>hit gf
>she can now fuck you over in more ways than one
>Somehow I'm in the wrong.
drop you poor excuse for an avatar and get out of your chair
File: 1419654610067.webm (1MB, 852x480px)
1MB, 852x480px
>play WoW for 6 years but the game became absolute trash so quit
>try GW2 when it comes out
>it's alright, play it for half a year with some friends but we get bored and stop
>months later go back myself out of boredom
>join some random guild that was advertised in the map i was in
>mostly just keep to myself
>do a few things with the guild, some events ran by a girl in the guild
>try not to get too involved because i've seen my fair share of drama from WoW
>when SAB came back she needed help with something and i was the only person on so i go help
>she's really nice and cool
>she starts dragging me around to do stuff with her more often
>start to like her but don't want to because it usually ends up not so good
>one day just tell her i like her
>she likes me too
>start to date
>fast forward a year
>i moved and we now live together and are very happy
She's a hot and cute latina who's pretty similar to me and most people on /v/, the type who's played games all their life from sega to n64 to ps1 to ps2, etc etc.

GW2 is a pretty shitty MMO but at least i got something good out of it.
just post about wanting to get fucked in your boipussy or something similar in threads like these.
click a hot singles in your area ad.
It sounds like she liked intimacy. If you were candidly attracted to her on both an emotional and on some level physical level you should of matched it.
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this thread is making me remember more stuff we did.
>go to her house one day
>not a lot of space because poor ass apartment
>her parents are over protective, so we're stuck in the living room
>decide to play some kirby super star
>go through all the minigames, even match for all of the games.
>it starts getting late, her parents get bored of watching us play megaton punch
>once they leave, we decide to move onto the samurai game
>tell her i fucking love that game.
>when messing with the options, she finds out you can set it to 99 rounds.
>i tell her that it would take forever to get through it
>she laughs and starts the game
>she decides to raise the stakes
>whoever loses has to do anything the winner says.
>We have the most nail biting neck and neck match of samurai showdown of all time
>for a total of 97 rounds, we've never been more than 1 or 2 points away from each other.
>i'm finally going to win
>she decides that just shouldn't happen
>she wraps her legs around me to mover herself on my crotch
>Oh fuck shes grinding on my dick
>she catches up
>god damn this is not fair
>too beta to grope her back
>try and get back at her by tickling her
>instead lose because i'm not paying attention
>she wins
>she tells me she'll command me later
>she tells me that she has always wanted "suffocate" someone while they eat her out
>we break up before she ever acted on it.
>tfw she thinks a Minecraft LPer is more important than your anniversary

I'm still kinda sad I'm single now, but remembering things like these helps me realize shit wasn't worth it with her.
I met my first and only gf through TF2

We played lots of video games together since it was long distance and everything and was fun. We'd always play animal crossing, making stuff for eachother. We'd get eachothers favorite games and play them for the other person.

It was a really good way to be connected despite being 1000 miles apart, that and falling asleep together on skype and watching movies together.

I miss her so much
Adult daycare.
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231KB, 500x587px
And then? I'm gay and I'm not the type of guy that goes to parties. Should I just go up to random boys on the street and try my luck?

I came close to that, but the guy chickened out at the last moment.
Got the gf a 3ds with Pokemon, and Animal crossing for her birthday. She didn't touch me for a week, it was like crack to her. She got me a ps4 for Christmas so we play Gta 5 together and get drunk.

Feels good man.
File: 1275856079432.png (13KB, 468x425px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 468x425px
Not that anon but same here. I might be doing it for 12 hours soon but as long as I like the people honestly I don't mind the company.
It's been years since I saw the original.
You said you lived in Germany, right?
>break up before she ever acted on it.
but why?
My GF and I play a lot of Town of Salem. We like teaming up and causing some shitstorms. One of my favorite ones:

> Be the Jailor
> GF is mafia
> She sells out all of them
> I jail and execute two of them, leaving only her.
> Some guy gets pissy and says the jailor cheats
> Execute him
> He is witch
> We laughed about it for like an hour.
she was actually really weird about intimacy. She would swing from wanting to be really close, to not wanting to touch at all. She said she had really bad trust issues and couldn't handle getting too close, but she also made it her mission to keep me erected whenever we were around each other. It made walking with her parents really awkward.
also, i'm a faggot who tried dating a girl because my ex boyfriend was a neglectful asshole who broke up with me.
How so? it's not as easy as whisking them off to disney land, I can't fix them, hell being in a room with them makes me regret not becoming a wizard, so why try?
I remember this story anon.
I still feel bad for you, I hope you find someone soon.
maybe you should post where you live then first.
My girlfriend is pretty crappy at video games. She likes Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, but she played them too much a while back and has grown bored with them. She also likes Fire Emblem. Other than that she isn't too big a fan, but she tells me she wants to try playing more to share an interest with me. I think it's sweet but probably not gonna happen unless I can find some fun and easy games for her to play.
>with your gf/bf

can we stop this gf/bf nonsense? it should be just "do you play games with your gf?"
because i realized i actually wasn't as into her as i though, so i asked her to break up with me.
i'm >>277890928
that's pretty damn far from me.
Sorry I couldn't lead you on and dissapoint you by saying that I'm too pathetic to go outside and pursue something.
>the most important choice in your life that will decide whether you'll develop the skills to contribute in the modern world and earn a decent wage
File: 1283570239829.jpg (58KB, 720x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's just a downright unacceptable shame anon.
File: 1420107106787.png (793KB, 811x927px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
793KB, 811x927px
>started dating long time friend i had lost touch with for awhile

>lots of similar interest but motor mouth holy fuck
>ultra mushy
>has to repeat our entire history to every new person we meet
>doesn't get along with any of my male friends and jesus my female friends.

She plays vidya though. Were working our way through the kingdom hearts hd games and Catharine. Were going to play Ni no Kuni later. We both play pokemon together and we just got smash 3ds. She just created a steam account. Gifted me GZ
Find a gay bear on a gay site or at a gay bear, please don't make people who are open minded and don't want to hurt your feelings uncomfortable.
>we'll bang, ok?
What happened, Anon?

Reminds me of my ex, we met on one of those niche 4chan knockoffs and ended up dating for a couple of years. She lived overseas but we played WoW together a lot and had shitty in-game 'dates' because that was the closest we could get to the real thing. I even went to visit her for a few weeks which was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. She never could get over the fact that I'd dated a guy before I was with her though, she was a massive homophobe and she'd keep starting fights about it every time her period began which led to fights about other things and in the end she'd spend a week angry with me and I'd spend the rest of the month trying to make it up to her. I tried breaking up with her but I still loved her and every time I tried she'd try to kill herself but eventually it was just too much and I had to get out but man do I miss her, I hope she's okay
Trade schools will do you better. Everyone knows colleges are deteriorating at a rapid rate, following the downfall of all public schooling.

Someone remembers> Huh. Well, it helps when I always post it with that same retarded angry Pokemang.

>I hope you find someone soon.

About that.

I'm still uber salty about the ex. Half a year has gone by and not a single day goes by without me thinking how I wanna call her a bitch in front of her tits and break her face in half. But...

I met this coworker. And I've barely talked to her and jazz, yet my body is already reacting as if there's something there.

Is my mind trying to replace the ex already?

In my 20s I'm still new at this. I'm scared.

My coworker did urge me to buy the new Pokemeng, tho, so VIDEOGAMES.
I'm used to it. Every time I actually found someone that lived close it never came to an meet-up. Always excuses and stuff. I don't even want to have sex that much, just someone I can have fun with, playing video games, etc.

I don't have the courage to just walk up to people and ask them if they're gay, so don't worry. It's just because the anon said I should get out of my chair, but it's hard finding other gay people here in my area.
Is she cute?
go for it then you fag.
might as well take a shot.
>Never had sex with my girlfriend, the timing has always been off and our parents were never out of the house
>Finally just the two of us
>She's in the middle of her period, I say fuck it and go for it regardless
>Can't get a good angle and hips start aching
>All the blood everywhere is slowly making me get soft and condom prevents me from feeling good at all
>I just give it up
>Clean up the murder scene
>We awkwardly play Super Smash Bros for a few hours and I drive her home

She's not too good at video games. I usually go a bit easy on her but I still wreck her. Any recommendations?
File: Varys.jpg (55KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 1280x720px
>implying I have a GF
top lel

I'm a failure, High School, and the few years after was such a depressing time for me with bitches I completely gave up on them, to the point where I think I am comfortable as a man with never again having an intimate relationship.

At least once I'm done with medical school I'll be rolling in cash and won't have to worry about sharing it.

File: 1273639616531.jpg (22KB, 207x160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 207x160px
Mario anything. Seriously, kart, party 3d world is a blast even if you lose a lot. Any wii party games are nice just easy social games are great and sometimes even [spoilers] fun [/spoilers]

I dream for the day I can just sit and play wii u with a qt I actually like.
when you start rolling in cash, that's when they will flock to you

the worst kind of women, I mean
play a co op game. Or, if she's up to it, play a single player game together. Maybe an rpg or something? Either you both pass it off, or one plays while the other makes the decisions.
File: 1412630388711.png (81KB, 773x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 773x773px
What happened in regards to the breakup?

Around over a year of being together. She just broke up with me what felt like really suddenly. She said it was because of the distance and she just didn't feel "connected", but later admitted it was more because of me.

We still talked after the breakup because i'm a wreck and she was the only person I knew, and I needed someone to talk to since i was incredibly suicidal. After a bit she couldn't even keep that up and had to leave again, and didn't want to talk to me again.
She's tall. I love it.

But anon, she's my coworker. What if something goes wrong and I have to face a person with whom I messed up semi-daily?
I won't be looking for them. and I already have had them approach before, my family's in with the money already, I'm just continuing the tradition.
whatever dude she'll just go back to being a coworker, it won't be awkward if you don't make it awkward
You can't go through life thinking about the what ifs
trust me, i did that, and now look at me.
I'm actually dating my coworker. It's a bit stressful because I know that if something goes wrong it's gonna be the most awkward shit ever, and my boss can absolutely never find out unless I want to get transferred. There was also this one other guy who worked with me that dated a coworker, they split up and she would never page him, EVER, even when she completely needed help.
If anon just wants sex then its great. He doesn't have to stay with them even though they'll try thinking they've caught themselves a big fish. for you
Just make sure you don't fuck up then. Dating co-workers is generally frowned upon but if you can't get it up or have some kind of hangup it isn't worth it. Just wait till you're quitting then ask her out.
>Trust issues
You fell for that ruse? All women say they have "trust issues". It's another way to keep someone away in case they want to dump them for someone they like better. Women don't have fucking trust issues. They just don't know what the fuck they want.

Any time you get into a relationship you need to end it the moment they start low balling you with horseshit like that, and just tell them that you don't play fucking games.
File: 1303578998280.png (4KB, 302x237px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 302x237px
I haven't had an actual gf since highschool. I've been the side dick (the guy the fuck when their boyfriend isn't doing it) for a dozen women and it's made me extremely bitter. The last girl I was fucking I actually got intimate with despite the fact that she had a boyfriend, I loved that woman more than anything else. Then she became a 420 party slut feminist tumblrina and now I hold loathe women entirely.

Generally, all of the women I've played video games with are usually pretty bad.
File: 1419422000816.jpg (154KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154KB, 1024x1024px
>She's tall. I love it.
best fetish
>tfw one of my exs was 5'9
If I was you and had kids which I'm not and don't I would just spend time with them doing simple fun things like playing video games and doing homework which I'm assuming consists of simple arithmetic and reading. If you find the right game they can go hand in hand. Show them the fruits of team work, practice, and sensibility through video games and playing outside and with each other. Teach them how to sympathize with others works and form bonds, maybe eventually organizing get togethers with other parent's children. Entertain the other parents with trivia and alcohol. Just be well intentioned.
>just tell them that you don't play fucking games.
/v/ - Video Games
She's played Mario Kart and actually 100%'d Wii, but we played a bit of 8 and it wasn't that fun. I think I'll try 3d World or maybe Hyrule Warriors next time, they both are easy as shit and kinda fun
>implying /v/ actually plays video games
tried playing dota 2 with the GF

Yeah, thats one of the reasons i asked her to break up with me.
Do you have one fact to back that up?
File: 1382361578411.png (22KB, 207x239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 207x239px
GF and I used to just play WoW together. She wasn't good enough to raid, she just enjoyed the casual aspects and made a lot of friends. We quit not long before WoD and never looked back.

We recently bought 3DS for Christmas. She got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, I got Omega Red. We've been playing them together like crazy, both of us have about 30 hours played. We choose our starter Pokemon together, traded what we couldn't find for each other, and beat the Elite 4 together side-by-side. It's pretty fucking awesome.
>protip: don't die

Yet that sounds a bit reassuring.

That sounds delicious.
Just saying that if you go for it, tread carefully. If you need to end it then you better be damn sure to end it on good terms.

There are positives, of course. You just gotta weigh the negatives.
I have a steam friend that I like but we never play anything together because we're really far apart.
I wish he would ask me to play something together but he only plays with his other friends. I was thinking of getting CS:GO since that's the only multiplayer game he seems to play but he only plays with his friends. I'm not very good at FPS either and the ping would probably make me even worst than I already am.
File: 1PYi0Ix.jpg (119KB, 601x868px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119KB, 601x868px

being really far apart isn't really an issue if you've got a good ISP. you could also use something like tunngle or hamachi to play co-op games together. They're pretty easy to set up and use and basically directly connect the two of you through the net.
but he's on the other side of the planet....
File: saving thumbnails.jpg (5KB, 104x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
saving thumbnails.jpg
5KB, 104x125px
Maybe getting ahead of myself, but... how do you end things, anon?

Last time I was a fucking dumbass and always ended up not ending anything because I was a softie.

>I don't think this is working
>rinse and repeat every 3 months
>one day get dumped via message outta nowhere

Don't wanna repeat that and end up bitter and angry. Again.
File: 1419838209821.jpg (25KB, 255x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 255x340px
>mfw I'm the only anon who posts in tumblr threads.

Yes I haven't actually talked to her too much but we always sit together on lunch or break and talk about random shit and have physical feelings for each other. She reads a lot more than I do and works harder but it's not hard to enjoy each others company and I'm interested in the same things she is and willing to try to aspire to her achievements, you could almost say she might be my
better half
>This thread
>All the faggots
Has /v/ been a silent gathering place for faggots and I haven't known this whole time?
>tfw when in highschool I was that goofy guy in a group of friends that no one ever wanted to date

Them jokes got me all the laughs and none of the pussy

Winning every single competitive video game probably didn't help either
she just plays pokemon and animal crossing really. played through octodad and portal I think as well. we play mario kart together sometimes
File: 1348448151705.png (509KB, 650x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
509KB, 650x850px
Doesn't matter. The way the internet works these days after the inital connection between the two of you for co-op games it will be stable. What you're thinking of is outdated knowledge.
u can do it
How are you this oblivious.
Socially inept men have an easier time finding other socially inept men to settle for than actual women who are cunts anyway.
File: UboAHHH.jpg (221KB, 731x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
221KB, 731x1000px
/v/ has always had a lot of faggots. They're just becoming increasingly vocal as of recent. Recent being the last 2-3 years. That said you should probably leave now if you don't wanna catch the gay anon.

Wait...You're a girl? I thought girls only existed in /cgl/, /vp/, and occasionally /b/ to whore themselves.
File: 1407759138157.gif (2MB, 360x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 360x270px
I've played vidya with a girl back in high school.
>Junior year
>New qt girl starts going to my school
>Say fuck the Knicks and decide to talk to her
>She's really funny, and we hit it off great
>My friend starts talking to her too, don't really mind.
>We spend loads of time together, all three of us playing vidya
>My friend brings his drug dealer friend into the mix and I hate him.
>My friend and his friend get her to take weird pills
>Basically start to distance myself from them because I'm not about that life.
>She decides to hang out with me at my house alone for 3 weekends in a row
>We beat the entirety of Condemned 2 together
>4th Weekend, my friend wants to come along too
>Say sure why not, but the drug dealer can fuck off
>They don't have a good time and leave
>Turns out they went back to her place and fucked.
>They called me on the phone and were drunk as shit and started laughing at me
>Cut them all out of my life once and for all
>Turns out she was a tumblr femnazi who posts edgy art on deviantart.

Dodged a fucking bullet. Heard the drug dealer got caught and is in jail too which is great.
File: Shrektacular.jpg (23KB, 412x307px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 412x307px
>In 5 year+ relationship
>play video games all the time, but SO doesn't play games at all, more of a book person
>tried explaining the appeal
>doesn't get it
>really think she'd like an RPG but can never get her to try it
>Enjoys watching me play but will often be reading a book or on her tablet at the same time, just likes being in the same room as me
>Always waits for the WORST moments to have sex making me pause or go AFK from an online game, like in a boss fight or in a tight match
>asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year
>just want to play vidya with her
>christmas rolls around
>she got me a WiiU, with a note attatched to the gift
>"Will you play with me?"
>thinking its more an invitation for sex, then she clarifies she wants to play Super Mario 3D World with me
>never been so happy in my life

baby steps /v/
If she beats champions road she's the one
File: 1311650844969.jpg (81KB, 447x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 447x444px
Eh. I had a similar situation, but I'd always convince myself that all the obvious signs were just flukes and that she'd never go for me. She ended up getting sick of waiting and made all the moves on me first and it went from there. Now we've been dating for almost a year.

I found out she was a like 4-5 months pregnant a couple of weeks ago. Better her than someone else, I guess, though I feel like my life is over.
File: Homer yum.gif (491KB, 250x196px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Homer yum.gif
491KB, 250x196px
Met my last girlfriend in an MMO. Dated for 5 years. Met most of my past girlfriends in MMOs, actually. Lost my virginity that way.

You'd be surprised how good it is to meet women in MMOs.
How do you even know it's yours?
>Thinks it's about sex
Oh, alright, cool.
>It's actually about playing video games

you're adorable. not even being sarcastic.
v is filled of people with mental disorders, what makes faggots any different?
File: 1364621890838.gif (479KB, 426x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
479KB, 426x267px
File: 1420084862824.jpg (50KB, 468x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 468x500px
>4-5 months pregnant
>dating for damn near a year
I'd assume so. When we're not working we're usually together, so I'd be impressed if it was someone else's. I doubt that's the case though
File: stopit.png (131KB, 527x467px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131KB, 527x467px
>Tried to get gf to play Portal 2 co-op with me
>Thought it would be fun working together
>She doesn't know how to use two control sticks
>Can't move and use the camera at the same time
>Painfully help her through the first few stages, congratulating her while inside I wanted to yell at her
>Decide maybe 3D games aren't her thing
>Switch to Scott Pilgrim vs The World
>I have to revive her every step of the way
>After beating the first ex we stop, with my excuse being it got boring
>When in fact I was close to throwing the controller from the rage induced at her incompetence

In the end, I was just sad she wasn't good enough to play with me. I could've taught her but she really wasn't interested.
This makes me feel better about myself, anon, cuz I didn't have childhood friends anyways.
Thank you for restoring some of my faith in women, she sounds amazing, anon.
>Do you play video games with your gf/bf, /v/?
Nope, single, thank fuck.
>Have video games ever played a part in romance for you?
Not particularly
>Or have you ever failed with love due to video games?
Yes, twice. Command & Conquer Generals and Call of Duty 4.

We play through Divinity: OS, Baldur's Gate and NWN every once in a while.
We don't get to play too often. She's poor as fuck so she has to spend most of her time on commisions. I finally got a stable income so I can help her, but she hasn't had enough money to pay her phone or internet bill. I haven't heard from her in a month, and it's a bit worrying.
My wife and I play a few games together yeah. We both shared a copy of Rune Factory 4 when it was out and we've been playing Pokemon together since we met each other. Used to play the odd mmo together, but we both got bored of those.

I wouldn't say games play a part in our romance, but it's sorta a pass time we both share.
Most anons here have never been in a committed relationship. Sex isn't nearly as interesting after the second year. So, yes, shit like playing video games together becomes better than sex.
my girlfriend is fucking obsessed with asscreed and mario

but she likes watching me play vidya and we read VNs together
Most anons here aren't above 16 years old, let alone in a committed relationship.
From the occasional polls and my, very subjective, general sense, /b/ is the only board mostly below 16. /v/ seems to be generally 16-25.
>people don't lie
/v/ is /b/2.0, it has been for a long time.
File: Starlord.gif (974KB, 500x318px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
974KB, 500x318px

hey thanks anons didn't think that story would get any attention but we juts beat, hell I dunno, they stopped numbering the levels, world bowser-bowser where he turns into a cat?

Anyway we've also been playing Mario Kart 8 and not going to lie but I've been letting her get first place a lot, taking the cups and beating me while holding off all the other racers, says she doesn't want me to laugh at her but I think shes doing pretty good for a first timer
Been in a 3 year relationship. Play games together all the time. Just hit a Wii u and bingeing on smash bros and mario kart.
You asked her to break up?

You really are a faggot no wonder your ex bf is an asshole
File: 1419323690566.gif (2MB, 475x277px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 475x277px
>New Years
>GF's Mom is forcing us Kathy Griffin and Anderson cooper for midnight countdown
>Its fucking 9:00 pm
>At 10 the ball drops in NY so the program ends
>Me and GF go to her room and play Nidhogg on PS4
>Absolutely loves it
>I keep wrecking her shit but she occasionally gets a win in
>Had a blast and sex after midnight

>Rewind a bit
>Tell her about PT and how spooky it is
>Shes down to play
>I'm too much of a bitch so I tell her we should look up a guide because of the cryptic shit Kojima put in
>we look at the guide get spooked and have fun
>Last room, we can't get the baby to cry the third time
>Get frustrated and decide to quit
>Right before we quit Lisa does a jump scare on us
>The look on my GF's face when she screamed and I just froze up
>Said fuck it never again and we never finished it and I just showed her the trailer
>Tfw I got Evil Within and Ayy Lmao Isolation to play with her later
>Tfw I got her to play Smash 4 but still dislikes it because shes bad at it and prefers the 3DS version

Its a good relationship. I'm happy.

Wow the false flag tumblrinas are out in force tonight just leave fags
>all these people on /v/ claiming to be in relationships
Nobody actually believes you,
Last girlfriend I had only played Blops 2 zombies, I kicked that filthy casual to the curb after two months.
I believe them.
Also your post adds literally nothing.
Get some self control you child
Tinder, or Grindr if you take it up the shite pipe.
you posted about this earlier this week
"parents wanted her home", they are clearly highschool(ish) age. Have you spoken to girls of that age? They say I love you at the drop of a hat
>>Turns out they went back to her place and fucked.
>>They called me on the phone and were drunk as shit and started laughing at me
Man that's pretty fucked up. Good for you.
>Playing PS3 with qt little asian gf
>She's in the toilet for about half an hour
>I can hear all the grunting and straining
>She comes out and giggles 'Sorry about that'
>The smell wafts through the entire house
>Fucking stinks

gfs are overrated
Anon don't be silly girls don't poop.
I play video games, so did she.

She played them so much she pretty much ruined the relationship and her own life.
That's fucking hilarious.
No and I wouldn't recommend it

>get bf few years back who's also into vidya
>first everything's great
>then his autism starts to show
>he'd always throw a fit if I beat him in a game we were playing together
>in coop he would get super serious and rage whenever things didn't go according to plan
>ditch his sorry ass after a few months

Just get a bf/gf you have something in common with, but not everything. There are just times when you and them need both some time for yourself.
My gf and I play Dragon's Crown every now and then. Lately, we've also taken turns playing Yakuza 5, and before that we played through Catherine (Katherine true end, my relationship is safe)
I play games with my gf all the time. However it's games I dont particularly enjoy since she really only likes co-op vs AI games and I perfer Team-based PvP games or competitive games. We play PSO2 a lot together though so that's fun. She's on a Path of Exile kick so I haven't been playing many games with her lately, but that's okay.

We do lewd things while playing vidya too
We have similar taste in vidya. Occasionally we'll play YGO, Smash, or Kid Icarus together. We're currently playing through Tomb Raider together.
File: 1409813777415.jpg (130KB, 336x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130KB, 336x480px
>high school
>decide to take the bus, but the friend I take it with stays after school
>Decide to take an empty seat next to a girl in glasses
>Hey do you mind if I take this seat?
>"Sure you can."
>We don't talk for about 5 minutes and I use my phone to get the 411 on all the happenings
>"...Hi, Anon."
>I'm sorry, have we met.
>"We went to Elementary school together"
We still talk but I'm not her type. She's into white hipster guys and I'm into /v/. It's too bad, she's a sweet girl.
Childhood friends never win.
I don't have a boyfriend.
I wonder how old I'll get without having sex. I probably won't reach thirty, I imagine I'll kill myself before that.
I've never had a gf.
I guess I've had some online boyfriends, which is kind of depressing. I don't even know if I'm gay, because I'm really only into the idea of other men in the sense that I'm a sub and so it's inherently a lot easier for them to dom. It's like having a fetish or something, because I lose all interest when I'm not horny.

Anyway, yeah I have never even kissed a girl. It's sad: literally the closest I've come was I was pretty drunk at a bar and some chick came up and started dancing with me and I could have sworn she was leaning in for a kiss, so I went in but then she started backing away but it was too late and I kissed her on the fucking nose. At the time we both laughed but now I remember it every day and want to fucking die. Every time a woman has come up to dance with me in a bar or something it always sucks and I fuck it up. I think a girl laughed after twerking on me because her ass could feel my small penis. My life is spiraling downwards, because I didn't apply to grad school due to shitty subject GRE scores and I don't know what I'm going to do over the Summer to stay relevant since the team I'm doing research with right now might not have the funds to keep me on as a non-undergraduate. I have shit that I have to do over this break that is not easy and I haven't even started yet, instead I've just gotten drunk almost every single night since I came back on the 21st.
My GF sometimes attempts to play USF4, UMvC3, or SSB4 with me but I try to avoid it because there is no way for us to have fun.

Either I'm going incredibly soft on her (INCREDIBLY soft. Like, no blocking, no combos, barely even playing the game, really) and having no fun. Or I'm absolutely demolishing her and she's having no fun.

It's cute that she tries to play these games with me because she knows I like them though. She plays games occasionally, but it's either The Sims, Fallout 3, or Skyrim.

I bought RE5 and Borderlands 2 thinking we could try co-op, but it never happened. Ended up running through RE5 with a co-worker and still haven't touched B2.

We enjoy hating Anita together though. Although for different reasons.
My sleep schedule is ruined and that's playing a large part in how unmotivated I am. I keep having feelings for one of my best friends when I get drunk, and a couple times I've came pretty close to acting on them and it's so fucking stupid because I have no desire for it when I'm not drunk and horny. All it is is that I'm so lonely that I become interested in anyone that I like as a person. It sucks because he's a cool dude that doesn't deserve to have this type of bullshit in his life. I wish I could just be chill, but my sexuality is like a monster that I've lost control of. I have done some terribly stupid things because of it, though luckily not much in public stuff that I could be arrested over. I used to do some stuff that could have killed me, but now it's just stuff that could seriously damage my penis and testicles mostly.

but i sure do love these fuckign video games god damn
We have completelyy different tasted.
He likes FPS and fight games, I like platformers and puzzles.
Mustard race vs nintendrone.

We have has a bit of fun with Mario 3D world though and we did play Mario galaxy 2 in cooperation.

Also I cannot stand to lose against an human so I can't play fight games with him.

That's it.
File: 1402966324172.jpg (127KB, 458x504px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127KB, 458x504px
Guys, i know a crazy girl thats a extreme weeaboo, and she's even cute.
But i'm pretty sure if i date her she's going to ask a lot of attention and be generally nuts.
Should i dick crazy?
I messed up, he likes car games not fight games.
Take it to /r9k/ you deviant.
>Should i dick crazy?
You already know the answer.

Don't trust your dick. He's not on your side.
they dont have enough video games sorry
i just want a girl to look at me but not in disgust
If you're really desperate, go for it. Know that you will regret it one day tho.
>If anon just wants sex then its great. He doesn't have to stay with them even though they'll try thinking they've caught themselves a big fish.

Gotta be really careful about it though. Since he'll be rolling in cash, the whores that will be flocking to him will be more cunning. You have no idea how many /v/ anons I know who, in the end, broke up with their GFs but were forced to still pay for their rents, expenses, shit and they can't do anything about it because either

1. the girl is a good conman
2. the girl's entire family is backing her up
3. the person being bullied has no one to back him up/he's alone in the deep pile of shit he's in
4. other reason
File: happy seat.jpg (56KB, 480x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
happy seat.jpg
56KB, 480x640px
I knew this one girl from high school. She was a real qt3.14. Long brown hair that went down to her hips, kept it in a ponytail most of the time. She was a little bit shorter than me, probably about half an inch and I was roughly 5'8 at the time. She flat as a board but had a cute little butt. Had decent taste in games, not the best but good enough to see a shit game. I remember she was hyped as fuck for Skyrim but went back to Morrowind after about a month. Also loved the ever-loving shit out of FMA and had the biggest ladyboner for both Ed and Winry.

I was a beta-ass faggot in high school so I never asked her out. There were a few incidents where I unintentionally copped a feel, but that was it.
>few years back, get girl I had a crush on into the cybertron transformers games because she's a huge fangirl
>she just loved watching me play through them as well
>turns out mecha in general are pretty appealing to her - decide to show her Eureka Seven out of curiosity she loves it, decide then that I cannot let this opportunity pass
>nut up and tell her how I feel
>"I'm not ready for dating"
>2 weeks later I actually decide to go out clubbing with a group of friends +
>an acquaintance of ours rocks up, she nonchalantly says that she was dating him to my face after he leaves
>completely forgetting everything that transpired just 2 weeks before
>self confidence shot from that day on
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>gays are supposed to be promiscuous and sociable
>they're supposed to be good looking and well dressed
>tfw you are instead a lonely, hideous manchild who dick is drier than ever
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Used to vidya with girls, but I'd hate them within weeks

Would never play for Fun/Competition, Just to utilize the games as yet another social medium for courting Cock & balls

It's like those players who main Pyro with Unusual love-heart headgear. So obsessed with notifying others of their gender, that they're ONLY comfortable playing the undisclosed class, Equipped with an entirely feminine loadout.
I played some Ace Combat with my gf a few years back, but that's it. We mostly just go watch movies because she's too shy to come over.
I'm going to move soon, though. So we'll have to break up. What bothers me is that this does not make me feel anything and I'm afraid I've became too apathetic to care about important things.
I almost know how you feel.

>Funny girl at register saw me on Tinder, tried to bring it up
>I have no idea what she's talking about
>A month passes
>She brings it up again. I still don't remember.
>"Shit. She's probably interested."
>I go back and ask her on a date.
>She has me over for dinner that Saturday
>Very okay and dry dinner
>No action. Only a hug at the end of the night
>Next morning, "I'm not really looking to date anyone. Sorry."
>Text invite to a bar on Tues.
>Wind up fuckin (hell ya)
>Next morning
>"I still don't want to date anybody"
>2 weeks later

Least I got it in, but fuckin girls are never shure
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Like many I'm kissless handholdless virgin and I've never so much as had a crush let alone been in a relationship
It's because of this that I dislike romance in video games in general and I hate the trope that protagonists must have romantic interests. They say I don't know what I'm missing out on but that's exactly why I don't care. Good thing I didn't try back in high school or else I would actually have something to regret.
Video games are the ideal outlet and escape from my fate.
>My fucking ex
>claims to be sooper geek XD
>Claims all her older brother's games are her's
>She barely plays anything and is a fucking causal
>She would always argue she is a better bigger "gamer"
>I'd play video games with all the free time I had and never went out my way to make it my fucking life style
>She was a cunt
Hot though, but who would want to be with a cunt like that also she was a whore.
I am a kissless virgin, but not because of video games. Hell, I am not THAT socially retarded either. I am just a huge coward, and nobody likes that.
I've never met a girl who knew how to work an fps.
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>meet qt
>claims to be into vidya
>we play alot
>shes also into the same music
>fast forward a year
>we get married
>over time, she became more and more casual
>rather plays Sims and watches PewDiePie
>becomes a cunt
>Cheats on me with a 42 year old married guy
>Find out, give her another chance
>cheats on me again a few months later
>divorce, had to move back to my parents place
>only room left is the basement, my old room is now an office
>at least I still have my vidya
>at least I still have my WiiU
>at least I'm not Anthony Birch

I highly recommend everyone to stay away from GURL GAMRS, she wasn't the only one I dated before and it all turned out the same.
Disregard wrenches, aquire wealth
Yes I used to, He a console fag and played Borderlands 2 non stop, we broke up when we had a fight over me wanting to boycott gearbox for being a shitty developer after I paid full price for Aliens: CM. Apparently I was throwing away all those memories of us playing a game I barely enjoyed :^)
My ex was the best TF2 player I knew.
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