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>20 year old can romance 13 year old >16 year old can romance

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>20 year old can romance 13 year old
>16 year old can romance an 11 year old

Why hasn't /v/ played Galaxy Angel?
>Being a pedo
>Playing no substance weebshit
too old for my tastes
i like when you can do this in games
in fire emblem, you can pair up the 50 year old russian dude and the thousand year old dragon loli and they have a baby half dragon daughter
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>being a SJW
End your life.
But I did while watching the anime
The series or what?
Wow, neo /v/ is real after all
the girls
What's your usual range
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It helps when the 13 year old is the sweetest
Oh well
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Vanilla is completely different in the games than in the anime, isn't she? Also, y'all know that /a/ has weekly GA threads, right?
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She's completely different
We've been getting empty threads and educating more people is always nice
Ah, sorry about that. I was honestly going to post in this weeks thread since I just got done with the second season, but then I saw this thread already so I decided to pop in here.

>You will never make sure your friend has a good day hiking and subsequently saving the world by bombing the hell out of a neighborhood and filling the crater with flowers
>Not going to war with a bunch of pastry named soldiers
I'll most likely have to make it a bit later, who knows. I surmised that college finals week have been taking its toll on the amount of people we get in our threads.

I'm just sad I'll never have adventures through space with 4-5 other friends and coming out alive everytime
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'sup reddit
Obviously that lunar probe going past Pluto pretty soon and keep going will find Transbaal. And then all of the neckbeards at NASA will get to hang out with the Angels.
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Time to switch careers
Do you think reddit can handle the pure love?
For real, there's a game?
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6 of them in fact.
Romance girls and blow shit up
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>mfw I remember the Galaxy Angel anime as some kind of futurama random stuff show with cute girls
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That's pretty much what the anime was though
The anime came AFTER the gameS, man.
I should try to get them to work again, I want to know what the actual story is instead of the wacky gag stuff from the anime.
Thank god I thought I was going crazy.
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You are
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Story isn't anything to write home about but should keep you entertained with its character interaction. If anything, the first game is so old that making the cutscenes work is the toughest part.
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I like the MC and his retarded choices
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He's a pretty cool guy. The technical hard mode for the game is making everyone hate you
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Well shit. Maybe I'll just read the manga version of things then.
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And for anyone interested
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The manga "follows" the game in a very loose way so I wouldn't recommend it. It has pretty art but I'd still recommend the games instead.

Hell, I don't think it's even finished or scanned in its entirety
I loved the anime but I can't stand the VN art.
Sorry. Unless you were talking about /ss/ up there.
I didn't find it too bad, since the translations all came up around late 2000's. Now the only thing is hoping for any sort of HD Collection
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Well shit again. Guess this will have to wait until I can replace my shitty toaster then.
What happens if you do try to make everyone hate you because I'm sure you can avoid the "start the route" event by sleeping but I never tried it
It still throws you on the route with the girl that has the most points?
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The game WILL make you end up with a girl, that doesn't change. However, you CAN end up breaking off the relationship afterwards which leads you to a bro-end with your best friend and best side character.
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It would have be some really old hardware to not be able to run 2003-4 games
Well, check the pastebin for thread time and links.
See ya'll later
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 25

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