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Why are people so divided about Fire Emblem Awakening?

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Why are people so divided about Fire Emblem Awakening?
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Because one side believes that the developers did nothing wrong by putting in as many ideas as they could into awakening to make this dying last game of the series sell as much as they could

And the other half just doesn't want waifus for some reason
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Because Waifufags.
That's not it. Some people liked having mission objectives other than kill the boss or kill everyone, staffs that did more than heal, and FoW among other things. It doesn't help that the maps and the strategy to beat them are very simple compared to other games and the series isn't that complex to begin with. While I still think it's a fun game, it's called the casualization of the series for a reason. Anyone who says it's because of waifus doesn't know shit because even before Awakening we were sperging over characters like Lyn way back when.
Because Awakening sold well and /v/ is full of contrarians.

It's not the best entry in the series and has its share of issues but it's not as bad as many people make it out to be. Be glad it sold well so Nintendo hasn't decided to kill off the entire franchise.
Because people think something can only be 10/10 GOTYAY god-tier or an absolute fucking disgusting pile of trash with no redeeming merits.
I think it's just okay, I really don't care for the armor designs or all the DLC though.
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unlovable subhumans
This. People seem to forget that it could have been much worse. It could be incredibly mediocre like SD or shit like the Radiant games, which nearly killed Fire Emblem in Japan.
It was a step down from Radiant Dawn in every ways, but at least was much better than 11 and 12.
it isn't the worst FE game nor is it the best FE game

however, the tactics aspect of it (you know, that thing SRPGs should have) is bad. Very bad. Maps are just awful and have little to them and the combat is profoundly broken.
>Better than 12

If SD didn't have FE1's dated systems and the godawful Gaiden system, it would have been better than 9/10.
Success at the cost of selling it's soul.
It was the first FE game to be MILDLY Popular.

so it was a shitstorm here.

its good not the best, but not the worst.
How so? SD was way simpler than Awakening and the Radiant games put the series on life support.
Because it fails a SRPG yet appeals to a wider audience.

Because /v/ is full of waifufags, but they condemn waifufaggotry out of insecurity.

AKA projection.
>Radiant games put the series on life support.
you say that, but tell me how exactly.

and selling poorly does not make the game bad.
Japan hated the games. They loved Ike, but the games themselves were greatly disliked.
>tfw i got a physical copy
>tfw i didnt like it and i sits on my shelf
>radiant games
which are both better than awakening.
It was my favorite in the series but there are still a lot of things that could be done better.

Pair up system trivializes half of your units and turns them into stat boosting equipment, dual attacks and guard break the game.
Anyone can support with anyone means that 90% of supports are badly written or out of character. Either write better or just make it so some people can't be friends.
Child characters need to be grinded to be relevant, and if they are they break the game.
No missions except kill everything.
Infinite grinding and quite a few broken skills, not much balance between your characters.
People (/v/) hate it because it's popular.

Objectively it's in the upper third of Fire Emblem games.
radiant dawn is the only fire emblem that made me ragequit out of boredom
Awakening is far from the worst
why exactly were they so hated?
I like it.

>so many supports
gave every character more chances to show, well, character. I never liked the annoying "you can only be on good terms with like 2 people max" from earlier games

>easy to re-class, lots of classes
adds to the replayability factor. first FE game where when I beat it, I wanted to play it again right then with a different main team and pairings and kids.

>non-rigid map progression
>grinding opportunities
makes it easier to help out those low-level characters, or to not make you reconsider classing somebody down, because you know you can get them back up to speed in a jiffy. which encourages more experimentation, instead of just using the same strong, safe units every playthrough.

I liked them. I wouldn't call them excellent, but they were fine and didn't make me want to skip the battles. I appreciated how they'd vary, instead of the same basic axe attack animation each time.

I really loved the game, candidate for GOTY2013. I think it might be my favorite FE, but I need to play PoR again to make sure. Only weak points I saw were the story, and how easy Normal was.

never bothered by the DLC because I never saw it as necessary to enjoy the game, or complete Normal or Hard modes. Lunatic is for lunatics.
also didn't mind the loss of CON or magic triangle because that stuff either never came into play or was only annoying in previous games.
Speaking of Fire Emblem, is that guy still LPing Tear Ring Saga?
I actually have no idea. I hate RD and PoR too, but I'm not sure why Japan hated them.

They adore Ike though.
And where do you get that from?
As for people talking about the lack of map objectives and stuff, of course I like FE because of the "strategy" elements of it. But to me, FE is a game of intense micro-strategy. large-scale tactics aren't a thing, because the AI is too retarded to react in any way. every game is just "bait and punish" on the macro.

but with individual scenarios, you have all this cool shit to keep track of. you got Sully, Donnel, and Virion in range of two enemies. Viron ought to soften one up first, but if you can't manage to kill both of them this turn, he'll be boned. Sully can take one of them on her own, and bring the other to very low health. Donnel can only poke, but you want to raise him up. also factor in which weapon to use, because you don't want to waste a powerful weapon and use up its uses if you don't have to. also maybe sully is an exp hog this time around, and you want to make sure she leaves some for the others.

it's maybe not "tactics", but it is a sort of strategy/puzzle - figuring out the correct order to attack, so that you kill the enemies in the most efficient way possible resource-wise, while also balancing your desire to level up certain units, or promote certain relationships.

that's what FE has always been about, to me, and awakening did not disappoint in that regard. taking 30 minutes to plan out a single turn, simulating the outcomes in your head, and then putting it into practice and seeing everything come out exactly as you'd hoped? it's the best.

After Part 1 there's no excuse for that

probably busy with finals

I felt a bit like this as well. I absolutely hated some of the defense missions later in the game. Even with the animations turned off and everything at max speed enemy phases would take 5+ minutes as the ton of enemy soldiers committed suicide against the general you've plonked in the choke points.

Also Micaiah, Sothe and her Radiant Brigade a shit. The only decent units to come out of that band of retards were Nolan and Edward.
so no real reason,

Thanks for your input.
I've never heard of this, radiant dawn got it's story and lack of supports criticized, but I've never heard of it or por being poorly received in japan. The mechanics and map design are excellent.

that's why I don't like Awakening's tactics though

First of all, pair up is broken so you always want to use it, resulting in less overall units/moves

Even WORSE is that infinite leveling is a thing and stats/supports become so inflated that having a few pair up groups is the BEST way to play, but also the most boring. The game encourages you to do something that normally would be tactically retarded but is encouraged due to broken mechanics.
Some fans, mainly the older ones see it as a casualization of the series.

Personally I really liked it and I think the new features work better with the way FE works.

The ability to grind and customize characters adds more to the game in my opinion. I never really liked how limited your ability to level characters was in the old games.
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>shit like the Radiant games
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>No more unique designs.
>Only generic uniforms.
Fuck reclassing forever.
Nice source
> taking 30 mins to plan out a single turn

you're seriously retarded if you think fire emblem required much strategy before awakening just stripped what little it had. Even on the lowest turn count runs no one should take that long to take a turn and think it though that much even considering your hyperbole.
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They're jelly that Awakening has the best girls.
But that's wrong.
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But that's incorrect. Props for posting best FE:A girl though.
There is no sense in having this argument again

awakening is a bad game with a ton of polish all it's flaws have been pointed out and the only counter argument given from the other party is ad-hominim, "I liked it/ it doesn't matter" or " every other game totally does the exact same thing"
>Posts snobby bitch
eh, maybe that is an exaggeration. And yeah, you can just burn through the game like nobodies business if you want to. But you can also use typhlosion and wooper and solo pokemon gold, but that wouldn't be any fun.

Like I said, the fun (for me) comes from being an autist and trying to spend as little resources as possible and avoid giving exp to the stronger guys as much as possible. Awakening let me do that, but with actual replay value. So I loved it.
or maybe awakening is a good, polished game with a few flaws that only morons get bothered by, whereas all the rational people just actually play the game.
But Awakening did disappoint in that regard. If you want to play Awakening in the most efficient, optimal manner, you would feed all your experience to one super-unit (Avatar) and watch the enemy zerg-rush suicide into him. You can use other strategies, but this is what the game encourages.
Good FE games (take FE5 as an example) encourage complex strategies, as there are many aspects of unit positioning and resource distribution to consider in optimizing your strategy.
>I never really liked how limited your ability to level characters was in the old games
Expand on this, limiting how much you can level adds another layer of strategy to the game, makes it so you can't break it, and makes it easier for a chapter to be balanced around your predicted level. I appreciate grinding, but it doesn't help a tactics game like FE.
>play PoR
>think it's okay
>play RD
>love it
>play through it on hard a whole bunch of times with a myriad of different challenges
>tough but fair
>finally get around to playing awakening a couple months ago
>buy it used
>start a new game up on the hardest difficulty since I had played through RD so many times
>get completely destroyed on the first map
>get a couple dozen game overs but eventually get through it
>make it to the map with the zombies
>they annihilate every single one of my characters no matter where I put them
>finally break and look up a guide
>it literally recommends I reset the game until the units don't have Luna
>turn the game off and never play it again
Yea I think I'll stick to RD
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Sanaki is shit.
I like Serra too, but that and your spoiler is all I agree with.
Pleb detected.
>First fire emblem game
>knew nothing about the genre
>omg so difficult

>play awakening after spending 375 hours playing other fire emblem games
>omg so easy

I'm replaying FE7 now and it's easy as fuck and with 10 tutorial chapters.
so now we're defining what fun is?

What you enjoy isn't what the core fanbase enjoys, and isn't really respectable game design. I don't really mind awakening, it's not as bad as the remakes. what bothers me is the praise it's getting which tells the devs to focus on awakening perceived strengths and ignore it's weakness. Worse still as these are often one in the same.
Lots of reasons. Waifus, simpler maps, Pair Up mechanic, generally lower difficulty outside of the ridiculous bullshit modes, fanbase, etc. Then there are people who just like to jump on the bandwagon of shitting on Awakening because /v/.

For me personally, I think it's a decent, middle of the road Fire Emblem game. Not the best, not the worst. I got very invested in customizing my characters and making a good team, and I liked quite a few of the characters and support conversations (though ironically was partial to a lot of the male characters rather than the waifus). I felt that overall it was a satisfying experience, I put a solid 40 hours into it and will probably go back to it at some point.

At the same time I felt the maps were mediocre and oversimplified, and most of them just resulted in "clump your characters together and weather the storm until most of the enemies have gotten themselves killed" types of tactics, and a massive overemphasis on winning via overpowered stats/skills rather than doing anything clever. That was always present in Fire Emblem, but it's the overwhelming majority of what you do in Awakening, which sucks.

Pair Up I'm on the fence about. I think it's a cool idea but it's also super exploitable to the point of becoming the dominant tactic in basically every circumstance. Rescue used to be something you did in emergencies or to set up different strategies, whereas Pair Up you pretty much want to be doing all the time. I think it could be a welcome addition if it was balanced properly.
I don't get it, is the physical copy hard to get? Because the few times I've visited gamestores I've seen it in shelfs.
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oh boy i can repost this again.

>Pair Up
>infinite A Ranks
>Branching promotions return
>reclassing is rehauled
>map music and battle music flow into each other for non boss fights
>skills can be removed and added as long as you learned them
>child system returns

>Pair up breaks the game as it inflates your stats to an insane degree, rarely ever worth not being paired up
>multisupporting is useless now because Pair up bonuses only come from one other unit/only 1 S rank
>infinite reclassing allows you to take skills from all possible classes, and we end up with shit like Swordmasters being fucking worthless
>speaking of reclassing, resetting your level means you will cap everything with enough grinding, and solo runs are also more encouraged. Combine that with simplistic objectives/maps and robin can murder everyone with his raw stats
>overall music quality isn't as great as PoR/RD, boss themes suck, no recruitment theme whatsoever. Music is still good overall
>skill system breaks game ever further with so many game breaking combos
>children are mostly useless(morgan is the only one worth getting on an average playthrough) as you never need to hit caps and the time spend making them good could be spent making a 1st gen unit even better

Overall, Awakening tries some new stuff and a lot of it fell flat. I don't think it is a bad game, it is good, but I feel it wasn't a step in the right direction series-wise.

It's very easy to find now, but at launch it was borderline impossible. The first run was extremely small because Fire Emblem games typically don't do as well as this one did.
Now that's a declaration of war if I ever heard one.
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What I want to know is why people overrate the fuck out of Fire Emblem 4? It wasn't that good and it's not even in my top 5 FE games.

The only good thing was the music.
It's not. The arguments already been had. there is no "maybe it's this" just like there is no " maybe bioshock infinites story is deep and makes sense"
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