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>your parents pulled this shit at least once

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>your parents pulled this shit at least once
>"We'll see" meant I was probably getting it
>If not, they'd explain to me why I wouldn't in terms that I could understand.
Awesome parents. Grew up somewhat poor and learned to save money.
Why do girls say "I'll think about it" when what the mean is "No"? Just fucking say No, don't play games with me bitch.
My father has always lied to me, anon. Hes fed me bullshit conspiracies and shit advice as a kid. He couldn't teach me math, english, or anything properly when I was a child. And he always told me to ask him about it.

He always tried draning sympathy out of me when I caught onto him as well. He kept doing that to me and my sister, acting as if he was in pain or crying crocodile tears or giving a sob story- and if that didn't work he would lose his shit and wish I was never born or how I was so much better when I was younger. He kept doing this to me until I lost all trust and respect for him.

Thank you for reading my blog.

That sort of obfuscation doesn't help anyone, and realistic expectations helped me become a healthy adult rather than a spoiled shit.
She's being nice and doesn't want to hurt your feelings!
is that supposed to be a moustache? i spent about two minutes trying to figure out what i was looking at. fucking awful art style
My older sister was a smart ass with this shit
>mom says "we'll see"
>sister says "Si means yes in Spanish"
>try this myself
>get beat
Us parents, huh?
Read up on louis the fourteenth. He invented 'I'll see"
My parents were very similar anon. My mother would always twist every event to make herself into the victim and do everything she could to hurt my sister and I, calling us worthless and freaks any time we did something she didn't like. Eventually my sister broke away and tried to help me but my mother always tried to tear us apart. I finally broke away too and now my sister and I are really close but I still have mother issues. My dad died early thankfully so I didn't have to go through any beatings or anything.

>Be 6
>Rich neighbours had a kiddie car
>They'd always drive by me and my pals and laugh
>Swore to myself I'd get one too and show them up
>Parent's always told me I'd get one "Next-time"

They should have just said no instead of cock teasing me. Every fucking month when the SEARS Catalogue came in I'd circle that sick car and bookmark the page and let them now if it went on sale or anything.
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>ask for new gamemachine
>get gamemachine, feels good man
>realize years later that we were poor as shit and we missed house payments because parents bought me gamemachines
My parent's aren't cartoons though.
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bombs internally.jpg
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>ask for shit
>get it
>looking back, you realize you never really used it too much, and it's fairly a huge waste of money

I still feel bad for my folks who bought me Flash for hundreds of dollars, when in reality I never even uploaded a flash on something like newgrounds, and probably never will.
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Call on me.gif
3MB, 294x233px

>Single parent tries to keep house.
>Give them 20 grand to help out.
>Buys daughter expensive laptop and ipad for Christmas.

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My parents used vidya to get me to learn about stocks. If [stock] reached like $120 they'd get me a super nintendo.

I read stock prices daily in the newspaper.

>Price reaches that and higher
>No super nintendo
>not until year(s) later
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>Hey dad, I really wanted to go to the water park.
>We'll see.
>They never take me there.
>Think I have forgotten
>Too shy and afraid to get them mad to ask again
>A few years they later mention it, how I probably didn't care about it anyways.
>tfw pretending I didn't care about it, even though I remember it to this day.
Spoiled Brats.
משחקי וידאו

Raised by a single mother, but same thing as this anon pretty much. She explained why things weren't possible in ways I could understand, and when she said "we'll see" she really meant yes, just trying to hide the surprise.
Why do people do this? Just go with the flow for some shit and just don't bother raising a fuss sometimes?

Fuck that, I want to see what happens when I say something someone doesn't expect me to say.

"Actually I was constipated this morning because of all the noodle cups I ate. You see, I'm the type of person that holds his shit in for a week..", "I didn't forget; you didn't hold your promise. You lied to me.", "Actually [earlier excuse] didn't really happen. I lied to you."
Oh yeah, they tried that crap with me. And it didn't work; I always remembered.

fuck you, you piece of shit, learn to have more power
>Hey mum/dad can I have the newest X game
>no, money's too tight, How about Y instead?
>yeah fair enough


>Hey mum/dad can I have X game?
>Yeah money is alright atm, i'll get it for your christmas pressie
>alrighty! can't wait for chrissy!
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>hey mom can I get a gf for christmas?
>>alrighty! can't wait for chrissy!

what sort of fag talks like this, not even kids do that
You sound homosexual
You should've asked for a bf.
>Parents would give me lunch money for school
>Never eat lunch. Stash money away to buy vidya instead.
>be 25
>still ask parents for gadgets

Get on my level
Australian i think. they all spoke like that when I was there
>parents never gave me anything
>no video games
>couldn't even spare a shilling for a cheese crumpet
>starved to death on christmas eve
>live in a small town
>back at elementary school
>dont even ask for something during xmas/birthdays
>just tell them that i have gathered enough money and would like them to order vidya like power rangers the movie for mega drive
>after many conversations get them to do it
>i thank them and they throw witty remarks like how they paid postage for me
fuck mang i just wanted some video games
>tfw neet and on welfare
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feels guy.jpg
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>birthday coming up
>i want an specific videogame
>literally the only thing i want on my birthday
>tell my parent i don't want a party or anything, just the videogame
>they make me a party anyway
>they hire puppeteers, a big inflatable castle, a dj, invite fucking everyone i know etc.
>hate my cousins and most kids from my school
>puppeteer how was good, the rest of the party was horrible
>most of the presents are football balls and clothes
>they didn't give me my videogame
>tell them about it a day after the party
>"wooow, after we made you this big ass party and all you still want more. what' with that videogame anyway? it's like 50 dollars for a piece of plastic you won't be playing in a week"
i know i sound like a dick, but they never gave me what i wanted. now i have a shitty job and no time to play videogames
Your parents are retarded.
>actually wanting a master game 2000

fucking pleb
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>a big inflatable castle
its called bouncy castle
How hard is it to get disability? I've been diagnoses with psychosis and other shit by a few doctors.
>i know i sound like a dick
No, you sound like a spoiled retarded little shit who should reconsider his life.
Fucking brat.
You mean a bounce house?
>projecting this hard

Anon, calm down.
>No money
>Always throwind partys and shit

That's my family.
but what if its not a house but a castle?
I got the autism and OCD
Feels good, my life consists of vidya and waifu
Same as my dad.

Tried to be reasonable in what I asked for and helped him out at work when I could, got paid directly by the company he worked for.

Probably just got in the way, but still, "earned" what I could.

We should cull people like you.

Get a fucking job and stop leeching.
How hard is it toget?
>we should kill people I don't like
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This, And asking for something simple and just that, and them ignoring it is messed up, Fuck the people saying spolied
>tfw I'm 23 and do the same thing with my uncle
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That reminds me my mom got me a copy of macromedia studio that they already installed on their computers at work. I used to make a shit load of flash videos and games when I was younger.
I wish I still had creative hobbies
File: 1409076728075.png (96KB, 600x295px)
96KB, 600x295px
>doesn't want to spend 50 bucks on a video game
>spends all this money renting a puppeteer, a bouncy castle and multiple gifts you didn't even want
my parents were the same
Its all about looking good to other parents/the neighborhood. Fuck what your kid wants, you gotta increase your social standing!
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>dad bought me and my brother guitars when we were teenagers
>never used them a single time between the two of us

i just realized that was probably expensive
>be 21
>parents insist my birthday is a huge deal
>they actually want to take me out and sing happy birthday while sharing embarrassing ass stories of retarded shit I did as a kid

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about
I did, then I moved out.
No, what?
21 is about getting smashed with your friends. Not a meal with your parents.
>single mom who bought me whatever I wanted
>didn't realize how much of a financial burden I was until I was 13-14
>stopped asking for anything but she still just went out and spend money on me even though I told her not to
>now shes in massive debt
>she still bought me designer suits for my birthday and shit every year
>I've been paying off her debt for the past 18 months

honestly no regrets, it was awesome having everything I wanted when I was a kid and she always just wanted to show she loved me
i'll take them!
Fuck that anon, he was just pushing his pipe dreams to become a rock god onto his kids.
It's the biggest faggot move in parenting.
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Literally made my parents buy me Pokemon Blue, Red, AND Yellow. Didn't even finish any of them.
None of my friends are big on drinking, and my parents always force me into a family dinner
Don't worry, that feeling continues for the rest of your life.

At least I can take some solace in knowing 90% of people who own rich cars will never drive them properly and instead own an overpriced Civic.
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>I wish I still had creative hobbies
Same here, man... I used to create reaction images, regular "funny" photoshops, Youtube videos... If only I still had that spirit, with the smarts of today.
my parents had a phase where they were desperate to get me into something besides video games. then eventually they gave up and accepted the sad reality.

>have stepfather
>lost his birth son in a custody battle with his ex and only sees him twice a month
>tries to mold me into his ideal son by trying to get me into sports, history, and the kind of stuff his son like
>want none of that and just focus on getting good grades and playing vidya and other nerd like things
>he gets mad and constantly berates me for liking "kiddy" stuff like he's the school bully (remember nintendo is kiddy, rpgs are kiddy, anime is kiddy etc)
>the few times i get in trouble he either blames my hobbies or my passive loving mother even though they had nothing to do with how i fucked up
>instead of proper punishment he just sells my games, carda and dvds behind my back or gives them to his "real son"
>most of the time the turd just sold them to fucking gamestop so he can buy random shovelware for his xbox.
>he claims I PAID FOR IT ANYWAY I'M JUST TAKING BACK WHAT'S MINE even though i had part time jobs to pay for shit myself
>christmas i mostly got toys i never asked for but were "encouragement" tools ex: i ask for Banjo Tooie one year he gets me Madden 2001 instead claiming YOU LIKE VIDYA YOU'LL LIKE THIS.
>eventually he just gives up on me and afterwards they got divorced

thanks for the blog /v/ i'm sure you dont give a fuck
my mom did this to me until I was like 18 and she knew it pissed me off she just liked to throw parties for me like I was still a little kid

I at least do something with my mom every time its either of our birthday we usually go to the casino, but we plan it on a day we're not going to celebrate with our friends
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You're good guy anon.
same story here with my mother anon
Similar story but complete opposite
>dad was a shitbag, haven't seen him since he beat my mom when I was 8
>mom raised me alone
>she had a shit job, always poor, I never asked for anything, pirated all my games as emulation up to sharazaa/kazaa/limewire/DDL and then eventually torrenting, got one multiplayer game for each birthday and christmas and I cherished it
>somehow never in debt, mom worked her ass off to provide
>she got a better job, suddenly living outside of her means
>every raise she started accruing more debt
>now she works as a consultant pulling six figures and somehow her debt has magnified exponentially
>still never ask for anything, afraid to even ask for birthday presents because she thinks to have way more money than she actually does
>I barely work because I'm a neet but all I use up is toilet paper and food, and I cook every meal for the household.
same here
fuck I used to make comics, flash, and play/write music. I've never had a new years resolution in my life but I think I'm going to do something creative with my time again
did you pushed his shit after all these years at the very least?
Nah. I didn't ask for much, and I got whatever I did ask for. I did chores on the farm and when I was young I basically could just ask for stuff and I guess I never went over what the value of my work was to them because they never said no. I never skipped or halfassed anything I was asked to do.

If I asked for something big, I'd get extra work, I'd do it, and then I'd get whatever.

And I got to make money anyway I could if I wanted to, like baling, I could do that and sell the bales whenever I wanted. Also did fun stuff like bounties for other farmers, they'd pay me for various types of tails to confirm my kills.

I bought a shitload of c64 games that way. Had a guy up the road who raised minks and coyotes would stress them and that could fuck up their fur so he paid a premium for their tails for awhile, $50 a tail.

I'm kind've glad games were different back then or I would have ended up doing a lot of fetch quests to do a lot of fetch quests.
Make sure to slam the door in his face when he eventually comes crawling back to you
>rent ape escape when i was younger
>dont have a controller with sticks
>game requires it
>cry cause that was my rental for the month
that did fucking suck
As a middle class family, I got pretty much the things I wanted most, but the little things on my wishlist were ignored. Not that bad of a compromise, honestly.

The only stupid thing was I wasn't allowed to play any "violent" games until I just started doing it anyways (this definition was flaky as hell anyways, it was basically just anything M-rated and FPS games). So one year I asked for Advance Wars and my Mom freaked out so I got Professor Layton instead. At least I lucked out that the guy behind the counter wasn't such a dickhole he just shoved some shovelware on me, and I like the PL games as a result.

As of recent, though, my Dad won't buy me anything. I asked him if it's because he thinks I'm too old for presents, but he never admits to it. I just want him to tell me the truth. He's extremely controlling about some things.
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>I've never had a new years resolution in my life but I think I'm going to do something creative with my time again
You think it's that easy? A new year's resolution? If you lose that spirit, it's gone, man.
It really sucks when you see someone you care about not able to handle their fucking money

i went back to the old house many years later after we left and it was completely renovated. Completely different family lives there now. When I asked my mother about it she said he moved back with his parents house (my divorce out of hate for my stepdad dont get me wrong but the family was falling apart financially and she was doing the heavy lifting and wanted to "cut the fat"). From what I hear from his son who isn't that bad now but is genuinly sorry for how he acted as a kid and confesses that he did most of what he did because his dad forced him. Turned out he was a horrible person to his real son behind everyones back and the ex took him away because he was fucking awful as a dad. he said his dad is a washed out old fat has been. I haven't seen either of them in years since.
I moved out of the house seven years ago, but my 12 year old sister still lives there. My parents pull all kinds of bullshit with her.
>She's played her Wii and DS to death
>Tell my mom I'll get her a 3DS for Christmas
>First time, mom insists she already had a DS
>Explain multiple times the 3DS isn't the same thing
>She ignores me
>Let sister play my 3DS
>She loves it
>Mom says sister doesn't even play games anymore so I shouldn't get it as a gift
>My sister says she doesn't play games because she's tired of the same ones over and over
>Get a 2DS at a yard sale in perfect condition for like 30 bucks
>Comes with a bunch of shovelware
>Tell mom I'm going to get her a Pokemon game to go with it
>She complains that 5 games is too many already
>Explain what shovelware is
>Mom insists that it won't matter to her

This is the same woman who bought a Wii, a Wii Fit balance board, and like 6 EA/ubisoft shovelware games for it, played it for a week, then promptly let it sit at a dust collector.
>hey dad can I have the New Thing 2000
>"what do you need it for"
>like... fun
>"didn't we buy you the New Thing 1000 just last year"
>that was 3 years ago dad
>"you had that C in physics last month"
>ok dad nice talking to ya
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>ask for a PS4 and GTA5 for my 24th birthday last month
>get a Wii U instead with no gaems
your parents literally did you a favor
>anon why the hell are you asking for a no games machine?
>not able to buy yourself a console at the age of 24

be grateful your parents are looking out for you. you were getting shitty taste in vidya. also you're STILL getting actual gifts from your parents? when i was 17 i was lucky if i got a fist full of cash, a new shirt and a cake. Keep in mind my parents were fucking loaded they just didn't want to spoil me or buy my love or some such shit.
It's much harder than people would make you think. It's possible to get on the bux for autism, but if you want a surefire way to get on the dole you want to go for schizophrenia.
Also you should read uncle remus guide to autismbux
>growing up is hard
>parents suck mirite?! xD

Jesus Christ, have fun with your family, faggot.
File: 2012.png (589KB, 2118x1361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck you guys you dont know true suffering
>tell child no
>child throws a fit
>tell child we'll see
>child is content
Trying to be nice and spare tire feelings
>Parents still buy you things of that value for christmas at 24
>Let alone 18

You're a complete faggot anon. I hope your parents realize how much of a failure you are.
i'd get money from family for crimbo
my dad would collect it in my 'account'
sometime after the holidays we'd go to the toy store and, knowing precisely how much money was in my 'account', i'd ask to buy a toy
my dad would rebuff me and tell me i don't need it, to pick a smaller one

why god dammit
all it did was make me very good at keeping track of my money and even better at not denying my indulgences
It must be terrible having all those chromosomes, anon.
File: 1417919947516.gif (1MB, 400x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 400x256px

I guess your parents were retarded OP, or they thought you were if they couldn't explain you.
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>parents show me with love all the time
>also have older sister and brother
>don't get noticed much because of being the 3rd child
>get anything I ask for since parents realize they don't pay too much attention to me
>allowed to do anything I want
>no restrictions on anything from my parents
>somehow always end up in good company that don't lead me on the wrong path in life
>can never set higher goals or want expensive/rare things since I always get them anyway
>grow up not caring about much at all
>just doing what people tell me
>just helping people whenever I can not accepting anything back to convince myself that I'm a social person
>have stable job
>enough money to afford anything I want
>don't actually want anything
>have good enough PC to run any game on high to ultra-high
>buying consoles once the games I'm slightly interested in come out on them
>the only fun in my life is games
>no goals, nothing to strive for, nothing I can't get

A perfect childhood is not always a beneficial one.

What the fuck is your mother buying that would deepen her debt even when she's earning six figures? Is she paying off a mansion? Luxury cars? Oceans of cocaine?

This better be a story anon.
Thanks anon; never managed to get a key in a thread before.
You could have told me your parents we're collecting and managing your autism bux, i feel bad now.
It must be terrible not having your own money.
Heh, twitter is the worst.
Anyone remember that one kid who was bitching that he never got anything for christmas, then his parents read the post and completely fucking #rekt him, listed the $2000 worth of shit he got last year and said they were giving away the shit they bought him that year to kids who would actually appreciate it?
>child realizes he/she's not getting it later
>throws an even worse fit because now he's hyped
my mom and dad did this shit. they always complained about not having money. years later I find out that they're fucking millionaires and were trying to teach me a fucking lesson. now I buy all the games and shit I want since I'm not worried about retirement.

I'm still bitter about missing out on most games when I was a kid. seriously, that shit was not cool, and I would pawn shit while I was in college to make rent/pay bills because I thought my parents had no money
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>poor as hell
>hey mom, can I have [game]?
>21 NEET virgin
>she still does this happily
Why, /v/?
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33KB, 319x219px
>Mom told me she'd get me an N64 if I could beat super mario bros on the NES because she didn't think I would ever beat it
>beat it two weeks later
>my face when
File: 1400186650270.jpg (52KB, 417x397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 417x397px
only remember the other where some girl loses her bag and gets rekt by her father
This. Had two older brothers, so we could get games fairly easily
Fuck if I know anon, she has a shit car and we still live in the same house she was paying off when she was making 55k. If anything it's just lots of little things, $50 nicknacks here and there which add up considering how many she buys.
Why don't you do something special for her you faggot, even flowers to show your appreciation.
Mother's love.
>consoles we're a gift for everyone
>the games were the individual gifts
>playing OoT with step mom
>Ogre Battle 64 with Grandmother
>Kings Field with Dad
>Metal Gear Solid with little brother
Is she a lonely single mom? Does she wear tiny skirts around you? Does she press her breasts against your back while she watches you play? Does she ask for you to constantly give her footrubs?
>both parents and step parents insist on getting everyone something every christmas/birthday
>used to be shut-in NEET pre-20s so they were glorious times
>since then I've paid for anything I want/need
>never really want anything when the seasons roll around
>they constantly ask if I want anything

I feel bad since they feel bad when they can't get me anything. I never asked for anything for my birthday this year, asked my dad to loan me $250 a month ago to replace a broken monitor and last night when I said I'd have the money to pay him back after my next check he told me not to worry about it. I hate owing people money, and being a leech for a while's made me really hate to rely on him for anything. Meanwhile my brother and sister both owe him far more than $10k that he'll never see again.
File: 1308011649001.jpg (33KB, 244x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 244x268px
>5 years old
>asked mom whether if i could go to Barney's place to have fun because i loved that show.
>she says yes
>get out of the car
>this doesn't look like Barney's place, i don't see any other happy children of a purple dinosaur, are you sure this is Barney's place?
>realize it was the dentist's as soon as the door closes behind me
>scheduled for a tooth extraction
never again
>Why, /v/?
come on nigga you cant be that oblivious try to do something in return
I'm sorry that happened to you anon.

sounds like your dad is just dumb and you're an asshole for hating him for it.
Ask to take over her finances
They were sending you a hint that you're a manchild.
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>work in Apple sales support
>it's literally my job to advise people on what to get
>they are all clueless about technology
>people that come on to get something for their kids
>bust my ass to advise the perfect one for them
>all of the parents always want to honestly get a great gift for their kids
>see these posts
>feel responsible
Anon please, this is not like your japanese animes
>be 15
>want videogames
>parents get me a fucking sony ericsson
>"t-thanks, i really like it"
>never use it for anything
File: 1390860897614.jpg (7KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>21st birthday
>parents rent me a hotel room so my long distance friend and I can hang out
>parents think we're just two good friends who never get to see each other face to face
>we fuck
>literally gayest week of my life
>break up a few months later
And that's how I got my parents to waste a grand on me. Should've asked for a PS4
>Hey mom when are we going to the store?
>when's soon?
>Dont pester me or we're not going
>stop asking
>never went

I wanted to stab that lying bitch when i figured out what was going on
>mother is the same
>I'm away at college
>she keeps telling me I need to study something that will make a lot of money so I can waste it on stupid shit like her
Was your friend hot at least? Pics plz.
I'm afraid that one day I'll say something like that anon, but in real life. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between reality and your fanta-sea.
File: 1416963640328.jpg (30KB, 400x509px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 400x509px
>5 years old
this doesn't look like Barney's place, i don't see any other happy children of a purple dinosaur, are you sure this is Barney's place?
File: 1352184103220.gif (1MB, 150x113px)
1MB, 150x113px
oh fuck that's pretty good
High school teacher here, I've seen this shit a few times now.

I live in one of the poorest goddamn communities in NC, yet I see these kids with phones and shit I can't afford, and I make double the average wage in this county.
Anon I've tried several times, for several years.
And she knows my skills with money are stellar, I work 2-3 months per year, last job I had was a year and a half ago and I STILL have money saved up.
I bought a $300 phone just 2 months ago and she was shocked, she couldn't believe I still had that much saved up, and I still have $100 in the bank for her Christmas present.
But every fucking time I try to help her ration her money, every fucking time I say something like "are you SURE you should be spending money on that" she goes off on some retarded "IT'S MY MONEY AND I CAN SPEND IT HOWEVER I WANT" shit, and even when I point out "no, it's the BANK'S money, and you're accruing debt because of it" she goes silent and buys it anyway.
they knew anon, they knew

File: 1329713853922.png (166KB, 400x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 400x311px
That's fucking hilarious.
sounds like the only thing wrong in your life is your shitty attitude, and it's not because of the childhood
Anon, they didnt get the game because they couldnt afford it, of course they could, they threw you a fucking party. They were trying to make you not be such a fucking autist.
well it wasnt really wasted was it
>hey mom, can I cum inside you for christmas?
>"ara ara, oh anon-chan, only after your father is alseep!"
File: 1407436210688.gif (754KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
754KB, 500x333px
holy shit
when i was a kid i'd only get like half of the things on my christmas list and a few neat other things they found that they thought i'd like, and even if the things i wanted most were the ones skipped over, i'd be hype as fuck and build a little fort out of the boxes of cool shit i got and use the hell out of all of them

aren't they probably gonna be putting phones in protective cases anyways? the color of the phone itself doesnt matter at all whatsoever if they do
twitter lets us all see how shitty and stupid a lot of people really are. they've always been like this, now we can see it for ourselves.
File: sillyoldbear.gif (982KB, 320x287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
982KB, 320x287px
>Get gift card from people who don't really know you for Christmas/birthday
>There's not enough on it to actually buy anything substantial from the shop it is for
>But it's a present so you feel compelled to use it, and it would feel wasteful not to
>But then you'd have to supplement it with your own money in order to buy something you don't really want
>End up never using it

I would have preferred a fucking empty greeting card than the heinous un-present that is a low-value gift card.
File: 1370906292402.gif (1MB, 436x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 436x450px
>get grounded all the time for stupid shit like "you forgot to take the trash out yesterday, no vidya this week"
>they would forget and sometimes would even watch me play
>would remember the next day and ground me again
>didn't matter because I had a gamebody color and later on had a laptop setup hidden in my closet behind a rack of clothes

>borrow vice city from a friend
>play it for a fucking month without any problems, they even watch sometimes
>day before I go to return they find the case and realize its that "grand theft auto" game
>get grounded for a month and have to take it back
File: moms.jpg (57KB, 625x764px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 625x764px
Sounds like my family. I can be unemployed for a year and still have money for shit I want and they're surprised.

Hell I had more money than some of them do
My dad offered to hire me to work full time at his Company w/o a college degree starting at 30k per year.
With 30k I could buy like, 2 competitive decks of Yugioh cards to play with.
>aren't they probably gonna be putting phones in protective cases anyways?
Fuck no they're not, these are spoiled shitbags, they're going to break their phone in 4 months and beg for another one.
>Turned 21 about a month ago
>"Anon, it's your 21st! Very big deal. What do you want to do?"
>Was mentioning for years earlier how her siblings and friends had thrown massive themed parties
>No friends
>No future
>"Please don't mention it".

Best birthday ever.
They were trying to give you an experience or make you more friends probably
File: 1386815861626.png (487KB, 753x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
487KB, 753x600px
>High school teacher here
my fellow teacher nigger
i do not know what you teach but it feels good how many free paid days we have over the year and how easy it is to manipulate students
He was 4me
When I was little my sister used to convince me to ask for consoles and shit when I just wanted simpler toys. My parents still bought me the consoles but I'm sure they knew what was going on, after all 4 year old boys usually don't ask for a Playstation and Tomb Raider 2.
I wish I had something like that. Nobody in my family who is self employed knows how to run their company or personal finances well enough to be worth working for.

My uncle had to not pay his employees recently just to make a house note because his dumbass thought his equity is a money tree and lets his wife spend thousands a month on stupid shit.
>He was 4me
More details plz. Were you the bottom?
File: 1415817978630.png (18KB, 450x450px)
18KB, 450x450px

>tfw gf's mom is a total bitch
>constantly calling gf a slut and saying that she'll never be happy and that I'll leave her because she's a bitch
>gf has huge self esteem issues because of shit like this
>never feels safe in relationships
>my family really happy and close
>gf is sad and wishes she had the same

Your letters fell apart anon, you need to eat more vegetables to keep your letters strong
Y... you mean this isn't because of liberal SJW cucklords?

/pol/ lied to me.
File: yelling.jpg (45KB, 333x200px)
45KB, 333x200px

>That fucking image

I will never get used to these.
Go to /soc/ to live out your gay fantasies
>Captcha: stood aidstested
your sister is smart, breh
they did

then i grwe the fuck up stopped being an entitled little shit and got a fucking job been working every since i was 16 and legally allowed so go fuck yourself you lazy NEET shit
But /v/ is the containment board for all things truly gay, Anon.
And show off their BRAND NEW SUPER EXPENSIVE PHONE to everyone in the goddamn school, then get surprised when they leave it unattended and it gets stolen. Happened today with a student who wouldn't stop complaining about her phone getting stolen, but she's the one that left it sitting around.
She's only with you because she has self esteem issues.
If it wasn't for her mother she would be way out of your league.
Enjoy it and pray to god your family doesn't fix her self esteem because otherwise she'll be sleeping around with guys twice as hot as you with three times as much money before you can say "cuck"
>get GCN from my mom's side of the family on Christmas long ago
>enjoy the shit out of it
>Fast forward about a year
>Coming home from middle school
>Father tells me that my uncle pawned my GCN
>Later find out that my Father actually pawned it
>Got it back a month later

That shit wasn't fucking fun, man.
>censor is the same color as chart
Love it.
File: 2011.jpg (303KB, 1555x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303KB, 1555x960px
File: 1366230807837.jpg (87KB, 490x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 490x720px
Don't ask, but my parents were the same with Super Smash Bros. Melee.
I was just below the teen rating at the time so they flipped their shit and never let me play it for a good while.

Man my parents were silly.
I don't understand how you can be a parent and allow your kid to turn into such an ungrateful little shitsack, they've made their nest and they can lay in it the rest of their mediocre, manchild supporting, misreable lives.

You should get back at them and leave them in an especially shitty nursing home during the last years of their lives.
>implying these little shits dont go viral and get thrashed by everyone every year

its an annual tradition
I know that feel anon, I went to a college designed for dumb rich kids.
I stole the same dumb cunt's phone 3 times in 6 months.
I swear I covered my fucking tuition and then-some stealing phones that dumb rich kids had just left laying around.
Most of the time it wasn't even outright theft, it was just a bad case of finder's keepers.
this isnt completely related, but

>first console we ever had was a playstation
>pretty sure it was a gift from my electronics-loving uncle
>only games i can remember playing were tekken, spyro, theme park, and this weird untranslated japanese game (probably had more i forgot about)
>for some fucking reason we didnt have a memory card
>for years we didnt get one, i didnt know what life would be like with one, and my parents didnt understand why it mattered when i asked for one
>spent years playing theme park and spyro without the ability to save, didnt know what i was missing
>go to friends house, he also has spyro
>realize how much more the game is than the first two levels
>realize what theme park would be like if i could continue a park

>when my mom agrees to go get a memory card, i get as far as i can in spyro, excited to see whats next
>we get back
>have to shut it off to add the memory card
>Mother got me a game I really wanted for Christmas
>find this out after snooping in the garage and finding her hidden presents
>she catches me down there after I had tried to put it back just like it was
>she brings it back to the store and gets me something else
And that's how I got a set of crocheting needles and a hatred for crocheting.
>dec 21st
>fucking camero and iPad
Holy shit I want to kill him so bad
File: 1415437762817.jpg (16KB, 450x244px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 450x244px
>play mario 64 at a bunch of friend's houses
>love it and ask dad for n64
>we go to store but price tag is too high for him
>keep asking
>they promise to get one for me in two years
>think the date is far enough away that I'll forget
>I don't and they just push the date back farther
>I'm now 21 and they wonder why I never ask for or want anything ever
>tfw I'd probably cry out of joy if anyone ever actually got me an n64 even though it's a fifteen year old console
I fucking know this feel
I love you mom and dad
I told her this once

That she was way out of my league. She scoffed and said that "Leagues" don't exist and that she's happy. I'm not ugly, I have Crohn's disease so skinnyfag and I don't go full autism outside of /v/, but I still feel like she's way too good looking for me. She looks like Audrey Hepburn when she was younger, except she wears her hair down.
File: tupaccry.png (424KB, 474x504px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424KB, 474x504px
>tfw your mom always used to pull the "if I didn't have you"

It's not like I wanted to be created.

I didn't ask to have you as a mother you're the reason I'm here.
can't believe that almost 3 weeks since dad died passed so quickly
>tfw i was the last name he called for in his last 3 days
No. I'm not a poorfag.
>Bought my Wii U with my own money on release
>Got my PS4 for my 21st last year
>Enjoying my Wii U more then my PS4 and feeling slightly bad because I know my Mum and Dad spent a lot on it

I mean I'll start using it non-stop when Phantom Pain comes out but that's still awhile off.
>literally every store sells candy bars at the checkout line
>stock up on those for the month
>be happy
A mother's love know no bounds
Is she hot?
That must feel awful anon, if it helps I'm glad you exist.
Be grateful for the forces that be and never look that gifthorse in the mouth.
If anything you should start treating her like she's not good enough for you bit by bit.
My mom never pulled this on me, but if she did I'd definitely call her a slut and tell her that she should have kept her legs closed.
Fight fire with fire.
*sucks your dick while crying*
File: sad-turtle.jpg (53KB, 580x261px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53KB, 580x261px
>tfw my mom says I'm her gift from god after having a shitty life
>tfw I'm a shitty son, 25 year old neet who can't hold down a job for more than 3 months
>tfw reading this I want to give her a hug
File: 1319985306403 (1).png (511KB, 473x489px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1319985306403 (1).png
511KB, 473x489px
That's terrible.
At least we love you here anon. Or, at least me and >>274982158 love you
I've tried to get her to feel good about herself because I like to make people happy. She's a really cool person, too, not shallow in the least because she grew up not thinking about appearances. I've known her a few years, and we've been dating about 6 months now. I'll just treat her as an equal, because that's all we are. She's started showing an interest in vidya because of me which is really cool, because nobody I've ever dated has been interested in it. Started playing League of Legends, which is better than nothing. Hoping I can get her into something more enjoyable that we can coop together or something.
File: 1346573813249.jpg (43KB, 640x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 640x500px
I live under a fucking rock and use some old ass samsung phone but why the fuck do people go and throw their shekels on ipod/ipad is having internet and an okay camera on your palm really that worth it?
Clearly you haven't seen /fit/.
its trendy and all my friends have it
File: 1411118631090.jpg (38KB, 478x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 478x640px
its aiight man, i love you
iPad and iPod touches are generally bad ideas. I have an iPad I got as a handmedown from my family when they upgraded, and I only use it as a more mobile laptop. I'll take notes on it in OneNote in class or use it in bed to dick around on /v/ or YouTube. Other than that, it hardly gets much use.
>tfw you haven't talked to your dad in half a year and ignore every call.

It's a feeling of apathy
nah, /fit/ is just filled with ironic shitposting. /soc/, there are numerous threads with nothing but dicks.
might just be how you feel, all of my girlfriends have been way more attractive than i am so i might just be too hard on myself
/v/ is for sissyboy gay stuff
/fit/ is for machoman bullshit gay stuff
He was the bottom and never got sucked off
Are you me, besides me being a middle child?
I always imagine think in different generations there was like, just electricity and gas bills, then the cable bill showed up, now the internet bill, and with cell phones and that idea that even like 9 year old kids want one each with a constant internet connection, nowadays you gotta pay for a whole families fucking individual phones and everything.

Shit that must suck so much. The picture is a cute idea but now that I can register as an adult the idea that the kid with the ipad will probably barely use it, goddamn.
I wish my Dad was still alive

it's designed so anyone with hands can use it
When in doubt, ask for food!

Cheap, awesome, and you won't feel bad about asking for it as a gift.
>tfw you don't like that your parents get you
>be me
>be 15
>started doing a circus excercise, learning to do tricks program on weekends
>turn 16
>dad and stepmum buy me a fucking unicycle
>dad comes up to me later
>"We can swap it out for a mountain bike if you want"
>ask him to please swap it

I'm not sure he understood and hoped I'd swap it out, or if he was pulling a fucking joke.
you're parents sucked on raunchy assholes for fun.
File: 1391832846231.gif (442KB, 441x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442KB, 441x270px
Nah, they did an equal amount of cool shit too.
More random tidbits

>realize if I turn off the lights when we are cleaning the house we seem to get done 3 or so hours early
>start turning off the lights whenever we clean and it works
>sister asks why I turn off the lights one day, tell her why
>she immediately tells my mom
>mom yells at me to stop turning off the lights

>stick a fork into a socket while mom is vacuuming
>get the shit shocked out of me, vacuum stops working
>don't tell anyone
>that socket to this day doesn't work

>get grounded, go out to play with a friend
>run into my mom and some other kids mom talking
>she asks if I'm gonna go play again
>tell her no cause I'm grounded
>Well whatever anon you're grounded all the time anyways, you can go ahead and go play
>weirded the fuck out for the rest of the week

>at a football game with parents
>this shit is boring, I want to go play in the sand pitt the runners jump into like all the other kids are doing
>no anon that's probably dangerous, don't
>sneak off later and go play in the sandbox
>another kid has a bike there
>some other kid pushes him, he drops the bike, the handlebars nail me on the top of my head
>they didn't have rubber on them so it cut my head, didn't really hurt though
>mom finds me bleeding from my head
>"did you go to the sand pitt?"
>"ok I think you learned your lesson"
>go get stitches
>takes me to walmart to buy a new gbc game
>the day was ok
Those kids grow up to be parents and repeat the cycle, thats how.
File: smiling_kripp.gif (631KB, 138x173px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
631KB, 138x173px
that's pretty funny
Is your father Randy Marsh?
The lights thing worked because no one could see the detritus and dust and shit everywhere, dumbass.
I suppose that's possible. Especially with Crohn's I feel like a 6 or 7/10 at best, she insists that I'm her ideal body type in a guy. I dunno.
This all started with MTV.

1:24 if your wondering
he didn't want a clown for a son
File: 1363988777705.jpg (16KB, 211x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 211x367px
I realized that anon, that was the point..
Well its bullshit.

i'm (some form of) a man. Tell me No so i can learn to accept rejection and learn how to deal with hurt feelings.
Your life sounds fun, Anon.
Girls just like skinny guys. Might help if you're tall.

I on the other hand, am 5'10" and 180 pounds. I have barely visible abs and arm muscles from working out but if I'm doing anything that's not standing up and sucking in I just look like another chubby boy.
usually it's the parents who grew up poor and unprivileged that shelter/spoil the fuck out of their children.
>healthy adult
>posts on /v/
sure kid
>School teacher in majority black city
>Out in public I hear parents SCREAM at their little tiny children, or just shout at each other as general communication
>Generally loud as fuck
>Then wonder why their children are loud as fuck and solve all their problems by screaming
>Said children then get pregnant early
>Go on to raise children by screaming

It's not much better for my race, I guess, but still. It's a culture I wish would get phased out. It's not good for anyone.
Well it depends, if the poor and underprivileged parents are now not poor and underprivileged, then they'll probably spoil their kids.

If they remained poor and underprivileged, which is what will statistically happen, expect that cycle renewal.
>tfw 6'0
>140 pounds
>Can see rib cage on bad days

I guess I'm skinny
they don't give a shit about you, Anon. they care more about what you think about them even if you'll never see them again. nice girls and guys fucking suck.
But that would be perfectly logical, Anon, and we all know that the average chick isn't what we'd call logical.
That's pretty funny.

On a side note though I actually asked for the PS4 but only because I couldn't think of anything else and wasn't interested in having a big party. Just had a BBQ in the backyard with my best mates and they pre-ordered the PS4.
Hey, that's me.

I wish I could have more free time though, but meh.
well, i assumed they didn't remain since they would actually not have to be to buy all that shit for their kids
>Should've asked for a PS4
But you'd be a even bigger faggot.
File: 1327353129780.jpg (72KB, 396x691px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72KB, 396x691px
>My mom tells me how she prayed tons of time to finally have a boy.
>My dad constantly tells me how proud he is of me and how I'm the only one that's going to pass our last name to my kid.
>mfw I'm gay.
Of course. Everyone on /v/ is a bottom.

Jesus, what a glutton.
File: 1374086097328.png (283KB, 343x399px)
283KB, 343x399px
Perhaps that was the plan all along anon
Sucks for them. Tell them to stop pretending that they are so kind of a feudal dynasty. Also, children fucking suck.
>"maybe now he'll finally just publicly admit that he's gay instead of pretending we all don't know"
Not me but one of my friends

>Single mom and him
>Finishes high school and goes for college
>Struggles a bit the first semester
>His mom tells him college is not for him and to drop out
>Ends up going back to school
>Remarries some guy
>Tells him to move out so the guy has more room for his stuff

I'm actually pretty lucky. I don't make much but I give a lot of my money back to my parents since they paid for my schooling/
Anon you asshole.
They obviously didnt have enough money to buy the game, so they threw a whole party to AVOID buying the game. That way if youd want the game you'd look spoil.

Such a dumbass i swear
Just tell her "nevermind, I changed my mind." Reverse the victim roles. You'll at least get the satisfaction of letting her know you don't want her anymore. You don't want to be with a chick who isn't sure she likes you or not. It'll just make you feel on edge and insecure. Go try your luck with a different girl and don't dwell on the bad ones.
File: 1378713157847.jpg (578KB, 2592x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
578KB, 2592x1944px
You could take a picture of your post and send it to her.
File: mfw.png (61KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 480x480px

>have 4 hours of free time a day
>wasting it on 4chan
>all these games not being played
>all these consoles getting dusty
>depressed as a kid
>spent $5000 on a WoW private server from parents credit card
>never ever asked my parents for anything specific, even for christmas because of the emotional trauma

At least they managed to get all the money back.

Well you're not biologically incapable of having kids or unable to adopt (well maybe). If you really want kids you can.
Excellent little goy.

Don't pass on your name. Squander what little wealth you have on toys and entertainment.

Yes, that's a good goy.
>18th birthday
>my mom gives me her virginity
File: 1368896685229.jpg (27KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 720x480px
>a puppeteer, a dj, and a bouncy castle
>somehow less expensive then a probably 20-40$ video game
Did the server give it back?
File: 1417812033236.png (111KB, 300x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111KB, 300x333px
>Parents got me a car at 16
>Old lady T-bones me and totals it like 10 months later
>Parents get me another car because it wasn't my fault
>Save up money, buy my own car at 18
>"Hey, I have an idea. How about we sell the car I have now and just insure the one I bought because I want this one more and it's cheaper to unsure"
I know that feel.
Had a heroin addict for a dad, so our games and shit were getting pawn every do often. Was shit

Others in the thread pointed out it's more about keeping up with the Joneses.

Can't speak for him but I'm a foreigner and all the Americans from my country are huge into oneupsmanship.
File: 1395723468749.gif (1012KB, 260x146px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1012KB, 260x146px
>Be 5
>Enter competition to get PS1 & Bugs life game
>End up being on of the winners
>It get's delivered
>Mum says "You're too young to play things like that"
>Mum sells both PS1 and game

She did get me Star Wars Battlefront when I was 9 though so it's ok.
Was the car you bought yourself cheaper then the car they bought you?
my condolences friend
>all these games not being played
I wish, my brother got me into LoL so I spend my nights playing that shit and I want out.
He doesn't even play anymore.

I keep telling myself I'd finally start making a game on Unity once I have more free time, but I know very well I'll just spend it on /v/ instead.

I'm a faget
File: 1415821075392.jpg (211KB, 1024x708px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211KB, 1024x708px
My mother used to beat me all the time when I was a kid, but well, I was no saint either, I would to everthing again the day after I got a beating.

But even so I loved my mom, she cared about me and my sister like few parents can, I remember the day she got a nintendo 8 bytes for me, around 94 or 96, it was such a happy day.

That was the last console she gave, I worked so I could buy my own games even at the age of 14. On my first day of work my mother cried because I was growing up too fast, she said I would soon leave her behind to live my own life.

In the end she left me behind, she died in 2011 in a car acident, just one week before my sister gave birth to my nephew. Its a strange thing, you go in life always thinking your family will never die before you, it can't happen, not to your family.

I used to think like that until the day death came calling.
are you jesus
Yes. My car was $2500 and the one they bought me was $9000
>>I barely work because I'm a neet but all I use up is toilet paper and food, and I cook every meal for the household.

This part is really true for me. My parents want me to move out but I mean...it'd be the same out there as it is here. I'd only use money for toilet paper, food, electricity, internet, which I already help pay for.

Why does American culture want you to shove out your kids early as possible? I'm never having kids but if I were I would love (provided they're not shitheads) if they stayed with me, assuming they pitch in and help keep things running of course.
They claimed I stole it to the bank and they backcharged it. They found out only a couple days later so there was time. I also recieved a juvenile record because they had to report it to the police for the bank to accept it. Needless to say my account recieved a very angry message from the server owner.

But damn my life took a turn for the worse after this
People love their debts
i actually remember that game
Because they want to fuck like rabbits and don't realize they're going to get tired of eachother very quickly.
>feel bad asking my parents to spend their hard-earned money on video games during middle school
>decide to play free games on miniclip and various other flash gaming websites back when we only had one computer and a 56k modem
>start getting into free MMOs like maplestory and runescape

and that was how my long descent into the time-sucking world of MMOs began

As I feel bad for the girl, you don't have to be apart of that drama you know.
Probably took out a loan or something to pay for it, did you ever hint you'd buy your own car to replace it?
>3 when I started playing Atari
>4 when my Dad got the family a SNES
>5 when I beat my first RPG
>"5 is too young to play video games that you won so let me sell it and keep the profit you little shit"

No way, fuck that noise man.
File: 0 (1).jpg (15KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0 (1).jpg
15KB, 480x360px
>bought me Flash
why do you still play then?

my brother got me into LoL, bought me a champion and skin i really wanted and then quit soon after
My father would sometimes explain why I couldn't get something as a child.

I miss my dad.
You remember a popular game from a popular console based on a popular movie? Wow.
>my brother is mostly a jew when it comes to money
>takes medication since he is all sorts of "boohoohoo i feel so useless that i cant work"
>40+ year old cousin approaches him and takes 800+ burgers of him as some kind of loan in a month
>only find out by cornering bro since he seemed down during those days
>mfw i am so angry that i want to murder both of them

thanks for reading my blog /v/ but at this point i dont know if i schould push for directly or play dumb since its not about the money but how a fucking relative exploited my dumb ass brother
File: 1414678617851.jpg (976KB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
976KB, 3264x2448px
>mom dated this man
>even though technically not married, he lived with us for few years
>they had a kid together
>this guy just played WoW and EVE Online all day
>relied on my mom for money
>was also shit at WoW and EVE, often bought gold & isk (with my mom's income) because he was terrified of losing anything
>eventually he got a really good job working at a computer assembly line from nepotism from joining a bunch of Mormons
>25$ an hour, gives out free classes at this local community college, full health & dental care, very lenient management
>he fucking blew it because he kept oversleeping (I was at school and my mother couldn't wake him for work because she was working)
>refuses to accept it was his own fault for fucking up so hard
>a dear childhood friend dies from a car accident after being hit by a truck when walking home from work
>he insulted my dead friend, saying he probably was involved in gang crime or something even though he was the nerdiest kid I knew and known him for years
>mom gets tired of shit, kicks him out of the house
>he doesn't even get to see his kid nor his own kids before he and my mom started dating
>constantly tries to get back with my mom but eventually gave up
>eventually visited me a year later, saw that I obviously didn't want to see him and had this incredibly depressed look in his face
>his own biological son doesn't even remember him anymore
File: i hate this game.jpg (14KB, 271x118px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i hate this game.jpg
14KB, 271x118px
Not even once

>tfw managed to quit
>bugs life game
>too young to play
The fuck?
not Star Wars, Bugs Life for the PS1

what's got your panties in a bunch, Anon?
I knew they didn't take out a loan, because my family is actually very well off. And I originally bought the car as a second, weekend car for me (since it's an 80's sports car), but then I fell in love with it and want to drive it all the time, so I feel it's unnecessary to have a second car that isn't as fun.
we redditors love le sarcasm
>sack of shit moves in with some girl and just plays WoW on her dime all day

Why does this happen so often? Not even Moms, just in general.

>barely work because I'm a neet

Do you understand what NEET means?

And regardless, after you're 18 your parents have no legal obligation to you. Perhaps you should put yourself in their position and realize that they're real people too with lives of their own and maybe after 18+ years they would like to have their own space and privacy
Lying implies they knew the truth to begin with. They were wrong, they didn't know they were wrong, so they didn't lie, they're just diluted. But a broken clock is right twice a day, so every so often they hit the nail on the head and have a egotistical circle- jerk over how smart and accurate they are.
>tfw ex was just like this

fuck man its a hard feel, just be there for them no matter what and always reassure them you love them more than anything
i know shit cant be compared in any sense of the word by losing all 4 grandparents the same year probably fucked me good
File: 1334390160066.jpg (57KB, 412x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 412x600px

>am indecisive, not sure what I want to do after graduating highschool
>considering military but family friends advise against it at the time, consider other things
>really didn't want to go to college because I figured it would be really stupid since I didn't know what I wanted to do
>parents push me to enroll at college nearby, "a business degree is never a waste" they say
>one has military background and other didn't even go to college, not sure how they came to that conclusion but whatever I'll roll with it
>2 years of college later realize it's stupid horseshit, drop out
>parents are understandably worried but understand my reasoning
>fast forward a bit, living with them again
>riding with my dad on our way to meet the rest of our family at a relatives wedding
>were talking, college shit comes up
>dad admits he feels like its his fault for me going into it and coming out with debt (came out with 15k, which had freaked me out for a long time)
>feel like a shitbag for it

>they're just diluted.
>this anon knows it

You can't be the hero anon, you can make a difference but only they can change themselves. If it ever gets too much you have every right to leave.
One word: surrogate. Then you can slightly not disappoint your parents AND be a faggot at the same time!

What a time to live in, am I right?
File: 1417727909616.jpg (24KB, 448x545px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 448x545px
>parents kept me showcasing me as "mature" to the rest of my family
>thus, acting smart or mature was the best and easiest way for me to get attention
>detail -- acting "mature" means i could never make a fuss about nothing and rarely show any speck of feeling
>whenever i'd get my parents to get me stuff (always looked for the cheapest shit possible, as in, used to search around town for used, dated games)
>"you shouldn't care about material gifts like that, that's pretty immature"
>"we're going through a hard time now, just be mature about it"
>nigga why the fuck you repressing a nine year old child's feelings in troubling times
>rarely got shit
>feel bad because being "mature" as a kid was my whole persona and pretty much my only way to get appreciation, wouldn't ruin the whole shtick
>meanwhile my sister who was 15 years older than me threw tantrums all the time
>not to mention, we were relatively wealthy but father was quite the cheapskate, he once told me he asked my grandfather for a toy car, but my grandfather opened his empty wallet and looked deep into his eyes almost crying
>think he wanted to do the same tactic to me
>grow in a rich family, but with none of the good shit that comes with it (except education and pretty much whole infrastructure of raising me of course, thankful for that)

I grew up to hold and ok job and life, thankfully, but way more jaded than i'd like to be

It feels good to talk about this once, it's the first time i told my troubles to someone

Thanks /v/, i'll stop blogging now.

it reminds me of pasta of a guy with a little brother or something that always caused problems with his vidya. But I can't remember too much.
lost both of mine in the space of 2 years

couldnt even comprehend it.
I personally know his dad and can confirm you know everything about his relationship with him.
File: 1408029336452.jpg (45KB, 280x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 280x285px
Oh I get it. They can't afford it because they're niggers.
>Parents were ultra new-age parents to me
>Did all this positive reinforcement bullcrap and enabled me to ridiculous levels, and made sure nothing harms me, and that everything I did was golden and incapable of making mistakes
>Brother is born
>Realize that the way they raised me turned me into an entitled cunt
>Be really hands-off with him to let him make mistakes
>He's addicted to drugs and dropped out of high school and some sort of hipster with a media studies degree

Modertation, friends
File: 1408118634376.gif (1MB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 720x480px
>Does she ask for you to constantly give her footrubs?

My mom has asked me to do this multiple times and she's single as well.
Because, surprisingly, I like the game most of the time.

I dislike that it takes so much of my freetime though, I really need to get some self control.

Fuck man.

Is this my future?
I lost my sister recently, I am truly sorry for your loss.
>he berates you for playing video games
>he punishes you by selling your games to buy games for himself
What kind of games did he buy?
Oh man
>tell my parents I want a ps2
>didn't know anything about the new consoles
>get 360
>Thought my parents got me a shit console
>go home and start playing
>blown away
Man I still feel bad that I was disappointed at first hopefully my parents didn't notice
just to make sure did the other one showed heavy signs of depression and generally
>i will go meet him/her soon
because fuck i felt helpess that i could not fill the void at their heart and they were dead set on dying as fast as possible
Doesn't have anything to do with what you say but holy shit I love that picture so much.
Out of curiosity, what kind of things WERE you allowed to play with, if Bugs Life was "too mature"?
I was really lucky with my father, even though we were poor as shit because he got into a car accident and lost his really high-level job at some software company he wasn't disconnected from me like it seems so many Anon's parents were. He treated me like a fucking human being, respected my intelligence, and didn't pull stupid shit. We're both really similar and we're both depressed bastards, but we still have each other.

Fuck my mother, though. She's an alcoholic drug-addict bitch and I'm glad my father won the custody battle.
>working retail
>black hood mama comes in looking for a dvd player for her car
>pregnant, 2 year old and 3 year olds following her around
>she's on the phone the whole time
>everytime she stops to look at something or yell at whoever she's talking to the girls wander off
>when she goes to move again she just yells at them to come on for a minute straight

I don't understand
File: plan.png (178KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178KB, 500x281px
this isnt really on topic but shit i typed it in a story thread a while back and never got to share it

>used to know slightly chubby girl
>small breasts and perfect skinny face
>long dark hair and pale-ish skin
>10/10 appearance
>start talking to her and hanging out with some of her friends too since theyre usually around with her
>get along great
>after only a week, one of her friends says the girl loves me
>hell yeah
>about to take the shot
>find out that shes bisexual and she had lesbo sex with this one black chick that full out stalked my best pal for three years
>find out shes still having lesbo sex with her and the black chick is still stalking my pal
>find out that she was just using me for the black chick so that she could be closer to me which might equal her being closer to my pal
>decide to ask her out anyways
>she slips questions about my pal ever so often and i feed her bullshit
>black chick starts to believe even the most bullshit things i say and spreads lies about my pal since he found out about the stalking thing, got super pissed at her and told her off prior
>everyone else knows its bullshit and people finally believe that shes a creepy ass stalker and now a liar
>go out with the girl that told me that the other girl liked me another week after the plan was finished
>called the black chick a nigger
>even banged the 10/10 girl a time or two before finishing up the plan
My parents never pulled that. "We'll see" meant "We'll see". If they meant no, they said no.
>>and takes 800+ burgers of him as some kind of loan
What the fuck does it mean to take burgers of someone?
>ask for PS2
>dad gives me old gaming PC with UT on it instead
>never touched a console till late 7th gen
felt good
>dad was a geologist
>had to fly in and out to the mine on a weekly basis
>takes me there for a holiday one time
>all of the guys working there live in these dormitories
>each have their own pc
>massive lan party setup
>playing modded bf1942 (Desert combat) for a straight week with my dad and all of his co-workers
File: 1414921347814.gif (373KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
373KB, 300x300px
its the currency of freedom land anon
i also forgot to type the word out in that sentence
File: silver dose.jpg (63KB, 432x531px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
silver dose.jpg
63KB, 432x531px
a geologist you say
Mastergame 2000 didnt have any decent exclusives anyway.
Thank you, respectable man of medicinal solutions.
thanks doc
File: huzzah.png (210KB, 1023x982px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210KB, 1023x982px
hey friends, I hope you have a good evening.
If my mom ever said "we'll see" it meant I was probably getting it.

I never asked for anything expensive like a console as a kid though. I got my PS2, Gamecube, and eventually my Wii as gifts, but I never actually asked for any of them.
Why does the parent have black tumors next to his nose

Also holy fuck what an ugly art style
I know that anon, but I like her and I feel like I actually do help alot.

>neighbors kid has a kiddie car and always teases me with it
>sometimes he even lets me drive and kick out after
>get turbo mad once, he laughs in my face and calls me a poor begger
>grab brick, throw at him
>his his wrist, it implodes into fragments
>we both run away screaming
>his parents come over
>mother of detentions
>he was apparently some sort of child artist prodigy and I ruined his career
>turns out they actually wanted to give his car to me because they were moving to somewhere else and I was their sons only friend
>check his facebook out
>he is a depressed reject constantly trying to get into art scenes but cant draw for shit now
>his parents rain their affections to his sister who became a hugely successful painter
>I design actual cars now and own 3 oldtimers

Years later I regret nothing
File: 1413105887895.jpg (58KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 800x600px
your dads a faggot
>have trans gf
>shes asian
>she wants a white kid
>im white
>mfw thinking of getting a surrogate mother to hold our kid

Would just look kinda weird since the kid would be white and the mother is asian

unfortunately I do know how it feels. and it sucks. I never thought I'd leave my ex but the relationship was draining me.

But now I'm with the girl (with a great family) of my dreams. Sometimes going through a tough struggle in one relationship shapes the future of what the next one will have. But in order to reach that sacrifices are made, and good-byes are said (or none at all)
File: plmb4866_1[1].jpg (66KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66KB, 500x500px
Massive motherfucking playmobil castle set.
In terms of vidya: Metroid II and a couple other simple games on my Sisters old Gameboy Pocket. Still have that gameboy, love showing people the contrast wheel
Your family are terrible fucking people and you should tell them to fuck off if you can. Do your own thing, become more successful than them, and have kids, raise them with fun and joy in their lives.

I begged for the Native American set with the cliffs. Then my friend got the same one and we never played with mine, I didn't even set up the teepees.
File: hvyo7a.gif (3MB, 400x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 400x225px
File: 1379818116029.jpg (24KB, 306x220px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 306x220px
>dad was paralyzed when I was 5
>mother has horrible hips
>both of them are completely out of work by the time I'm 13
>have to get a job to try and support them
>my dad begins to resent me because he, over the years, has become financially dependent on me
>21 now
>go out and drink with friends, moved out at 20 but still gave them money to help them every month
>get a text from my dad when I get home saying "can't even spend time with your family on your birthday, i don't have a son"
>cut them off completely
>get another text a month later
>"so thats what sort of son you are"
>send back a voice mail yelling at him saying I thought he didn't have a son, I'm sick of supporting the family, etc
>last text I got from my dad was "you stole my role as a man, you robbed me of my only use now you treat me like this."
>ends up killing himself
so you should regret nothing, dude was being a total cunt and got what was coming


>drawing shit on paper
>thinking it will get you anywhere

i swear art is one of the biggest wastes of time anyone can do. Nobody likes fucking paintings and it will get you nowhere in life
Quit being a little bitch, holy fuck.
Quit being a beta and tell her mom to fuck off and quit being a cunt.
Sounds like he was a bitch nigga.
There's actually a reason for that.
The price of technology has dropped considerably in recent years, while the price of essentials such as food, housing and education has risen.

I lost the infograph about it, but Google should yield results.
Can't agree more m8

The struggle and the experiences of your first relationship will teach you what kind of person you will be for the next relationship.
>Grandparents only have two kids, my mom and my aunt
>Mom is older sibling, but big family disappointment
>Aunt isn't much more successful but was less of a cunt growing up
>Mom has me
>Aunt has cousin 2 years later

>fast forward

>be me growing up
>Stigma of the family because of who my parents are
>First born child of my generation in the family
>Get fucking massive expectations put on me
>Meet them and then some
>Get treated like shit anyway because I had the audacity to be born
>Cousin treated like the fucking messiah
>has a birthday in the middle of the summer
>Gets anything and everything he wants, grandparents and parents spend hundreds on gifts, food, and parties
>My birthday at the start of winter
>Get told I can only celebrate christmas or my birthday because they don't have enough money to buy everyone presents for everyone
>awkward growing up because I didn't celebrate my birthday
>Have little friends until high school because nobody got invited to the birthday parties I never had
>Cousin is super popular because he has huge bashes
>Now 22 and the first time I ever celebrated my birthday for real was last year when I went out for drinks with uni friends
File: 1416977640168.jpg (77KB, 960x880px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 960x880px
>Nobody likes fucking paintings
i disagree
>I didn't throw bitch fits when I was a kid and now I'm sad waaah

I honestly hadn't thought of this, but it still seems dumb. You don't go to Barnes and Noble to buy candy bars, you go there to buy books. The intent of the gift card is still defeated.

Besides, checkout line snacks in non-grocery stores always jack up the prices, meaning you won't get that many petty snacks out of a cheap giftcard.
You dad is an ass m8 should have been proud of you stepping up.
Pretty much my life. Never often got what I wanted, but my sister still somehow grew up spoiled despite neither of us always getting what we wanted.

Seriously what the fuck. Now she dates guys for their income.
Gf lives with her mom (21), because she has an 8 month old and I can't support the 3 of us.

The moment I can that's exactly what I plan to do, and my gf fully intends to cut her mother off completely. Until then, though, we're playing nice.
Sorry but your dad sounds like a total cunt and deserved to die

>you help him with everything you have got
>still help them after you move out
>your dad talks shit
>you hate it and do the right thing and cut them out
>still talks shit on you
>kills himself cause he failed as a father and couldnt do the one basic thing and provide for his family

fuck him anon, be glad hes gone cause he was a piece of shit pulling you down.
File: 1368625799010.gif (2MB, 178x120px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 178x120px
You could have set up a double Indian showdown

>i swear art is one of the biggest wastes of time anyone can do. Nobody likes fucking paintings and it will get you nowhere in life

Dont think of deviantart, think rich people in galleries looking at overpriced shit and trying to out-erudite eachother by pretending they know shit. Its actually a really good job if you manage to get popular in the circlejerk scene.

The lulzy shit is that I wasted literally hours if not more of my life forced to draw shit ending up only using CAD tools for everything.

Don't you mean "we have an 8 month old" since it's yours?
File: 1401408764372.gif (1MB, 328x238px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 328x238px
>Nobody likes fucking paintings
File: image.jpg (21KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 250x250px
Different anon, but I've done fun interesting things, and I feel like attention whoring out of boredom for a sec since you seem interested.
>flew a plane a couple years ago while step dad was trying to get his pilots licence, it was essentially "let's see how you handle flying a plane".
Apparently I'm fucking great. It's easier than driving a car, since there's nothing to hit within a thousand feet. Take off is pretty simple, landing is a clusterfuck.
>got lost in Vegas on the family trip since they closed the tram. The New York New York had a path through the Luxor into the Mandalay Bay, but the only sign was a foot long, dimly lit, and 15 feet off the ground, an old Englishman pointed it out after half an hour of wandering
He was a pretty cool guy, even though I only met him for 12 seconds.
>before that we were in Utah 2 hours away, we went canyoneering. On a 60 foot drop I slipped off the wall about 40 feet off the ground and almost fell out onto my head. Could've been killed/crippled. Everything went fine, fun as fuck.
Southern Utah is great.
>when I was a lot younger, me and my dad played vidya together and/or took turns on single player ones
>got me into KOTOR 1/2, Republic commando, Jedi outcast/academy, Tribes for a while, City of Heroes/Villains, and SW battlefront 1/2
>we've grown apart and he's become a politically left casual who doesn't take care of his car and hasn't reached out to me since June.
>passive aggressively texts 14 year old brother a month ago and a few times before, didn't follow up seriouslyat all
>step dad went full retard, started acting like that clingy GF to my mom, faked shooting himself over the phone while 100 miles away, shot a BB gun at her window (separate homes thank god)
>Dad probably continuing in veg financial irresponsibility and being a liberal casual who's awful at maintaining a non-superficial friendship, likely because his parents did too
>I've also had ADHD the whole time
>mfw the wild ride that is my life

Shes more womanly than any other real girl i've ever met

Why are you assuming it's his?
Kids not mine, we've been together 6 months. I know the baby daddy and he dipped the moment she told him she was pregnant. I've been friends with her for 5 years now. The relationship just kind of happened.
File: 2feel4u.png (119KB, 568x581px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119KB, 568x581px

This fact still haunts me to this day. We could have been like those kids on the commercials with super elaborate play setups that use multiple sets and extra stuff you don't get
File: krusty.jpg (16KB, 512x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 512x384px
>tfw gf is neurotic
>tfw her mom is even more neurotic
>her stepdad is racist towards whites and hates men for some reason (me)
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