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>wake up >another day at /v/ mansion >some fag stil

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>wake up
>another day at /v/ mansion
>some fag still walking around in his alien costume from Halloween, screaming "AYY LMAO" periodically
>couldn't sleep in because some other fag down the hall was blasting this at 7 AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EQOuJ0gDJk
>go to his room to tell him to turn it down a bit
>that same hired trap is in there with him again
>ask why they don't just get married already
>they say they are
>not a single videogame in sight
just another day at the /v/ mansion, I guess
>not having someone post comics on the fridge with he caption LOL on a folded sticky note

this isn't /v/
>some of the halls are filled with graffiti
>generally loss comics, ranging in quality from beautiful drawfags to lines drawn with shit
>the insurgency room has constant cries of ALLAHU ACKBAR, TAKBIR, and constant nasheeds
>some fag walking around mumbling about "g - oodra fem - ale"
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>>some fag walking around mumbling about "g - oodra fem - ale"
>can't have a conversation with anyone without telling them they disagree with him
Can someone explain what the absolute FUCK that goodra shitposting is?
I see it all the time
No one knows.
>get all my airsoft gear from my mom's place
>suit up, operator as fuck
>make my way to the door of the insurgency room unnoticed
>throw airsoft grenade in
>hear someone screaming, like, he won't stop
>allahu ackbars all over
>bust in, full auto unload my 500 round mag into the room
>people lying on the ground, crying
>notice some guy is bleeding from his eye
>the grenade
>oh shit
>someone apprehends me
>I'm kicked out for good
Fucking mudslime cancer ruining everything
>wake up
>one guy in a toy motor car crashing into everyone in the corridor
>random fat guy in a police suit waddles up to him and pulls him out the car
>the guy who get's thrown out the car screams WASTED and flops about a bit
>random stalker fag runs in and starts throwing bolts at people
>then some guy in starts throwing butter at him and screaming TIME FOR FEASTS
>sudden random insurgency player comes along and throws a pipe bomb screaming ALLUHA ACKBAR
>go back to bed
Who the fuck is our benefactor
The one guy that won the lottery but pretends to be an anon so faggots don't beg shit from him.
>not blasting this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_7z_WVcpdw
>going to bed, just about to turn off the light when I notice 3 fuck off green lens in the corner of the room
>some guy dressed all in black crouched in the corner behind the door, where a tiny bit of shadow is
>he stares at me
>I stare at him
>"You can't see me I'm in the shadows"
>literally a slightly darker shade of light in that corner of the room
>he throws a brick at another side of the room
>180 and go sleep somewhere else for the night
retarded summerfags attempting to le epicly personify le /v/ and le /v/ culture

fuck off.
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>Entire fridge filled with a variety of doritoz,hotpockets and mountain dew
>Walk into living room
>everyone wrapped in blankets wearing winter clothes
>won't shut up about how comfy they are
Who the hell put a picture of Iwata on the Gaben statues face?
>heading down the corridor when some fat neet sniffs at me and turns up his piggy nose
>"fucking newfags get the fug out my mansion"
>have to squeeze past his immense flab as he plays on his Gameboy (not gameplay colour it's not retro enough)
>I rustle his flaps a bit and his dorritos and mountain dew drops onto the floor
>piggy squeals and drops to hands and knees
>he can't get back up off the floor, his arms just won't support him
>random cod guy comes out and t-bags him
>we grin at eachother and I wander off, leaving the petulant mess of a NEET to soil himself on the corridor floor

jesus christ.
wish there was weight restrictions for the /v/v mansion
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>entire attic is a blanket fort
>no grills aloud
>invade mansion every E3
>anons lost for months within the labyrinth
>rumors of a "minotaur" lurking within
>is gabe newell
>hands out steam gift cards for free
Most people probably won't understand that reference any more.
>notice a room that I've never seen before
>ice coming from under the door
>open it
>several freezers blasting, windows are open in the middle of winter
>bunch of guys wrapped up in layers and layers of winter clothing and drinking hot drinks
>playing banished, euro truck sim, the long dark, don't starve, etc
>the word comfy is carved into every desk and all over the ice
>they all slowly turn their heads toward me
>inhuman screaming
>close the door and never go back
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W-Who wants to go grocery shopping with me? We're running out of Doritos and Mtn. Dew.
/z/ still exists, only extreme newfags don't know about it
What do you think makes up most of the site's population now?
>/fk/ doesn't exist anymore
Where's /pol/
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I've been here since 2007 and I don't recall /z/. I do remember /5/ though.

>comfy threads

it just doesn't really compute with me, it's like the equivalent of FUN threads or something.
fuck off cunt I'm playing vidya games
>"pfft"> leaving the mansion to not play video games, ever
>"yeah, what a try hard nerd wanaabe attention seeking whore!"
Who the fuck ordered 50 different pizzas again?
Honestly someone please come claim these pizzas, I'm not paying for them.
And I sure as hell ain't tipping.
I see it as people getting eachother into a certain mindset they love and giving ideas on how to get into that mindset. I actually wouldn't mind a FUN thread where everyone tried to get others into a mindset where video games are fun. We both know it wouldn't work though.
>Friday night
>everyone watching anime
>New Fag mutters "we should have a party or something"
>shocked gasps echo through the mansion as everyone trips over various tangled power cords looking for cover
>suddenly the front door is sliced open as every W101 owner in existence flood the room
>all 5 obese men start blaring butt rock industrial jazz house wave slicing and shooting up furniture
>The giga nigga in the mansion lifts the entire couch and tosses it
>At this point the mansion is on fire
>The new fag is blocked
Just do it like me and tip your fedora.
my sides are nearing alpha centauri
is there a way someone could make a doom map or something like that with this idea?

I find it's awfully bizarre none the less. Oh god the shitposting would be out of control, mods would probably delete the thread on sight.
Hiding from da jooz in the shelter with /x/ and /k/
Didn't exist when this picture was made
Note the lack of /vg/, /vr/, /vp/, /out/, /lgbt/, /mlp/ etc etc etc
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 8

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