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>topkek has connected to the server.

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>topkek has connected to the server.
><3Fluttershy<3 has joined the game
>ends with 26-0
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>Gregor has connected to the server
>He's on the other team
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>ladymeowmeow:3 has connected to the server
This is the worst in my opinion.

You want to talk shit to them but can't since they clearly knows how to git gud.
>Progamerz Fred has connected to the server
>Progamerz Headshotz has connected to the server

>they play demoman and kritz medic
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>any 4chan meme connected to the server
>someone says lel in chat
>someone says BTFO in chat
>~DeAd_EyE~ has connected to the server
>has a /v/ reaction image avatar
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>[MLG] XxXsh4d0w_the_h3dgeh0g_420xXx

Not sure what to think since so many people use these types of names as a joke now.
I do this whenever i can. It's amazing how much asspain MLP causes still.
How would you know Gregor is a "Gregor" though?
btfo is a generic acronym like "lol" or "wtf". It's not a 4chan thing.

I have seen "mfw" in videogame chats before though, that was pretty retarded
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I dont know why lel is being treated as a 4chan exclusive thing

I've been saying it since playing CS:S almost a decade ago

Actually at this point it was probably over a decade ago
>tfw nobody calls you a hacker even though you kick ass
If somebody actually is using the name Gregor these days it's probably some shitty meme obsessed faggot.

You know you got the real deal when it's somebody with a simple, one word username that completely dominates everybody but doesn't try to troll in chat
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>Doge has joined the game
>online friend discovered the "topkek" and "kek" memes
>spouts it every day now, even uses it as a greeting
>almost every 2nd sentence has it in it
>can't have a normal conversation with him
>told him several times to stop with this shit or he's going to get ignored
>doesn't stop
>have been ignoring him for 2 weeks now
Didn't even put him on an ignore list, I just never respond. He's getting madder every day.
Can't wait for him to explode from rage.
>Big Team Battle
>Goes 4/30

Literally how
>literally never happened
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>le kekmaster skrublord 420 sample text XD meme avatar has connected to the server
>Has the voice of a 12 year old

It's popularized on 4chan because everyone on /v/ picked it up from other high school kids
all the keks will be yours. n1
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>join a lobby
>someone's talking

>fails to realize that he's the only one laughing and thus never stops
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One thing that I could not understand on /v/. Who the fuck is this Gregor guy?
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>le kekmaster skrublord 420 sample text XD meme avatar has connected to the server
>says he is 40 years old
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Dew with it.jpg
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Gregor is not a person. Gregor is an entity, an avatar for the fierce power of fuck you to materialize in a videogame and kick everyones ass.
You heard of the AAA guy? He's pretty much the same, but instead of fucking score leaderboards he fucks you.
>implying the average person who likes those xddd montage parodies isn't 12 years old.
shit got old.
Only happens when pros wanna be ironic or make smurfs.
>not still making them because people get angry when you do

I've noticed so many bronies on MCC & xbox now. They need to all fuck off
Official username power ranking:

God Tier:
Single word or real name.

Top Tier:
multiple words spelled correctly

Mid Tier:
real words + numbers or punctuation, username is a real or fictional person's name (ie Barrack Obama, Batman)

Low Tier:
words spelled with letters replaced by numbers or symbols, strange unicode characters (stars/ascii guns), clan tag in your username

Shit Tier:
MLP name, meme references, usernames stolen from other people (ie Mister Lister the Sister Fister)

so where do you fit on this, /v/?
I'll explain then.
gregor is an arbitrary name ascribed to THAT guy. Note that this is not like /tg/'s That Guy, which is an obnoxious, unbearable faggot of indescribable magnitude, but rather THAT guy. gregor is characterized as someone who shows up and barely says anything, but rather goes about his business of utterly destroying everyone who stands against him. If he's on your team, he's fulfilling objectives in a near perfect manner or is somehow reading your mind and supporting you as you get to the objective so well that you never had to worry about anything in the first place.
That's the gist of it. I'll see if I can find the screencap.

First, assuming that also includes acronyms for my name
>being in any 4chan related group

I block all of these people on steam
Thread posts: 36
Thread images: 12

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