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Has anyone had weird RL experiences relating to video games after

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Has anyone had weird RL experiences relating to video games after having a long video game session?

>Drinking last can of coke
>die in witcher
>load last save
>somehow think my coke can has been affected by the load aswell.
>surprised when it's empty
No because my brain works properly.
>play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory all night
>next day have massive urge to crouch walk everywhere and shimmy up any drainpipe I see
I played majora's mask for 10 hours in an attempt to beat it in one sitting

right around the time I reached the tree there was a teeny tiny earthquake, like cat 2.0 or something. The tremor caused the game to freeze and I had to reset and of course I hadn't saved since getting into stone tower temple

got a migraine shortly thereafter and threw in the towel
Im not a schizophrenic retard so no nothing like that
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>drinking soda
>don't apply to college
>be a dick during my job interview
>try to reload my save
Tried to save irl before asking out a girl
Been drinking for 10 years
No problems
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Try to make friends and act like progag like in vidya games
What's that?
I once went on a date and acted like a date in a visual novel. Being like what do you want to do 1 grab coffee 2 a bar etc. she thought it was fun.
Kidney stone
Something that comes out of your penis.
>dropped out of high school after freshman year
>year later go to continuation school
>no one will higher me
>still technically a junior despite 19
>spend all my days browsing 4chan, reading manga, watching anime,fapping, and occasionally showering
>1-2 times a month go to a concert with childhood friends to socialize and hear all about their lives at college, jobs, gfs, ect.
>no way to reload save
i beat you faggot
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>played a shit ton of Minecraft
>next day working on photoshopping a image with lots of cubic shapes in it
>headphones on and still tired
>repetitive, steady clicking
>suddenly hear the familiar sound of the skeleton enemy and instinctively hit my sword shortcut key and look around for the skele
It took me a few seconds to realise I wasn't even playing the game.
>Playing Mario 64 DS
>One health left
>DS on critical battery life
>plug in DS
>Legitimately confused when health still abysmal

I wonder why
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>no one will higher me
well shit. guess you got me there
>binge-play Skyrim for a week
>finally go outside
>see neighbors garden
>almost picks flowers in garden
not vidya but
>huge pussy for scary stuff
>friends drag me to some scary movie that just came out, paranormal activity or some shit
>at school the next day
>see something on the floor
>walk up and look at it
>it was a movie ticket for the movie i saw, same day and time i saw it
>immediately go home
someone that went probably with us probably kept it but shit still creeped me out

Jesus. I'm not generally bothered by OCD shit like fig newtons not lining up or the tessellating tiles not tessellating. But when OP posted the picture I was bugging out because I couldn't find it immediately.
>play B:BC2 all night
>the next day I start feeling weird walking down the street
>scanning the skyline for snipers
>cautiously edging around corners
>checking behind me every few seconds
>hear a helicopter in the distance
>freak out a little and whip my head around looking for it
>realize I'm a retard
I still can't help compulsively checking my corners whenever I walk anywhere and I haven't played a videogame in years.
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I'm raging so hard right now, I think I'll go and shoot myself
>couple weeks ago
>driving at night
>kind of tired
>feel myself going off the road a little bit
>think "ah, it's okay if I crash, I'll just reload the save"
not a terrible thing to do, actually. girls love options. i just hope you threw in some instant gameover options for fun.
I have had nightmares where i can somehow "press ESC" and exit the dream then wake up.,
>left 4 dead just released
>play it non-stop from about 7 in the morning until late into the following morning
>lay my exhausted ass down for some sleep
>immediately hear hunter screech and bolt upright in bed
>working on a computer
>realize after taking almost everything out that I was sent the wrong part and wasted all that time because I don't keep it in stock myself
>immediately think "..god damn it...well, guess I'll just undo"
But I couldn't undo
>Play morrowind all night doing thieves guild
>go to friend's place, he turns his back to me and I get the impulse to steal his 3ds, brain was even trying to estimate how many septims it was worth
>have my music player on shuffle
>someone asks me my recommendation on games
>have 15 minute talk about what games I like and can recommend
>thanks me and walks off
>put headphones back on as Power of the Heart from Persona 4 plays
>instinctively keep pressing O until I realize what I'm doing
i should not go driving after playing GTA V

I do shit like that all the time.

>have to look something up in a book
>can't find what I'm looking for
>think to myself "i'll just hit ctrl+f"
>wait wut
>Trying to quick save in real life in case you get in a car accident or do something with a chance of randomness after playing a game for a long enough time to cause you to be sleep deprived

God damn it, I hate this shit and it has happened to me multiple times.
>go to donate blood
>visualize my HP Bar going down
>restore it by eating the snacks they offer after
I always imagined kidney stones being extremely super smooth.

I know they actually aren't but still, my brain made me imagine it.
some times when on a dare, or when putting a bet or playing a game or when talking to a girl i subconsciously think that i have to score/win
>i blame fucken movies and scripted video game moments.
>playing game that only has jap voices and english subs
>get really into it, play for hours all day alone
>go downstairs and try to say hi to roommate
>mouth wants to speak quick japanese but only english comes out
It felt awkward as fuck and not just because I felt like a huge weeb. It reminded me of talking with a german exchange student and her telling me how weird it felt the first time she had a dream 'in english'
>Break a plate
>Attempt to quickload
This exactly the comment I was going to post, word for word.
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>Refers to soft drinks as "soda"
>Thinks that drinking fizzies is incompatible with drinking water.
>Up all night playing P3P
>Meet someone new the next day
>Think I've unlocked a new arcana
>Catch myself wondering how I can further the arcana.

Surprisingly enough, approaching friendships like that is pretty helpful.
>wake up in the middle of the night, too fucking hot. somehow overextended my arm while asleep
>stumble into the bathroom, think drinking out of my "bottle" will help solve the problem with my arm
dota 2 is impacting my perception of reality.
I locked my keys in my car a few weeks ago. My first thought process was the one I use for resetting/loading a save.
I straight up hallucinate video game sounds and music all the time at work. Hotels are super quiet and droning at night, and working a night shift fucks your brain up already.
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mac tile.jpg
617KB, 1600x1516px
Sounds more like you want this to be a tiles thread
Anon please stop, I already fapped tonight.
>want to see something better
>try to 'zoom' in on it
>lose something in my appartment
>sometimes try to ctrl+f to try and find it
>friend is about to fight some asshole
>ask him if he knows about timed hits
>realize i'm not toad
>i've been wearing this blue vest and diaper for months for no reason
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>forza all nighter chasing lap times and playing online
>go run errands the next day before crashing
>just trying to stay awake and not cuase an accident
>realize everyone is driving really slow and making all kinds of jerky movements with their cars just to stay in the lane
>looking at everyone's faces in their cars
>noticing things on the side of the road i never paid attention too
>start passing people to keep my normal 5 over pace
>keeps happening
>look down
>going 65 in a 35
>have to stare at the speedo so i don't get a ticket the whole trip
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>Start playing Shadow of Chernobyl
>Total pussy when it comes to horror games
>Sank about 30 hours in this weekend
>Go outside to my bird feeder in the woods
>This place used to feel so safe
>Used to

First time I turned around and a Snark was flying at me, my trust for the world died.
>rattlesnake outside
>my sister screams, dog barking at it
>grab my katana and cut it's head off
>feel like I leveled up
Fucking christ. I thought that was picture of a chicken nugget and popcorn chicken man. Good thing I stopped drinking soda at the age of 19. Lost a lot of weight too
>my brain works properly

It doesn't.

The human brain is hardwired to believe in what edgy fedoras claim fairy tales.

You are defective and should be treated as such

>stopped playing TF2 over a year ago
>still look over my shoulder on the street every twenty seconds
>Playing infamous 2
>Collecting blast shards
>Go get some pizza
>On way back there's blue and purple light on someone's house
>Think it's a blast shard
>Almost crash into some parked cars turning my body towards the light
>Get home and keep playing while enjoying my pizza
>playing a lot of skyrim
>constantly quicksaving and loading so I can fuck around with things
>get up to get a drink
>slam my toe with an ingrown toenail into my wall
>blood everywhere
>walk over to my keyboard and press F9
I have the same problem after playing Ned 4 Sped
to be fair they can break up kidney stones with sonicwaves or something now and you only have to piss out the tiny chunks

probably still isn't very comfortable but no where near as bad as the entire stone

You are drinking 8 glasses of water a day, right anons?
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>my katana
This shit

Eevrytime before i die i think just save

Or for example when you almost choke on something you think fuck im gonna have to reload
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>Brawl just came out.
>Parents are away from home
>Play subspace almost all night long a couple feet away from big TV
>Have to get early to a conference at school next morning
>Sleep an hour to and still attend
>Conference is about how piss easy is to get money designing stuffand send it world wide, getting payed via internet, all of this pantless.
>Sleep deprived brain acknowledges that's the way to go in life, screw my parents.
>Back home play some more at night
>Finally finish subspace, increasingly fucked up brain thinks the lyrics of the song in the ending talk about Jesuschrist and also about me (the player)
>Get less sleep this time, decide to dress all in black like in a Fedorous way (brain showing signs of Paranoia; dressing ludicrously),
>Paranoid as fuck, but containing myself
>Get mad at conference and complain on a note scribbling big angry letters
>The ppl at school tell me to do the note again
>I do it just cause the chick that asked me this was hot as fuck (again another sign of brain damage)
>My parents get home, all hell breaks lose, my imminent bipolarity gets triggered, I am aggressive, delirious, paranoid, have augmented strenght (not even kidding), I destroyed my life as I knew it.
>Been struggling with Bipolarity for six years now, on medication with a psychiatrist since almost always and a therapist (for a year now).
>Actually showing progress.
>Have a girlfriend somehow, she accepts that shit, (She's majoring medicine)
>Been together for almost two years now.
>Every march/April they up my medication since that was around the date Smash came out, and it triggers my brain again.
>Realized that if I stop taking the medication I will irremediably turn into a hobo in a couple months.
>Thank you Sakurai
>I always imagined kidney stones being extremely super smooth
In a perfect world, anon
I do that too.
Too many rekt threads on /b/
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I don't think I 've ever done anything like this that was vidya related. I have thought "Alt+Ctrl+Z" while sketching though, only to realize duh, you can't do that irl
>Yakuza 4 marathon
>Walking to restaurant with co-workers
>Expect a fight with random people every 5 seconds
>Take pictures of drunk for later revelations
>Order about 5 times the normal amount of food I can even eat.
>Actually try to find hostess clubs

The illusion was ruined with the fact in live in goddamn Montreal. No hostesses, no fights, barely any crime, have over 250 on my credit card of food i didn't even eat and woke up hung over as fuck with pictures of disgusting drunks on my phone.
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>refers to pop as "soda" or "soft drinks

I used to read threads like this and laugh, then it happened to me
The only thing I can think of is after playing guitar hero for a while, the whole world seems to be coming at me like the notes.
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I remember playing Red Dead Redemption non stop when I first got it. Because I played it for so many consecutive hours, there were times where I caught myself walking like John Marston after watching his walk cycle for so long. In fact I feel like I've done that with quite a few videogames.
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as long as its made using real sugar, theres no problem, in fact its beneficial
No. I am a sane person and can parse games from reality, you filthy autist.
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>refers to soda as "pop"
are you black?
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>calling fizzly wizzly crack-and-slurpers "pop"
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Sometimes when I remember my failures in life I'm imagining my healthbar going down
I had a bad headache and felt a like I was hallucinating a little after a few hours of antichamber before going to bed
he is a disgusting human being

Aint no blacks in canada, and everyone here calls it pop.
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I do this but only with the stairs in my house. I'd do the night elf male run animation up them
canada is a weird place
I was reading a Witcher book. Got really sick in the middle of the night and ran to the bathroom in a daze. As I sat on the toilet I talked to myself about how sorceresses and mages are shitty conspiring assholes. I legitimately believed they existed for some reason. I treated the book like it was non fiction
File: 1415419293764.jpg (46KB, 680x365px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Play nothing but mount and blade warband for 2 days straight.
>Finally go to bed
>Have crazy ass dreams about how I was a ruler and all my people loved me etc. and how two insects are the best sex buddies ever
>Wake up, sick as shit and still having delusions about it thanks to my fever
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MH implyn.jpg
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>farming for Rathalos plates in the original Monster Hunter online with some pals
>keep at it for the entire day
>finally stretch out and lay down with my cat
>go to pat my cat's belly
>give it three pats and stop because I was convinced I was out of pats
>got a bit excited at the end when he purred because my brain assumed the purr had a 1% drop rate

I laughed and called my dad and told him and he called me a retard.
>Playing Wolfenstein ET for a whole day nonstop
>Aimbotters everywhere, pulling headshots right around the corner
>Dad walks in, looking at my face
>One thought springs to mind: "Fucking aimbotter"
File: 123456789.png (288KB, 1433x763px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Reading this thread after playing metroid cubed for an hour.
File: 1416083083041.jpg (94KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>off-topic shit
>Meme's bizarre memeventure garbage

How surprising.
>that one white tile out of place
fuck you OP.
and I only have overlapping experiences of daydreaming when I'm really sick.
weirdest experience was when I was at work and for some reason I started believing that I could use a spell from an RPG to crack a hole in the ground so the office would close and I could go home.
Oh shit you just sparked a memory of some time I did the same thing except with food. I was farming something in WoW and everytime I took a bite my mind registered the tastiest bites as rare drops. What the fuck
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File: 1407538371789.gif (3MB, 296x165px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>America's hat
>thinking it matters
File: puzzle league.jpg (61KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
puzzle league.jpg
61KB, 640x480px
>play Pokemon Puzzle League all day
>go to bed later at night
>close my eyes
>see blocks moving in the darkness
what the fuck
Same. I played tetris axis on 3DS a ton and played tetris in my mind while falling asleep
gotta get that 1% purr drop
File: manwhore.png (168KB, 501x392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Been playing counterstrike in the day
>go watch a movie with family
>its an action movie
>tense moment as main character is being hunted by the enemy
>nobody know when and where the villain will shot from
>get annoyed I cant switch camera to the enemy

Other than that I often dream about mixture of games/movies and memories.
It actually fucked with my driving skills when i was learning. I always turned slightly to the left before turning right to make a perfect curve.
Youre stupid Pat
>Get hooked on any game
>In every day life, even when fully awake. I hear a certain sound that had a frequency in common with the enemy sounds
>Even if the a note sounds kind of familiar at any degree
>Look around
All the time
I hear certain little half second parts in songs that immediately make me think of other songs too
I'm not crazy am I?
File: 1343171391734[1].png (12KB, 408x286px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>In college
>Playing Persona 4 on weekends
>Exam coming up in-game
>Study constantly, almost every day
>Realize if I put the same effort into my own classes I'd ace everything
>Feel weird playing from then on out

Persona 3 and 4 makes me feel weird sometimes. Spending so many hours building your characters traits, studying for exams, and hanging out with friends makes you realize how little you spend on such activities in real life.
File: 1415455523337.gif (104KB, 320x471px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ay this shit happens with me and Touhou
like ill close my eyes and ill see random patterns

doesnt bother but its pretty cool
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>have shitloads of lectures
>get fucking obsessed with Candy Crush
>play it for like a week straight
>come weekend, go out drinking with friends
>see 2 white guys followed by a black guy and another white guy
>get the urge to ask them to switch so the three white guys would be sitting next to each other like you would in Candy Crush

I'm not racist.
Monster Hunter is one hell of a drug.
Not much except for the fact that I'll be doing whatever, not playing vidya, and I'll hear the "Ready! Beep Beep Beep" when a match was found for you in CSGO.
>Candy Crush
casual faggot detected.
This one is a bit weird so sorry bout that

>playing call of cthulhu
>enter jackvision so much because I got scared and had to restart
>spend the whole day seeing this all topsy turvy
>Playing New Vegas for about 6 hours straight
>Doing a lot of quicksave and quickload because I keep dying to fucking Cazadors
>Closed my door because of the wind
>Remember I'm waiting for the phone to ring
>Think for a moment that I can quickload before I closed the door
that game is the shit. I heard the devs were making a sequel or something, not too long ago.
File: df4f643e34[1].jpg (17KB, 217x205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is it just me who tries to Ctrl+Z mentally to erase something i did in real life?
File: 1370629764146.jpg (8KB, 216x214px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>walking to store, want to speed it up
>strafe walk, jump, crouch, look at my feet and shoot a rocket
>nothing happens
File: 4s.webm (2MB, 720x420px)
2MB, 720x420px
I used to laugh at all you fags for this kind of shit but this shit happened the other day:

> Some dude running toward me full speed
> I mentally thought I could do a medium shoryuken into a FADC ultra and live

It turned out he was running to get past me, but that thought was so instinctive I was worried for days about my new lower survival rate.

Fuckin video games
/k/ here
A few months ago someone banged on my door in the middle of the night, so I grabbed my handgun and went to check it out. The whole time I was visualizing a [Caution] in the top of my view, as if I was playing Fallout and somebody knew I was there but not WHERE I was.
Just ended up being some teenagers playing ding dong ditch I think, because I stayed up for a good hour after that and nothing else happened.
Jesus anon, what kind of area do you live in that a knock on your door during the night requires a handgun?

Either move out or calm down man.
File: 2speedy2mad.gif (2MB, 250x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 250x195px
>Been playing mirrors edge
>Runners vision for whole week
Do all americans grab a gun when someone knocks on their door? Are they really this paranoid?
I'm Canadian actually. And I'm usually not so paranoid, problem is it wasn't just a knock. It was loud banging as if someone was trying to bust in the door.
I sometimes try to CTRL+F things I've lost.
Not that anon but me and all of my brothers do this pretty much all the time when visiting eachother. Sometimes the ones not answering the door will stop what they're doing to keep a look out for trouble.

It's what happens when you grow up in a rough neighborhood
File: 1387214170696.gif (1MB, 249x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 249x250px
When I walk to an unknown neighborhood for the first time, I get the urge to press the map button.
Not for your teeth
Caffeine got a lot of other side effects as well, which can be seen as overall negative.

Hopefully without any bugs
Fair enough, but shit like that is a little scary man. It's a little fucked up that even a loud banging on a door is worth grabbing a handgun.

Just hear so many crazy stories about idiots getting shot at night because another guy thought they were doing something illegal.
>Playing Okami a few years back
>Get to the frozen north for the first time on this playthrough
>There's snow everywhere in game, it's dark and the area is being afflicted with a terrible blizzard
>I start feeling cold
>Keep playing and am still feeling cold
>Kind of like it though because I feel more immersed in the game
>pause to take a drink
>reach for drink and realize I left my fan on and it's blowing right at me, it was late at night too so the fan was having a really easy time cooling off my apartment despite the summer heat
>lol to myself and decide to keep the fan on a while longer
Different anon here. I have a handgun as well. I know that there's a 0.0001% chance I'll ever have to use it for defense, but I'd like to have it on the off chance that I WILL need it.
The way I see it is; I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
It's not like owning a gun is a burden or anything, I live alone so nobody is going to accidentally shoot themselves with it or anything. I don't see any reason to NOT have one
Did you fuck her?
I tried to press the V key for nightvision when I was downstairs grabbing a drink between games of AvP2.

There was that brief moment of confusion when it didn't work.
File: CIA.png (538KB, 460x727px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
538KB, 460x727px
Thanks for the laugh, OP. I needed it.
That's fine and I understand what you're saying, but I kinda disagree.

I'd much rather just not have it. The idea of ever making the mistake of shooting someone I know is horrific. And, in many cases, gun owners who actually do find themselves in a situation like a robbery often manage to get shot by their own gun. Whether through being an idiot or the other person getting the gun doesn't matter, both are shit.

Overall I'd much prefer to have something like a baseball bat if I knew I was living in a shit area.
He pretty much hit it on the head. It's kinda like wearing a seatbelt in your car or having a fire hydrant in your house. Owning a gun doesn't mean I expect to shoot anybody, just like wearing a seatbelt doesn't mean I expect to get in a car accident. But on the off chance something happens where I do need it, I'll have it.
Fun fact: Guns in America are used something like 100x more often to prevent a crime than they are used in crime
I seriously doubt the legitimacy of that statistic.
No offense anon, but I don't think seatbelts and guns are a good comparison. You can't accidentally kill a friend with a seatbelt.

I mean I don't think you can, if you could then that would be interesting to see.
You would never shoot someone you know unless you're an irresponsible idiot. Its not like I planned to just shoot at sea mysterious dark figure if I saw one. No, a gun is a last resort. If somebody actually attacks me and I think I'm going to die, that's when I would use it. Also the home owner getting shot with his own gun is a huge myth, that almost never happens and is a myth used by the anti-gun crowd to get more votes. I'm guessing you're European?
My behavior prior to sleep depends heavily on what game i was playing nonstop before:
-FPS games (Metro,Unreal,STALKER,etc) makes me walk like i was a soldier carrying an invisible assault rifle;
- Survivor horrors (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Amnesia, etc) makes me search and stop in open doors in the house as a potential danger, and i close them before walking past them;

Mostly, the game music keeps playing on my head for quite some time, depending on how many times i listened to it.
I know your pain, just got forza 5 not a while ago and been playing the shit out it, even has the same car I drive in it, which is how I totaled it.

Long story short, I drive a Ford Focus RS, fast little fucker but they got the intertior spot on.
Stayed up all night playing forza, getting people mad that this little hot hatch was pulling faster than their tuned JDM's.

Pass out in chair around 5 am, start work a 6 am.

Wake up in a panic and bolt out the door, already wearing work clothes and jump into my Ford.

Not even a second to think, slam into reverse and tear out of the drive way and drive down the road, look at the speedo and see its getting close to 160km/h, think fuck yeah, good time on this section.

Realise that this isnt Forza.
This is my real Focus RS.
Going a very real 160km/h.
And getting faster.

After all that I slammed into the back of a parked mini van around the corner.

Sureal shit though, didn't even know till it was to late.
File: 1402294062490.png (21KB, 207x239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 207x239px
>Guns in America are used something like 100x more often to prevent a crime than they are used in crime


Not even once.
Problem is anon there are a lot of irresponsible idiots. And while I don't think I'm one of them there still are scenarios where misunderstandings occur. Loud crash through the door, someone coming at you, panic, mistakes happen. And even if someone did break into my place I'd rather not use a gun.

And how do you figure it is a myth? Because it makes perfect sense that when a gun is involved there will automatically be more casualties.

And I'm 'murrican, but I don't really think the region we're from matters in the discussion.
>black highlighters
It´s a joke, right? From a joke website?
It´s a good joke.
>Play Dota intensively
>Dreams become RTS
>Keep waking up because of stressful fights

I don't play as much ever since.
I can't seem to find the source right now, but I'll keep looking. It doesn't help that I'm on my phone. This is a good read in the meantime if you've got time to kill
File: 1402660241322.png (102KB, 415x214px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102KB, 415x214px
Not sure if this counts.
>be sleeping
>dream of playing game
>alarm clock
>need to save
>cant find save point
>wake up
>turn alarm off
>try to fall back asleep to save game in dream
>play path of exile for a while
>continously have dreams about the skill tree

>play last stand for a couple days straight
>have dreams about making build and imagine how well they would work

Strange times for me.
People have gotten their throats slit by seatbelts in cases where they would have been unharmed if they hadn't worn one at all.: http://www.againstseatbeltcompulsion.org/victims.htm

I really like this joke.
I kinda meant more of the idea that you could kill someone else accidentally with a seatbelt, but kudos for finding a source either way.
>Play the shit out of DMC4 for a while
>Really sleep deprived
>Hanging out with friends
>One of them decides to tackle me for reasons I can't remember
>He's midair, flying towards me
>Realize I just need to table hop to the side then I can use devil bringer and fuck his shit up
>Try to slide to the side, end up just falling
We had a good laugh after that, but fuck it was weird.
My friend had an amphetamine-fueled bipolar moment like this, it makes me believe you
>every day of the week.
>driving to work or some other place.
>see a nice thick looking tree.
>mentally drive straight into it.
>snap back to reality.
>tree is 30ft behind me.

I have this one particular tree in mind halfway along Blacks road.
One of these days we'll be together mr tree.
This is actually called the Tetris effect. It's occurrence is used as evidence that the brain uses sleep and dreams to facilitate learning.
>wake up and have to pee/shit really bad
>go do it, feels amazing
>have to pinch/slap my thigh to make sure i'm not still dreaming

I dunno why I do this. I've never pissed or shit the bed before.
I have! Dreamed about getting up to pee and then wake up to a bed filled with piss. Now I always check I'm awake.
>actually going outside
>not caring enough about your posts to spell properly
>implying you can beat anyone hear

and you'll be mr free
I have pretty excellent bladder control. My body won't let me piss itself when i'm sleeping and i'll have dreams where i'm in a bathroom trying really hard to do it but can't.

My body is a bro like that.
File: 1408936721749.png (138KB, 263x323px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 263x323px

>not performing real life FADCs

Step it up, senpai.
I wish you and mr tree a happy marriage
>that kid that glitched to school

I've been having those dreams a lot lately and they are really vivid.Sometimes it will be me pissing in a bucket to wash my car or to extinguish a fire.

The weirdest one I had was this gigantic maze like public toilet where the stalls had no doors and all the urinals made you look at the other people pissing
>tfw can't input shoryu FADC ultra reliably.
At least I play guile so I don't have to worry about that
I don't have any friends, so you don't need to worry.
File: 1416416238401.png (10KB, 362x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 362x358px
>Been playing alot of DayZ(mod)
>Running through the forest and going prone when i hear gun fire
>Switch to real life
>next day after binge DayZ with friends
>walking down the street
>Someones car muffler pops like a guns shot
>go prone and hit the floor
>person walks up tp me thinks i got hurt
>get up say im fine and walk away

Is that some PTSD or something that was weird man

>mfw I look back on it
File: area.jpg (57KB, 453x603px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57KB, 453x603px
I remember getting really down in the dumps when a relative died when I was like 7-8 years old. I thought to myself "what would I do if that happened to my parents", and I cheered myself up a little when I realised I could just reload.

Fuck that didn't cheer me up very for long though....
That's what PTSD is like but instead of getting the videogame thrill it's fucking mortal terror and you're back where it all happened.
It's a myth that you have to drink 8 glasses a day, in fact that much water is probably bad for you. But you should always be drinking water if you're having a drink at all.
I have dreams like that last one all the time. I have to pee really bad but every where I go something is keeping me from it like there's no door on the bathroom or the floors covered in piss.

It's like those dreams where you're trying to fuck a girl but every time you go to the phone rings or your mom tries to open the door or something.
File: STOP YELLING AT ME.png (359KB, 592x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
359KB, 592x334px
So... PTFD? Post Traumatic Fun Disorder?
The traumatic in that is kind of misleading, it wasn't really traumatic.
I can do them in my sleep and I'm a scrub, if I can do 'em I'm sure you can too, it just takes a few days in training mode.
>played gravity rush nonstop for a few days
>get stoned, go into first person mode, fly around feeling like superman
>my fucking dreams for the next week
When L4D came out, it was the first time I had ever stayed up all night. Good times.
but i've spent tons of time just trying to do them.
I wish I had the drive to get better at fighting, i find them fun, but I feel like shit as soon as I make one mistake, which is pretty much every second i'm playing fighting
File: Blammo.jpg (13KB, 226x223px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 226x223px
higher than what?
File: fuck you (2).png (175KB, 450x368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck you (2).png
175KB, 450x368px
When I used to play WoW I'd get this one alot

>at cousin's house or somewhere similar
>party is ending, people saying goodbye, going home and stuff
>think to myself that I could save alot of time by Hearthstoning instead of dealing with the car ride back home
>start to look toward the bottom right of my vision
>no bags
I took Ezio's walking animation for sure. Thanks to AC and Mirror's Edge I'm always looking at places where I can climb whenever I'm outside.
File: 1389915777145.png (194KB, 350x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 350x350px
>mfw I only drink water
>Also a Canadian who also calls it cop
Mah nigga.
File: call of cthulu.png (451KB, 884x3121px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
call of cthulu.png
451KB, 884x3121px
Pretty sure the devs have been long gone.
File: 2 t 30.webm (2MB, 720x420px)
2 t 30.webm
2MB, 720x420px
Yeah often all it takes is one mistake, I feel ya.
I like to spend hours in training trying to come up with fun combos or try shit my friends tell me is a fun combo
Ya the whole 8 glasses a day thing was debunked awhile back but people still think its gods word.

The correct amount is about 4 to 5, depending on how much water you have used in your body "let say sweated out" Then its safer to drink something like Gatorade then water.

Kinda mix it up my workout buddy used to tell me, work out and drink sports drinks, normal day just drink water.

Now if you dont know what dehydration feels like, here's a simple test.
>Does it feel like the nerves in your skin are exposed?
>Are your eyes on fire.
>Does the nerves in your teeth hurt?

Boxers sometimes must deal with dehydrating themselves to lose water weight and meet weight restrictions, so I know all the signs when I am dehydrated.
>Friend of mine started doing that
>He lost 20kg within a year with that and a small diet change(less junk) with no exercise at all
>Thinking I should do that cause I used to be skinny but now I'm skinny-fat
>Not ever needing to stifle the urge to crouch or creep around after playing a shit load of stealth games.

I remember waking up and walking to the toilet in a weird crouch walk with no lights on before I realised what the fuck I was doing. My mind isn't very coherent when I've just woken up.
ex-gf not found
>Play Fallout for a shitload of hours
>Deprived of sleep
>Heating is not on so cold as hell
>Think I am in operation anchorage
> Want to go back into command center
>looking around on campus, wondering what class and level other students are
To this day I still look at slanted surfaces like the underside of the staircases and think "that would be a good place to crouch and move forward under before doing a superbounce"
>be playing Payday2 with my pals a lot recently
>need to deposit some money in my bank
>think "I should wear a suit in right?"
>walk in, look around and case the joint
>Step up to the counter and talk to the person normally

It's kinda fun, actually. Though I was in the airport this past week and there were a bunch of ATMs and I did honestly think "time to whip out my power saw."
Remember that old thread where everyone started crouch walking around their house to try and get a snack late at night without disturbing anyone and they posted results?

Try it right now. Shit's harder than vidya makes it look.

Press Doug
File: stuzus.png (51KB, 468x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 468x518px
>implying any of my family members are awake at 4:18

I'm the only one who lights up the night in this family.
>used to play a lot of sc2
>used to view rl things as groups
>draw boxes around them in my mind to select them when interacting

I laughed because it's even later here (5:20) and everything is funny when you're tired.
>2 barely sleepless nights make me bipolar

Nigger you're the pussiest of pussy on Earth.
I didn't laugh and it's 5:26 here
It's 3:27 here and I laughed

Checkmate athiests.
>play a shitload of CS:GO with a friend
>really tired, go to bed
>brush teeth
>brain still playing the game
>take a shit
>brain still playing the game
>try to fall asleep
>brain still playing the game
>trying to dream
>dream of the fucking game
God damn I knew it, it happened with the earlier Counter Strike's as well.
I wish I could enjoy GO this much
I did that yesterday in a shop looking for a CD for my mother
after playing mmo's for an exttended period of time and then typing on other websites i accidentally start tying things like /p because i'm so used to the game's chat log system
File: 1410036406706.jpg (17KB, 285x288px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 285x288px
>L4D had just released
>stay up 2 days straight playing it
>finally run to the grocery store to stock up before i crash
>car alarm goes off in parking lot
>jump like a bitch and whip around
I got into XCOM a whole lot recently, and I can't stop brainstorming potential scenarios in my mind while sleeping. Squad loadout and positioning and so on, and how they would deal with potential threats. The last few days when I've woken up it has always felt as if I just ended a long XCOM session.

perhaps I've been probed by the ay lmaos
After all these years I am still having a ton of fun. The key is probably to not take it too seriously, I never did that.
Though a mindset like that can affect your performance.
>Play metro 2033
>Now every time I look at my watch I hear a loud TIK-TIK-TIK-TIK in my head

Help plz
I don't even take it that seriously, I just come off a match going either "that fucking sucked" or "that was pretty intense" then I just come back to /v/ while waiting for my next one.
Has anyone else been able to understand the animals in Animal Crossing after a few months of play?

I was spooked as fuck when I accidentally understood them at one point. I think all the words go into a vocaloid thing in game or something.
File: 1410036823169.jpg (36KB, 524x331px)
36KB, 524x331px
>play a shitton of the binding of isaac over the course of like two days straight
>realize its been a while since i've had something to eat
>try to D6 my fridge
This is why I hate those games.
I love them, but fucking fuck them.
This is common with puzzle games and bullet hells. I've dreamed tetris, panel de pon (same as pokemon puzzle league), and that 2048 game on the phone.
Maybe you just need a break, I don't know.
This was a very subtle point they liked to make

sadly it just deludes people into thinking how life and social relationships actually work. that's if they can even get that far
Hey buddy how's your sister?
I can't stand large places anymore. Everywhere I walk, I look for cover and do my best to avoid open areas, and if I absolutely have to go through them I scan rooftops and windows for imaginary ambushes.
>bullet hells
Going to sleep or closing your eyes after a marathon session can be fucking weird at times.
Maybe i do need a break from vidya.
Kamen Rider is helping I think.
>walking to class
>passing other students
>they are starting into me
>they can see the speech bubble above my head broadcasting my thoughts
>they look at me with predatory eyes
>they must want to challenge me to a battle
>just want to get past them to the safety of my rock in the park so they won't make eye contact and I can stare at the stream between classes
I went on a gta binge last week. like did nothing else for 3 days straight. I went to go drive and for a second I forgot about like stopping at a stop sign and braking a reasonable distance from a stop sign/light. luckily I did stop but I almost missed it. it took me about 5 minutes to fully acclimate back to responsible driving.
Same here brah. Except I dont even socialize anymore. I deleted my facebook in shame. Kill me
Honestly, I am flabbergasted the penis survives after shooting out one of these crystallized dick shredders
I wonder if avoiding battles in Pokémon is the reason I don't make eye contact and am asocial.
File: filtered.webm (3MB, 1280x720px)
3MB, 1280x720px
>read somewhere that dogs take eye contact as a challenge
>ever since I read this I can't make myself make eye contact with anyone
>always looking at my feet or around them when talking to someone

pls help
>had a dream i was trapped in my room
>desperately had to pee
>look around for something to pee in
>finally find an empty bottle under my bed
>piss all in that shit
>ahh this feels good
>suddenly feel my lap wet
>wake up and realized i peed myself in my sleep
I am flabbergasted that this is an actual word you can find in a dictionary
Legitimate sign of autism.
Not from video games, but from drawing in photoshop. I hate drawing on paper or writing because I can't rest my hand on the CTRL Z buttons and I can't undo any mistakes.
Fuck man that could also be mild schizophrenia.
First time experiencing the tetris effect op?
File: images.jpg (5KB, 179x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5KB, 179x281px
Not videogame related, but I once pissed into our garbage bin. It was one of those foot operated ones. No one ever mentioned it but you couldn't miss the stench and the fact it had puddled outside the plastic bag on the at of the bin.
with me it is actually autism spectrum disorder, which I was diagnoses with when I was 8, but the mental health clinic I started visiting after demons tried to speak to me almost a few months ago claims that I also have paranoid schizophrenia and that is where my irrational thoughts come from. I think the world just has a unique way of speaking to me.

captcha: bratrvvi Zebedee

Fucking this! Zebedee Wilson was the therapist I spoke to on a weekly basis before I got sick of them pushing anti-psychotics on me!
File: 1389594325081.jpg (65KB, 499x558px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 499x558px
When I was playing THPS a bunch back in the day I was always on the lookout for rails to grind on or ramps for air tricks in real life. Crazy how this stuff permeates into every part of our lives.
File: 1402420749854.jpg (49KB, 486x486px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49KB, 486x486px
>played a shit ton of stalker over a few weeks
>walking to work
>hear what sounds like a geigerteller going wild
>get the urge to throw bolts everywhere
>it was a woodpecker on a telephone pole
>throw rocks at it just incase its an anomaly
I forced myself to play the campaign of bad company 2 in one sitting, after I was done and was outside I heard a chopper and started looking for a rocket launcher to shoot it down and realized im stupid.

I live near an airfield so choppers and planes are very common too.

Holy shit the campaign was tedious and boring as all fuck
I hate to say that you are probably not wrong. I have mixed feelings about the diagnosis becasue some things feel like they are more than tricks of my mind. It scares me a little bit to accept that one day I might slip totally out of reality.
>Sonic Adventure 2 just came out
>played the fuck out of it all weekend
>come back to school
>try to grind on rails like sonic
>tipped off like the rail like a fedora
>fall down a flight of stairs
>broke my glasses
>black people skipping class laugh at me
File: pdxbbhH.png (151KB, 455x511px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 455x511px
>work as a cashier
>play recettear all night
>go to work next day
>everything is normal
>suddenly person comes up to buy something
>ring them up
>tell them their total
>it was more than they thought it would be
>they leave without buying anything
>get pissed that that fucker ruined my chain combo
>Is anyone else autistic?
>playing Oblivion for a week straight
>12+hour sessions
>Go for a walk to the store
>On the way there I keep finding myself wanting to go up and grab every flower/plant I see
>relating them to herbology and wanting to make potions

Holy shit I felt retarded and tripped as fuck
Not likely. It rarely needs treatment or drugs unless you are an exceptionally bad case. You can usually manage it on your own.

It's one thing to think people can hear your thoughts and hear things that aren't there. It's another to completely slip into a state where you don't know what reality is to the point you hurt someone.
File: reaction faggots.jpg (97KB, 451x506px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
reaction faggots.jpg
97KB, 451x506px
>friend lived in a place called strathmore

>called it stratholme multiple times until he points it out to me
File: securedownload55.jpg (59KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 800x600px
>play sims 3 so much you start to think in terms of it
>realize all you do is sit on your computer, wait until one of your needs gets sufficiently low, then raise it and come back irl
>social interactions are to raise social meter
>life filled with stupid, pointless moodlets and there's no plot, just the same thing every day.
like, sorry scoobs
>Playing Smash all day, trying to git good
>go out to watch Interstellar at the cinema again with different friends
>all I can see is tech skills, Meteor smashes, DACUS and so on
>need to concentrate on the movie
>imagine the protag doing a Fox nair to shine upsmash.
>go to the restroom
The thing that made me seek treatment was feeling compelled to kill someone. Every time I went to sleep I would be at the mercy of the voices in my dreams and they would give me precise battle plans on how to assassinate them. I was so scared of them that I would force myself to stay awake for days on end just so that I could avoid them. Eventually I had to give the bolt from my rifle to a friend of mine with orders not to give it back until the individual who was to be targeted was so far out of my radius of reasonable operations that I couldn't do anything about it, and they still refuse to return it because I am a suicide risk. Now I just kind of feel like a hollow shell containing a demon that is angry with me for foiling his plans. I'm flunking out of college because I feel so uncomfortable around humans now that I can't even get tutoring in math since I rock so violently around them that I can't read or type and I feel like shit for wasting the time of the people that try to help me.
File: 1347789882836.jpg (8KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 200x200px
Guess that sucks, but look on the bright side. You should never feel alone.
I've posted in here too much and I am derailing. I need to leave. Sorry for shitposting.
>In Public
>See person minding their business
>If they do something that makes me slightly annoyed, I think about how I'd kill them like in an RPG when you kill neutral NPCs.
File: 1321493727499.jpg (59KB, 891x771px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59KB, 891x771px
File: 1395790518626.jpg (101KB, 802x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 802x1000px
>play guitar hero for hours
>the walls start moving

never freaked out as hard i did there
are you me dude holy shit
I did this a few times
Then my mom caught me in the act
She didn't say anything or punish me, but I never did that shit again
File: why u do dis.gif (381KB, 180x135px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
why u do dis.gif
381KB, 180x135px
>you actually did re-load your save once in real life

>you cant figure out how to do it again
>walking down the street
>notice a homeless guy sat with his dog
>sudden urge to piss all over him

Fucking Postal.
Not vidya but I draw digitally alot and as a result often find myself trying to Ctrl-Z shit irl
i'm too stupid to notice anything
>Play Cod4 Religiously
>Mild, internal shell shock every time I hear a chink sound resembling the grenade sound in cod
>play WoW all day
>hangout with friends in winter
>"oh its cold, i want to go home, let me use my hearthstone"
>look at normal people in real life and want to check their clothes to see the stats
>Something goes wrong in a dream (being chased by monster, about to die etc)
>Oh shit, better get out of here
>Pause dream
>Open up menu
>Select load
>Scroll down through 'saves' of my previous dreams akin to New Vegas (I legit have 'screenshots' of my previous dreams when I scroll past them)
>Go to earlier point in dream and load it
>I'm back where I was a few moments ago
Does anyone else have this or am I autistic
i used to drink quite a bit of soda. i moved over to sparkling seltzer water. after about a month of drinking nothing but that, i totally forgot about soda. the fizz is enough to satisfy cravings. ive been drinking nothing but sparkling water, and a beer or two, for the past 2 years. i tried drinking some coke a while back, but it was horrid. i could REALLY taste all that sodium in there and it left this terrible taste on my tongue afterwards. glad i gave up on that shit.
File: file.gif (30KB, 220x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 220x300px
Fuck your shit, OP. I cringe everytime.
are you me?
I was in the sandbox and i don't do that.
>tfw 5 small stones slowly growing in my kidney
>can't even laser blast them to pieces I just have to wait for them to drop into my urinary tract
>oh well at least it means time off work and pain killers eventually
>play a lot of fightan games
>train in boxing
>sparring with someone
>try to apply framedata to it in my mind
You're either full of shit or you are a lucid dreamer. Both are equally possible.
You know I think this might have happened to me a few times, funnily enough around the time I was playing a lot of NV.
>played the fuck out of dbz budokai 3 as a kid
>managed to unlock ssj4 goku through that bullshit flying around the small stretch of islands
>but i had mother fucking ssj4 goku
>shit was cash
>had geography the next day in school
>teacher asked which island you would want to visit most and why
>bitch noob the answer was obvious
>looked at atlas
>saw stretch of islands which most resembled the one in budokai 3
>autistic mind picked Indonesia
>blurted out Indonesia to get ssj4 capsule
>turbopleb level over 9000
>playing oblivion
>every time I talk to a character I think they're looking into my soul and telling me a secret message

File: 1401363419690.gif (3MB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 200x200px
>its a digital watch

>it's safer to drink gatorade than water

m8 you are so fucking dumb, thoughs shitty drinks have high sodium (electrolytes) content it dehydrates you more than it hydrates you.

it's salt/sugar and water.

I'm a fucking quantumaloo doohicky scientisty dude, i'm always right.
>Get the first left for dead
>play from morning into the night
>have to go buy some shit close to my home
>drive around at night and notice that regular people were acting like the zombies in the game
I got scared for a few seconds before I realized it was just my mind playing a prank.
When I was about 13-14 and Halo 3 customs were in full swing and I was spending about 8 hours a day playing it. Whenever I would take a break/lie in bed trying to sleep every now and then I would hear the "bloop" the 360 makes when you get a game invite/notification.

Lasted about a year. Was pretty strange.
File: 1376753264522.gif.gif (2MB, 350x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 350x300px
>really drunk one morning going home from from a shitty night out, dont remember much
>walking down a main street
>have to pee really much
>go into stealth mode, walk into a 7-11
>pee in the corner
>mission successful

mfw i got cought
not sure why i did it

you know you can piss your pants in public right, i do it all the time.
Do you have to reload your save before you die or else you can't?

>have a piss fetish
>actually have a dream where i'm having sex
>piss all over her
>wake up
>mfw i just pissed on my friend's couch

He hadn't woken up yet, I just left his house and drove home. We haven't talked since.
>Played WoW to an excessive amount
>Used to wonder where my character screen was
>Sometimes refer to my age as what level I am
>And how do you figure it is a myth? Because it makes perfect sense that when a gun is involved there will automatically be more casualties.

the statement that most shootings happen with victim’s own gun is frequently used in the media as anti-gun propaganda based on suicides,

being shot with your own gun during a break in is rare consider this

your gun will be nearby most likely in the same room as where you sleep, hidden or locked in a gun safe the only way they will get your gun is by surprise in this situation, which if they take you by surprise you are already at their mercy if its getting shot or stabbed the end result is death

If it's a break-in while you're not at your house you're most likely not going to walk in on it happening and again, gun safe
>Week of playing FNAF
>Spending night over at big bro's to try to find a job
>already have a job, just wanted to find one where he lives and move in with him
>sleep early, 9p
>wake up around 5a, brother already gone to work
>uncanny feeling something behind me as i lay on couch
>hear door slam and pained breathing
>sleep paralysis
>feel something breathing over ear
>it was nothing
I was not ready for Freddy.
The one that always gets me is the bell that the ships in WoW use when they dock. Whenever I hear that shit I immediately focus and try to find it. Same with the druid animal sounds.
i got sleep paralysis after playing P.T.

on a side note, have you been able to will yourself out of the paralysis?

I've heard of people saying they arent aware of the sleep paralysis and blame it on something else, like someone sitting on them. But the time's i've had it i know exactly what it is and immediately try to start moving around.

Like just eventually forced my mouth to gurgle out a HAAAaaa and eventually get my arm to finally lift, then slowly getting control back to my body?

im hoping its not a bad thing cause i've done it twice.
File: 1408147930616.jpg (123KB, 612x612px)
123KB, 612x612px
>Get home after a 24 hour LAN
>Dead tired, but fuck sleep
>Set up computer, play more vidya
>Wondering why I can't find my Town Centre to build more villagers
>Realise I'm playing Battlefield 2
>Doze off to sleep at computer
>Wake up in bed
I get it not too frequently, but when it does happen im 100% aware. How could you not be aware your paralyzed? sounds silly.
I try to focus as much willpower and strength to move a limb, and typically that's good enough to snap out of it, all the while fighting the urge to sleep again. In my experience if I sleep again *while* paralyzed I *will* have a nightmare. absolutely unavoidable.
>play grand strat or civ for a few days.
>go to sleep
>dream up strategies
>before I wake up I get to a point where I can hear myself rambling incoherently about strategical things
Fucking videogames, I just wanted to sleep.
>right before waking up
>"What time is it"
>"Oh, I'll just look at the clock in the bottom right of the screen"
nigga what, there is no screen, your eyes are closed.
Played gta for to long and instinctively went to drive on the right side of the road and bypass a traffic light
File: 1402898735565.gif (1MB, 286x233px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 286x233px
>playing H3
>get paired against Snipedown and another semi-pro and his friends
>playing with friends from school
>and some random who rapes face
>win 50-37 going +7
>face raper is +14
>they try and talk shit at the end of the game, demanding a rematch

I beat a pro and felt like a god all day, girls flirted with me openly when I went out to lunch, mom gave me an option of getting a new car, best friend who moved away said he missed me and was moving back cause he can't deal with life without his best friend.

I declared godly things happen when you beat pros in their professions.
just press the googlemaps button
The only dreams I have are really short unfortunate ones, like falling into a pool of ammonia and sewage.
>Be addicted to Oblivion on 360
>Still savescum like a motherfucker.
>Reload everytime I fuck up.
>Drop plate IRL
>Think about reloading for a second.
>Play Mirrors Edge for the first time
>Start looking for the quickest routes onto roofs and buildings IRL
>Knowing very well I'd 100% end up dead if I tried that shit.
>Had a semi-lucid dream a couple nights ago
>Living out a soldier Planetside 2
>Literally wrecking everyone's shit
>Haven't actually played in over a year
This happens to me frequently.
>play melee for a while
>try to l cancel irl
File: uOontjC.png (34KB, 128x128px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 128x128px
>playing Dota 2 as Rubick
>he says: "Apply yourself!"
>get anxiety, because I've been slacking off on studying lately
File: 132134435454.jpg (16KB, 267x274px)
16KB, 267x274px

Holy fuck this. If you feel your diet is shit or that you are overweight, don't try some kind of fucking health guru diet shit right away. Just. Fucking. Stop. Drinking. Soda.

Seriously, you can still be a greasy piece of shit if you like, eat snacks, pastries, whatever. But just dropping the soda will improve your quality of life tenfolds. Ease it in with diet soda if you have to, then move on to sparkling water. After a month or two, I promise you won't miss soda, infact you will probably think it tastes like sweetened piss.

I love the sizzling jolt carbonated drinks give you, but soda is the fucking devils drink. I love sugar, but I don't miss soda one fucking bit.
>playing soccer
>the ball is coming right at me
>try to wavedash back
I keep playing out Picross scenarios in my head before falling asleep and when waking up. Shit's worse than when I was obsessed with competitive Tetris.
>playing pop'n music for like 3 or 4 hours a day
>see the fever text out of the corner of my eyes
this happened to with stepmania and the marvelous text
Your teeth when you drink too much soda
>I always imagined kidney stones being extremely super smooth.

That's why even women, who's grand token of pain is childbirth, flinch when you mention them, right?

Admittedly, I didn't expect them to be covered in SPIKES, but sandpaper-y sure.
>been binge playing monster hunter 3 ultimate on my 3DS for two weeks

>whenever I see something shiny on the ground I get a little excited and pick it up

damn i feel dumb
I had kidney stones that got so bad my tubes got all fucked up and had to be surgically repaired. A year of procedures, half a year having a tube coming out of my back and a piss bag strapped to my leg, and a 6.5 hour surgery that left me hospitalized for 4 days and unable to properly move for 3 weeks. All because I drank too much soda.
jesus, exactly how much soda is "too much soda"?
>At funeral for soldier
>He was a close friend
>Try to press f to pay respects
>It's not doing anything
>Start spazzing out a little
>Start trying to press f even harder
>Visibly spazzing out, spit is coming out of my mouth
>Can't speak clearly
>Continue trying to slam f
>Can't breathe
>I turn blue
>Everyone is disgusted by me
>Fall to the ground and pass out
>then Ctrl

I want to call you a fag, but that should be correct.

But who the fuck puts Alt first.

But muh alphabet.

I don't know what to believe anymore.
Like a glass a day, maybe two. I cut that shit cold turkey and am 35 pounds lighter just from that with no other dietary changes. Also unlike the picture, my stones were smooth, just large. The complications came from how many procedures I needed to break them up.
>mfw you don't have a face
>mfw i don't have a face
what do kidney stones smell like
>Hearthstone comes out
>play 14 hours a day
>every day for 2 weeks
>keep stopping doing shit in rl
>tfw not enough mana
>realize mana isnt real
>kill myself
Pat get your shit together
That doesn't sound like too much.
I certainly know plenty of people who drink way more than that. Shit's brewing in there, they just don't know it.
>looking through dvd cabinet
>go to press ctrl+f
>no keyboard in front of me
File: have a grenade.gif (670KB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
have a grenade.gif
670KB, 800x450px
>playing CS 1.6 a bunch of years ago.
>wrecking shit in awp maps
>after a long session decide to go get something to drink.
>head to the kitchen, past the living room.
>duck past the window to avoid snipers.
>not realise this until I'm about to do it a second time.

Pic unrelated.
I used to have good bladder control. Drinking coffee in the mornings because of work killed it. I don't shit out piss myself, but I can't hold anything for long long periods of time anymore.
File: 1411104824729.jpg (199KB, 972x726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199KB, 972x726px
>tfw never have any "tetris effect" thoughts in RL but your dreams use retarded video game logic like pausing, save states, invisible/stealth spell, etc.
>tfw enemies always see through your stealth in dreams and savestates never even fucking work
>played dishonored the whole weekend
>finally when i get out, i was walking and looking for the spots to "blink" at the whole time
Would've you rather piss those stones? Its a well known fact that its painful as fuck.
But I can buy a vanilla coke right fucking now.
Send me some bro.
Pissing out stones generally doesn't feel like much of anything. I have pissed the broken fragments and not noticed. The stones as they were had gotten too big to pass, anything larger than 5mm in diameter simply can't pass through the ureter. That shit getting stuck trying to force its way through your tubes is what causes the pain, and it is definitely the most intense, horrible pain imaginable. I've broken bones before and would rather have had both of my legs snapped in half than ever having to deal with stones again.
Sent :)
But how can you send it if you don't know my fax?

Here's my phone number
[email protected]
>at least it means time off work
>time off work
>for fucking kidney stones
You're in Europe, aren't you?
>Implying I play video games
>back when I was obsessed with TF2
>play for 5 hours straight, go to bed and have dream about beating the shit out of scout in a torture chamber
>in highschool, played a ton of TF2 and badwater went it came out,still love that map
>there's a winding staircase similar to the one leading up to the roof in badwater
>theres a construction worker with a hard hat walking behind me
>get the urge to jump around the corner of the stairs, crouched and stairstab him
File: poettering.jpg (3MB, 3456x2304px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3MB, 3456x2304px
>be asleep
>having a dream where i'm in the doom world
>get swarmed by lots of bad guys
>yell "somebody press F10!!! how the fuck do i do it when i'm in the game?"
>bad guys become very close
>wake up
>marathon Lucky Star all night with no sleep
>next day at school swear everyone is talking in Japanese
After playing games like gta and saints row too much, I sometimes find myself looking for a car to jack when I need to go somewhere.
i have played mirrors edge with fever
never again
those dreams. constant running and jumping in one loop
Gatorade is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED AND TESTED to keep athletes hydrated you dumbfuck. Don't be an armchair scientist.
ultrasound, and I only think it works for the small kidney stones but im not sure . luckily never had one
What do you work in a sweatshop? Stones are the worst, nauseating, collapse to the floor pain you can imagine. If you have a stone attack, you can't very well move let alone work.
when i binge a game i have weird dreams where im in the game or ill be half waking trying to use game mechanic or reload weird but kinda cool
>become vampire in morrowind
>have dreams about being a vampire and having to leave home until I find a cure somehow
>one dream involved running around in daylight and using healing spells every five minutes to offset the continuous burning
There's two types of procedures, one is a non-invasive thing using sound waves which tends to be less effective, the other involves shooting lasers through your dick. If you have the latter procedure, they usually leave a stent in your ureter to keep it from swelling shut, and the part nobody tells you is that in 3-4 weeks you have to go back to have the stent removed. This involves having a cystoscope shoved down your dick while you are totally awake. Pic related, I've had this thing about 6 times over the past year.
>marathoning the PS1 FF games
>when people would talk to me irl i'd hallucinate speech bubbles (for like a nano-second)
>drop pen while walking to class
>can't wavedash to pick it up fast
>6 years ago
>testing how many days I can stay awake
>thursday morning to sunday morning
>deliver newspapers to earn some easy cash
>group of old woman on bikes drive past me
>I greet them ''good evening''
>they look at me puzzled
>''Boy, it's morning'' laughing as they passed by
>get home, play Resident Evil 4 until afternoon
>switch to Silent Hill 2
>reach the point at the abandoned hospital where you drop off the building and everything changes
>suddenly find myself sitting on a wide green plain
>I feel the wind on my skin
>the grass moves in harmony
>stop playing
>go to bed
File: 1416674946341.jpg (35KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 400x400px
>vanilla coke
Was it really good? I don't remember to be honest.
File: 1415208652727.png (8KB, 259x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8KB, 259x247px
So that means that when the stones are smaller than 5mm there's no other way than pissing them out?

I can't imagine the process. A whole day of driking water and trying to pull out some stones out of your hole.

they still sell it... it's good and I hate Coke.
File: 1415930939888.jpg (111KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111KB, 500x500px
You all are incredibly autistic and this thread is shit
>been playing purseowner
>hanging out with friends
>start learning more about them and some of the shit that happened too them
>start to understand them a bit more
>Suddenly hear the s-link rank up sound in my head
god damnit
Stop being me please, that is creepy
Think that's bad? Try sitting through a 36 hour gallstone attack. Childbirth's got nothing on that.
I've dealt with this for 10 years. I always feel like hearthstoning out of some shitty place, and I always remember that its not possible. Its bullshit.
File: 1408858624271.gif (1MB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 200x200px
Happened to me once when I was sicking reading some horror story, I just randomly started planning how I was going to get out the country to meet with a none-exsistant cult to get my name off a demon's list
Over the years playing video games I sometimes "play" idle animations if am by myself or just subtle ones if am bored.

Another thing is that if am just walking somewhere I like to sometimes think am walking through an area outta game, like maybe metro, trying to feel how arytom would feel walking top side.
>Playing Voar before it was casualized
>Go to Voar thread to post how a good leader I was
>See people's screenshots spinning
>playing unturned days on end with friends
>go out later to do some shopping, constantly worrying about gas running out
>at grocery store, catch myself thinking that everything is rotten and needs to be purified to be edible
Underrated post
File: 1412625717289.png (2MB, 1065x902px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1065x902px
>getting PTSD from video games

You should kill yourself.
I got this after I started playing Supreme Commander a fair bit. I'd close my eyes and get glorious masses of yellow dots.
This shit. All my dreams alternate between me being me, like in first person, and me controlling things as if it's a video game. In so many fucking dreams when shit goes south I load an older save file. Once I was in a nightmare and forced myself to imagine opening up the menu and press Alt + F4. I wasn't lucid or anything; I wasn't thinking "Okay, this is a dream" but that was just my reflex action.

Shitload of people have problems with kidney stones in my area which is caused by the tap water being highly mineralised with calcium.

I'm less likely to get them if I drink soda instead.
>calling a temporary association of audio PTSD
When I play Assassin's Creed/Prince of Persia/Splinter Cell I end up spending the next week or so noticing every little part of a building that you could climb.
The Onion
>play Xcum: Enema Unleashed for about a week
>start seeing full cover at corners, walls and doors, and half cover behind dumpsters
You remember an Adon? I've played you before.
it's gassed drink
>play advance wars a lot, from childhood onward
>still hear the CO themes and unit sounds
I will never not remember them
>Also Also a Canadian who calls it pop.
Mah Niggas.
one time i played through Earthbound and Mother 3 over the course of a week, then took a huge dose of extended release DXM (yeah i know, highschool tier drugs) and everytime i wanted to do something an RPG menu would pop up in the corner of my vision and i'f have to select what i wanted to do. and i had a PSI battle with a lamp. it was honestly really cool
There's this fork in the road on the way to work with a shitton of trees in the middle of the fork, it's so tempting to just go straight and see how many trees my car makes it through before it stops
File: 1382835608177.jpg (299KB, 729x760px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299KB, 729x760px
>be playing Eve online
>In nullsec, have intel channels to check certain areas of space to know whether it's clear or not
>eventually log off, go out to kitchen for drink, dead silent in the house
>think to myself "Oh, shit, I better check intel for neutrals before going out there"

I'm not huge on guns; I just grew up with them because my dad is big into hunting (never cared for it myself) and so they've always been around. Most people are usually pretty okay when it comes them, but when you see your occasional idiot.... they really shine.

Like the time there was a pregnant lady in the shooting range right next to mine with her white trash baby daddy. Juggalo tattoo and all.

Fuck living in the south sometimes.
>playing The Muppets Party Cruise on the ole PS2
>level where you collect diamonds on a water slide that go bling, bling, bling, which I collect in a haze for hours
>go to bed
>still see and hear the green numbers, the water, and the bling, bling, bling, that day and some of the next
>I tell my mum, so she takes my PS2, yeah thanks mum
>and all the urinals made you look at the other people pissing
Truly the worst hell
File: swat.jpg (7KB, 231x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Playing fable 1 alot
>having a good time
>Go to bed
>Try to sleep
>Mfw I keep hearing the Oakvale music in my head and it won't stop
>playing P3FES
>arcana cards
>thought it'd be nice to think of arcana cards for my friends
>2 of my friends got mad at me
>instantly thought of their arcana was inverse
>trying to platinum catherine
>go to sleep after another day of trying babel
>all i see is strategies on how to move blocks

only time this happened to me
I remember that after playing a shitton of Asassin's Creed back in the day I had had some trouble focusing on objects IRL because I've gotten so used to that fucking blur in the game.
Other than that, nothing special other than the usual "calling your local currency gold instead of the name of your local currency" thing.
popcorn chicken
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