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Final 6 thread, r8 and h8 others Try to be somewhat realistic

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final 6.jpg
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Final 6 thread, r8 and h8 others
Try to be somewhat realistic snake is never ever getting in
>final 6
Did I miss something? Didn't these threads stop right after Smash 3DS came out in Nipponland?
DLC is highly expected
>more fire emblem reps
eh no
Replace Ray with Chibi Robo, and Tharja with either Mach Rider or Ryu.
Out of all the possible Square Enix reps, you pick a Bravely Default one? Thank god it won't happen.

>A 5th FE rep
Just fucking no.
Too small
Would be cool, but won't happen.
Trophy already got cut for being too lewd.
DLC Ness alt if anything.
Bravely Default has a future, its actually the most realistic of my picks because it needs to be marketed

All thrid party reps in Smash 4 are gaming icons.

This isn't a matter of which third party game needs marketing.
>Anything on this list except Lucas and MAYBE Ice Climbers
>Somewhat realistic
Ray's trophy got pulled nigga he is in
Custom robo
Mach rider
Paper mario
3rd party: Simon Belmont

If they added these six I'd have every character I'd ever need.
bandana dee
mach rider
File: BAYONETTA.jpg (102KB, 775x1030px)
102KB, 775x1030px
>Dixie Kong
>Chibi Robo
>Mach Rider
>Proto Man
>Chorus Kids
>Additional characters you don't want

>Anyone we saw in that ROM dump leak

We're not getting anyone else.
Why would anyone want generic FE units in Smash? And Awakening units, at that? At least suggest Lethe or Nephenee or someshit, if you're going for the girls.
File: agent j.gif (2MB, 405x415px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
agent j.gif
2MB, 405x415px
>Elite Beat Agents rep
>Advance Wars rep
>Phoenix Wright
>Cranky Kong
>Professor Layton
>Wonder Red
r8 me, h8 me
Isaac's trophy isn't there either so he must obviously be getting in, right?

the answer is no
Why six though? It used to be " final 5" because people thought the 3DS character select screen would get entirely filled up without any further resizing, but that was before we knew the Mii Fighters had a slot rather than replacing random or anything else. That would mean there's at most 4 more characters to be added, so where's six coming from?
Thank god I'm not the only one who wants elite beat agents
I'd probably want Agent J, he's the most iconic.
With alts for Commander Khan, Agents Chieftain Morris and Derek, and the Divas of course
there was a recent image that mapped out 6 character slots for the wii u roster, its wishful thinking
>when lucina has a tharja palette

If I had to guess

>Hawlucha or some other Pokemon
>Bandana Dee
>Dixie Kong
File: Edea thumbs up.gif (3MB, 262x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Edea thumbs up.gif
3MB, 262x347px
>Bravely Default character
>Alt colours are Tiz, Agnes, Ringabel, and Edea

Please. Dear Lord, please make this happen.
I'll take either Mewtwo or Tharja. Or anyone else who realistically has a mage-style gameplay. Robin's is fun as fuck and Zelda is almost there but feels just slightly off to me, but I'd still kill for more.
Also Morgan as a Robin clone when?
File: flynn.jpg (150KB, 500x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150KB, 500x600px
Also pic related.

Just imagine the gameplay, for 10 seconds.
I don't think it makes sense for a Bravely Default character to not be available on the 3DS.
>Bravo Bunny is a slut alt
Actually Smash needs more slut alts. How come only Zamus and Shulk get naked in their games?
That is some good-ass taste, OP. I was just thinking RAY 01 should have been in smash.

And dark mages are alright by me
>Not Ringabel or Magnolia
>people still think the wii u is going to have different characters

>Elite Beat Divas
Yes please

The divas was the only reason I wanted to beat the hardest mode
Mario has a wario pallet
>Tharja, another FE rep
>Good taste
go die in a ditch somewhere faggot

>Ice Climbres

Remember when Sakurai said that characters have to be from a franchise that have a future?
I want a fire emblem fighting game.

I would totally main Lon'qu.
File: y5NAgWJ.png (35KB, 625x626px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 625x626px
From all the Fire Emblem reps-Tharja. Yeah, sure. Nintendo doesn't give a shit about you're fetish

>Ice Climbers

>Custom Robo
>implying anyone else know what that is

Not famous enough

Heh, I bet you also want Bayonetta, don't you?

Stay delusional faggot
Wolf (recloned, Fox with melee blaster)
Lucas (recloned, Ness with PK Freeze)
Dixie (Diddy clone)
Baby Bowser (Bowser Jr clone)
Dr Luigi (Luigi clone)
Galacta Knight (Meta Knight clone)
File: Metal_Gear_RAY.jpg (49KB, 548x441px)
49KB, 548x441px
>best stage hazard/boss battle
Duck Hunt
Ice Climbers
Two other characters I can't think of.

He said "rarely." Those are Sakurai's words, not mine. The thing is, people know who the Duck Hunt Duo are. They're famous After all, it is a game where Nintendo's all stars fight. Some are added for promotion, but they're usually clones and removed the next game.
Thread posts: 45
Thread images: 7

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