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How is /v/ keeping comfy today?
Good night anon.
I'm doing pretty good.
I'm going out to pick up an iPhone 6, then tonight a bro is sleeping over at my place, we're going to buy pizza and play some Alien Isolation, then watch some movies.
Playing Sleeping Dogs
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I went to bed thinking about hugging my steam friends
Then I woke up and told them how much I care about them
I am not comfortable on Sundays ever. I have school at 8 in the morning the next day and have tests all the time.
kill yourself tho
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I'm going to have peppermint tea to stay warm and replay half life while I listen to Dan Carlin's history podcast.

> tfw sweater weather
Why? Don't you like hugs?
>getting iphone6
Wow, how can you fuck up your day so bad?

I just had to run my lazy neet ass up the hill to get my dog. Well that's enough exercise for the month. Now I'm sitting about to play vidya all day (post on /v/)
I can't keep comfy because I have to appear in court in 2 weeks and I feel like I'm going to fuck everything up if I don't spend all my time worrying about it.
>implying that is going to fuck up my day
It's just going to make the day better :3
I've pretty muched all nightered this weekened fueled by dew, alternating between playing bayo, shitposting about bayo, trolling people in killer instinct trolling people in space station 13 watching anime and currently watching all of twin peak with a sick tired high.
How can I get comfy when I have to leave for work in 10 hours
It's going to be raining all day, so I guess I'll just lay in bed with my Vita
>Sunday night

how and why
Enjoy not just using a regular phone to do PHONE things instead of sucking Steve Jobs Ghost Dick all day.
Because this monday is a holiday in 'murrica
We're celebrating the first guy who raped, murdered, and enslaved our country's natives
>full time student
>going to be homeless student if i dont get a job
>get through all the hoops
>training starts monday for a driving job
>stressed im going to fuck it up somehow
>stressed I wont be able to stress out about being jobless and binge playing video games
>muh steve jobs dick
I don't honestly care, I find it great.
Both the iPhone and Jobs' dick.
Oh yeah my coffee is cooking and its going to be warm and comfy and shit. trying to relax today, going to play some planet side 2
Oh man, playing HL1 is always a fucking treat
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I can't believe I share this earth with you.

end of exaggerations

>Twin Peaks
Mahhhh Neglla
Just finished a cup of tea and I'm wearing a fleece and scarf inside.

Would only be more comfy if I was sat in bed playing Bayonetta.
Yeah, it's nice when I can say, "Hey it's been a few years, I should replay this game I really love." I do the same thing with the MGS series.
Why are you so mad that I enjoy something you don't?
If that makes you happier I like Twin Peaks too!
And I'm going to watch it on my Macbook right now.
Playing fantasy Life. Most comfy game ever.
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yasuna wrapped.jpg
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>on my new T420
>under soft blanket
>playing Warband
>fire in the fireplace
>using a dog as a pillow and a cat as an armrest
I am comfy incarnate.
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Mega comfy today.

>No school tomorrow
>Weather starting to get cold
>Heater warms up room nice and cozy
>Make me a cup of pic related
>Boot up Driveclub
>That snow track
>That music

Going to be a good day today
Yeah sure you're comfy, you fucking hobo.
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It really is like you're TRYING to be part of society. I'm so bad because you think an iphone 6 is going to improve your life, and not the latest from LG™ or Samsung® . Stay tuned for a word from our sponsors!

-Imagine™ with Samsung
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some people just want simplicity with their phones and that's what the iphone gives.

If i want to dick about with customization i do it on my PC

getting my iphone 6 as an upgrade from my 3G that just died.
>dat new lappy feel

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Poorfags can be comfy too, anon.
>implying i'm not
Oh wait a second, I saw the rest
I like you, anon.
Who here hyped for the new Twin Peaks season?
File: 1401760546608.jpg (204KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Who here hyped for the new Twin Peaks season?

Ah well. Man they should have finished that show a long time ago.

Twin Peaks LucasArt adventure game when?
File: 1365200737525.gif (450KB, 273x155px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw we will finally know if coop got out of the black lodge
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Laying back in my chair , much blankets.

Heating pad ( at work til 5am this morning ) chocolate milk and demon's souls while listening to Howard Stern shit all over Sal again for being creepy

I'm doing great playing Xcom and sipping my Mountain Dew with a side of cool ranch Doritos
>chocolate milk and demon's souls while listening to Howard Stern
>at work

I like your job
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nobody but you.jpg
210KB, 1891x1014px
No dum-dum I meant I was up til 5am at work, so today I'm sitting comfy in chair because tired.
Are there any games that are really comfy like Spelunky? You know, ones where it's like 'well next time I'll make it' and you can kind of move through the levels at your own leisure. And also a great amount of difficulty and different runs every time
La Mulana?
>woke up this morning and took a ling, hot shower
>cleaned my room
>pot roast slowly cooking in the crock pot making the entire house smell delicious
>cup of warm tea
>comfy pajama pants and a sweater
>wrapped up in big puffy blanket
>window cracked slightly to let in the cool autumn breeze
>lights turned down
>Smash Bros and OoT 3DS the rest of the day
>gonna watch some Baccano! later on too

It should be illegal to be this comfy
FTL, The Binding of Isaac, Road's not Taken (Kinda sucks imho), La Mulana I guess.
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So comfy that it's depressing. I'm not getting anything done at all today

>cold front rolls in yesterday
>60 degrees and windy
>grey skies
>chilly room
>dim lights
>playing GTAIV
>watching Wakfu while eating subway
>almost maximum comfy
>don't even want to get up from my chair
>He gets columbus day off
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Thread images: 15

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