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Help Identify This Vidya Track

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/v/, I come to you needed help. My friends and I can't identify this track. It's from vidya, and we used it in a project but lost the files and don't know what the song is anymore, and it was a long time ago. So my buddy uploaded it to youtube, and now we seek answers.

If you can identify it, it'd be much appreciated. In the meantime, I'll dump delicious vidya grills.

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>meme image
Sounds like something from the first DMC game, one minute, I'm going to look through some songs, see if I can find it.
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Hey, I didn't choose the image anon.
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might be an Unreal Tournament track?
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Yeah, I have the first two NG soundtracks. There are some similar songs but that's not it, unfortunately.
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Hmm, good suggestion. I'll check that out while we're waiting, thanks.
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We also tried to use Shazam to identify it but it's not clear enough. It's a real head scratcher.
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I would've pegged Terminal Velocity' boss music, but none of them have cymbals.
It's such a fucking generic song. It sounds like it could be from a lot of fucking games, you'd need information to narrow it down, or get lucky. Where is the audio from?
darude - sandstorm
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Hey, my dick doesn't care.

The audio is from a D&D session my group played. We record a few of them for reasons and we like to use assorted vidya music during the battles and such, but we lost whatever soundtrack this came from and all we could do is isolate a quick clip from the D&D project file.[/spoiler[
Why do you need to know where it's from?
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Two reasons. So we can edit the recording to be listenable, and because it's really bothering me. It's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't think of it. I figured /v/ would be able to help.
The reason it seems to be on the tip of your tongue is because it's so generic. It sounds like every other battle music.
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I know, and that's maddening. I was sure it was from Ninja Gaiden, and there is a track that is VERY similar but it's definitely not the same. So now I'm drawing a blank.
Reminds me of early Mortal Kombat.
Will check, thanks.

As for the other suggestions in the thread, it's not from DMC and we're still checking Unreal Tournament. Thanks for the help anyway though.
We've checked almost every vidya soundtrack we have, and I'm out of grills to post. I'm at my wit's end here.
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Changing gears here and I'm gonna post some MGS wallpapers until I get an answer.
I have no idea how to help you. I don't know the song either.

Maybe you can keep trying 4chan every day, and make threads on other popular forums. Somebody might know this.
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Thanks anyway man. I'm gonna try a few things, at this point I need to know because it's killing me.
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I can offer more stimulating grill for an answer... now I am curious...
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If you really wanted an answer you should've rephrased the thread as

>Post unmarked music and have anons guess which game it's from
>post your link
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Oh that's good. If you see a thread like that in a few days, it's me.
Rephrasing it from a favor to a challenge... damn it... you're right. That would have been the way to do it.
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Just gonna post some YLYL shit now.

go sleep anon

YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!!!

Heh. Spent a lot of time fighting that asshole, didn't you?
Dude, thank you times a million. Seriously, you put three nerds minds at ease tonight.
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I just happend to love that track

Metal Gear Matrix FTW
Do you guys know what this is from?

Thread posts: 58
Thread images: 40

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