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old poem book

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does /v/ like poetry?
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No, I don't like poetry, actually. I can never get into it and I never think of it as being "deep" in any meaningful way.
I remember in my junior year of high school writing an epic based on Diablo II.
That's actually some cute wrapping paper. I think I remember my brother getting a birthday present with that paper (he loves penguins)
That's a short fucknig book.
it was more of a booklet that we were supposed to make as a gift for our parents at christmas.
so wheres the cringy poetry?
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Huh. Didnt know Shadow the Hedgehog had an interest in poetry
Ah, that's heart-warming.
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I love poetry
Its pretty easy
Girls find it creepy
Guys find it cheesy
I love poetry
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Dayumm Haiku looks weaboo as fuck
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Hey, poetry slam! I'm an accomplished master of beat poetry, here's my magnum opus:

>Captain's Log, Stardate 44429.6. We're on a mapping survey near the Cardassian sector. It has been nearly a year since peace treaty ended the long conflict between the Federation and Cardassia.
Dem tell me
Dem tell me
Wha dem want to tell me
Bandage up me eye with me own history
Blind me to me own identity
Dem tell me bout 1066 and all dat
dem tell me bout Dick Whittington and he cat
But Toussaint L’Ouverture
no dem never tell me bout dat
a slave
with vision
lick back
and first Black
Republic born
Toussaint de thorn
to de French
Toussaint de beacon
of de Haitian Revolution
Dem tell me bout de man who discover de balloon
and de cow who jump over de moon
Dem tell me bout de dish ran away with de spoon
but dem never tell me bout Nanny de maroon
seefar woman
of mountain dream
firewoman struggle
hopeful stream
to freedom river
Dem tell me bout Lord Nelson and Waterloo
but dem never tell me bout Shaka de great Zulu
Dem tell me bout Columbus and 1492
but what happen to de Caribs and de Arawaks too
Dem tell me bout Florence Nightingale and she lamp
and how Robin Hood used to camp
Dem tell me bout ole King Cole was a merry ole soul
but dem never tell me bout Mary Seacole
From Jamaica
she travel far
to the Crimean War
she volunteer to go
and even when de British said no
she still brave the Russian snow
a healing star
among the wounded
a yellow sunrise
to the dying
Dem tell me
Dem tell me wha dem want to tell me
But now I checking out me own history
I carving out me identity
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oh boy here we go
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deebly goncerned.png
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You said this was a gift for your parents?
get the fuck out of here you asthmatic autist
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looking back, i'm glad my writing teacher didn't review and grade these.
thanks you op, imagining your parents reacting to this swinging between "aw! our baby gave us a gift from the heart" to "god damn it, i think he's autistic" is cheering me up
Your awesome!
Geez, you must have been so depressed you made Trent Reznor look like Mr. Six
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go to /lit/ this is fucking videogames
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Oh OP, you were one autistic faggot.
but anon, edgy is vidya. Like shadow the edgehog and dante
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the end.
irregardless incarnadine privilege
That would have been a very nice get.
does 9009 count as a get?
That's cute. Thank you OP.
Well, let's make this thread about video games, I'll start off with a haiku:

>I wait patiently for... fuck it.
May as well try for quads. I once got quints. Maybe I'm lucky.
If you can do poetry then yes.
Unending loading screen
The nothing between our touch
Fallout.exe Has Crashed
so close.
A cold night drenched pause
Glowing faces of our youth
Mods are asleep fag
Everyone gets close once or twice.
playing team fortress
the many hats are everywhere
blow them all away.
There is a quick light
Presence returned for our loss
404 for me
Outside and removed
Objective in his judgement
The dead sage returns
an open clearing,
but what is it that i see?
not videogames
Cold meadow of death
Nurtures baby hedgehog
It must acquire haste
Here's a poem for you, anons
Winter dies to Spring
As Summer begets Autumn
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>ending a haiku with a trimoraic syllable
work of genius

plese upvote, share and subscribe

shitposting is art
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Thread images: 17

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