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>playing 3ds in cafeteria alone >cute guy walks by >streetpass

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>playing 3ds in cafeteria alone
>cute guy walks by
>streetpass light flashes
>not offering him your sweet boipussy right on the spot

Waste of life.
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>recentky play Senran Kagura
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>Bring 3DS over to friend's house
>Put it next to his 3DS and leave it there all night
>Streetpass light never flashes
>streetpass light doesn't flash once when passing by the medical department of my university
>flashes like crazy when passing by engineering
Why do you post this every day?
try the art department, full of kids playing pokemans
>Playing games
>In a cafeteria
>is also gay

You are a disgusting person OP.
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>leaving the house
>play random DSiware game out of boredom
>realize my last title was sent
>wish it was a more "hardcore" or so title for the next time

>Walk by anime club.
>No streetpass because they're all watching attack on titan on their vitas
>Anime club

Sounds about right.
Anime clubs are for the lowest crunchyroll tier scum.
>being a faggot
Much better than being a homophobic.
nobody cares
>that glorious feel when non-gay feminine dicks
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>check Near on my uni
>every one is either "Playing" Netflix/youtube or playing Totori
Fucking this. I was in an airport once and I got bored, so I was playing this Nascar game someone gave me. All of a sudden, I got 7 sreetpasses.
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>she leaves the house
Your sage is visible

>Living in a house.

How pleb can one be? I carry my desktop around in a backpack and leech wi-fi

fuck off back to tumblr queermo
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>Get a pass on the mall
>It's a Japanese guy
>Last game played
>Project Mirai 2

I'm so fucking jelly.
At least I got a Monhun 4 pink puzzle piece.
He likes neither you, nor this copypasta.
Move on.
Enough of this shit
Your autism is visible
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>that guy who has all the puzzle piece

I am that guy.
Deal w/ it
Im always on here and have yet to see this
The why dont you main ( dbz filler character) threads are the ones i always see
OP just stop
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mmm haha :D
Why are you posting the white-knight hat man?
>Recently played: System Settings
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>mfw I stopped caring
Maxed out everything three months ago. I don't even care anymore.

who is this perfect goddess
mmm haha :D
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>Masturbating in bathroom on my 3DS
>Street pass flashes
I lost it
This is for the OP who's thread died. I didn't type all this shit for nothing.
Anyway, some recommended games

Ghost Trick
Chrono Trigger assuming you've never played it.
Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest IX and maybe Dragon quest VI, but I haven't played it all the way through.
SMT: Strange Journey
Advance Wars: Dual Strike never actually got far in it but I hear its good and I love Advance Wars 2 for GBA.
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow and Order of Ecclesia
Kirby Canvas Curse, Squeak Squad and Super Star Ultra
Elite Beat Agents
Fire Emblem Awakening
Bravely Default
Tales of the Abyss best 3DS RPG IMHO, even if its a port.
Kid Icarus Uprising
Kirby Triple Deluxe
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Zelda A Link Between Worlds and Ocarina of Time 3D
Pokemon X/Y Though you should probably just wait for ORAS.
SMT 4 if you can get past the god-awful smirk system. I had to stop playing the game after 30-40 hours because of it and played Soul Hackers instead. Its less polished and harder, but at least the difficulty isnt bullshit.
Mario kart 7

I probably forgot a whole bunch, but I know this is still a shitload.
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>Play Fez
>Sucks dick
>Chokes on it
>Streetpass light flashes
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>Browsing /v/
>See this thread again
>Streetpass light flashes
>Person I streetpass changes their Mii all the time
>Keep losing my level 7 warriors on Find Mii every time she does

She's the only person I ever streetpass. I've never even met her, she's just my neighbor whose connection reaches through both our houses.
>you will never be a cute catboy
>you will never see your streetpass light flash when walking by a 30 year old woman
>she will never take you home and take care of you
>she will never pat your head and tell you how cute your ears are
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>tfw you bought into the hype for a 3DS XL in May and didn't play it past the first week you got it

Maybe I should sell it someone for an SSD or something.
>smirk system is hard
Nigguh, Smirk System is hilarious. Although it is a piss off when your AI companion coughWaltercough goes full retard and gives the enemy free smirks.
>this thread

kill yourself
Thread posts: 49
Thread images: 15

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