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Anyone else have a childhood vidya friend? >playing crash

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Anyone else have a childhood vidya friend?

>playing crash team racing till 1 am
>eating pizza dinner and still talking about vidya
>trading pokemon
>walking to and from school sharing zelda secrets
I had, I haven't talked to him in years. Chances are that he doesn't remember me.
Such is life.

We'd have sleepovers, rent psones, n64 and use the computer because snes was outdated as fuck. We'd also buy sliced hot dogs and fries with lots of mayoneise. We were a bunch though like 3 or 4. Also this >>255479608.

I remember I liked a lot of girls back then but now they look hideous.
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load a shit.gif
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>have awesome friend with a huge house
>had his own massive room
>beanbag chairs, computer, N64 and his own TV
>had an in-ground pool
>always had sleepovers
>grew up, 8th grade or so
>he turns into athletic sportsfag
>I turn into fat shut-in
>he gets different friends
>I lose friends
>haven't spoken to him since
I've never had one: I've always played alone. Not even online friends.

I'm that silent guy that fills the empty seat in the squad and makes it to MVP without talking or replying to praises.

I've come to accept it and enjoy it.
I have
I still talk to him atleast once a week, often more.
Its alright
There's something magical about getting randomly matched up with the perfect teammate and giving the other team a flawless beat-down without ever exchanging a word
>Childhood friend
>Used to have him round for MK64 tournaments, moved on to Smash Bros/Melee play offs (best in school at the time, had a Gamecube in our schools rec room) and shit like that
>Other friend, who's always been a two faced prick, starts being a dick, stop hanging out with him
>Good friend starts hanging out with his cousin who's in with the "cool" kids
>Still wants to play games/yugioh cards and shit, but only in secret
>Friendship continues until 2006
>Get fed up of his attitude, stop hanging out with him
>Starts hanging out with bad friend, I move on to another group of friends, go through all the usual teenage stuff
>Last seen good friend in 2012, he's a manager in some discount store, looks like a mini-hulk because he hit the gym hard when his high school gf left him and he's started going bald
>Doesn't even attempt to make conversation
>Bad friend is now going by Elaine, allegedly on a waiting list to have his dick turned in to a vagina
>Rumours suggesting bad friend and good friend are in a relationship

Man...I used to play Smash with you guys
Yes. He was also brilliant and could probably become some famous scientist. He ended up getting into heavy drugs and I haven't been in contact with him in like a decade
you should reach out to him, being a "sportsfag" isnt a bad thing, he just wanted more friends while doing an activity he enjoyed you might even be able to get in shape and turn your social life around

>Cooping with a stranger
>Don't exange a word
>Beat the level without breaking a sweat
>Perfect coordination
>As you're about to leave, never to see him again, he gestures at you in-game to wish you farewell

It's moments like this that keep me coming back man.
Had. He grew into a swagfag douchebag around highschool and we grew apart. Suppose it was bound to happen with his family having a lot of excess cash.

I don't really keep friends now as an adult.
>Swag fags

Jesus christ how old are you
Welp. Thanks for making sure I never enter one of these threads ever again anon.
24. Flatbrim caps were just getting started.
I moved shortly after we stopped talking so we're like 10 hours away now. Fuck it.
inb4 gay sex
No, but I have an internet bro who actually remember my birthday.
I did. Then 8th grade rolled around, he decided to get into constant drug use and I found another friend who continued to share my interests.

I like to think everyone's got one of those friends that turns in to a proper psycho
You could've popped that buttcherry. Is Elaine hot?

What's a fer-iend?
I'd mop the floor with you and your boyfriend in any CTR track with any player you fucking casual faggots.
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>dad worked in organized crime
>mom was a golddigger/trophyslut
>had to move around a lot
>we moved 21 times in just 9 years
>never managed to stay in touch with anyoine
>Eventually stop trying to befriend people since I will move anyway
>mfw I'm 28 and don't have a single friend because I grew up to be a loner
Yeah, he was my older brother
Yes. I imagine the people who don't are pleb gen Z-ers who grew up with online. Enjoy your forgettable gaming experiences.
Not even kinda. He was always a large, clunky guy, like 6.2 or something and clumsy as fuck. Now, he's been on hormones since I last had a conversation with him when he was 22 in 2011 which he started early in the year, and before he started growing his hair out. He was balding pretty bad at 22 but the hormones seem to be regrowing his hair, which was limp and white. Looked fucking strange.

"She's" got a full on square jaw, massive forehead, long ass purple dyed hair, tiny tits, and jumbo thighs. Weirdest looking person I've seen personally, tbh. Everything about her just looks...off.
Did you fix your mom by giving her the D anon?
This I miss him
No, I just got the hell out of that household back when I was 17.

No contact with family since then. Good riddance I say.

Ah, another 28-er. Ten years since I had anything resembling a friend, how 'bout you?
Did "Elaine" play yoshi?
Now that you mention it, I think he did when he was Alan.

Fucking hell that theory is terrifyingly spot on
>Use to go to wake up early in the morning to go to his house before school and play Soul Calibur
>We would stay at eachothers houses and take an xbox wherever we went so as to play TimeSplitters with our custom maps. Team Buddies was in there too.
>Remember playing Warcraft 3 on a shitheap laptop with him and his brothers and a a few friends, we found a DotA overhaul that had Naruto characters as the heroes with their own respective skills and models.
>Stayed around at his house and sat through the entirety of him playing LoZ Windwaker.
I feel somewhat sorry for this generation, the "online" of games actually really distances you from people.
Other than a couple of people I talk with on steam/IRC the only thing that resembled an actual friendship was with my gf before we started dating.
And then we broke up 6 years ago.

Fuck people. Fuck human beings in general.

Indeed, Anon. Indeed.
One Childhood friend I haven't hung out with for years, but I bumped into him a few times last spring.

Another childhood friend committed suicide last October.
I still hang out with high school friends to this day, but they don't qualify for "childhood" friends.

The people who will be your closest friends are more likely to NOT be your friends from childhood. It's not always the case, but I see it this way.
No it's not. It's just an epic maymay.
He became complete normie throwing away everything me including.
It still hurts.
I know these two guys who apparently have been friends since nursery. I thought they were brothers when I first met them. Im actually jealous of what they have.
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Sam Lake.gif
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All of my friends that were into vidya gave it up in their earlier twenties, or when they finished college.

Within 2-3 years after that all of them got into serious relationships, which all fell apart making them all miserable and far worse financially then they ever could of imagined.

During the first half of all that, my friends said how I should stop playing vidya and tie a knot with some girl.
Now they all say how lucky/smart I was, and how they just fucked themselves for the next 5+ years with mass debt.
>My brother and I playing countless hours of Morrowind
>finding the secrets while watching each other play
>finding goldbrand and the boots of blinding speed
>using what we discovered in our playthroughs
Good times. Too bad he was older than me and decided to beat most of our games when I wasn't there and not allow me to play them
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>Let me borrow Super Smash Bros
>We watched Mario flash animations together all the time at school, he fucking loved Luigi
>Best buds
>Did projects together
>Stopped talking to him after school year ended because of different classrooms
>Seen him the next year in the auditorium but only said "hi"

He probably ended up here just like me, hopefully one day he'll see this

I'm so sorry, Miguel from Peck
File: 1406240882316.gif (2MB, 248x188px)
2MB, 248x188px
>friend use to show me newgrounds porn flashes
Simpler times, when a man could share his porn.
>be new kid at school, nervous as shit
>most popular kid talks to me, become best buds
>constantly sleeping over his house for years playn smash bros and mario party
>eventually he has to change to a different school because he was technically outside of the area
>without a good friend my social anxiety kicks back in and I start skipping school
>eventually have to be homeschooled online

and this is how I became a shut in, last time I checked his facebook he became some sort of whitetrash wigger so whatever
File: a-ri-su.png (276KB, 500x500px)
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>French girl who moved in down the street when we were about 10 years old
>hung out all the time and played Tekken, Unreal Tournament, Smash Bros, etc.
We got married at 16 like a couple of young idiots and have three kids
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>tfw my sister mains Yoshi
>tfw only have shitty friends
>losers just like myself
>let them pass the night at my house
>treat them like brothers
>love to show how good they are at something and think their opinions are the only truth and yours are always shitty

I need new friends.
Does she still have a French accent?
Do you still love each other?
Yeah, though it isn't quite as thick as when she moved here. Or maybe I'm more used to hearing it by now.
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>Female Cousin got me into playing video games
>She stopped liking them when she got to middle school doing girl things instead
>Now I hear she got in trouble for drugs

Instead of smoking crack she could have been smoking video games
I still love her, and I like to think it's mutual. And because somebody is probably going to ask at some point, we've been married eight years now.
I dont like sports. Is that weird guys? My family was never a sports family and everyone around me growing up were into sports but i wasnt.
You did nothing wrong then. She sounds like the perfect girl.
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>wake up today
>friend sees the steam notification saying I'm online (because it just auto-aways when I sleep)
>first thing I see after waking up is a link to some porn

The times, nor your age, have nothing to do with the act of sharing the goods. Get better friends if they don't still do things like that.
You needed each other anon
Yep, met him in grade school, I over heard him talking about Legend of Dragoon so I asked him out of the blue if he knew where Kongols DS was.

After that we found we both had a real passion for the things we played and soon became good friends.

Now it's been over 11 years or so and we're roommates even. Funny to think how I met my most trusted friend because of video games. That's why LOD will always have special place with me, it got me a brother.
You're 24 and you have 3 kids? Holy shit why do you hate your children?
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Post more childhood stories about friends that happen to be girls.

I'm a sucker for platonic shit like that.
I love the little things, I guess we're just pretty fucking stupid. Not planning to have anymore, anyway.
>not having a best bro
>when either of you gets laided you tell the other the "juicy" bits

The secrets you learn this way anon.
I'm not saying bros are bad, they're awesome to have. I'm just saying fembros are cool too.
Close enough to perfect either way. My collection of gay porn reaction images doesn't even seem to bother her.
>tfw sleeping over with my childhood friend
>tfw playin Goldeneye 007 and Bajo Tooie
>tfw waking up and playing Zelda
>tfw him being way more popular than I was, with everyone
>tfw him being a funny fuck
He died a few years ago.
Wow dude. Stories like these give me hope for my girlfriend and I. Thank you, i really appreciate it
Oh we still do, just not as openly as before
>internet was out and I live in the sticks
>friend is over one day and hears my plight
>"what is it you like"
>I know exactly what he means
>"Everything, get everything. I mean fucking everything, nothing is sacred, they should brand me a pagan for what Ill do."
>next day I have a pendrive full of 34gb of loli, beastiality, the entire Zone collection, multiple anal olympics movies everything
Thanks Mike.
I did, but he got a cunt of a girlfriend and is now the most painful normalfag to be around because she's such a controlling bitch. I want my vidya bro back :_:
Fuck, am I your friend? I've lent out drives full of porn multiple times, with everything except actual illegal stuff because fuck going to prison just to fap, man.
Name's not Mike, though/
That last sentence caught me off guard. Sorry to hear.
Sometimes it works out, yeah. Good luck to you two.
I see, unfortunately I had the opposite of one. She was a childhood friend but that was short lived as I grew to dislike her.

She taught me what backstabbing was at a young age and she was a sleep around so I just ended up being repulsed by her.

No fembro for me.
That person is my cousin
Same thing here, anon.

>Best vidya bro
>Sleepovers every week, diablo 2 all night
>Forward to highschool
>He gets into smoking
>Then drinking
>Gets a girl who changes his style completely
>Haven't heard from him in 6 years

I miss you Mike.
I was friends with a girl until I was 10, she was my best friend but then I asked her to stand on my face, she did it but we never talked after.

She was a cute little Hawaiian girl
War is hell
>I asked her to stand on my face
>best bro
>weve both had girlfriends before but it never gets in the way
>he comes home from Uni with new girlfriend
>she goes to everything with him
>wherever he goes (even to my house for a drink) she has to come
>never do anything unless shes allowed to come
>everywhere he goes shes somewhere in the backround
>he doesnt do silly shit anymore and acts "sensible" all the time now
I dont even know.
he was a neighbor to me since i was about 2 years old
grew up playing n64 and gamecube together

he moved out a couple of years ago, and i did last year too
we don't see eachother that much now
>he doesnt do silly shit anymore and acts "sensible" all the time now
Fuck these people
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>had fat friend I talked about all vidya with
>he had great taste
>eventually we got into a fight over something I don't even remember in fourth or fifth grade
>never talked to each other again
If you're out there Zach I miss you buddy
Used to have neighbors across the street that had the best basement, would play vidya all the time at their house. Lots of Dynasty Warriors and other PS2 games. They moved away 8 years ago or so. Alec and Brad, I hope you guys are having fun out there.
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>friend shows me street fighter
>have no idea what it is or how to play
>wants to always play it at his house and never tells me how to do specials or single projectiles
>passes me manual " I won't tell you,read it"
>manual only talks about which buttons do what
And to this day I've never played another fighting game other than SF Alpha because of how salty my friend made me when we were kids
No, I had and still have three friends since i was 13 years old. None of them are interested in videogames though, one likes cooking, one's a musical prodigy and one is really into model planes and goes to the gym a lot.
I'm so fucking jealous of them, but I still love them
not sure I wasn't interested in stuff like that as a kid but I remember we needed to get something out of my closet and it was kinda too high so I just said hey you should stand on me to reach it. So I laid down and she just stepped on my face with her bare feet. I don't have a foot fetish or am attracted to feet at all so I'm not really sure why I did that.
>knew this kid growing up through elementary
>was always alone but never did weird shit, just quiet
>we became friends in middle school
>grow up together, playing vidya at each others houses
>slept over all the time, went to movies, played co-op on all the newest games
>neither of us got weird or overly attached, we were just bros hanging out
>won't go into details, but I started hanging out with a group of kids I thought were cool
>super shallow, don't connect with them on any level
>awkward as fuck, keep having to deal with their stupid drama
>take too long to reconnect with old bro
>year or so later I try to talk to him again
>too late, he just ignores me
>all those years just gone, all those good times and fun nights filled with vidya and laughs just gone

It's my fault, and now I have nothing. High school's over and I have nobody. Vidya doesn't fill that gap anymore.

I'm sorry Austin.
Everybody named Austin is a douchebag spoiled kid, you dodged a bullet
Same with how all Tylers are degenerate druggies without an honest bone in their body
> Best bro's for years
> Play video games e'eryday
> Stay up for Steam sales (brit here so 4am ones we used to stay up for)
> Buy shitty games for co-op campaign to bro together
> Still can't play Halo 3 without laughing at the memories of us playing
> He starts smoking weed
> Empty promises every night, blows me off all the time to smoke weed with his stoner bro's
> After a while give up
> Found new vidya bro's now

Still, kinda miss the guy and it's a bit upsetting to look back on sometimes. People can say what they like about weed, how harmless it is and shit like that. But I've lost a few good friends now to weed, all they want to do is smoke it and eat some pizza. It's not my thing, I have an addictive personality (currently completely hooked on coffee, 10-14 cups a day) and I cant afford to get addicted, timewise and monetarily.
Where you from?
I thought you were my friend until
>too late, he just ignores me
Because when my friend came back to me I didn't ignore him
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>anal olympics
>mfw I looked it up and its an actual thing
Thanks for that.
>tfw no bro to talk about lewd shit with
>play Super Smash Bros.
>all that constant pausing to get funny screen shots
you want one of mine? I have three that constantly shit up our chats with questionable porn
Cleveland, Tennessee.
I went to a school called Blue Springs Elementary. I'm 18 now.
>brand someone a pagan for liking porn
You know the Bible belt is the world's leading consumer of porn, right
Look at it from Austin's perspective.
He probably thought, "I guess he's not a true friend since he'd rather hang out with different kids. I will move on."
He probably didn't want to go full "battered wife" beta when you tried to reconnect. He might have even thought that you were having troubles with your "cool" friends and didn't want to associate with someone he perceived as shallow...maybe.
anon please, my heart can't take this
>nothing is sacred, they should brand me a pagan for what Ill do."
The joke is that what hes going to do isnt holy.
>Mexican friend gets help back in Elementary school because of him never showing up
>He ends up joining a gang in High School and gets arrested for aggravated assault

>Guy's fun to be around, really into Tokusatsu and shit
>Turok and Beyblade all day, nigga
>One day he just moved without explaining
>Never see or hear from him again

>Music Teacher's son
>We played MK:SM all the time, kicking the shit out of each other while training to fuck Kahn's shit up
>At the time we were friends I had anger issues because my parents were fighting all the time and punched him in the back, so he stopped hanging out with me

>Fem friend
>We sometimes play shitty Naruto games. At least CoN2 is fun
>I ask her out
>She says she will only if I eat orange sherbet with soy sauce
>Do so
>She says she was just joking
>She starts hanging around niggers and never heard from her after High School

>Friend of 14 years, put up with my bullshit and we're good bros
>MTG, vidya, you name it
>I had to move away because my father got laid off
>He always hangs the phone up when I try to call

>Guy named Snoop
>Stoner, but good guy
>Last day of our Senior year, we all snuck into the Media hall (some theater looking place) and hooked up Melee to the projector
>We played all day, right up until the buses were going to head out
>Snoop goes with a buddy of his to the gas station around the corner
>Next day on the news, reporters say that he was shot and killed in a drive-by by 4 people

I'm not allowed to have friends. Life has a funny way of taking them.
pls respond anon I've seriously been looking for this nigga for years now
Same with the Jehovah's Witness Tyler who lived in my old neighborhood and broke my window with a baseball and couldn't pay it back because his dad suddenly died
I bet he's here too
Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. I tried to talk to him a few times, and he did talk a bit, but it never went anywhere.

I wouldn't be surprised if he felt like that. I was the faggot.
Why do you think I'm on this board? I'm a fat ass and I fucking hate sports.
Holy shit,that's weird as fuck. I was in the same situation except I'm 30 and I did manage to have a few friends here and there.
>Childhood friend and neighbor was a girl who would always come over to my house an go swimming
>We always used to do dumb shit like go out into the woods and have shitty picnics or sneak into construction sites and climb stupid shit
>She would go through phases where she would act like she loved me and I would reject her because girls were gross or some shit
>In middle school, during the summer we started sleeping over at each others houses. >We would stay up all night and play games
>Our parents thought nothing of it because we spent so much time together. We were essentially siblings.
>Our fourteenth birthdays roll around and she starts acting more like a teen girl and less like a tom boy at school
>when we're at home she still acts the same, though she still embraces girl fashion over what she used to wear
>During the summer we start sleeping over at each others houses again and playing games
>Instead of falling asleep in the clothes we were wearing all day or in t-shirts and shorts she starts to wear nighties or thin strapped shirts and panties
>Constant massive erections when I'm over at her house, but because we're so close I never act on anything and she never shows any sexual interest
>One night I get so sexually frustrated that I steal a pair of her panties early in the morning and beat off into them in her bathroom
>It felt great but I was also ashamed
>We continued our summer sleep overs until high school and I continued to jerk off frustrated in her bathroom or mine
>one summer when she came over to swim I spied on her changing through a high window in our pool house
>I still have dreams about that small hatchet wound of a pussy and her perky teen tits
File: flower_v01_c01_p34.jpg (83KB, 700x1019px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it was my younger sister
>made food for me
>touch and dry hump each other until we came
>used to wear soft, little shorts while lying on her stomach with her plump little rump slightly lifted for me to ravage while firmly grasping onto her chest
>play video games -- fighting, co-op, etc
>watch anime together
>both pretty gooks
I don't talk to him anymore. He got a gf and decided to get engaged to her after 9 months. Disregarded all of his friends after that
Sorry, anon, l'm not your guy. l feel your pain, though.
File: 1402856852400.gif (45KB, 165x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 165x180px
I used to have one.

Now he's a normalfag that talks only about his gf or how big his dick is or something.
> Have crush on qt female friend all throughout school.
> Way too shy and autistic to do anything about it or consider myself remotely attractive or capable of approaching her
> Going to college in same city.
> I suddenly decide to go to a college in a different city for some retarded reason that I can't even remember.
> She comes to visit other friends and always invites me, makes them go to my house, etc.
> Enjoy my time at college, make friends, talk to girls
> Get told towards the end of final year that qt has always been crazy for me and has never slept with another guy
> Think back on past experiences, newfound confidence makes me realize that she was blatantly flirting and hitting on me and many (failed) attempts
> Go to her city after college
> Hasn't contacted me in a while
> Nut up and ask her out over the phone
> She's going out with some faggot from a dating site

and that, /v/, is how you break yourself
Yeah, and I wanted to fuck him and rim his ass. But I didnt have the courage to ask.
>hanging out with mexicans, blacks, and women
>expects nothing to go wrong

Suprised someone didn't murder you
File: kamiyayougottabeyou.jpg (139KB, 1271x701px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 1271x701px
I'm gonna go looking for my elementary school yearbooks in a couple days hoping I can find a last name, wish me luck Anon
I tried tracking down my best friend Jacob growing up recently and I found out he was shot to death robbing a concealed-carrying old man for meth money in 2012
RIP ;_;
>family moves around a lot
>move to this suburb in Cali
>had no friends
>got picked on by highschool kids because I carried around Powerpuff Girl plushes
>only one kid my age in the whole neighborhood
>little brunette girl
>went to her house and played Sonic 2 on her Genesis
>we had fake little weddings where she played the bride and the priest and married me
>didn't understand because I was a stupid little kid, but I think I was falling in love with her
>move away again
>never see or hear from her ever again
>still have the Pokemon cards she gave me
why are you doing this
Do you realize how many guys this never happened to? The only one that liked me was a fat girl who had an annoying laugh.
I wish people would stop supporting this kind of fucking shit. People who want to be the opposite gender suffer mental conditions. One of my best friends recently (as in the past two years) decided he wanted to become a woman. I've always known something was seriously wrong with him. He would talk about loving blood and jacking off to guro porn. Not to mention his parents are literally retarded. Functional, but they are off quite a bit. He also demanded that I call him a "she" when I straight up told him no. He's not a fucking woman. He's a man and he will always be a fucking man.
She might still like you and is only dating that faggot because she's settling
Pls more...
Having a shitty neurological condition causing you misery for most of your life often creates mental problems, but it doesn't mean all people who have it are mentally ill
It sounds like that nigga was never your best friend in the first place
If it helps anon, it's not because he hates you or he didn't treasure those moments... Kids just grow up and go on with their lifes.
File: 2132342.jpg (5KB, 237x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this, dont stop pursuing her you fucking faggot.

Ask her again and tell hr you dont care about the other guy or w/e
>mfw it happened months ago and shes now pregnant with chads kid.
sorry bro
he feels the same way about you anon
File: 1383734262401.jpg (31KB, 499x333px)
31KB, 499x333px
I still have a group of 5people who we all still lan game and stay over at each other houses drinking and playing games all night

Its just good fun
Tough luck.
Because the shit hurts, anon. Also, you really have no way of knowing that fat-ass was the only one who liked you, girls are crazy protective of revealing their crushes, and as I've come to know over the last year or so, qt wasn't the only one.

Asking her out, however, was incredibly therapeutic for me in that, literally seconds after it happened, I realized how piss-easy it is to just toss your confession out there and see what happens. Since then I've become considerably more brave and my chances with women has improved drastically. tl;dr, if there's a girl you like, get on your phone/facebook/whatever, and ask her out to dinner and to consider it a date right now

Nope. I put my cards on the table. It's her turn and it's going to stay that way
>10~11 years old
>messing around on friend's dad's laptop with neopets and shit
>sees an ad for a porn website
>"Are you above 18 years old"
>all that suspense
>he is about to click "yes"
>he immediately says "OH NO! IT WILL SHOW UP ON THE COMPUTER BILL!"
>we close the laptop and go outside and play
File: 1404437649504.png (327KB, 633x692px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
327KB, 633x692px
>neighbor growing up
>he was like my brother
>we went to different schools and he was 2 years older than me
>spent almost everyday together
>sleepovers at his place every weekend (he had the bigger house)
>would play 3 player Secret of Mana with him and my brother
>would get down on Power Stone and Vigilante 8 Second Offense
>would watch each other play SNES and PS1 RPGs
>would always watch anime together
>during high school we started to drift apart
>he was really smart and had lots of smart friends
>I was a lonely loser
>I would try to hang out with ho ever would take me
>usually it was the stoners and the druggies
>we started seeing each other less and less
>early in college it wasn't uncommon to see each other during xmas
>by my sophomore year we completely lost all contact with each other
>have no friends, and long for what I had with my neighbor
>I miss him so much
>drop out of college due to depression and being a tranny
>hear from my parents he is getting married
>not invited to the wedding
>google her and find her blog with all their wedding photos
>they both are smart college grads with good jobs
>they buy a house
>they look so happy
>wonder if he even plays vidya anymore
>try to reach out to him on FB but I can't message him cause of his settings
>try to reach out to him on his photo blog but he never responds
>a couple years later I see him in an airport
>I'm boarding my flight and there he is at the counter
>there is no way he could have recognized me
>it felt like there was a hole in my chest
>too scared to do anything I board my flight
>i wish more than anything that I got out of line and talked to him
>maybe he would have missed me too
>maybe he would have thought I was a freak and still a loser
>I miss you so much David
>I hope you're doing okay
This is real?

I never had a teacher advise me to act less gay

They just ignored the bullying
File: mclovin-license.jpg (38KB, 417x266px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 417x266px
Forgot pic
>getting married when the majority of them end in divorce and many with suicide

You were smart. Too bad there's always the risk of pregnancy forcing a man's hand. Would be nice if the male pill was actually sold to men.
>My mom worked at McDonalds
>His dad reviewed games for a vidya magazine
>We traded Happy Meal toys for vidya
>Discussed vidya and shit all day
I was kind of a shit to him sometimes I was a shitty kid to a lot of people thank god that's over but he was a good friend and I have not the faintest idea of what happened to him and probably wouldn't recognize him if we crossed paths, it has happened before with other people from my past oddly enough most seem to recognize me and tell me I haven't changed at all.
>being a tranny

but that is gay anon
i hope it's real. kids act too fucking gay these days. what's even worse is that the bullies turned to psychological bullying. beating someone would be better for both parties
Awe anon, that's so sweet, yet sad.
only if you're white, hispanic, or a nigger. we orientals stay together
File: 1362888238375.png (202KB, 863x431px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
202KB, 863x431px
>tfw friends you grew up with turned into dudebro normalfags
>tfw neet with no friends
samefag here. i just went outside my shop for a smoke and i saw a korean guy shading himself with his mother by him. he was only shading himself.

it was strange, but it's still man enough to better-control our women
File: 1403842042085.jpg (447KB, 2048x1560px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
447KB, 2048x1560px

Nah, man.
>had only two lasting friends in JR. High
>dropped out of high school
>Friend 1 I've known since 2nd grade, he's 22 and been fired from every job he's had since he's been 16.
>stays at home waiting for a temp agency to find him a job
>no life plans
>Friend2 is a philosophy major memefag. pretentious, haven't talked to him on steam for a couple of years
So I should marry an oriental?
Which Studio Ghibli film is that?
All I see is makeup.
>when either of you gets laided you tell the other the "juicy" bits
D-does this really happen?
Whisper of the Heart. One of my favorite movies.
I had and I think he's gay. Not for me ofcourse because im fugly (f*cking ugly)

I'm also awkward as sin so I don't know how to communicate with him, he's a casual anyways so who cares right...haha
File: 423423526.gif (619KB, 500x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
619KB, 500x280px
>never had a childhood friend
>never had a high school crush either
>years later jobless neet /v/irgin now
>never got that awkward first experience in elementary school/high school
>can't do it now because it'd be illegal

I just wanna be 10 again man
You can dislike sport but still like to swim or some shit. Especially with this weather.
honestly -- it would be nice

also would be nice if you were kind of well off
File: 1406072104589.gif (65KB, 482x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 482x200px
>moved away from home and friends to go to college
>can't make new ones

fucking >>255496776 this you retard.
go be like you're in the movies and shit, approach her and tell her how you feel. then you kiss and the credits start to roll, fuck stop being a limp dicked faggot
File: 1406510378599.jpg (4KB, 125x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 125x125px
File: goldfeel.png (88KB, 228x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88KB, 228x221px

File: rubyn.png (574KB, 952x878px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
574KB, 952x878px
My whole circle of friends completely erodes and gets replaced by a new one every 5 years or so. I honestly like it that way.
All I see is fetal alcohol syndrome. Jesus fuck, I mean to be fucked in the head and have fetal alcohol syndrome, that's almost as bad as Egoraptor's girlfriend.

>1st grade
>girl who played games a lot and was massive Nintendo fan
>she had SNES, I only got NES
>played frequently and traded shit
>hanged out back and forth
>borrowed VHS tapes too like SMB3 cartoon and some random shit
>moved elsewhere after 2nd grade

Never seen her since. I wonder how she is doing actually.

Besides that random LAN parties and sleepovers with some friends between 3rd and 5th grade. Then it stopped because games were kid stuff and they were too cool being edgy trendsetters and all that shit.
I literally have no friends anymore.

When I was younger I never had many, but I had some. It just depleted and depleted. When I was 14 it turned into 0 friends.
I'm 18 now and still no friends.

It hurts.
Go back to the catacombs, skelly.
As kids and - later - teenagers we used to write scores in Capcom fighting games.
>X-Men: CotA: I scored 421 wins against 399 loses
>MSHvSF: 322 to 301
>MvC1: 2575 to 2665
And then my brother had to move away. Fast forward several years and I finally bought X360 with UMvC3. Now the score is:
>32 to 36

U just skelly
File: 1320360769100.jpg (77KB, 350x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 350x500px
>had a childhood friend
>had a high school rush and even fucked her
>Got that awkward first experience when I was 10

>years later am a jobless, almost friendless NEET /v/irgin

I don't know what happened. I just got more and more spaghetti as the years went on to the point that I can't even get a measly part time job, let alone friends.
File: 63454.png (1MB, 1357x778px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1357x778px

what if we become friends...?
>have a lot of childhood friends
>attend boys secondary school
>meet a group of people that like vidya geams and anime
>some have shit taste but atleast we share common interest
>become metal gear solid of the group
>paranoid that my friends really hate me and i'm only friends with them because i'm so fucking pitiful that if i don't have them, i have noone.
>self esteem falls to a point where i'm afraid of leaving the house some days in fear of sperging spaghetti.
>tfw i used to be normal enough at the beginning of the year

When I say ''Metal Gear Solid of the group''
I'm the weird kid that is only there because I entertain at times. (article: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/video-games/columns/extra-punctuation/11330-Ground-Zeroes-is-Only-Worth-What-Youll-Pay-For-It)

And if you're too fucking lazy to read that, I'm particularly referencing this portion.

Metal Gear is like the weird kid who hangs around with your circle of schoolfriends and is tolerated because he does entertaining things, like the time he punted a sleepy bullfrog into the girl's changing rooms. At other times, though, he might claim to have transformed into a velociraptor, or spend an entire lunch hour explaining that Star Wars doesn't actually have any plot holes if you pay attention to the expanded universe, and in these cases everyone just smiles and nods and makes a circular gesture with their finger near the side of their head.
it really doesnt if you are willing to communicate, I know waxing nostalgic is huge on /v/ but if you use a mic at all and arent the worst human being on earth, youll meet some cool people online
How about we just fuck instead?
>be 5 or 6 and have friend who was girl
>go to house sometimes and play at park
>one day im curious and ask her what her private look like
>we agreed but i had to show mine too
>she shows but i just showed my bum
>she gets mad
>i hear her dad yelling from down stairs if we are showing our privates
>i never see her again
A lot of my friends are childhood friends and all of the are vidya friends. I never hung out with normalfags

Trust me, you don't want that.
Should have asked mate.

Something about mario party makes us all a little gay
no one would want to be friends with me. i'm fat and awkward
>responding with pic from some weeb shit movie
>it's not that movie about kids with parents retarded enough to support nip governement going against USA
File: hquk17J.jpg (454KB, 2048x1653px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
454KB, 2048x1653px
Not even close, bouyo.
lrn2read, bitch
That's how I feel around my college group, doesn't help I haven't gotten out of the house this summer break, whatever, at least they drag me around parties and stuff which I refuse to go most of the time
I'll be your friend anon.
File: rustle cry.jpg (72KB, 463x462px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rustle cry.jpg
72KB, 463x462px

My cousin was this friend up until we were maybe 16-17. After that he was way more interested in girls. We still bro'd it up from time to time, then after he met his fiancée quite a few years later we pretty much grew apart.

>Sleepovers weekends
>Streets of rage
>Mario kart 64
>tfw I bought double dash hoping to have more fun
>we only played like once this was after he was chasing pussy
>Be friends with 2 normalfags, 14 years old
>Introduce normalfags to PC gaming
>Having a blast, sleepovers every week, playing Runescape, Stronghold 2, Garrysmod,
>Friend X becomes friends with a normalfag group
>Stops coming over, stops talking to us
>Me and Friend Y bitch about him, eventually move on
>Friend Y's neighbor is hot
>Told Friend Y's neighbor I found her incredibly attractive and that I'd love to date her
>She said yes
>Friend Y seems to have loved this girl since he was a child and jealousy turned him against me
>No more vidya friends

Why is it so hard to find real friends?
I have to go to a gig on the 17th of August because my friends told me to.. Personally, I never listened to the band but my best friend is lead singer in one of the bands that's playing..

There's gonna be moshpits and shit and I'm afraid I'll spergle my spaghetti everywhere and act retarded or something.
>Having a shitty neurological condition causing you misery for most of your life often creates mental problems, but it doesn't mean all people who have it are mentally ill

>Having a shitty neurological condition causing you misery
You opened that saying that they do have mental conditions.

>but it doesn't mean all people who have it are mentally ill
So not all people who are mentally ill, are mentally ill?

You need to re-type what you wrote. It makes no sense.
File: 1357878222275.png (289KB, 512x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
289KB, 512x384px
yeah i didn't read your other post until after i posted that. point still stand, get in that shit bro, go and deck her boyfriend or some shit.
prove you're a goddamn man
do it or you're a triple nigger

also nice trips
if there's anything this thread should teach you its that girls ruin literally everything
thread theme
will you? or will you be like all the other people who've abandoned me?

Well duh, everyone knows that.
I used to. We used to play Smash and Pokemon Stadium and Mario Party all the time. Then I moved away and we saw each other less and less. Playing Smash alone or online just isn't the same as playing with other people.
Yep, that's the worst part, feeling you "have to go" I've never been to a gig, so I wouldn't know what to tell you, do what your friends do I guess, cheer for your buddy, and be safe.
>not posting original john denver version

either way, this is more fitting because of all the friendzoners. you can feel their hurt
I'm guessing you're trolling, but going getting into a fight with a girl's bf because you want her is the height of retardation. Like I said, I made a fool of myself, got hurt, moved on, and am starting a well-paying job within the month. That's as satisfying conclusion as I can imagine to the situation.
nigger, you're the bad friend. of course he liked her
File: 1356067015664.png (254KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254KB, 500x375px
THIS, is the true thread theme.

Find something better and more fitting.
Think of all the good times you had with your vidyabros Anons, cherish those memories, your bros may be gone but your memories will never leave you.
Well, it'll be nice breathing in the fresh air walking to the bus stop before arriving to the place the gig is at.

Atleast I can go outside.
I had loads, now I don't have any friends at all.
>best friends back in kindergarten
>used to play Commodore games and play in the park together
>we went to different elementary schools and met only occasionally
>wanted to go to the same high school so we started to hang out again, and shit was like in the old times
>he got in, but not me, so once again we rarely met, but this time we continued to talk to each other through emails
>we continued to do this for about two years, with at least one email per day, and every email was longer than the one before it
>it eventually got to the point where it took me hours to write one, and I just got tired and stopped responding
>I was afraid of having to apologize and explain what happened, and felt so guilty that I completely stopped checking my account altogether
>the account eventually got deleted, and I kind of moved on
>he tried to reconnect several times for the past 8 years, but I never managed to bring myself to respond

I'm so sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. I'm such a shitty friend, and you deserve better.
Still got em.

Sure the magic toned down thanks to becoming boring adults, but I still got em.

>met all my current friends in elementary school.
>We'd spend our afternoons and weekend playing Super Smash Bros and Yu Gi Oh card games
>Grow up
>Do this shit throughout high school.
>We're all 25 years old now
>Still see each other about every weekend to shoot the shit and play some vidya.

Last weekend I was at a friend's apartment and we spent the entire day up to 4 A.M playing Online Third Strike. shit was cash.
Aww....this thread is touching my penis

Not vidya but I had a friend that I used to play with a lot when I was 5 or around that age. She was the daughter of my father's friend. We moved and I hadn't seen her for like 15 years. Saw her again a few years ago at a family dinner. She was lookin' pretty cute. She seems to like anime too(I'm a weeb). But it was too awkward between us. I didn't know where to start so we pretty much avoided eye contact and didn't talk.

Wouldn't "One is the Loneliest Number" be more appropriate?
No, you're all wrong
File: 4906-18125.jpg (13KB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 320x240px
I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12.
Jesus, does anyone?
File: feels good man.jpg (10KB, 300x233px)
feels good man.jpg
10KB, 300x233px
>be me
>friend and i are running laps at the school track outside because gym
>he asks me if i want to come to his lakehouse that weekend (his dad was a surgeon and his mum was a nurse so they were pretty rich).
>ask my mum and she says it's fine
>bring over my SNES and N64
>we play Goldeneye until 4 and pass out
>we have paintball battles outside in really thick clothing because it was winter and was really cold up there
>he would pretend to be james bold and i would pretend to be sean bean
>he was really into lord of the rings books so we would sometimes roleplay as the characters and fart around in the woods
>go to a local flea market with him and pick up some airsoft guns and a zippo lighter with some money i brought on the trip (we were in North carolina and in a secluded area so nobody gave a flying fuck and his parents let us walk around and buy shit)
>Best weekend of my life
>a couple months later i move to new york
>don't see him for 9 years
>then coincidentally he finds me on skype
>We play TF2 on steam and talk about hentai
>Still friends with him

>Thanks Ian.
File: 7968667.jpg (23KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 500x281px
>had best friend
>hung out everyday
>caught all pokemon together
>friend started lifting and partying
>he became ripped af
>wanted me to go with but I wanted to vidya
>10 years later I regret that more than anything
>still caught all the pokemon though...by myself.
You are gonna make it brah, so who is the poster band?
I haven't a fucking clue, all I know is the location and day.
And I know two of the bands that play.
The rest? Fuck if I know.

>>255503221 is literally about parting ways with friends, it's an Irish traditional song sung when friends depart from last seeing each other
I used to have one, he was my best friend, but we haven't talked in years. He started to go out and get drunk and I didn't.

Sometimes I miss him, we had a lot of fun in the past.

You should drop this misconception that living someone else's lifestyle make you more happy.

There is a reason you choose videogames over lifting, you simply forgot about it.

The trick is to stop mourning what you could never accomplish, stop desiring everything you missed and enjoy what you have today, even if it's very little, it's the first step.

Many people who party and lift are miserable inside. Happiness is not an aesthetics, it's a perception.


My friends probably forgot me on purpose. Can't blame them.
File: 1362675009071.jpg (10KB, 216x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 216x250px
>had good vidya friend
>spends all our time together as well as other people in the same group
>we all go to college
>he drops out because he spends all his time playing games and getting drunk
>everyone graduates but him
>everyone gets jobs but him
>he still goes to a community college
>calls us all constantly asking if we want to hang and get drunk
>gets mad at us when we say we're tired from working
>whenever we do invite him for things such as paintball, swimming, or any sort of outing he says no because he doesn't want to exert himself
>mfw he is slowly being pushed out because we are getting sick of him not growing up

God damnit Ted, just fucking get a Job and lose some damn weight.
>Many people who party and lift are miserable inside
bull fucking shit
That's really nice.
>not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0Z9LS5QgNY
>Meet friend at age 7, three houses down from where our family moved.
>I liked SNES and point and click adventures, he liked Genesis and FPS, we introduce ourselves to both genres.
>grow up together, our earliest memories have each other in them
>after high school, we get together with 10-15 other friends in a living room converted from a garage. Play all manner of multiplayer games from Smash Bros, Guitar Hero, Halo, Starcraft...some are into mmo's.
>imagine always having this outlet to nerd the fuck out.
>We all go our seperate ways for college, careers, stay in touch online
>in 2009, he dies in a car crash

One of my fondest memories of the guy: we once set up two tv's next to each other and played through Castlevania: Symphony of the night, I'm on the playstation version, he was on the saturn version. Spent the day noting the differences.

I miss that fucker so much
go find him anon, your story is not over
Apologize, repent, try to be his friend and move on with your life
you can't stop the earthquake in retrospect but you can remedy the aftershock

On which basis do you make this claim.

I party and I lifted and I hung out with people like that and some of them, aside from partying and lifting, have terrible spending habits, making them dirt poor, some of them feel "incomplete" because they can fuck any chick they want, but can never maintain a meaningful relationship.

Your problem is that you look at things on their surface and you refuse to delve deeper.

POeople who party and lift are not a different race of people, they are human beings like you and they have problems that makes them miserable just like you.

As for me, all that lifting did for me is lead me to injuries because I lifted like a retard for many years and partying, aside from a very few selective good memories, gave me liver problems.

It ain't all pink and pretty.
Depends doesn't anybody want to be friends with me

PSN, XBL, Friend codes?
>me and 2 cousins older than me really wanted to git good in competitive fighting games
>once Marvel vs capcom 3 launch, each of us bought an arcade stick
>we hang every thursday in my home from 6 to 12 pm playing Marvel 2 and 3, Street fighter and other games.
>3 years later cousin 1 move to Guadalajara, Jalisco because of work
>cousin 2 work as a Manager in gamestop, always busy can't hang around anymore
>I got a promotion in the bakery i'm working, and university take the rest of my time.
>i still have my arcade stick and we talk sometimes we talk via facebook, its not the same though,
>tfw they aren't my actual cousins, cousin 1 is the son of the cousin of my dad he is like my 2nd cousin or something, and cousin 2 is the son of my dad's best friend. And even being that way i love them more than any of my other blood-related cousins.
Of course. We were always on the same team when our parents would enroll us in soccer or baseball. Every Saturday before a game we would have a sleep over playing video games, eating junk food and watching cheesy movies.

He's currently in the Navy with a wife and I'm still in college getting ready for Med school.
you're on 4chan you don't count as a normal person
But Chad and his mates are fucking every girl, getting drunk every night and having a hell of a time.

Yeah, keep believing that, then.

You've only got yourself to blame for being miserable. Happiness stares at you right in your face and you can't even see it.
When I was 11 I met my best friend and we'd play games day and night for a while. Nowadays we don't have time for games together (busy schedules and we live far apart) but we still discuss them regularly and we're still close friends, so I'm more than okay with it. I think I'm gonna buy one of those remasters and invite her over to play again next month...

we're both grills lel

I got one of those kinds of friends again in High School. He ended up leaving for the military while I was screwing up at school though.
File: image.jpg (160KB, 794x767px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 794x767px
>both get ps2
>play original ratchet and clank games for 1000's of hrs.
>play bully
>play Tony Hawk's underground 2
>san andreas
>rogue trooper
>sly cooper
>max payne
>vice city
>i forgot some
Start Playing 360
>easily over 10,000 hrs enjoyed on GOAT Multiplayer, GTA IV Free Mode
>hundreds on GOAT COD, World at War
>far cry 3
>fallout series
>la noire
>max payne 3

Some of my fondest memories are from video games anon(s). Thank you for this nostalgia post.
california here. i know many people like this. they lift and/or party BECAUSE they are miserable or feel incomplete. hell, some guys i know started lifting to get over their insecurities and introvertedness. what was is the result? a big, buff, introverted guy who still can't hold normal conversations, so they hang out with other introverts that work out -- and the result of that is a bunch of buff guys hanging out together. some people think they are gay
did you ever kiss
File: 1406474096036.jpg (87KB, 600x500px)
87KB, 600x500px
>Going through highschool
>was generally the asshole of the group
>generally had about 8-10 people around me at all times, despite being a total dick
>Met a girl while at HS
>Marry her after graduation
>friends all kept in touch, we still lan about once a month
>All my friends are friends with her.
>She builds her own computers, plays 40k, loved to cook
>mfw I never had these problems
hell, part of me thinks I somehow missed out. I didnt even have a single hardcore gay sleep over between the ages of 8-13. Did I somehow fuck up by doing everything right?
>and his own TV
Wait...that was a big thing? I was used to having my own TV and every console in the generation.
I used to go to parties. A lot of them are empty. It just comes with the scene
We still go retro game hunting every now and then, play whatever multiplayer games and remember the good ol' times.
Reminds me of the saddest thing Ive seen
>at house party with friends, everyone is going off to Uni after this day
> I can see through the kitchen window that two guys are sitting outside on the step of the backdoor away from everyone
>both are holding glasses, talking and laughing
>hours pass and theyre still there when I come back later, theres just more beer bottles lying around them
>I keep glancing out to see what theyre doing
>at one point theyre both just looking at the ground
>on of them stands up hanging his head
>the one still sitting jumps up, you can see hes crying
>he holds out his hand as if to fist bump
>they both do this amazing fucking elaborate handshake
>both look at eachother
>hold their foreheads together while gripping eachothers hand
>they part
>one slowly walks out the back garden gate and the other just sits on the step again looking at the sky
I wish I knew.
You have no idea how much I want to. But I now have enough experience that I know I'm unable to maintain long term friendships. I can't do it. I tried with several people, fantastic friends, but it always ends this way. And it's always my fault.
He is a good guy. He will be successful at his job, and will have a good life.
And in all honesty, the same is probably true for me as well. But if I tried, and the friendship was still there, this time it could ruin us both. So it's better this way.
File: 1392843104073.gif (1013KB, 500x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1013KB, 500x375px
I've literally been crying since this post. Who the fuck knew /v/ could elicit these kinds of feels out of me.
>>best friends since diapers
>>play games, watch shit together
>>counterstrike together
>>mmo comes out, lose them to e-friends, shake my head that their so stupid not hanging out with their real friends
>>life moves on, still see them regularly and play games
>>as mmo dies they realize the emptiness of what their doing
>>they start wanting to come over more, we play mk8
>>have a riot, just like we were young

Sometimes you have to be patient with the people in your life.
I have a copy of Bushido Blade (PS1) coming in the mail, Gonna play that with my vidya bud. It looked like a fun game to play with a friend, so I hope it is
>high school crush

Shit is gay anyway, people are fucking sociopaths in High School and if you had a crush and were a thing she'd probably talk shit on you behind your back after you break up.

The only parties that I enjoy are parties where I am with close friends.

I went to a Punk Rock club with a bunch of old friends that I know very well and am comfortable with, including a few introverted anti-social types and we had so much fun together with the great chemistry that we ended up dancing, even if we sucked, but we had a great time and I started hitting it off with one of my awkward girl friend in the group. Going out is best when you go out with actual friend.

Otherwise, I went with workmates a bunch of times in all my previous jobs, I went in huge open house parties where I knew one person, it all sucked because I just couldn't connect with anyone, I'm not a chameleon type at all. I can't blend with people I don't know.

So that's what I've been saying about looking on the surface level only. On the surface, parties have this image of great fun and debauchery where everyone has crazy fun, but it's not the case for everybody and there are types of parties and environment for everybody.

This is why most people who never went to the typical boom boom club end up dissapointed by the experience because they pictured these as THE parties when it might just be a matter of you going to the wrong places or with the wrong people.
Don't say swag fag if you're old enough to drink in Europe, buddy.
You're right. But at the time I didn't know what was best for me.
>Happiness stares at you right in your face
where is this happiness
I've been waiting so many goddamn years and all you faggots tell me is "jus b urself ;)"
>The only parties that I enjoy are parties where I am with close friends

well, parties -- as in those typical house parties -- usually have friends of friends of friends inviting their friends.
nope, she even said I was her type quite recently after I told her I kissed another friend of mine but I dunno, our friendship isn't like that. Maybe if I weren't so happy with my boyfriend hahaha
sounds like /fit/
>The only parties that I enjoy are parties where I am with close friends.
I also only enjoy parties with 20-30 ppl. More than that is too much.
Its in the hours after you snort a lot of cocaine and you're all by yourself crying in your trashed house when all your friends are gone and the only people who care about you are dead, remembering the old times and how different everything could have been. Just order another hooker for the evening, and you'll be fine today.
Yeah, we used to play Smash bros all weekend every weekend and watch shitty tv but it was awesome. I'm still friends with him but he's an asshole now and neither of us play vidya anymore
exactly. /fit/ is mostly a bunch of losers who work out -- literally -- their insecurities. i hope they are actually healthy with those supplements, though

same with /fa/
>Grew up a fat kid due to genetic disorder in my spine as well as having Aphasia due to having a stroke in the womb
>Barely anyone wants to talk to me due to being fat
>Find a friend around 6 years old that 2 months later drowned in a boating accident
>Find friend from church a couple months after that and hang out with him for 10+ years
>Find out he's been doing hard drugs and talk to him, worried about his health.
>He gets defensive and refuses to be my friend anymore
>The same year a girl from high school that I was friends with/crushing on agreed to date me and then dumps me 6 months later without telling me the reason why even after I tried to ask once.
>Spend near ten years in solitude
>Start a livestream show for a messageboard I frequent
>guy from the board messages me asking to be on the show
>He comes on the show and we talk during a stream
>Instant Best Friends
>Been talking on skype nearly everyday for 4 years now
>He's practically the brother I never had

Here's to ya, you 80s action film nut bastard.

isn't karen carpenter great, though? cunt died at 32 because she thought she was too fat (anorexia)
>staying up till 5AM every night
>smash brothers melee
>animu watchin'
>yu-gi-oh playin'
>emulating old games n shit

Ah. Our younger days were so fun. Still good friends with this guy today.
You don't sound like someone with aphasia to me. What kind do you have?

Stop freaking out over what you don't have
Realize that you're probably not that bad
Be content with what you have right now, no matter how little it is.
Keep busy, boredom creates loneliness which leads to depression
Complain less
Try to be optimist even in the worst
Accept to live your emotions
Try to interact with people even if you have an hard time
Women are people, dating is a glorified friendship with sex, you can live without em. Most of your desire is hormonal and instinctive anyways, it hardly comes from the heart.
One day, maybe, you'll get a chance at this glorified friendship thing with sex.
For now, just work on yourself, acknowledge flaws and fears and overcome them
Don't take things for granted.
Don't have too many expectations
Accept things as they are if you can't change them, no matter how much they suck.
Acknowledge your limits.

Those are all the ways I do it to stay as content as I can and It's never easy. My point is we all have our own little something and that you should focus on that if you feel like you have nothing. don't focus on the vast hole of everything you don't have and at least cherish the little plate of something you've got and start from there.

I don't intend to give you advice or anything, as I said, what works for me might not work for you. I'm just trying to show you that if a guy like me who is filled with insecurities and with a heart so patched that there's little of the original even left can have an optimist attitude by just changing my perception of things, then anyone can start from somehwere and work their way up even if it'S tough and cruel sometimes.
Well, by "old" games I meant shit in the current gen (SNES/Genesis)..when emulators were super new.
>tfw I missed out on middle school and high school life
>tfw I will never bang 12-16 year olds
>tfw animoo is not enough compensation
>tfw those times will nevef EVER come back
>have a friend who can read and speak fluent japanese
>i ask him to translate doujins and cg that haven been translated yet
>he does it within the day, and every time i try to offer him payment, he declines
>one time, "dude, is this loli?"
>"lol, ok give me a bit."
usually sharing porn with friends when you're older is kind of weird, but if you have a strong enough relationship or have been doing it for a while it's not that bad
File: feels pixel.jpg (6KB, 305x283px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feels pixel.jpg
6KB, 305x283px
I did, now he only plays LoL.
Don't give up yet. Live long enough to live forever, and you might still get a second chance.
Communication and memory. I've gotten better from when I was younger when I could only mumble but I still have issues communicating through speech and hands. I fuck up a lot and have to ask people to be patient with me when it's really bad but I try to get by. Filling out forms are the absolute worst for me and I have to get help with them regularly.

talking with my bro on skype has helped a LOT. I speak more clearly now than I ever had before.
File: 1398103915012.png (305KB, 1122x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305KB, 1122x1600px
>have good friends during gradeschool
>we hung out a lot playing vidya and what not
>think that I have good friends
>suddenly I notice some of my stuff disappearing
>they've been stealing from me
>confront them about it and they told me that they wanted me because they didn't have anything better to do
>they start to hang out with "cool kids"
>lose contact with them
>i become unable to get closer to anyone since then
>the instant when someone wants to get close to me I push them away because I feel that they want to hurt me again or it's just a lie

Sometimes I feel that I don't deserve friendship, or that it's only meant to other people.

I can guess that other guys here have felt like this as well, so... Anon, be happy, okay?
I'm sure that you're a great person, and I love you.
File: kf15.png (4KB, 231x234px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4KB, 231x234px
>tfw only waking up to being socially competent after high school
>can't ever go back and have young love or be an athlete or learn some instrument in band
>That feeling when one of your closest childhood friend basically abandoned you and everyone else so he could play mobas all day and never contacts anyone anymore.

Worst of feelings.
>the instant when someone wants to get close to me I push them away because I feel that they want to hurt me again or it's just a lie

Too much this. When it happens, in my head I keep thinking "Is this guy serious? Hes just trolling me, right? What does he want from me?" and I back out of that hard as I can.
My only gamer bro moved to San Diego after he joined the Navy.

I don't have anyone to play the new Smash with. Fucking depressing.
yes. we also tried to watch scrambled cable channels to get glimpses of nude girls, tits, or sex.
File: 1395418613355.jpg (44KB, 300x317px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 300x317px
>hung out with this girl throughout all of high school
>wanted that cute little booty
>played through DMC1 and 3 with her
>never really acted on my feelings because i grew up severely sheltered and had trouble interacting with other people
>last day of high school, tell her how i feel in hope of at least getting some recognition
>she just runs away, doesn't talk to me that day, nor at the graduation ceremony, or over the entire summer
>just found out she's engaged, just gave birth to a baby and is a newly brainwashed/converted catholic

And everyone told me life was better when you're out of high school.
File: WgMnwDKOgW 189.jpg (66KB, 360x335px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
WgMnwDKOgW 189.jpg
66KB, 360x335px
Yeah I did. This was back when I was still in middle school and he was in 11th grade.
We used to play a lot of MVC2 and Melee but then he got a girlfriend and stopped hanging out with me...
>As a kid have some friends who played gameboy and nintendo games
>I had all that plus ps1 the new ps2
>would always end up getting my games or gameboy stolen/broken.
>lend my new gameboy advanced sp to kid, I had 2 for some reason. he let me borrow some games
>I returned his games, no damage
>he cracked the screen, broke the d-pad, and it was confiscated cause he was trying to play it in class
>years later, go back to old school, decide to talk to old teacher
>he still had my gameboy, locked away in his desk
it wasn't until
>2007, highschool, take horticulture
>class is easy as shit, disliked the teacher, goofed off and messed around a lot
>never took the class seriously, still got an A, and the teacher would send me out of his classroom from time to time
>one kid in there liked exactly the same stuff I did
>we became best bros, on weekends play videogames all day.
>He showed me 4chan because he thought I'd like it.
>we lurk, watch anime and shows we torrented, play games all weekend
>we smoked weed for the first time together
We still hang out a lot
The only problem is he hasn't played a lot of old games, so when I start talking about old games, he doesn't know what I'm talking about
28 here too. One friend I'm losing contact with because he picked up a girlfriend and a drug habit and is now living on his fishing boat. Another friend is likely getting evicted and will have to move at least 2 hours away. Another friend is a crazy woman who just married fucking Patrick Bateman. Last friend lives in another state and I see him about once every couple years.

But all my childhood vidya friends have long since disappeared out of my life. At least I'll always have 4chan.

I push them away because I'm an asshole and no one should have to deal with that. I bragged way too much about how good I was at video games and I was a cocky jackass that hated losing as a kid. I'm surprised my friend stuck with me until I moved away.
Same here, but I've stopped talking to him for a few years, not sure why. I still see him on skype every now and then but I never know what to say to him.
That's how my first fap went, although alone, I remember being kinda scared when I came, praying and shit, hoping my family didn't come back that moment... I was pretty late to the party too, like 14, I dunno what's the standard so whatever.

And I hope I never did this but I used to watch softcore on other channels with my brother... passing it off as laughing at the plots, nothing incestuous/gay tough.

you are a wise person, however, to be able to acknowledge and accept your own flaws, but I'm sure they stuck around because you had other qualities that you might not be aware of.
I used to, but not anymore.

>Had cousin born 4 months after me
>Hung out a lot from being babies to late teens
>Played tons of vidya together, share cheats and do co-ops and multiplayer
>Tons of sleepovers
>Share porn like madmen
>Even after our first gfs it was always us > them
>Played MMO's together too

Then he went to college.

>Started talking less and less, hanging out less and less
>He dates a controlling fat cupcake of a girl
>He breaks it off with her, finds a new group of friends that drink all the time and smoke pot
>He turns total hipster, won't play or do anything mainstream
>Ask him if he wants to hang out different times, gives me false promises

Those old times were golden, they truly were. On the other hand, though, I ended up with a fantastic girl who I play tons of vidya with. Live together, play tons of multiplayer/MMOs, etc. The sex is fucking fantastic, too
Why do childhood friends never win?
File: 1387755504306.jpg (11KB, 211x207px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 211x207px
>learn some instrument in band

You can still learn an instrument, the band thing is more complicated though. I play alot of guitar and I haven't ever even been in a band, I just like to record shit. I guess you could try something like craigslist to recruit people if you really wanted to.
Out of high school and college, work with people that don't share my interests. Where do I meet you nerds so we can play Smash for hours on the weekend and have pizza and beers n' shit?
Anons, what would happen if you died right now?

What would the consequences be? What would you leave behind? How would you be remembered? What kind of digital footprint would you leave in your wake? Would anyone be able to access your computer? What would they find?

What would happen to your games?

Personally, I don't push anyone away, in my case, I've just have an extremely hard time connecting with people.

Thank God I already have friends because everytime I meet someone and we start hanging out, eventually, I lose all desires to call them to do anything and the mere thought of being with them start feeling tedious.

And the thing is that they're, usually, not even bad people, most of the time, they'Re really good people who think I'm cool and they wanna hang out with me because I'm fun to be around, but I'm just not looking to make new friends so I end up indirectly rejecting them all eventually.

The same thing happens to girls. I think I'm just way tooo attached to the friends I have right now which makes it impossible for me to want to make any new ones. I dunno, I might be autistic.
you're a piece of shit
File: man-crying1.jpg (173KB, 500x643px)
173KB, 500x643px
I have one megabro that I've known for about 15 years, started with trading ps1 games, up to ps2 and played ffxi for years. We sort of got tied up in real life about 3 years ago (he got married) and I am sort of between careers and too embarrassed to talk to him. help

We were both kids, so that kind of thing wasn't so bad. It was kind of expected. He was the kind of guy that bragged a lot too, and we'd play Tony Hawk and try to one up each other. In the end I didn't grow out of it, it's easy for me to get caught up in the heat of competition.

I missed all of that too, but don't panick, you can still do all of that in your adult life.
Consequences would be parents finding the socks that I bought stashed away. No digital footprint, I'm forgettable. Only trouble would be I'm GM of an MMO guild, so they'd probably worry until an officer takes my position from inactivity.
"I should've done more squats."
File: 1406572295188.webm (3MB, 640x360px)
3MB, 640x360px
>nothing incestuous/gay though

what a fag.
That uncomfortably turns me on.
Himegoto makes me so fucking hard.
I came to terms with this a long time ago.

My friends would probably keep my vidya and distribute it amongst tehmselves. My mom would probably keep a console or two as a memento of sort I guess.

The same would happen with all of my material possessions, redistributed or sold off.

On my computer, they'd find my image/comics folder with pretty much nothing controversial because there's nothing in there that wouldn't make my friends laugh or, at the very worst, be indifferent/don't understand

My Emulators and ROMS and other PC games
Internet favorites.

I have no porn on my computer, I keep absolutely none. I find I don't need to save porn as I can always browse to find what I want to watch. So nobody shall ever know what kind of website I watch.

I clean my computer every day, so there won't even be a browsing history.

Friends and family alike would mourn, it would be a terrible loss for them, but they'll get my shit and remember me as they knew me. No bullshit futa loli scat porn to ruin my reputation.

And even if they found out, I'd be dead, I won't give a shit, then.
You should be happy that she has found happiness in Christ.
Would leave abunch of shitty vidya behind, no digital footprint since almost no-one besides my friends know my usernames. People would find my reaction images but nothing horrible.
we just played videogames together a few days ago
File: 1404746602367.jpg (515KB, 1920x2148px)
515KB, 1920x2148px
me too. too bad its not full length; this is exactly what i want more of.
File: tomoya.jpg (30KB, 1022x574px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 1022x574px
>tfw I remember all the memories of me and my good old friend at 8 years old.
>mfw he tells me he's moving.
>Don't know his name anymore.
i always played co-op stealth games like splinter cell with my friend

but then we grew apart sad story ;_;
>doing dishes
>remember this guy i use to hand out with
>had some good time with him
>wonder what hes up to now
>remember he died last year in a car crash
>car flew into a lake and he drowned
File: 200_s.gif (21KB, 357x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 357x200px
>lived on a cul-de-sac
>family down the street had 2 kids, one boy my age and a smaller girl
>he was nerdy as me
>played pretend all the time, both of us into vidya
>we'd always pretend to be mechs or something cool with powers
>tfw learned their family was moving away
>never got a number or anything
>lost touch

You were a fucking bro Bruce.
>Friend's older brother
>Would constantly play vidya together (Melee, etc.)
>Friends for more than 5 years
>Turned into an asshole hipster brony last year
>Broke off all ties with the fucker and am still good friends with his younger brother, who is my age.
Sure its better, but the problems-how few they may be- are much bigger.
All my good friends grew out of having fun and playing games, turns out having tons of bills/kids/pressure at 23 is where it's at. Only have one person left who i consider a friend and we basically only communicate through steam so he might as well not exist. What really sucks is I used to have no problem making friends in online games but as the years went on I find it impossible. Kinda blows but what can you do?
My best friend from highschool.
>used to go to his place every friday after school
>his parents had a fast food joint so free nuggets and fries every time with a coke
>he was a single child so he had a shitload of games and always rented the newest games
>played a shitload of games like dbz and one piece fightans , fucked shit up on the internet and used do to silly stuff with his dog
>alway laughed our asses off to newsground and flashloops at other sites (z0r was one of them if I remember correctly)
>havent seen him since graduation and he is extremly distant if I contact him on steam
>it has been almost 7 years since then
Its actually pretty sad everytime I remember him.
I consider every man in this thread as my bro. Except for that trannie nigga. Homie don't play that gay shit.

NNID: Spade64 if any of you gents care about that shit. I sure hope you folks have the Mon Hun.
Fuck you, I did this and she told my parents so now i'm getting kicked out of my house
I just played a bit of The Warriors on Xbox and JoJo on the Dreamcast with a friend for 8 hours just 3 hours ago
It's me, let's go play The Warriors together
Good. You're growing up
File: 1406652339585.gif (865KB, 282x188px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
865KB, 282x188px
>You should drop this misconception that living someone else's lifestyle make you more happy.
>There is a reason you choose videogames over lifting, you simply forgot about it.
>The trick is to stop mourning what you could never accomplish, stop desiring everything you missed and enjoy what you have today, even if it's very little, it's the first step.
>Many people who party and lift are miserable inside. Happiness is not an aesthetics, it's a perception.
God damn I wish I could take on this advice. Back in secondry school I never bothered with my apearance, grades, friends, social life and never tried getting a gf all because I wanted to appear apathetic because that was what seemed cool to me at the time.

Now I just want to go back and re-do it, go back and tell myself not to be such an apathetic little shit because it's completely fucked my social life.

I'm 22 now and moving away to start uni and hopefully not be such an apathetic shit and get friends and maybe a gf
You look like a tranny yourself
>Instead of smoking crack she could have been smoking video games
>What would the consequences be?
Muh family would be a little sad, I guess
My vidya collection, coputer
>How would you be remembered?
That awkward fat loser with no friends
>What kind of digital footprint would you leave in your wake?
>Would anyone be able to access your computer?
My sister, she'd find some documents of vidya I should buy and some high school projects and essays. Also my music and video games. My porn is hidden and she'd never find it, though.
>What would happen to your games?
Parents would probably sell them off and use it to pay for loans
Yep. This is real life.
It's not like my anime at all.
File: 1271665457054.jpg (83KB, 500x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83KB, 500x600px
>Play smash
>Friends 3 v 1 you because your power level is just that high.
yeah. i used to play video games with my brother and our next door neighbour all the time

we'd go to each others houses, play SNES or GB. just chilling overall

we kind of drifted apart, as both my brother and our friend moved out of town.

i play vidja with my younger cousins now
I had my own little tv but not every console.

My parents found a good balance between loving me and turning me into a spoiled little bitch.
>normal friends decide they want vidya night
>they want to play CoD black ops
>everyone is in seperate rooms (lan on 360s) 2 people to a console
>paired with grill
>play a number of matches, just sit and talk with friend, I dont really like CoD so Im not putting the effort in and she didnt want to play in the end
>match ends
>70-5 kills
>person under me is 30-20 something
>Ive let my powerlevel slip
>give the control to the girl and jump onto the sofa, like I was watching and not playing
>another friend barges in and see her
>"NO, FUCK NO! REMATCH" and exits
>do the same thing again
>noone wants to play anymore
wom friend sucked my dick later that night, we still get on like nothing happened
Lan parties are great, no matter who you play with or at what level.
Absolutely fantastic advice. I used to be super depressed for a long time, until I realized that the way I lived my life was nobody else's business.

Stop idealizing "Chad" and realize he's a human being with problems just like you, and that the grass is always greener on the other side.
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