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>5th grade >let friend borrow favorite N64 game for a week

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>5th grade
>let friend borrow favorite N64 game for a week
>after a week i tell my friend to give it back
>"sorry anon my dog bit it to pieces"
>angered, i tell my mom about the situation and buys me another copy and i forget all about it
>few months later go to my friend's house
>i ask him where is his dog
>he tells me he never had one

let's have a "that kid thread
Should had stole a couple of games.
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>never knew a that kid
>wasn't a that kid myself
Weird, but I don't mind.
>that kid who turned off the console when he was losing
>that kid who would cry if you were whooping his ass in a game
>that kid who would start being shit on purpose when you were winning

>that kid who played like shit on purpose so he could suck your dick
>those anons who probably make up gay sleepover stories for /v/ to be uncomfortably aroused by
>that girl who came over to your house all the time to just watch you play vidya, but never played herself
>play SSB64 with roommate
>one on one Hyrule castle
>I'm clearly losing, just playing like trash
>1 stock each left
>shits getting heated
>too heated
>"yeah whatever fuck you"
>hit the reset button stealthily with toe
>we both laugh it off

It's good being an adult
Who were you playing as?
I had a black friend who would always tell me about crazy shit in games but I never believed him
For a long ass fucking time I didn't know the Biggoron Sword existed because I thought he was lying
>that kid who used your controller while his fingers were covered with pizza grease
>staying friends with a guy that steals from you
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you know he silently hates your guts for it? Your friendship died this day, at least for him.
>that kid who you picked that habit up from
Thanks, I guess.
If friendships are that fragile for you, maybe you need better friends. Or maybe you're the asshole.
Link, I think. He was Fox.

I main Ness/Ganondorf but I had already played Ness and C.Falcon in matches beforehand.
>Visit my cousin
>"You wanna play CoD Zombies, Anon?"
>Why not. Never played a Calla Dudey before.
>He loads up Blops
>We fight off a wave of zambinos, all the while he's trying to teach me how to play, as if I've never played an FPS before
>Towards the end of the second wave, cousin dies, whereas I'm doing just fine
>"Oh shoot, look out!"
>He fucking wrenches my controller out of my hand, then he dies in five seconds, killed by a zomb I'd seen to the right
Yeah, thanks cousin, you did sooo much better than I would have.
Nah, he's a cool guy. We pull shit like that all the time, or maybe it's only me. Only in Tenkaichi Budokai 3 is everything dead serious. You pull pranks in a heated match of that and you're gonna get your shit slapped.
>some time during middle school
>had two friends, a guy who was a year younger than me and his kid sister
>pretty nice people overall, family's a bit overly religious but they were our sponsors so what are you gonna do
>play pic related nearly every time I go over to their house, have a blast for about an hour
>this hour invariably ends up with them getting into a fight and one of them crying, depending on who lost

I mean, it was fun but great googly moogly did they every get upset with each other.
>Borrow PS1 games from friend
>Friend never asks for them returned
>Time goes on, eventually forget about them
>Friendship starts to disperse due to different interests
>Grow up and haven't talked to him in years
>He doesn't even play vidya anymore
>Recently look through parents house
>Find old PS1 games in a box
>Feel super guilty for never returning his games

I had like 7 of his games.
Why did he never ask for them back?
And why did he let me keep borrowing them?
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>be 13
>happy playing on my gba
>working on my non save speedrun of yu-gi-oh: the sacred cards
>almost 6 hours
>wild uncle shows up
>out of nowhere he tackles me
>grabs my hands and turs off the gba
>starts laughing
>confused, sad and angry y start yelling at him
>Mom shows up and beats the crap out of me and tells me to respect my uncle
>uncle is still laughing
>then Mom tells me that im allowed to play vydia only one hour on weekends
>still mad
>great googly moogly
seen any aliens recently mr. burley?
>invite friend over
>play mario kart
>he gets up and shuts the game off after the first track
>ask him why
>"the game's over, right?"
>he had never played past the fucking first track

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, he was one of those people who had a ps1 with no memory card and just played games beginnings over and over again
Fuck, one time a kid tried to tell me that if you tried to fight skull kid with only some of the giants freed, some snake monster would appear and they would fight it while it destroyed the town. I don't know what the fuck that was about
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>have clear blue PS1 memory card
>friend comes over
>memory card goes missing after that
>at friends house weeks, maybe months, later
>see clear blue memory card
>tell friend I lost one just like it
>ask if I can check the save files to see if it's mine
>he says it's his
>take the card, plug it, see all my save files

He didn't play a single fucking game on it. He just stole it because he thought the clear blue plastic looked cool.
>The game's over, right?
Reading that really unnerved me for some reason
Should I consider them my PS1 games now though? Or should I just sperg it out and give him some old PS1 games he most likely doesn't give two shits about?
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>that kid that invites you over and then makes you watch him play single player games
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my house, my rules nigga
I liked when a friend and I worked together to complete single player games.

Two of my friends convinced me in elementary school that tails and rouge had sex and gave birth to a child and it was some secret game or in a secret menu or something. I was so upset because tails was my favorite character

Why do adults do this to kids
I seriously wonder how people think they can get away with shit like that.

I had a friend who once took one of my games when he was visiting one day.
He got mad when I called him out, saying it could have been anyone. He was the only fucking person I had left alone in my room during the day and there was clearly missing some games from my shelf considering the fucking gap the missing games had created.

Should've shut off all contact with him at that point. That way he wouldn't have broken my copy of Red Dead Redemption.
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>those 2 kids in high school
>they come over unexpectedly
>weird, these kids are usually mean to me
>they tell me that just got a PS1 and DC at thrift store
>they are excited to play games on it
>they ask if they can borrow my games
>go through my whole weeaboo collection
>they are laughing at me
>muster up a pile of games I think they will like
>fighting games, Seaman, Army Men, etc.
>find out later that day they never bought a PS1 or DC
>they sold all of my games and bought drugs
>made fun of me about it to everyone

Fuck those people. I hope they have horrible misserable lives today.
>Let one of my friends borrow nearly all my fucking games
>He rarely returns them because he's a lazy forgetful mexican
>At one point he has about two thirds of my finished games at his house at once
>Whenever I feel like playing one of them or just getting my shit back I would simply go by his house and get it and everything would be okay, and the games themselves would be in pristine condition because I'm not retarded and don't willingly associate myself with bad people
Pls no
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>trying to explain saving states to your parents
>they got mad at you
How do you get punked this easily
... If they were usually mean to you, why would you lend them games anon? Why would you even let them into your home?

That was your own fault for trusting them.

>borrow R4 from a kid
>never give it back

>that happened
If they just sold them for drugs and didn't actually play them, why would they only take the games they would like
>wild uncle shows up
Reddit is the site you're looking for.

Man fuck that kid
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>live 2 doors down from girl
>known her since she was zero, both grew up together
>spent every day together playing
>became interested in vidya
>get a gamecube for christmas
>try to teach her how to play
>she's shit at them
>still has fun, I still have fun
>asks to just watch me play a single player game
>get to play for hours until mom makes us run around outside
>im in the middle of a game when she knocks on the door
>She sits next to me on my tiny ass bed and waits for me to finish my game

Feels good

>trusting people that aren't your friends with your stuff

>trusting people that are mean to you

sorry to say but you kind of deserve it
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I was really lonely and wanted to have friends. You know how high school is for kids. I was a huge loser in high school. I'm still a huge loser.

Anon, another time. A year or so later, I was sleeping over at a friends house with a bunch of people. Woke up at like 4 or 5 AM. For some reason I felt the need to check my phone and my keys.
>keys are gone
>dash to the front door
>look outside
>my fucking car is gone
>look inside
>fucking friends are gone

Turned out they stole my car and sold coke all night and made fun of me. Told me to stop being such a bitch about it.
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>never paying for a pirating device
>never paying for games

I think I won at video games.
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>be 15
>playing some competitive fighting game (can't remember name) with a friend
>friend is small but same age
>he's been acting really weird lately
>for some reason he told me what 'yiff' was a few days before
>said a few gay things before but tried to play them off as jokes (especially with friends around)
More in a moment
I only gave them games I thought they would like. I went through my whole collection.
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Thread images: 20

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