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>Yogscast gives permission to no-name company to create their

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>Yogscast gives permission to no-name company to create their Minecraft clone, Yogventures
>no-name company starts Kickstarter campaign, raises half a million dollars
>a beta is released, doesn't do much of anything
>some videos are released, doesn't show much of anything
>no updates for a year
>people ask about what's going on, some people getting pissed, want money back
>total silence
>one day all websites associated with no-name developer cease to exist
>people asking wtf is going on
>total silence
>no-name developer eventually posts that the money is gone, he'll probably file for bankruptcy, that he gave all produced content back to Yogscast, and that it ruined his marriage in the process
>people want their money back
>people want official statement in a Yogscast video
>people want official statement on Yogscast website
>Yogscast waits a while, eventually makes a post about it
>....on Reddit
>Yogscast gives backers some shitty unfinished game called TUG
>people want accountability of the money
>forum moderators shoot down posts that criticize or question the situation
>Yogscast continues being silent

Business as usual at Yogscast HQ!
>giving money to a Kickstarter
>giving money to a Yogscast Kickstarter

people got what they deserved
I'm not seeing the part where we should care?
It's not that you should care, it's more of just another reason which we should all remember of why Yogscast sucks.
business as usual
Looks like a metric fuckton of people forgot that Kickstarters aren't people paying for a product, but people donating to show support for the development of a product with no actual promise of a *finished* product.
The difference though is that the company's reputation was on the line, and they let some nobody developer blow it on their watch. They owe an official explanation, at the very least.
Yeah, no. While I find the Yogscast guys to be irritating as hell, you can't really hold them accountable for this. There was a person developing the game. Yogscast are not that person.
This is as official an explanation anyone will ever get:

"Uhh, yeah. We asked this guy to make a game for us. He didn't make the game. Sorry you guys got hyped over something we had no control over, but there's nothing we can do about it."
Yogscast is equally accountable as the developer. They chose him, it was their job to ensure he was reputable. They didn't.
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>people giving money to a Goon affiliate
Yeah, pretty sure you're wrong. Yogscast are a bunch of dipshit youtubers, not a publisher. From the sounds of things, nothing was professionally done in any of this, which means no contracts signed nor legally binding agreements made. Whine and bitch all you want, nothing can be done about it. And I re-iterate my point that Kickstarter is not for buying a product, but for showing support through a donation pool. It's shitty that these morons thinking they were paying for a crappy game lost their money, but there is nothing legally binding about any of it. There is no way to hold anyone accountable. End of story.
The shady thing about it is that they were in contact with the developer. They knew he couldn't complete the game and that he was relinquishing it to them. But they didn't say a word about it, for months, until pressured, and until after the dev spoke up.
>tfw big government still hasn't stepped in and stop this crowdfunding faggotry
why do i even pay taxes if they're not going to protect me from shit like these?
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>tfw people are this stupid
I'm not saying that I think anyone will ever get their money back.

But people are asking to see how the money was spent, and there seems to be a refusal to do that, despite the possibility of it being intentionally misused.

The dev claims he spent $25,000 of "his" own money after the Kickstarter fund ran out, but if he paid himself a salary from the Kickstarter money, then he's actually twisting the truth. He in fact put Kickstarter money back into the Kickstarter, not from his own pocket.
>Why do I pay taxes if I don't have someone to use my brain for me?

Seriously? You are completely incapable of making smart decisions for yourself? You need your government to overreach even further than it already likely does and tell you how to make good financial decisions? How old are you?
I think his point is that it's a completely unregulated business front which is being used to scam people. And in that respect, the government should be looking into it, much like they do other known scams.
Of course the money was misused. $500,000 doesn't just disappear in the space of 2 years in a single small game's development process. At least, not when it's on the shitty scale this game likely was. The guy was probably paying for his WoW subscription and eating out every night with the money. Nobody will ever get an explanation about how the money was used because the guy closed shop and got the hell out of Dodge.
Yeah the fact that they knew about it and still didn't say anything really doesn't sit well with me.

They were promoting this game. They demonstrated it, and were encouraging people to go support the Kickstarter. Then when it all went wrong, then put their head under a rock.
They probably laundered it and kept it in their own pockets.
The guy ran an LLC, the money will have been accounted for somehow.

And he's not gone, he's still lurking and posting on the Yogscast forum sometimes, and probably the subreddit.
That still doesn't mention why anyone should care, though.
So a group of people suck, so what?
Kicstarter itself isn't a scam, though. The guy who DID this should be tracked down and beaten, sure, but Kickstarter's member agreement states that you agree you are not paying for a finished product. And besides, while there are failed Kickstarters everywhere, there are also a lot of fruitful ones. Pillars of Eternity is coming along rather nicely, just to name the first one that comes to mind. Mighty No.9 is, as well.
Because they're one of the largest and most influential Youtube video game content creator?
Then he'll either be tracked down and held accountable or he won't. Like I said, though, he has no legal responsibility to anyone. As wrong as what he did is, there's nothing anyone can do in the legal process.
Gambling, in and of itself, isn't a scam either. But a lot of places try to cheat people with it, which is why the government regulates it.

Kickstarter is a shelter for scammers, and they're LOOSENING their restrictions on who can start them, all because they make money no matter what.
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>give money to jews
>get jewed

stupid goyim
>Like I said, though, he has no legal responsibility to anyone. As wrong as what he did is, there's nothing anyone can do in the legal process.
I'm interested if there's a precedent. It's all well and good us arguing here about things like this but I'd like to see something like this go to court just to see the results.
See, I've heard it the other way around, though. I've read about Kickstarters being shut down by Kickstarter itself for being scammy. They don't tolerate that kind of shit. But I believe that by the very nature of the site itself, they can't do anything after everything is all said and done. During the donation process they can grind it to a halt, but not after it's done and the people have the money.

But as you said, they make a shitload off of it all....so I suppose I could see why they wouldn't *want* to take action after the transactions occur.
Actually, I would, too. It'd be nice if Kicstarter ended up legally accountable for delinquent projects. Or, at the very least, the person promising the project completion in exchange for money.
They don't owe you any accountability. They gave you a nice idea and you made a donation. Don't like it? Don't donate there.
You're missing the point. They still intend to sell a Yogventures game, probably made by these TUG people now instead.

They're giving people no reason to trust them in the future with money if they don't do more to rectify the thousands of angry backers.
that shit doesn't fly with charities, the law just hasn't caught up with the internet yet
That is the most irrelevant reply I have ever read.

Charities don't provide services to the people who donate at all. They provide whatever service it is they formed for, for the people their organization was intended.
The law won't do anything until you start seeing lawmakers using online fundraising websites for their campaigns.

And mark my words, this is going to happen in the near future.
>That is the most irrelevant reply I have ever read.
That service is what someone gives money for. It doesn't go toward the donor but the donor expects a portion of that money to go to a charitable cause. It's a similar issue in that a crowdfunding backer expects reasonable returns from their money.
I guarantee you that if charities didn't have their massive tax exemptions and breaks, the law wouldn't enforce them at all. Charities are only forced to follow through because they're getting something out of it. Kickstarter is not a charity and it doesn't have any tax breaks or exemptions involved in it.

The only thing similar between Kicstarter and charities are the fact that people are giving money to someone. That is where the similarities end. The reply is still irrelevant.
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Does anyone know where I can watch the BB matches from EVO 2014 from start to finish? Im not sure if this is a stupid question but it probably is.

I dunno what problem you faggots have with kickstarter, a bunch of stuff funded through that turned out great. As long as you aren't a dumbass about who you give your money to you should be fine.
There were several prominent groups whose Kickstarters failed regardless of raising more money than the goal. It's impossible to avoid being a dumbass about giving them money, because it's impossible to know which will fail.

Kickstarter themselves say that you're not purchasing anything through them, so for anyone to give a company or individual money just to encourage them to make something, even if the company is promising a game if you do, is stupid.

The only way to avoid being a dumbass is to avoid Kickstarter to begin with.

The fact of the matter is that you just don't need a lot of money in most cases. If you're an individual, then your development expenses are extremely minor. If you're a company, then you already HAVE money, as well as possibilities of obtaining capital elsewhere.

Companies and individuals made awesome games for decades before this scam existed. People need to stop feeding this stupid early access bullshit before all games turn into this shit.
The problem here is that there are plenty of people who don't understand that they are willingly choosing to make high risk investments in shitty projects and somehow don't realize that they aren't buying anything.

Maybe now they've learned their lesson.
Thread posts: 43
Thread images: 5

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