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Sakurai announces that the last character you played as is now

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Sakurai announces that the last character you played as is now in Smash. What are their B moves, what is their final smash, and how do they play in general?
If the last character you played as has already been in Smash, then they are demoted to Assist Trophy.
I'm okay with this.
>Excitebike Racer
Welp, he appeared in Brawn so I guess he's an assist trophy again
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HA! joke's on you, I played as-
>that spoiler
>Sika Deer from Tokyo Jungle

You wot?
B - Homing attack
Up B - spring
side B - spin dash
down b - spin charge
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B - Fireball
Up B - Jump
Side B - Cape
Down B - FLUDD

I Just rebeat Sunshine.
How the hell would a CS:GO terrorist work.
I Didn't read the spoiler, that makes it even funnier.
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>the character model himself is really small, shorter than little Mac. This is so that he is not gigantic when using unite moves (which themselves are relatively scaled down)
>very, very light, but hits hard
>B: Unite Gun: shoots a large bullet straight forward
>Forward B: Unite Hand: a slow, strong punch straight forward
>Up B: Unite Sword: a quick vertical slash straight up
>Down B: Unite Guts: becomes a jelly for a moment, damages opponent if attacked
>Final Smash: Team Attack: for a time, a huge crowd of Wonderful ones will randomly jump around the stage, damaging opponents
>or, Final Smash: Unite Up: all B attacks are their "charged up" huge versions for a limited time, do more damage+have more range

Possible gimmicks
>Unite Whip for grab
>all B moves are chargeable, when charged they will increase in size and range like the second FS idea
>Isaac from Binding of Isaac

Up B: Transcendence.
>A noose grows from Isaac's neck, tying him to a corner and reeling him in.

Side B: Bob's Curse
>Rolls a Poison Bomb. Distance depends on how long B is pressed.

Down B: Holy Water.
>Water is spilled in a radius around Isaac's feet. If an enemy steps in it, they are frozen and damaged. If another is laid down, the previous one vanishes.

Final Smash: Sacred Heart.
> Isaac assumes his Boss form, moving to the background, shooting purple tears, and summoning harpies around the stage. Ends by divebombing the stage, causing a large explosion.

Isaac is meant to be a zoner, attacking from afar. Getting up close is a bad idea. His motions and movements are mean to imply that he is in great pain.
>What are their B moves
Various ARMS shots.
>what is their final smash
Fury Shot empowered Wild Bunch/Arch Smash
>and how do they play in general?
I suppose kind of slow in movement, but strong, with knife attacks with the A button (going off the PS1 original here, since in the PS2 remake he only uses his gun).
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B - Bad Stone
side B - Slide Kick (can be used for horizontal recovery)
up B - Criminal Upper
down B - pick up Knife (changes A moves like any bludgeon weapon)

Final Smash - Last Dread Dust

you mainly have to recover with his grappler, where he throws one end of the handcuffs
>Sigurd, or whatever his name was translated to in FE:A

Marth and Lucina clone probably. Don't know about a final smash, but maybe he could have a dancer come out and reduce his percentage by a certain amount to differentiate from the other blue haired lords
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>Toon Link

Before that it was Shulk
>Toon Link has fingernails

This is weird, I don't like it
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>Rape is his final smash
But what about the men?
What ABOUT the men?
Narukami Yu.
He uses a katana or zweihander for his melee attacks.
B is a charged up Zio/Zionga/Ziodyne, down-b is Magaru, and side-b is Agi.
His final smash involves attacking with his Social Links.
does he transform into female rance and then rape them?
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>Narukami Yu
>Not Seta Souji
Why would they rename him that. It's so cliche it hurts.
>Seta Souji
>not Ramasama Kenpachi
MH3U hunter
Side B, slides forward with the weapon he has equip
neutral B, throws a Feline that swings once with a random weapon
up B tosses current weapon into air, if you dont catch can no long be used in stock
Down B switches weapons, (hammer, long sword, great sword, dual swords)
A rush down character but utilizing the specialties of each weapon. Has the weight of Captain falcon, with around the same height. Has female at costume. Final smash is devijho
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>Rhythm Heaven Rockers

I mean I fucking love that minigame it's my favorite but I don't know what they would do. Let's try anyways. They're a duo character like Ice Climbers, where the Rock Star takes the lead and his protege copies. His protege actually gets stronger the longer he lives, and if the Rock Star gets KO'd, the protege can actually survive by himself.

B^: Whammy Bar
Propel yourself upwards with the power of rock. Like Robin's recovery.

B: Strum
Press another direction while holding B to shoot sound waves in that direction. Can fire diagonally. Each time you push a direction while holding B you shoot music in that direction

<B>: shoots soundwaves in the direction to propel yourself in the opposite direction.

BV: Back to back
Both the rockstar and protege put their backs together to rock together. Shoots sound waves all around them, deflects projectiles.

Final Smash: Duet
Rockstar takes centre stage (literally) and plays; he will play half the time, and if you copy what he does inbetween pauses, you deal damage as well. The protege can run around during the Rock Star's performance too; it's like two DK Bongos, one in the middle and one you can move with.
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for you.png
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>implying he wouldnt be goat
>watching 2BFP
>BJ Blazkowicz from Return to Castle Wolfenstein
So basically he'd play like Snake but without the Nikita and instead uses the Snooper rifle.
Forward smash could be the Flamethrower and Up Smash could be the Tesla gun.

And the Final Smash would be the Venom Gun.
>donkey kong is now in smash
thank you sakurai
Read the spoiler.
>miles edgeworth

present evidence
final smash is a big objection

fuck i dont know it just wouldnt work
>Fire Emblem Awakening

> roller coaster tycoon 1

I guess it'd end up being like, Guest 1382.
Maybe his side specials would be vomiting everywhere and his down smash would be destroying trashcans. Up B would be floating up with an umbrella or balloon or something.
Final smash would be putting everyone on Mr. BONES WILD RIDE

I'd main em
Isaac from Golden Sun
B: Djinn switch (Changes between air, water, earth, and fire djinns, changing the elemental properties of your attacks. Air is faster, Water has a larger hit range, Earth has a higher stun, Fire does more damage)
Side B: Sonic Slash/Ice Missile/Quake Sphere/Inferno
Up B: Pillar - Summons a pillar below and pushes Isaac up.
Down B: Increases Speed, Range, Stun or Damage based on Djinn

Final Smash:
Judgement of the Sun - Thor and Judgement hover in the sky, creating a giant meteor and striking it down. After, Boreas summons a wave across the ground of the stage, knocking people off.
Adam Jensen (not going to make a full move set just the obvious ones)

b-side: tranq rifle, similar to ZSS' tazer but travels longer
b-up: high jump aug with uppercut
D-air: Icarus Landing System aug
Final Smash: Typhoon
grabs / throws would be based on his takedown animations
A moves would use his arm blade things
medium weight
>Adam Jenson

B - Stun Gun
Up B - Jump Enhancement
Down B - Typhoon Explosion
Side B - I Never Asked For This
Frank West

>Neutral B
Throws random item that could range from food to zombies to other weapons from DR

>Forward B
The shopping cart he uses in umcv3 because it's pretty fucking good already

>Up B
His backflip kick as a pop up and give it the same height as Ike's recovery

>down B
His Elbow Drop and if done on the ground he does a small jump first and the higher up he is the more damage but to far and he could take damage

>Final Smash
Have him pull out a defiler, paddlesaw, or any other heavy weapon and do his spinning lariat. The more you mash B the faster he'll spin and if he goes fast enough he can get a little bit if air time.

Have frank also be a little bit lighter than snake but still pretty weighty. All in all he should feel like umvc3 with tweaks because lets face it he was pretty good there.
Neutral B: Gum Gum Rifle
Side B: Gum Gum Gatling
Up B: Gum Gum Storm
Down B: Gum Gum Balloon

Final smash would have him activate gear second and all of his specials would be given a gear third/haki upgrade
>Heavy Rain Man
>every button: JASON
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Fitting character after the recent announcements
DFO Exorcist

B - Holy Amulet
Up B - Phoenix Hammer
Down B - Chaos Hammer
Side B - Crucifix Wind

Final Smash - Motherfucking Star in the Sky
>mid weight between Ike and Marth
>slightly heavy with strong hits
>wields Siegmund his flame lance

Down B: luna
>similar to a counter, Ephraim dashes behind them then bashes them forward. Does no damage and little knock back but causes enemy to take double damage and knock back for 5 seconds and Ephraim will do triple damage and knockback for 5 seconds

Side B: spear throw
>throws a lance to his side with an arc, can be aimed using control stick and will randomly be either javalin, short spear, or spear getting stronger and faster

Up B: lance spin
>spins his lance in front raising him up

Neutral b: flame spin
>spins lance to charge then flies forward to deliver the blow, full charge is equivalent to range of Ike's side b

Final smash impale
>Ephraim charges into the opponent and locks them in place, then unleased dozens of stabs before ending with something similar to his crit by spinning his lance and piercing the enemy then throwing them up off the screen with his lance
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>Yukiko complains about getting nowhere in life while the screen fills with spaghetti
>Rise nags characters to death
>Teddie makes terrible puns
>Band loli complains about her life
>Nurse slut attacks a vital organ
>Kanji throws stuffed animals at them
>Chie kicks them. Alternatively makes food and poisons them
>Milf beats you like she would her child
>Dojima gets a call from work and hits you with his car
>Nanako gives you grief about shit you don't care about
>Kuso smacks you with a book
>Ai stays a cold-hearted bitch and leaves you stunned
>Naoto acts like a smug prick then beats you with a surprisingly realistic dick
>Margret writes a bunch of terrible poetry
>Yoskue does fucking nothing
Sill appears in the background at all times for some of his moves. If you use her too much, she becomes tired and needs to rest for about five to ten seconds. You shouldn't need to rely on Sill though, as Rance is plenty powerful alone.
>Neutral B is Fire Arrow. Sill shoots a fireball in an arcing motion from the background.
>Side B is Light Attack. Rance slaps the opponent with the side of Chaos. Does little damage, but stuns the opponent.
>Down B is Sill Healing. Rance stands still while Sill slowly heals him. This tires out Sill quickly.
>Up B is Rance Attack. Rance does a short hop and slashes forward with Chaos. When he hits the ground, a shockwave is sent forward. The shockwave's power and reach depends on how high he fell. Using this move ends Sill's recovery early, however leaves her with the stamina she had on the use of the attack.
>Final Smash is Kichiku Attack. Rance creates a massive shockwave, damaging himself by around 30%. Afterwards, Sill heals him by 50%.
>Rance has a unique grab animation against female opponents.
>His reveal is at the end of another reveal trailer. He watches some of the female fighters from the bushes, with the camera focusing on their asses and tits. He lets out a (text based) laugh and leaps out with Sill behind him.
File: BHElesis.png (237KB, 525x555px)
237KB, 525x555px


Longer range sword-moves than anyone else I suppose, but more sluggish in general and doesn't jump too high. Can close distances very quickly with her moves, though, and has a few quick-hitting ones. Probably a bit on the small side, but a midweight.

Neutral B: Sword Fire. Charge move that releases a powerful, but short-range fireball. Pretty big when fully-charged. Fires horizontally when on the ground, but at a 45% downward angle if in the air.

Up B: Leap. Moves up slightly, but quite a distance to the side, landing with a vertical slash. Really good for closing distances and surprising foes, and you could probably vault over an incoming projectile with it.

Side B: Scaldic Sword. Elesis charges forward and slashes her target, then does another slash that sends out a fiery 'X' shaped wave.

Down B: Sword Eruption - Plants her hand in the ground, causing two flaming blades to jut up to her sides.

Final Smash: Ancient Fire. Takes a brief moment to stick her sword in the ground, and then conjures a gigantic flaming tornado, which has a slight suction property to it.

Am I doing it right?
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Crash Bandicoot.png
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B) - Spin

>B) - Slide

^B) - Jet Pack

vB) - Body Slam

Final Smash - Aku Aku invincibility
Assist Trophy - Coco or Tiny

Item - TNT Crate
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> Kid Icarus: Uprising
Well that's unlikely to... Wait.

> Chapter 18
> Playing as Magnus

New rep everyone!
> Dash attack: flying kick
> Neutral ground: the standard combo
> Smashes: some bigger sword hits, whatever
> Neutral B: chargeable projectile that follows the ground. Sort of a mix between Samus' shot and Pikachu's spark
> Up B: Kick a few arcurions
> Down B: Counter that also moves you behind the target's position
> Side B: The dog charges
>Air moves: Some mix of kicks, slashes, headbutts, whatever
> Final Smash: Team up with Gaol
File: image.jpg (96KB, 792x648px)
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Speed: Same as Kirby
Jumping height: Same as Meta Knight
Number of jumps: Two
Falling Speed: Same as Dedede
Weight: Same as Kirby
Neutral A: Multispear Thrust
Side Tilt:Parasol Swing
Up Tilt: Parasol Thrust
Down Tilt: Slide
Forward Smash: Mega Thrust
Up Smash: Up thrust
Down Smash: Megaton Punch, hits both sides
Dash Attack: Parasol Drill
Neutral Aerial: Spear Spin
Forward Aerial: Hammer Bash
Back Aerial: Beam Whip
Down Aerial: Parasol Twirl (moves at an angle)
Up Aerial: Up Thrust
Forward Throw: Torrent Lariat
Back Throw: Capture Beam
Up Throw: Circus Throw
Down Throw: Megaton Punch
Neutral Special: Spear Throw. Can be charged to increase number of spears. Alts are Super Javelin, a single large spear, and Spear Flurry, five spears thrown consecutively
Up Special: Spear Copter. Can be charged to increase air time. Alts include Spinning Copter, a more horizontal based variation, and Tornado, a Mach Tornado-esque version.
Side B is the Suplex Hold, where Bandana Dee dashes forward attempting to grab someone and performs a Back Breaker if successful. Alts include Jet Cracker, a chargable tackle with a short lingering projectile, and Burning Tackle, a tackle with invincibility frames similar to Kirby's Melee dash attack.
Down B is Plasma Barrier. Bandana Dee creates a barrier that repeatedly shocks nearby opponents. Alts are Freeze, a single hit Ice attack, and Hide Guard, a counter that creates an explosion if someone hits it.
Final Smash is the True Megaton Punch. Bandana Dee does a ground pound that creates a shockwave capable of stunning opponents. Once an enemy is hit by it, he jumps up and pulls out a giant block that flattens opponents. Players will then have to line up the power bar, the cursors, and the pendulum in order to make it stronger. He'll then perform a punch that knocks the flattened opponents away.
Up taunt: Adjusts his bandana
Side Taunt: Spins his spear and taps it on the ground
Down Taunt: Eats a cookie like the anime scene.
So like vanilla trailer Dragonborn or my actual character? I assume vanilla.
Lots of shield bashing, flame casting, maybe healing too? Shouts (and a bow?) for ranged I guess. Final smash would probably be the call dragon shout I guess.
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B - Crowbar bash
B side - Pulse Rifle blasts
B up - Gordon stacks up a bunch of boxes with the gravity gun that he can climb up. The longer you hold it down the higher the boxes can stack
B down - tosses an object with the gravity gun

Final Smash - Super Gravity Gun. Can pick up other fighters and shoot them off the stage.
File: Dovahkiin.png (114KB, 189x298px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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B) - Sparks

B>) - Fire Bolt

VB) - Frost Rune

^B) - Whirlwind Sprint

Final Smash - Fus Ro Dah
You forgot Adachi kills someone

For added effect, the kill always has them bumping towards the TV
>Players will then have to line up the power bar, the cursors, and the pendulum in order to make it stronger
You read my fucking mind on his final smash there, I'd expect a "MEGATON PUNCH" banner comes out of nowhere and behind him and he poses a bit before doing the punch
I figured fus ro dah would act similar to robin's thunder tomes spells
Fus ro
Fus ro dah

Just a shout isn't all that great a smash although I suppose it could explode outwards in a circle and just push everything away significantly

Also you have a really strong focus on spells, trailer dragonborn just shouted and had a sword and shield.
>Fus Ro Dah

Each time I hear that in my head I totally hate it now, I guess people can ruin a videogame, it wasn't too good anyway so whatever but the cringe/hate remains
EDF fencer

Fuck everythong, lets get to the final smash





cue the three man chopper spamming rockets, as the Fencer salutes
I was originally planning for a ROAD ROLLER DA esque FS, but I figured a more accurate version would work best. He's based off of Super Star's helpers.
Aw come on man.

Imagine it was his normal B attack and functioned like >>253403143 said.

Now imagine Kirby with a tiny viking hat saying it.
>Death from Darksiders 2
>Basic scythe combo for A
>neutral B is Grim Reaper launch move
>forward B is teleport slash
>down B is Buckler guard with a sweet spot counter attack
>up B is Tornado Frenzy
>Final Smash is Reaper Form
Customization is elemental buffs for teleport slash, lower defense and higher attack (and vice versa) for buckler guard, and higher recovery with less side movement, or 3 small recoveries.
>I actually played a bit of Casltevania on NES just a while ago

Well many anons want him in. I figure he would be a very fun character. He has many items and magics he could use. His whip could possibly be op. I would guess his final smash would be whip extension. Actually that makes perfect sense.
Evil Ryu
B Hadoken
Side B Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Up B Shoryuken
Down B Ryusokyaku

Final Smash: Messatsu Goshoryuken
Sorry, it's the casual's fault.

Anyway, mine would be Hunter, from MH3U

Hunting Horn all day every day, summon FUCKING RATHALOS or Jho as Final Smash to wreck everyone's shit while the Hunter just runs away and cowers, yeah, cool
File: Metal_Storm.jpg (110KB, 400x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A and varieties - Punches with his gun in different directions
B - Continuous Pew Pew laser like Fox.
B Up - Uses the G power up and becomes a fireball.
B Down - Uses S power up and creates a reflective shield like Pit.
B Sideways - Uses the P power up like Samus' missiles and shoots a strong attack.
Final Smash - Reverses gravity for a moment and sends everyone to the bottom if they are touching the floor.
File: Thebossomerta.jpg (33KB, 262x399px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Boss D'Angelo from Omerta: City of Gangsters
>a few alts fitting some of his portraits from character creation

Typewriter, tap B to keep firing with a wide cone
>Side B
Pistol, very fast but weak and can move while shooting
>Down B
Booby Trap, similar to Snake's but not remote controlled and can also hurt you
>Up B
Climbing Hook

>Final Smash: Drive By
Squigs and Doc come in firing wildly at the stage passing from the foreground, before careening on to the stage and slamming into anyone in the way.
File: image.jpg (226KB, 532x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stage Intro: Lands from a smoky explosion like the intro to Return to Dream Land.
Idle animations: Adjusting his bandana and briefly falling asleep
Victory Poses:
Spins his spear around and plants it, untying the red cloth on it, revealing it to be a Dedede flag
Four Waddle Dees carrying him in celebration
Dances with a Waddle Doo
Official Render is his wink from Megaton Punch
Alternate colors are:
Rainbow Curse Yellow
Rainbow Curse Green
Rainbow Curse Turquoise
Halcandra Dee
Dark Blue with a red Dedede Bandana.
Sailor Waddle Dee
File: 1399769883232.gif (10KB, 201x221px)
10KB, 201x221px

No double jump. But the second jump is a like a glide as kazooie flaps her wings just like in Banjo-Kazooie.

Goes into flight mode. 5 red feathers appear on the HUD meaning you can flap 5 times to gain altitude. Compensates for lack of proper double jump. Pressing B in this mode will do a charging attack and use up remaining feathers. The distance travelled depends on remaining feathers.

I dunno.

Fires eggs.

Beak-barge. It's essentially kinda like falcon kick.

>Aerial down B
Ground pound. Holding B will do the drill ground pound.

>Side Taunt
Switches the projectile egg type. Eggs come in limited numbers, but regenerate over time. Using up one type will automatically switch to the next type. The following types exist:
>Normal. Rapid fire. Highest DPS but no knockback. Just like Fox' laser. 50 eggs.
>Fire. Fire damage. Detonates explosives. Causes flinching. 20 eggs.
>Ice. Ice damage. Slows target for a few seconds on hit. 15 eggs
>Grenade. Larger AOE. High knockback effect. Good for ledgeguarding if your opponent is at high percent. 5 eggs.

>Final smash
Counter with 20 gold feathers appear. You become invulnerable and do tons of damage on contact with an enemy.
>Monster Hunter

Yes please

>Down B: Place barrel bomb
Places a barrel bomb or, rarely, a barrel bomb+. Only 2 can be on the field at the same time. If a third is placed, the first explodes.
>Neutral B: Light/Heavy bowgun
First shot will always be light. Continuous fire will keep it on light until you put it away.
Next shots will be heavy. more powerful shots in trade for higher recoil and firing speed
>Up B: Insect Glaive Vault
Vaults you into the air from the ground. Insect lifts you up if performed in the air
>Side B: Lance Charge
Self explanatory. Perform again to Charge thrust
>Side Smash: Greatsword charge
Self explanatory
>Up Smash: Bow Arc shot
Different shots depending on charge. Wide > Focus > Blast
>Down Smash: Hammer Spin
Self Explanatory


Taunt 1: Cook meat SO TASTY!
Taunt 2: Cycles through multiple gestures
I'm devoid of any creativity.
File: TheOneAndOnly.jpg (20KB, 240x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 240x240px
B - War cry that raises gives a temporary boost in attack strength and speed.
Down B - 360 attack to ward off insects.
Up B - Lifts the enemy up with his halberd then throws them back down.
Side B - Grabs enemy by the face and throws them on the ground.

Final Smash - I'LL DEAL WITH YOU ALL FROM ATOP RED HARE. Invulnerable as we rides around while attacking people for huge knock-back.
>Demi Fiend

Geez I dunno. He has a good punch normal attack
>Last character I played as was Robin in Fire Emblem Awakening
Well Then Guess I'm done
He did fine in Mahvel 3
I was going to tell you to add metal dee as an alt then I realized that would conflict with the metal box item
File: Crashdance.gif (295KB, 150x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
295KB, 150x150px

The slide seems more suited to a side smash... maybe the Fruit Bazooka instead?
Also, imagine if he could spin items away and turn them into projectiles... hnnnngh

Also, the only taunt he'd ever need.
File: SSB4 Rosalina.png (101KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
SSB4 Rosalina.png
101KB, 400x400px
I have no idea m8
Halcandra Dee
Sectonia Dee
King Dede-Dee
Carry Dee
Sailor Waddle Dee
Demoted to assist trophy status.

Final smash has got to be his hyper weapon.
I know. That's why I said "Good" assist is all she deserved.
>big boss
He's like snake, but with...
Well, he's snake.
So.. Persona 3 protag.
I guess that could be cool.
The different attacks use the different weapons you can use ingame.
Final smash should be becoming a giant door and creating a vacuum. Anyone who gets pulled through the door is KO
>swain jericho
File: ezio.jpg (118KB, 536x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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B: hidden pistol
Down B: "assassination" - leaps from a platform and stabs a nigga with hidden blades
Up B: Leonardo's flying machine
Side B: running like how he runs through a crowd, knocking everyone aside
Final Smash: the Arrow Storm from Brotherhood

mfw he might actually be in smash because Rayman trophy
Over B-Lick
Up B- Psychic (He needs no recovery. Extremely light, knows levitate.)
Down B-Explosion or Night shade. Would work the same way.

Final smash: DREAM EATER
>Final Smash
File: 138px-MKTroopa[1].png (33KB, 138x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 138x150px
I am in full support of this.
B: Shell bash
Up+B: Blue Shell
Side+B: Shell toss
Down+B: Triple Red

Final Smash: Shell Bonanza. Throws out a barrage of shells in random colours.
>Zero from Drakengard
>Side B is tossing a fast but small Chakram that comes back to her a la Link's Boomarang
>Normal B is a sword wave that can be charged
>Up B is a thrust into the sky with her spear
>Down B is the Knuckles dive kick
>Final Smash is an 8 minute rhythm game where the screen starts fading out
>Alternatively calling in Mikhail
I'm not even sure, her whole gimmick is transformations and considering Sakurai axed those, doesn't feel like she'd get much done.

But let's see...

B - Dance : Shantae performs a dance, depending on how long this is held, Shantae's other B Attacks gain additional power and lose disadvantages. (Mechanically, Shantae will gain a number of 'buffed uses' of her other B moves the more and more she dances, which will appear above her percentage as little dance icons)
B + Left/Right - Monkey Bullet - Shantae quickly poses, turns into a monkey and dashes forward, then stops and transforms back while striking another pose. While under Dance effect, she'll dash faster with more knockback and without the posing at the end of the attack.
B + Down - Elephant Stomp : Shantae will strike a pose and turn into an elephant and slam downwards, then turn back and strike another dance pose. Under Dance influence, she gains super armor and will create an AoE effect around her as she slams downwards, will not strike a pose at the end.
B + Up - Harpy Talon - Shantae will strike a dance pose and fly up at sharp angle before diving back down in the direction you aim. On landing, will strike a dance pose while transforming back. Will not strike a pose until she reaches solid ground (nor will she do it if she catches a ledge, which will turn her back to normal). Under the influence of dance, Shantae will not strike a pose upon landing and her sharp ascent will have her feinting through attacks while increasing her damage hitbox.

Final Smash -
Dancer Shantae - Shantae's outfit changes and she'll suddenly unleash a barrage of heavy hitting spells while surrounded in floating spiky balls. She can still be attacked like this but doing so is very difficult as the spike balls also block attacks if they are hit instead of her.

Roger Wilco, Space Station caption of the infamous Space Station 13.

Laser gun, with stun and kill settings,
Chain of command, a metal chain he swings and hits people with.
Tactical baton,
Spray bottle full of acid
(Last round, I had to melt someones face off as my objective, so I planted evidence on him and had him arrested, and snuck into his jail cell and sprayed acid on his face while he was buckled to his bed)

and I guess regular punches?
I'll do no guns hard mode because Snake

Neutral B is a baseball swing similar to home run bat, but with a faster animation. Can charge it.
Down B chugs a Bonk!, works similar to Marth's counter
Side B throws Mad Milk, works similar to a Snake grenade. If it hits it decreases the Scout's percentage by a bit
Up B wacks himself with a Boston Basher, which gives upwards momentum and can be used 3 times but deals damage to Scout, if someone else is within the hitbox then they both ascend, but only the enemy gets hurt. Can smash similar to Rest or Luigi's Up B

His Final Smash Humiliation, where every enemy runs slower and all of his attacks deal 3x as much damage
File: Witcher_2_cover.jpg (21KB, 300x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 300x420px
>Geralt of Rivia
>B Igni
>Down B Yrden
>Side B bomb throw
>Up B Twirl Sword Like a Helicopter
>Every taunt is "whoreson"
File: XY_Calem.png (381KB, 396x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
381KB, 396x1280px
Pokemon Trainer (Plays similarly to Yugi in Jump Super Stars in the sense that Pokemon appear in attacks) Costume Changes would swap Pokemon in attacks with respective generation representation.

B - With Chespin, Seed Bomb (appears on shoulder and shoots bullet seed on barious arcs forward and upward)
Up B - With Talonflame, Fly or Brave Bird (grabs trainer and flies upwards)
Down B - With Aegislash, King's Shield (Appears in front of trainer and reflects projectiles)
Forward B - With Gogoat, Tackle or charge it up for Take Down (Gogoat appears under the trainer to ride on it and either dashes forward or charge to dash farther and send more knock back)

Run - Skates

Final Smash - With Arceus, Judgment (Rides on Arceus and either does one attack or can ride it for a while)

Taunt 1 - Takes out Pokedex and looks through it.

It's a work in progress. Any ideas? This is basically how I wanted Pokemon Trainer to be in Brawl. So much wasted potential.
Yeah, the last Pokemon that you used stays on the field, and acts as your A moves.
File: 132131232335.jpg (250KB, 650x592px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
250KB, 650x592px
File: just cause 2.jpg (11KB, 201x251px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
just cause 2.jpg
11KB, 201x251px
Rico Rodriguez aka "Scorpio"
General playstyle would be keep away. His A attack would be a gun of some kind
B would shoot his hookshot, and anything it grabbed (including a player) he would rocket towards them, doing damage when he hits
Up B: Hookshot up
Down B: Hookshot down
Side B: hookshot tether, hit Side B once and the hookshot will attach to something, hit B again and another hookshot will hit something else, the two will then be attached until they can break free. Players can mash out of it when first hit

Final Smash: everyone he hits with his hookshot is now also attached to a gas canister which will rocket them away, can they survive?
Well, I figured the Pokemon Trainer would be the main character and be walking around. He could probably use his various items as A attacks somehow, even if they are accidentally used for damage, similar to Phoenix Wright in UMVC3
B - Pwnd
<B> - Pwnd
Downb - Pwnd
upB - Pwnd in th air

Final SMASH....Rage quit
File: hazama.jpg (22KB, 462x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 462x495px
>Jayoku Houtenjin
>kills at 0%
Forward B right here lol
Neutral B:think of marth's neutral from melee, but if you hit B again, it'll do a followup swing. Same as her HP from the game.
Side B:Napalm Shot
Down B:Napalm Pillar
Up B:Shoots a napalm tear below her, then shoots it with her gun, causing it to explode, then flying with her parasol (like her J.MK)
Final smash: Sniper shot that you have to aim, a-la Dragoon in brawl
Platinum from Blazblue Chronophantasma

Neutral B - store a random character's item for 3 uses using the same input. (pan, hammer, missile, bomb, present, mace) item can be erased by taunting.
Up B - leaping pogo stick attack, can chain hit up to 3 more times by pressing B continuously.
Side B - mami circular attack (leap-forward heart-shaped surfboard like attack)
Down B - crouching lift hit with staff that launches nearby enemies on either side straight up.

Final smash would be multiple large laser beams from random sides of the screen.
Better idea, Do all that, but his neutral special is instead pulling out a Pokeball item, there's a rare chance that it'll be a master ball and it can only happen once per match.
Fireball, can charge to be Flame blast
>Up B.
Jumps in the air while charged with lightning, lightly pushing things back
>Forward B.
Casts a cone of Dark Magic Stealing Percentage, damaging enemys and healing her
>Down B
Blasts Wind magic downwards, If on the floor the wind knocks back from both sides

>Final Smash
BLOOD AND THUNDER, Noire shoots an arrow, if it kills someone she fires another arrow
Kaptain K. Rool
>nuetral b

Fire blunderbuss spiked canonball

>down b

Fire blunderbuss confusion gas, does damage and reverses opponents controls for a little bit (shoots it at the ground so it hits both sides of him)

>side b

Uses blunderbuss as a vacuum, pulling him to an enemy and the enemy to him. If they collide he can fire again to blast them away, or press down to spray them with gas

> up b

Fires at the ground propelling him upwards causing an explosion

While in air can do it again to fire cannonballs downward and get a bit of air

Final smash - hops on a canon and starts firing cannonballs wildly

Sounds fun
Different punches with A.
FSmash is Super Shotgun.
No up or down smashes because he can't look up or down
Im sorry, please tell me what game you were playing
There is game in which you play King K. Rool?
>Nature's Prophet

oh okay so basically all of his moves involve him avoiding confrontation and slowly increasing everybody's percentage so he can just one-shot them

final smash is backdooring their ancient
What about nuetral b and final smash?
DK Barrel Blast and Mario Super Sluggers.

muh nigga
>Last played character is Rosalina

Well hmm.
Paper Mario, huh

B neutral: Hammer, duh
B up: Spring Jump
B side: Tube Roll
B down: Koops' Shell, blocks attacks, can break if attack is too strong

Final Smash: uhh
All of the partners appear and use their moves? I dunno
Hope you like Rosalina as an assist trophy.
File: image.jpg (24KB, 433x209px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 433x209px
Oliver from Ni No Kuni. Could be an Olimar clone I guess, but there would be too much of an uproar.
B= short ranged fire spell
B> = Pulse
downB= frostbite
^B= Levitate or maybe a Gateway spell that opens into the space above him?
Final smash=Burning Heart
A attacks would all be relatively weak, except the smash attacks in which the mite familiar would appear, slashing in the given direction. Esther would have to be an assist trophy for sure. Swaine can fuck off.
File: 250px-Pyro.png (39KB, 250x262px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 250x262px
TF2 Pyro

B: Flamethrower
Works much like Bowser and Charizard's only ends on is own after a few seconds rather than diminishing to a few embers.

Side B: Flare Gun
Basically Ness' PK Fire. Change nothing about it.

Up B: Detonator Shot
Pyro launches himself upwards by firing the flare shot at his feet, exploding on the ground and launching him upwards. When used in the air the B button will cause the shot to explode, meaning it can be detonated right away for a recovery boost or used offensively to stop other Smashers from trying to finish the pyro off in the air.

Down B: Air Blast
A short, small burst of air that works much like a combination of Mario's Fludd and Cape specials. It pushes Smashers away much like the fludd but also has the reflective capabilities of the cape on projectiles.

Final Smash: Armageddon
Pyro blows a stream of bubbles forwards, trapping any foes hit by them, taking them to Pyroland in a cutscene final smash, much like Captain Falcon or Megaman's, where the Smashers are caught off guard by the sudden colorful landscape until the Pyro leans over as foreboding music plays, causing the landscape to become engulfed in flames while the Pyro laughs demonically. A fiery Armageddon then erupts from the Pyro, sending the Smashers flying.

While playing as the Pyro, you will want to trap foes in your fiery attacks so you can hit them with your somewhat slow but powerful Smash attacks then keep them off the stage with air blasts. Pyro would be very offensive based, having a mediocre and somewhat hard to use recovery, likely having lackluster grabs and only really having the air blast as a decent defensive option,, though its short range and awkward timing would make it a less than reliable option. Burn your foes before they can burn you.
>Neutral B
Azure Edge
>Up B
Destruction Field
>Side B
Shining Fang
>Down B
Ghost Wolf
>Final Smash
Savage Wolf Fury
File: sk-shovel-knight[1].jpg (217KB, 1000x1290px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
217KB, 1000x1290px
Aw yiss
>Neutral B is Flare Wand
>Side B is Propeller Dagger
>Up B is Throwing Anchor
>Down B is Fishing Rod
>Plays similar to a stronger, slower Toon Link

Not really sure what his Final Smash would be. Maybe just some kinda wombo combo that finishes with him burying whoever he hits with it.
File: Alucard SOTN.jpg (202KB, 850x1190px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Alucard SOTN.jpg
202KB, 850x1190px
Alucard from Castlevania

B: Hellfire (fires three small yet fast fireballs)
B (hold): Dark Inferno (fires two large and powerful, yet slower Dark fireballs)
B+Left/Right: Wolf Transformation
B+Left/Right (airborne): Mist Transformation
B+Up: Bat Transformation
B+Down: Summon Spirit (summons either an assisting fairy, an elemental spear-wielding demon, a fireball-shooting bat, a soul-stealing ghost or a powerful sword for a brief period of time)
B+Down (after waiting for a certain period of time): Tetra Summon (summons all 5 spirits for a brief period of time, yet unleashes a powerful attack)
Final Smash: Stopwatch (stops time, freezing all opponents in place allowing you to attack them to your heart's content for 10 seconds)
Chosen Undead

Moveset is supposed to be simple but powerful and practical, just like the Chosen Undead at his core

Up B: black Knight Greatsword 2handed r2, but faster, still slower compared to everyone else's but having high damage and knockback. Slight recovery

Side B: zweihander jumping attack, high damage and knockback

Down B: pop humanity, recover some damage and reverse hollowing

Hollowing mechanic: CU starts out with very high damage and knockback on all of his attacks but as he takes damage he starts to hollow, making his attacks and movement lose potency, meaning that he needs to use his humanity to keep him at a reasonable level of speed and damage
Wanted to do Shotgun for side B, would work like a weaker version of Project M Charizard's Heat Wave, except it would have a sweet spot at the nozzle. But as >>253408380 stated, no guns hard mode because Snake.
Oh, or he could drink from a Troupple Chalice, and become invincible or something.
File: image.jpg (52KB, 500x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 500x275px

B: parry attack into a very high damage riposte if timed correctly with no knockback
File: 1400880528815.png (1MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1280x720px
>The last 3 games I played were Planetside, Dota 2, and Vindictus as I try to use F2P schlock to cure my boredom. I uninstalled them all.

Not even going to bother.
Also forgot final smash: He channels the power of the four lords, souls, casting white dragon breath, fire tempest, gravelord sword dance to knock them up into the air, then finishing them off midair with a sunlight spear
File: yugi.png (2MB, 4008x2856px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4008x2856px
I was on Dueling Network, so I guess that counts as Yami Yugi. I could see him as a summoner type.

B - Divine Wind (shot of wind)
Up B - Zero Gravity (temporary float)
Side B - Mirror Force (reflect opponent attack onto them)
Down B - Tribute Summon (takes form of a monster)
Final Smash - Obliterate (Exodia rises in the background, casts an expanding ball of light in the center of the stage, knocking opponents out of the stage)

Tribute Summon can take 3 forms, alternating in the following order:

Gaia the Fierce Knight (faced paced, dash centered):
B - Spear Strike (spear pierces outward a short distance from character)
Up B - Mount Jump (horse jumps upward, knight thrusts his spear upward as well, dealing damage to anyone it contacts)
Side B - Mounted Spear Dash (character rapidly dashes in either direction, knocking opponents out of the way)
Down B - Return to Yugi
Final Smash - Spiral Spear Strike (dashes in the direction he is facing, knocking all opponents caught out of the stage)

Dark Magician (ranged centered):
B - Dark Bolt (shot of dark energy)
Up B - Teleport
Side B - Dark Burning Attack (wave of dark energy with slight burn effect)
Down B - Return to Yugi
Final Smash - Dark Magic Attack (Ball of dark energy appears in the center of the stage, with lightning like bolts of dark energy blasting out of it. Opponents caught by a bolt or by the ball of energy are knocked out of the stage.)

Summoned Skull (slow, melee centered):
B - Shock Bolt (short range current of lightning in front of character)
Up B - Thunder Fly (flies upward while shrouded in lightning, damaging anyone it makes contact with)
Side B - Storm Strike (powerful blast of lightning focused directly in front of character)
Down B - Return to Yugi
Final Smash - Lightning Strike (Three powerful, continues blasts of lighting are cast from the character. One directly in front, one 45 degrees upward, and one 90 degrees upward. Opponents caught are knocked out of the stage.)
File: download.jpg (11KB, 219x230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11KB, 219x230px
sign me up bitches
>Riki from Xenoblade

>B: Freezinate
Fires a ball of ice that causes DOT
>Side B: Lurgy
Blows poisonous breath forward. Causes DOT
>Down B: Behave
Stuns all enemies around him. Can fail at high damage.
>Up B: Burninate
Blows fire breath downward, causing DOT
>Side Smash: Say Sorry
Removes DOTs from target, but causes more damage and knockback for each DOT stack the target had
>Final Smash: Hero Time + Riki is Angry
Increases power and causes Riki's attackers to also take damage themselves.
What about using Pyro and/or Sorcery for his neutral B? Cast Soul Mass, Fireballs, Soul Spears etc.
At the very least they could get some use as aerials or Smashes.
>Jean Grey
Cool, I guess she could play as a mix between her Mahvel 3 moveset and her Marvel Heroes appearance.
Any other thoughts?
>Wonder Pirate
Take that, Blunder Red! The true hero is making a splash!
Messi from Fifa
B Shoots a Ball at you
Side B Kicks you and the characters turns into a ball
Down B A Neuer appears and gets any type of missil, he trowns it back at you after that
UP B Winged Rooney helps you to be back to the stage.
Final Smash: All of the EA sports series characters who are on the cover attack you.
>Up B isn't Van Persie
>The most detailed of all of the movesets is from Bandana Dee
I was thinking something similar, but I with fireball or spiky balls for neutral B.
Not sure what Final Smash could be, possibly summoning other genies to attack.

Taunt would then be belly dances.
Either that, or autism.
I said destiny anon.
File: crysis29[1].jpg (2MB, 3764x2702px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3764x2702px
Bup Max strength
Bside Max speed
Bdown Max stealth
B Grenades or something probably
Final Smash is either the alien minigun or the other 3 dudes assisting you all in different suit modes
Id hope he plays like he does in Crysis, basically predator


File: seensomeshit.jpg (36KB, 246x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 246x382px
>Portal 2 Chell
>teleport shenanigans with flying kicks everywhere
File: Haseo_2nd_Form.jpg (52KB, 855x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 855x1024px
Haseo from .hack//G.U.

Starts out as a Twin Blade
A is Gale Blade
Midair A is Sparrow Counter
Side A is Sword Dance
Down A uses Elemental Spells
B is Tri-Strike
Side B is Whirlwind
Up B is Chaotic Strike (decent recovery)
Down B: Job Change; changes weapons from Edge Punisher, then to Flick Reaper, and then back to TB

A is Tiger Blitz
Up A is Tiger Strike
Side A is Bone Crusher
B is Armor Pierce
Up B is Twin Moons (not a recovery move)
Side B is Shell Breaker

As are all basic combos
Aerial A is Lotus Flower
B is Wicked Strike
Side B is Reaper's Touch
Up B is Heavenly Wheel (great recovery)

Final Smash: Xth Form. Gains Xth Form with dual bladed pistols
Tapping B uses Ghost Falcon
Up B becomes Armor Break
Side B becomes Reapers Dance
Down B becomes Justice and Judgement.
Hold B: Call forth the Avatar Skeith, the Terror of Death. Fly off stage and switch to over-the-shoulder view a la Snake's Brawl Final Smash. Instead of ten shots, get one massive Data Drain shot that you charge and aim.
File: sandniggers.jpg (101KB, 463x463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101KB, 463x463px
>the entirety of the arabic world unified under one banner
H-how would that even work beyond final smash being Jihad
I don't even fucking know what this dude would do next to beating the shit out of everything. Guess down B could be like Zelda/Sheik or Pokémon Trainer in Brawl, except with switching masks.
Good Ol' Richard. Maybe he can be like a Snake character?
File: 414770.jpg (2MB, 2476x2108px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2476x2108px
>Kisuke & Momohime

So many special attacks to choose from. They're just begging to be put in a giant crossover game!
but that way it wouldn't have recover
File: 1366783180398.jpg (137KB, 600x847px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 600x847px

B - Knives being thrown at whatever direction she's facing
Up-B - Ricochet knife
Down-B - Short ranged teleport.
Left-B Throw a stop watch, freezing an opponent for a short period of time if it hits.
Right-B She swings a bunch of knives in melee range in quick succession.

Final Smash: Stop time and shit, wreck players that get stuck in the frozen zones. Throwing knives will have them stuck in place. resuming once the time is up.

Probably reasonably fast movement, but weak close-ranged and has a delay between throwing knife attacks to prevent massive spam.

I don't know shit about balance, so she's either broken as hell or underpowered as fuck.
A = Rip
B = Tear
Final smash is the Berzerker pack
File: 46037.jpg (31KB, 225x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 225x350px
Er fuck, I dunno.
Side B-Grenade
Down B- Starts talking about nature and shit which momentarily puts nearby people to sleep
Final smash- Landmaster but with the Edelweiss

Sounds cool

best girl
Quake Live guy
B - Machine gun
Up B - Rocket Jump
side B - Rocket Launcher
down b - Grenade Launcher
Final Smash : Idk
File: Zhanghe-dw7art.jpg (536KB, 692x982px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
536KB, 692x982px
Everyone's getting pretty
File: 1398310661133.jpg (25KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 480x360px
>Just started playing Metroid Zero Mission
File: 1389990017486.jpg (329KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
329KB, 1280x960px
B - Dark Hand
Up B - Dark Phantasm
Side B - Dark Execution
Down B - Dark Wall
Final Smash - Combo with Emil and Kainè

Two-Handed Sword master race.

heavy character, sort of like ganon, but uses Frostmourne for A moves instead of kicks and punches.

neutral B: Death Coil
>Projectile, medium speed, mediocre damage, heals Arthas if it successfully deals damage to an enemy

side B: Obliterate
>fast, long-ranged forward slash. high damage and knockback, but has a 0.5s backswing during which you can't move

down B: Chains of Ice
>long range. if arthas is looking at an enemy, the enemy is bound by frozen chains that hold him in place for 2 seconds. no damage.

up B:
>insert generic up-slash-recovery-move

Final Smash: Army of the Dead
>spawns hordes of ghouls that attack other players
MGR Raiden

Neutral b would be some varient of the slo mo cutting

up b would be a backflip with the sword in his foot

side b would be some sort of dash n slash

don't know what down b would be, just started playing it.

One of the taunts would be Raiden crushing a cyborg's skeleton

final smash would be raiden flipping a Ray on to the stage
I got the same.

I think his neutral B should be the shovel spark that he has when he's at full health, though.

Final Smash could be a combo with Shield Knight or something. Or it could be like the Shovel God cheat code where he gets huge, invincible, and changes color when he jumps.
Do you people just throw the word autism everywhere without thinking?
Date Masamune, let's dancing bitches!

Death Fang (B Neutral) : an alternate combo string ideal for juggling enemies at low percentages. Can be cancelled into Smashes or his B Up
Magnum Step (B Forward) : A controllable lunge
that ends in his A-String.
Crazy Storm (B Down) Kind of like Link's B Up; a series of wild swings using three swords at once that hit both in front and back of Masamune. If used in mid air, it drops you to the ground immediately.
Phantom Dive(B Up) : An upper, jumping slash that will, if you keep the button pressed, slam to the ground and create a shockwave projectile. Vertical recovery is like two thirds of Marth's.

Final Smash : War Dance. His whole moveset gets revamped, he gains greater range, damage and much greater knockback. Much harder to combo, but will reliably send opponents flying at 50ish percent.

Speed like Ike, with MetaKnight's combo-ability and Marth's reach.
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