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Zenkai no Rabu Raibu (Pafukuto Doriimu Purojikuto) >>2338812

Official Twitter accounts for all your update needs:

Important Dates
June 9th- Nozomi Tojo's Birthday
June 10th- SIF Thanksgiving Festival 2017 at Ikeburo Sunshine City, Tokyo, Day 1
June 11th- SIF Thanksgiving Festival 2017 at Ikeburo Sunshine City, Tokyo, Day 2
June 13th- Mari Ohara's Birthday
June 21st- Guilty Kiss new single Koware Yasuki released
June 28th- Suzuko Mimori's Birthday (Umi Sonoda's VA)
June 29th- Karin Asaka's Birthday
June 30th- Next Step! Project Theme Song released
-Aqours performance at Anisong World Matsuri
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> can't romanize PDP correctly
> missed out GK stream information on June 9
> Kowareyasuki broken into 2 words for no real reason

Back to /vg/ with you
> can't romanize PDP correctly
Put it through a machine translator.

> missed out GK stream information on June 9
I don't care about Seiyu programs which is why I don't include it in my Calendars.
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I'm glad I started a minor meme but I'd be more glad if we got the proper original Einhart without brain damage back.
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Haru-nyan >>> Einhart-san

New chapter in 3 days
4s: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3xg5q53brg7c9/release
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There's a recent interview with Nakatani and editor, hopefully 4s could translate it
Cover of chapter 23
Nakatani's color pages are all so beautiful

Also Eclair Blanche is out on the 27th, Nakatani has 8p short in it.

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Mi & Guk-hwa.png
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Official Site: http://www.foxtoon.com/comic/I_hope_you_did_not

Raws and Translations: https://etherpad.net/p/ihydn

Past: >>2315427
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Still want to see more of Pumpkin, hopefully on monday and more of Mi's past!
I think Mi's gets freaked out bc of Jae-hee reminds her of that girl from high school and the girl from school was jealous of her or they both wanted the same thing but Jang Mi got it and the other girl didn't get it bc maybe of MI's looks
This is cute! Where did you get this photo?

The magazine will be out in 2 days.
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The online version comes in the same time or few days earlier?
Same time anon.
I bought the magazine and posted the raws here last month, but I don't know if I will have money to buy it again this month. I think it is better other person post the raws this time.

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Today marks the 1 month Anniversary of GBP's release.

Previous Thread
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I hope it gets an english release soon. I'm too pleb to get the JP version.
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Just so you're aware, this is the current event card for the HHW event.

>3rd Event is already the Gay Event
Calm down GBP.

Although at the same time, I have a soft spot for MisaKoko. If only there was a way for Misaki to have two tiny GFs.
Misaki really needs to work on her love confessions, though.

By the way, my japanese isn't that good and maybe I still didn't get that event, but what is Kanon and Chisato relationship? They seem pretty close. Chisato even thinks about her when she's not around.

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I know the series barely has any yuri, but can we get one anyway? Just came out yesterday.
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you could dump it, but besides that the whole thing has close to 0 yuri potential.
and I'm a big fan of the series.

Could as well put it here: >>2351852 and make it "haremshit game general"
Like I said, there's barely any yuri in the series since most of the pairings are straight.

The only ones who are into /u/ in the series are Annabelle and Lila, Mariabell on Elie (pictured), Fran with Noel, and Angelica with Towa/any female out there.

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Yuri continued from:

>Nintendo E3 Conference scheduled for June 13, 12 PM Eastern
>Splatoon 2 Invitational on June 13, Arms Invitational on June 14
>ARMS and Ever Oasis releasing in June
>Splatoon 2, Pikmin and Miitopia in July
>first Zelda expansion coming this summer
>English Seiken Densetsu Collection never
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need help trying to find yuri comic that i found on here. Was around 5 chapters. And was about a borderline neet that was depressed and decided to hire a prostitute for a night and shit. artstyle is a bit like this but less chibi and with more (I guess) abstract colors
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Try the catalogue next time. Now please, delete this thread.
Not that anon, but this kind of question cannot be answered by just browsing the catalogue, douchebag. Save your anger on actual retards who knew the name of the series yet didn't browse before making a duplicate thread. /u/ does have memory-helper thread from time to time where people describe a series they forgot the name of.

What Does The Fox Say

Prev thread >>2359995
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Release dates changed to 9th, 19th and 29th https://www.lezhin.com/ko/comic/what_does_the_fox_say

The point is that the previous poster stated that "sumin at least didn't sleep with seju." My response to that is that I remember them fucking.

What do you describe as going all the way in this context?

>Basically the main point is if your girl cheated on you with a guy, that would mean you don't have the ability to satisfy your girl the way a man can.

That is not the point whatsoever. The man clearly didn't satisfy Seju.

>Seju didn't fuck Sumin in the office when Sungji walked on them. It was close but it didn't happen yet.

Proof? What do we describe as "not happening yet"? Are we stating that only kissing happened? Only fingering? Is fingering not sex, especially when it's two women?

>And you can't deny Seju used Sumin's guilt to get what she wants and used Sungji's ring to break them apart. She pretty much confirmed she's not giving up with her game in the latest chapter. She's using a victim status.

I simply saw her as trying to explain things and as wanting another chance.
>My response to that is that I remember them fucking
Them your memory needs checking out you need to get your nose out of dynasty.

You don't know if the guy didn't satisfy Seju. She didn't kick him out afterwards, she slept comfortably in his embrace.

Only kissing and licking Sumin's face happened, no fingering.

No, Seju is playing a big baby and a victim, she's not even trying to accept that Sumin is happy with someone else. If you really love someone as much as Seju claims to then all you want is for this person to be happy. And what is Seju doing? Trying to destroy this happiness. She got burned not so long ago by breaking them apart, ending all alone herself and she didn't learn anything. I can't even how stupid she's become, how pitiful, weak and disgusting. I want her to fucking stand up and move on, prove that she still has the juice. Right now she's destroyed in my eyes and I hate it.

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So, I read this VN during the weekend and I loved it.
I found all the characters really likeable, and I could relate a lot to Suoh.

Anyhow, being the curious creature that I am I looked up if there were any related works, only to find out there were sequels.

And thus... I found out Mayuri goes away in the second VN. I tried reading the archives, but I still cannot figure out the reason why she left, or any sort of hint why.

I read Suoh was promised details by Yuzuriha (who for some reason seems to know the details behind Mayuri's disappearance, but won't tell), in the 3rd VN, that if she became school Prez, then she would give her some info.

Can I ask some info on whatever details there are available regarding Mayuri's disappearance? Theories are welcome too.
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You may wish to try asking in the game thread (>>2351838) for more exposure.
But Mayuri went away in the first game
Rikka is the mastermind.

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Previous thread: >>2375879

This thread is for:
*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.
*News reports about things relevant to our interest
*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics
*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.
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Better Aikats/u/ thread

No need to make a thread just because you continue to have a tantrum.
>not Ichigo
Why are you posting a non-yuri picture, OP?

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First Canon Kiss.jpg
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Previous Thread: >>2347968

Fanfic links, resources, Project Voice Bend torrent: http://pastebin.com/HhBCSkHx

All released LoK comic pages: http://korranews.com/post/162927578330/the-legend-of-korra-turf-wars-part-one-the
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May as repost this from end of last thread.

>For Season2, Dark spirits were op, and it could be argued that going full avatard would only attract more and bigger spirits
Avatar State would have dealt with the entire NWT encampment at the Southern Portal. AVatar State could have escaped from the chains in the tent where the fucking Avatar is subdued by Eska and Desna.

> For Season3, she never knew where the Red Lotus were
Avatar State could have got her out of her chains on the EK airship. Avatar State could have killed the landshark.
>getting into the avatar state might have alerted any Red Lotus members into killing the air benders.
When they're fightning on Laghima's Peak and Korra is aware Zaheer has broken the deal, she could have used Avatar State to break her chains rather than fighting with a huge handicap that nearly leads to Zaheer killing Tonraq.

>Then we got Season4
The season four stuff is fine (except for the Colossus being preposterously durable).
However, the final fight in the head of the Colossus being presented as legitimate was dopey, and was prolonged just so Mako's "sacrifice" didn't seem even more retarded than it already was.

>Season 2 doesn't make sense since we're told that bending was given to protect humanity from the spirits except it's useless against them until it is not like when everyone's bending is holding back an army of spirits meanwhile Korra couldn't even take down one spirit.
It's an utter mess. We learn that the origin of bending is that it was given to humans to protect them from spirits; yet the super move Korra has to learn is a super specialised type of bending that will let her deal with spirits...?

And saying they're dark spirits empowered by Vaatu doesn't explain shit when Vaatu himself, one of "the all-powerful spirits", is vulnerable to regular bending. He can make average spirits stronger than himself?
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>That aside, they weren't really friends before season 3. They were more like acquaintances, aware of each others existence.

Tell me about Korra & Asami; why are they so beautiful?

Dead or alive, KOF and so on, you get the drill
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You need to post 5 images to start a thread, i'm saving it this time around because i like the subject, but keep that in mind next time
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Continued from >>2370616
Translation Thread >>2370612
Buyfag Thread >>2346088

https://mai88eternalscarlet.wordpress.com/2017/07/12/original-doujinshi-touko-san-cant-take-care-of-the-house-ch01/ (pic related)
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My Most Special Her ch1

Coming Around (Touhou)
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ITT: doujins/manga you want scanned

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