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>capeshit before Disney
Wide variety of films and stories. Stark differences in style and atmosphere with films being author-driven. Combined entertainment with some sort of moral message and did the best to humanize superheroes.

>Capeshit after Disney
Superheros are just quip bots. Barely possible to distinguish the films. Feels more like corporate products than author films. Entertainment is shallow and the morals are nonexistant.
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it was always shit, no one needs your revisionist drivel, mouseshill
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Imagine being OP and being so butthurt at something so trivial lmao
Can't believe Marvel still hasn't beaten IM1 after a whole decade.

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Did anyone else feel like House's relationship with Stacy was pretty forced and poorly written? They have no chemistry at all, and she's just forgotten as character after she leaves.
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I thought it was alright
didn't seem bad to me, other than couldnt get over her resemblance to michael jackson
Kutner's shicide was actually most annoying part for me, but showrunners had no choice as actor left the show as a cunt

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>The Joker: If you're good at something, never do it for free.
>The Chechen: How much you want?
>The Joker: Uh…half. [the mobsters laugh again]

Half of fucking what? How much is half? What the fuck
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>Scene discussing the mob's pooled money
It was never specified how much they had.
There used to be a question at google job interviews for managers, asking how much they would charge for cleaning every window in LA.

One of the correct answers would have been something like "$60 per window ".

The point is, you don't need to know exact amount if you stipulate a fraction.

Modern google would probably ask "how many genders are there" with anything less than 3 being a FAIL.

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Has anything /tv/ spilled over into other mediums that got you excited as hell?


There's also a small Raid 2 tribute in this game.

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Who thinks Beat Takeshi will ever show up in one of Gaki No Tsukai's New Year No-Laughing specials?

I would shit

I would LOVE that shit.
holy crap I thought he disliked video games due to his Takeshi challenge game failing in the 80s

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Is George Clooney a good judge of screenwriter quality?
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dont you mean jurj clooners?
He's starting to get old now. You can see it.
>muh credentials
Obviously they got to him.

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What's the verdict, /teevee/? Did they do it?
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So no one else is watching The Confession Tapes on netflix?
fuck off
No YOU fuck off.

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Anyone else here been Carrey-pilled?

I took it a long time ago.
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dude dmt lmao
I used to do shitload of psychedelics including dmt, and used to have similar nihilistic attitude to life and anything happening at all
Point is, it's pretty useless to have attitude like that, it helps nothing and only makes you depressed. You either stop caring and actually enjoy or just end up killing your kys.
Jim is actually rich and successful at his career so he can allow himself to fool around like that now
Well his ex for one...

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nickle rick.png
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What did they mean by this?
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Forced diversity in a liberal animated show

Who knew such a thing was possible
Pretentious edgy manchildren triggered on seeing black Rick. Don't judge the book by the cover.

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How about a thread about notoriously difficult to work with actors/directors. C'mon /tv/, give me stories.
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These were men wae a trade
my mate rennie shags his granda

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what was star wars lore like in the time between the original trilogy and the prequels?

what were "the clone wars" mentioned in episode 4 about in the expanded universe until episode II came out? was the relationship between obi wan and anakin skywalker touched upon before the prequels? was most EU shit created before the prequels or after them?
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dead thread
you suck op
I read all the star wars novels when I was a kid growing up inbetween the OT and the prequels, and be fucked if I can remember a dam thing about any of them.
do you remember any titles i can look up?

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What's your favorite Western?
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lmao nice pleb taste you fucking normie

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is the new Charlie sheen movie getting a release in usa ?
It's gonna be legend....wait for it.....just wait for it....legendary bomb.
>killmycareer.jpg the movie

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Are period pieces undergoing a revolution?
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I want historical blackpainting to be taken to the ultimate degree of black Englishmen shipping slaves to America.
confirmed by the BBC

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> What went wrong?
>> SJWs
You morons, Star Trek was a social justice warrior before it was cool.
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Kill you all and mix your ashes with pigs blood
whos this qt patootie
it will suck because they are making star trek into a blockbuster action movie/series. Those who complain about the sjw aspect are just edgy /pol/tards not sticking to their containment board.

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This has to be comfiest show I've ever done seen, why the hell isn't shilled more?
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Because this isn't /a/, and there is absolutely no reason to discuss it here rather than there.
Lurk more.
no dub no care

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