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ITT Futurama jokes that you don't get.
>My only regret is that I have Bane-itis.
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One One Zero Zero One Zero Zero One One One Zero Zero One Zero Zero One

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What went wrong?
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Blacks got the vote
They are paying homage to the old Raimi movies, which mind you, Sony made and owns. So technically, even if you don't want to give them the benefit of a doubt, they are copying their own homework, not someone elses.
Homecoming is an inferior movie to Spider-Man 1 and 2 in every conceivable way though.

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Intros you never skip thread.

This and BoB have some of the greatest and most emotionally charged intros I've ever seen in my life.
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Never not skipped an intro after watching it once
Sopranos, six feet under and first few versions of the wire

Will Emma Roberts career ever recover from Scream Queens being cancelled?
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She's a well-established actress. She'll be fine.
I can say yes with certainty.
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Horror/Dark/Mystery/Disturbing/Unsettling movies. I'll start:
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lmao nice pleb taste you fucking normie
Do you have a good recommendation for us anon?
Recently watched this and it was awesome.

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Will Jake Gyllenhaal finally get an Oscar for this?
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no, its too much of an oscar bait, and I can tell already it's not going to get rated higher than 6.5/10 for most review sites

personally I love Jake so I'm going to enjoy it regardless, but a lot of his choices have been very strange lately, I think he probably is looking for his oscar

movies he probably should have got an oscar for :

>Donnie Darko
>Source Code
>Nocturnal Animals
>End of Watch
>any of those
>Oscar material
You haven't been watching movies very long huh?
he's never gonna get an oscar

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I have been hearing a lot of industry buzz saying it is unquestionably the best CBM to this date even better than BvS or TDK. A rough cut has been screened for the Warner Bros execs and they were blown away by this. A lot of them were wondering if this will be the first CBM to get a best picture Nom. Warner Bros is also planning on giving it a bigger push for the Oscars than Wonder woman and even Dunkirk. Their Oscar campaign will be focused mostly on Justice league with wonder woman next on the list. Dunkirk will get a bare minimum push compared to the above two films.
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merely rumours
I really hope it does, that would be hilarious

Nope have been talking with some insiders , it is the only thing that has a similar buzz to Shape of water!

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This was supposed to be the new Friends.
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Friends is a show for women and reddit. Fuck yourself.
It had no chance of lasting more than 2 seasons tops. The way of life in that country is too repugnant to easily dance around on a network sitcom for very long.
Why isn't Bader on the cover?

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>on the good foot

What did he mean by this?
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That sounds like James Brown.

Jim Carrey does random things.
>i want to appear smart but I am unable to so I will spout nonsensical phrases in a manner which would usually result in my usual yes-men looking to me as the god I believe myself to be
I love jimbo, he taught me that life is meaningless and i should give up

holy fuck this episode was kino
>that intro that introduces all the ricks and morties the episode is about
>buddy cop action
>election kino
Really really liked this episode and it pains me to think that next week we're just going back to randumb shit, wish we'd get more Citidel centric episodes like this
>ywn watch a Wire styled Cop R&M series set in Mortytown
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t. reddit
t. reddit

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need some weird, disturbing and fucked up movies. I'm not talking about gore like a serbian film, or martyrs. movies similar to
>the hunt
>bad boy bubby
don't know how to exactly to describe these movies. basically moves that make you feel very uncomfortable but not because all the gore and blood and or jump scares. feel free to post gore and jump scares though, preferably post more than the same 5 that alway get posted though.
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The girl next door
Repulsion and Existenz are the only two films that ever made me feel gross
Eden Lake
A lot of David Lynchs stuff

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Is Patrice O'Neal on O&A the comfiest talk radio/podcast will ever get?
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>dude i'm loud and black lmao
There's a bit more to his style than that

Did anyone else see this?

It was pretty fucking good, imho
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third act was weak, but Nikolaj was good, he can do more than just play Jaime.
Yeah it was pretty good
Liked it a lot, the arms deal however was disappointing, Nikolaj though is a great, want to see more movies with him.

>The mandate from Jeff Bezos is clear: Bring me “Game of Thrones.”

>That’s the word that has the creative community buzzing this week about a major strategy shift underway for Amazon Studios’ original series efforts.

>The CEO of the e-commerce giant is said to have tasked Amazon Studios chief Roy Price with honing the focus on high-end drama series with global appeal. Amazon’s decision this week to scrap plans for a second season of period drama “Z: The Beginning of Everything” reflects the new marching orders.

What book series is there left for a "mature" show. Would a witcher tv series be fitting for this type of show?
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Fug Drumpf: the series
Books are probably tapped out, they should look to video game franchise stories and make a TV series based on that, get some decent screen writers so they arent tied down to books like how GoT is

The writing for the newer seasons is shit without GRRM's books
They hired Wong Kar-wai for an uncoming Amazon Tv Show too.

Bezos wants to beat Netflix and HBO but keeps failing, just look at that Woody Allen's show.

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So...this is the power..of Disney
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Is this new Emperor, Did he survive or something?
He certainly looks like he survived some aggressive cancer.

That figure makes me think we'll see a scene of him doing his huge holographic projection, cutting away to the goober lounging around in his bathrobe

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