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>Abandoned his wife and disinherited his children
>Ran away with a different woman and hid
>When the Starks were murdered in King's Landing, he stayed in hiding
>When the war started, he stayed in hiding
>When people were dying by the tens of thousands, he stayed in hiding

At any point, Rhaegar and Lyanna could have gone north and said "hey guys, no raping happened, just a big misunderstanding". But instead Rhaegar just let everything go to shit. He was a bad person.
I know this is a joke but normalfag showfags actually believe this, because there was a wedding. lmao.
I hate how the show doesn't convey what a bad ass Bobby B was

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Are you ready for scary kino /tv/?

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It could be the scariest season because it's 100% based on reality.
I know dude, blumpft is very scary! He can't get the nuclear codes.
Honestly though, former Trump supporter here. We can't let him get the nuclear scoops.

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>Host: Welcome back everybody! Once again we're here with Anon Feelsman talking about his first feature film called "In the Dark". Anon, how did you-- By the way I gotta say, I watched it and ... My god!
[audience claps]
>>Me: Thanks Conan. I really appreciate you saying that. Really, I do.
>OK. I don't wanna spoil it for the folks at home but man oh man. What a ride. Anyway, how did you come up with these ideas? Meditation? Did you go to the Himalayas for enlightenment or what, Anon? HOW. YOU. DO IT? Huh?
[audience laughs]
>>Um...the ideas were always there marinating in mind ever since I was like 15, 16. You know, I'd have these scene looping in my head back and forth, back and forth for literally years until I was in the right place to finally, you know, put them on paper and later on through a lens.
>>That sounds like a lot work. I just have my interns do all that. Now when you say "the right time" what time was that?
>>I didn't live in a place where I could really think. I don't hate them but the only things my parents knew about when I wanted to make films were church and work and we were really poor so lighting equipment wasn't at the top of the priorities list. I would shoot some stuff on my phone, play around with that and some free software and have fun with that.
>Then after that you left home, right? Packed your bags and said "see ya!"
>>Yeah, I was just about to turn 20 and I had always been thinking about it but I also knew that maybe I was being an edgy teenager. Everyone wants to leave home at that age after all but for me it was more than rebellion. I could breathe without videos and editing and movies. And I couldn't do that at home. No way. So a couple of months before my 20th I just left. College. The Church. It all felt like someone was stepping on my chest 24/7. And now we're here!
>You and Emma Stone. [Raises eyebrows]
[audience Ooooo's]
>Isn't she older than you?
>>Yes but who's counting?
[audience laughs]
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I kinda liked that thread the first time we had it.
This man is a sad, waste of life and is not representative of all white men.

I am a white American in his mid 20s (.25 Ukranian, .25 Irish, .5 German) and I have a good stable job, a net worth nearing 6 figures, many women who can't resist my charms (or my vibrant, royal, blue eyes). I go to the gym every single day, I have long hair which I keep clean, I'm 26 and I look 18 which makes me appear nonthreatening, and at the end of the day, even if you take all of that away, I will never be as pathetic as this Canadian faggot who thinks he's representative of me. Fuck your dying mother and fuck you.
Besides the fact that that doesn't explain how you got to your feature film, I doubt that the ideas you had when you were 15 and 16 would really still be of value when you're in your 20s. Holding on to shitty ideas like that because they're a pet project is Wiseau tier. Maybe you're a child prodigy, though.
Tell me about yourself, anon. How much of your life in the post is real? Did you really leave? How old are you now? Where are you now? Have you worked on movies at all? What's your story?

official /tv/ notice: we like got now
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>GoT is not what it once was

on air?

started watching this, pilot was fucking badly written & boring
does it get better or is it just overrated trash?
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nope, also fuck off Satan
It was great all the way through, but not everybody has good taste.
Go watch Rick and Morty or something.
sounds like you got pleb filtered

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And i shuppose season 8 is off the table too...
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Chaos is a bit too laddery for LF to handle.

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Team Dragon Queen and her supernatural sidekicks:
>massive horde of dothraki that Jamie describes cannot be beaten by any mercenary army
>perfect unsullied elite slave soldiers that do not rape or pillage and know no fear
>the enitre north's armies+the vale and potentially the rivverrun soldiers we havent seen since last season
>An all seeing seer that can monitor any activity he chooses to, including sitting and watching Cercei day and night if he wishes and follow troop movements and what have you
>A faceless assassin who can possess any face of anyone she kills, meaning she could probably just walk up to Cercei or anyone she wishes and kill her should she wish by taking the face of a handmaiden or anyone else in her castle, could also be an extra set of eyes and ears where Bran doesn't want to waste his attention
>2 fullgrown dragons
>A charismatic warleader of the north who can't die and is an excellent fighter with a valyrian sword including most of the best fighters in Westeros like The hound, Brienne, Beric, Tormund

Queen Cercei:
>Lannister army (if Jamie didn't take them with him and even then missing their best general)
>The golden company, that's said to be the best in essos even when Jamie said 2 episodes earlier that no merc army can beat the dothraki
>The mountain (basically a maybe little better version of the hound)
>some bannermen from tyrells maybe if there's any left
>a crossbow balista
>the best fleet in westeros, but that could easily be avoided by just not using the sea or just torching them with dragons

How am I supposed to buy that beating Cercei, even if it needs to be done in a "benign" way is anything of a challenge considering the overbearing advantage and options they have here? How am I supposed to buy that they're "focked" when it seems to me like they could just fix the south in a second and then go right back up to dealing with the north?
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After fighting the white walkers, they will be more equal in terms of forces. I bet a lot of the dothraki die. I think unsullied will fair better and some will be held in reserve.

The show has always been about whose allied with who and Jon is a targ so Cersei is fucked regardless.

She either gives up power or dies. Despite what people think Tyrion isn't going to side against dany.

His sister helped drive him out of his home while dany took him in so that's definitely a red herring.

My thinking is team good guys either beats white walkers and then comes back only to slowly lose people to a disease of some kind

or they stalemate and drive the army of the dead back but take horrible losses

or they lose. And then shortly after cersei loses and story over.

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a big guy to the end


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>what do you see?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Is this guy the Drumpf of Westeros?
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If anything he tries to bring more immigrants in.
He's more like a liberal.
He's the ultimate conservative.

Invading other lands and converting their population to be all exactly the same rather than a melting pot of cultures and taking their resources for his own which in this case is life itself.

Donald needs a bit more time in office to get there. The Iran and North Korean wars should be starting soon.
No, he hates walls

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let's talk about Sam Hyde. I'm pretty sad he's becoming more irrelevant by the day but his latest content has been pretty awful and the begging is annoying. All the threads we have on /tv/ are shilling threads that only attract Adult Swim shitposting.
What does he need to do to fix his shit? The more popular he becomes the more of an asshole he is, the less funny content he puts out. I don't believe his car show will even get done and if it does it'll be off-the-cuff
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he hasn't been taking his daily dose of redpills.
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Poor Sam, he didn't do nuffin to deserve this :(
he's an unfunny retard and total irrelevance - to the point of being off-topic for /tv/ - is the necessary endpoint.

What are some films that women just can't understand?
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all of them
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Mean Girls

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Which do you prefer?
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Which one had Murph?

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>Be 25 years old me
>Been watching Game Of Thrones since season 2
>Be up to date with the show since then
>Mom starts watching the show earlier this year, good for her 'cuz season 7 is coming out so she has a lot to watch
>Watch it all again with her
>She quickly comes fond of Robb Stark, young, charismatic man who is to become King in the North after the death of his father, along with some other characters
>Stuff begins to happen and Robb kicks some major ass
>"Robb is going to be king of Westeros, right? Come on you can tell me."
>MFW "Just keep watching, mom."
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>unbuild the wall

What a fucking season of shit, I hope it ends in S8
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weak bait
He made you comment

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