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"Meet my sons: Aegon and Aegon."
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He wanted the future king to be called Aegon, so if one was killed, the other one could take the crown without changing his name.
shut your cunt mouth
Why didn't Viserys and Daenerys fuck?

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Name a more iconic actress born after 1980.

Pro tip: you can't.
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Natalie Portman Oscars: 0 (No, ballet movie doesn't count)
Emma Stone Oscars: 1 (and counting)

Gee that was hard.
>emma stone
>an actress
>oscars matter
Portman can't act and she acts better than Stone
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>Tom Cruise
>John Travolta
>Giovanni Ribisi
>Danny Masterson
>Kirstie Alley
>Nancy Cartwright
>Juliette Lewis
>Elisabeth Moss

Why aren't you a scientologist /tv/?
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Because I'm not a rich actor who wants the tax breaks and Hollywood influence of a religious cult.

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I'm so fucking sick of you autistic arm chair 'critics' shitting all over Death Note and I'm being dead fucking serious. Y'all need to get some taste and class.

Death Note (Netflix) is one of those rare pieces of great cinema to be released in the last 76 years (since Citizen Kane). The cinematography was absolute quality that really helped drive the tone of the film. The OST (composed by the legendary Atticus Ross) evokes emotion from each scene and really only furthered a strong and compelling narrative way that you just don't see much these days.

The set pieces were crafted with nothing but love, care, and incredible attention to detail. You can really tell that Zoe Jirik deeply cared about the world that she was helping to create.

The writing on this film is beyond words. Each scene was pivotal to the overall story and not a single line of dialogue was wasted. Truly a monumental amount of effort went into this script. It's especially brilliant when you compare it to the low effort superhero flicks (BvS, WW, SS etc) that flood the market like too much water in a dam.

Many adaptations these days get it wrong, and fall short of their source. Let's just settle this once and for all, Death Note did not. The character of Light in the original series is a little too unrealistically brilliant. What Wingard gives us is a realistic anti-hero bursting with depth. Not to mention the improvements on L's idionsyncracies (that aren't clear for the casual viewer of the original), which make his explosive emotional behaviour so much more engaging. What's more (than Dafoe's superior Ryuk?) is a palpable love story expertly handled amidst a film already thick with content.

All in all, Adam Wingard should be praised as one of the greatest film makers of our time. The Guest, V/H/S 2, and now this. Rarely does a generation get to witness such brilliance. C'est la vie, Nolan.
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Dafoe has the perfect face and voice for someone who can play either a really cool guy or a creepy nutjob
Citizen Kane was fucking garbage
So goddamn boring
I know you're b8ing but Death Note is honestly a pretty decent surreal teen drama/pseudo horror movie, i.e. pure Wingard

Just forget the manga and you'll be fine

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She is not a good actress one bit
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not attractive either. not one bit.
ITT: People talk like fucking Dr. Suess characters.

I don't like her, not one bit. I don't like her ginger tits
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i agree
richard dawkins, now that's where it's at.

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>there names are Felix and Sylvester
>named after cats
>cats are curious
These guys are robots
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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It was good, I guess, even though I turned it off before the end. It's really interesting how the japanese get away with things like not having a protagonist, but when the american godzilla tried to not have a protagonist, it was total shit.

Anyway, the Evangelion episode they ripped off was way better than the whole movie itself. I really don't understand what made this the best godzilla movie above and beyond the other fifty that were made.
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This movie bombed, nobody likes it here. Stop shilling this shit, nobody cares. Sage.
But the ending the most Evangelion-like part of the movie.

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Why hasn't this been made into a series of movies?
it's amazing.
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Because its reductive tripe disguised as derivative shite.

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Thread on this got deleted from /lit/ so I hope you all here have been reading up on your James Joyce.

>Written and directed by Robert Mullan, the film will follow the final years of Joyce’s life in the late 1930s as he writes his famed novel, “Finnegan’s Wake.” As his health declines, so does that of his daughter, Lucia, a schizophrenic whose mental health worsened after a failed relationship with the famed playwright Samuel Beckett. As he finishes his novel, Joyce also fights to protect his daughter and her creative spirit.

Is Robert Mullan any good?
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As long as he gets farted on I'm happt
James Joyce is a potato nigger. I hate Irish people
Go to sleep Elizabeth

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Top 10 reddit scenes of all time
You're just using reddit as a buzzword now

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Which one is the most BASED and why?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Who is the Marilyn Manson of filmmaking?
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Guess the movie thread
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Frank. I didn't even finish it because of that horrible crone

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What do you think of this movie?
I thought it was amazing. Great, great movie.
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Bump. You don't watch cape only, d-do you?
>M Suggested For MATURE Audiences
I didn't know the MPAA used to have an M rating.
Watch the movie

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I don't want them in love and missionary hand-holding, I wanted degrading shit and they fucking the shit out of each other, minbreaking and ahegao, in other words real sex.

do you feel the same, /tv/ ?
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Vanilla is boring
honest question, how do actors manage not to pop boners in scenes like that?
focus on her eyebrows

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