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they always are
they even have "itt thread we pretend to be /tv/ patricians" threads where they start listing off movies like pulp fiction, fight club, john wick and kubrick
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What's wrong with Kubrick? He told that dumb kike Kirk Douglas the "I am Spartacus" scene was a stupid idea and he thought Hitler was right about almost everything despite being one of (((them))) himself.

You're the writer of the sequel

What happens?
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Little girl rainbow tea-party extreme
Do a Raimi and basically remake the first.
> Another Death Note appears
> Someone is doing the kira's work but its not Light
> L and Light team up to find the other kira
> Other Kira is a psycho like in the anime
> Light's dad dies by the hands of Fake Kira
> Now it's personal
> L teaches Light how to be super smart
> L writes his name on the Deth Note to expose Fake Kira
> Light kills Fake Kira and replaces L
> because his name also stars whit the letter L
> the end

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And why is it "The Life Aquatic: With Steve Zissou"?
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I've never seen a bond company stooge stick his neck out like that
it was a great movie
Unironically one of my favorite films.

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I really don't understand the decision of stabilizing his head
Is this real

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who would win?
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Left, stupid question.
>implying they would not just fuck

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>ey big boy
why does he say this?
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inb4 the ice cube or ice cream joke that gets posted literally every thread

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Psychosomatic, addict, insane

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>Godzilla 2 is being written and directed by Michael Dougherty, the visionary behind classic films such as
>Super Man Returns
>X-Men Apocalypse
Why the fuck did they hand the reigns of the most important movie in this rising franchise over to this fucking nobody? I know /tv/ didn't like Godzilla(2014) and and Skull Island, but Kaijushit is ten times better than Capeshit in my book. I can't be the only one.
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People will watch it no matter who they cast or who directs it. So go the cheapest route and make the most money back. Maybe the movie will actually be about Godzilla
>Why the fuck did they hand the reigns of the most important movie in this rising franchise over to this fucking nobody?
lol are you new to this? studios want project managers they can steer, yes men.
Don't expect this movie to be a display of a singular and cohesive artistic vision, just accounting put on screen.
This is unfortunately completely true, no one's out to make some kind fun, timeless piece of entertainment out of the good of their hearts, some fuckers got movie rights and are milking nostalgia/nerd culture hype while the cinematic universe fad is still alive. None of the people involved actually care apart from maybe the puppet director who is merely placated by being able to 'work' on the project at all. I really hate being so cynical, but I feel like I'm given no choice anymore, because Skull Island only existed for its after-credits scene.

So I went to see IT over the weekend and before I took my seat I noticed these two young girls sitting several rows behind me. One of them had her feet up on the seat in front of her, soles bared for all to see.
Naturally, I had to take a picture. A mental snapshot for the spank bank wouldn't suffice.
About half-an-hour into the film, I stealthily turned around to snap a quick pic--only to realize I had my flash on.
The girls were pretty startled, but before they could say anything, you better believe I bolted out of there fast as I could.
I didn't get to finish the movie, but at least I got pic related.
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You're an autistic creep and you think you had a bad experience?
Madman, this is what going to the kinoplex is all about.

Its kind of fucked up you didnt offer to lick them clean though.
Yeah bud, should've had a lick at a creepy moment in the film. Could you have imagined the scream?
Or maybe she would've left them there... For you to clean em thoroughly...

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This is the worst movie I have ever seen, it's a giant piece of shit for people who want to avoid masterpieces like Star Wars and Insterstellar. The scenes are unnecessarily long and if it came out today it would be criticised for it, I dont care that it was the "first to do it", it did it wrong. It was so basic how he filmed the apes, I see more complex filmaking from a wildlife documentary.

You can have long quiet scenes that are both good and bad. Just because its long doesnt automatically make it good fucking hell.

a competent director would have directed those scenes in a way that doesn't put a hyperactive 5 year old to sleep. It's just shitty film making, no excuse.

Fuck off. Before Sunrise was litterally just two people walking around a city, talking and it wasn't boring for a second. You know why? BECAUSE IT HAD A COMPETENT DIRECTOR!

So it's confirmed the drugs have destroyed your brains. 2001 fans are literally DUDE WEED LMAO tier

Personally I think people who say it's in their top 10 are either lying or retarded.
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mixed feelings to this, but if you hated it, tell me what 60s sci fi you liked more?
You post like someone straight out of /v/
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Here's your (you), now get out.

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You tell people you hate Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Twin Peaks, Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, South Park, and every original show on Netflix.
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u must be really smart
>defining yourself by the popular things you hate rather than the unpopular things you like
>being a contrarian faggot rather than a champion for lesser known artists
lmao that cat is like tom cruise on catnip

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Django Unchained
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

"What war?"

"The war to end all racewars."
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thers only wun war that matturs. the greet war. und its ere.

*cleans out AR-15*

>I'm ready senpai. Just tell me when.
"What do you believe in?"
"I believe in preserving the home and future of Israeli children."

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What are some flicks about betrayal?
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My penis is definitely betraying my morals right now
Great flick
Is that margeary tyrell? Also star wars vii

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HOLY FUCK! This is GOOD. Why doesn't /tv/ talk about it?
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Cause Louis is a meme in the worst way here and many take the meme so seriously that they will dismiss anything related to him. Most of /tv/ probably doesn't even know that Buscemi is a featured actor in H&P.

And yes, it is amazing and probably the best thing Louis has ever done. It is completely devasting and anyone who is a hardcore depressive alcoholic should give it a watch for cathartic reasons if nothing else.

Humans aren't necessarily complex but the way we influence each other's lives is and I think the show does a great job spelling that out.

Fuck, its been long enough now that I should probably rewatch it.
While Horace & Pete is way more dry in its few comedic moments and shoots for charm and realistic awkwarness over straightforward jokes, I feel like people who enjoy Bojack Horseman for its harsh reality/depressive elements would really like this show a lot.
Well OP you could at least discuss it with me since /tv/ is too pleb to know what we're talking about

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