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That was cute , thanks
average DChild enjoying his toddler entertainment while sophisticated nuanced intellectual adults such as myself enjoy Marvel kino.

also The Tick thread
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What's the best action movie of all time?
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Mad Max: Fury Road
terminator 2 judgement day
Face/Off, Hard Boiled or The Raid 2

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Why did he stay with Jon during Thorne's mutiny?
He had no business with him anymore, and probably had bigger problems concernign Stannis defeat.
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He read the script.

>His name is Aegon Targaryen
>Wait, you mean like Rhaegar's other son?
>O-Other son?
>Yeah, you know, the one he had with his wife Elia Martell? They had two kids, one of which is already named Aegon
>Oh shi-

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he wasn't real.
Who wasn't real?
It was prophercized he would have a son called Aegon who would be the prince who was promissed. He names them all Aegon to cover all bases as its likely his other son is already dead!

How insufferable will next year's Oscars be?
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It's going to be glorious seeing all the trumptards get their panties in a wad because Hollywood knows what's up.
Le Drumpf fascist nazi will be getting BTFO'd as usual
It's a shame what people will do for [You]s.

>In a 17th-century law code for the Puritan colony of New Haven, Connecticut "blasphemers and masturbators" were eligible for the death penalty.
Really makes you think. You wouldn't be untouchable in this utopian world no matter how white and male the councils trying you were.

This is a bit unsettling t b f
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New Haven is a shithole aside from some churches and The Yale facilities, both of which are wasted on shit people (aside from the monks at St. Mary's).

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We all know that Hollywood makes too many sequels, but are there any sequels you wouldn't mind seeing?
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when are we getting that Jumper 2?
E.T 2
Are you fucking serious? I never ever want to see that brown piece of shit ever again

>slams file on desk
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>You can't scare me with this
>god dammit Mike, we're DONE!
>it's another 'a guy from hot dog stand finds out Mike never went to Harvard' episode

I can really go on for another 4 hours
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felicia clover.jpg
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>it's a Louis fucks everyone over because he's insecure and then regrets it right after episode.

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Characters that are literally you
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gray parish
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For me it's the Joker: intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.

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And no bullshit like Diehard or Gremlins. What is the one movie you watch every year that consistently gets your hollies jollied?
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Jingle All the Way
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My Christmaskino collection generally includes...

A Christmas Story
Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Frosty The Snowman
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
The Year Without A Santa Claus
It's A Wonderful Life
Christmas Vacation
Home Alone (1&2)
Bad Santa
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
A Charlie Brown Christmas

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Was there ever a bigger cuck in cartoons than Doug?
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In retrospect it is easier to see that he was a huge schizophrenic hopeless romantic nerd. Until Disney bought it and proceeded to ruin it of course.
Holy shit, that image. Can't believe I'm nostalgic over fucking /b/ of all things.
If he was also drunk, neither of them could have consented so she raped him too cancelling it out.

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Are 4K Blu-Rays a meme or are they the future of physical media?
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There's only a small difference really between 1080p and 4k. We've reached the point of diminishing returns.
4k alone is a meme but 4k with HDR is great
the big problem is that there is little to no watchable content thats true 4k and not upscalled trash
They're legit, I love watching them on my Ipad, you can really see the difference between 1080.

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Is there a Sopranos like show for other ethnic crime groups?
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Not at all. Gommorah tries but it has none of the gravitas, pathos, or cinematography.
Yeah I love Gomorrah but it's more about the Camorra as a whole rather than the main protagonist even with Ciro kinda being one.

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Mann is a fucking genius.
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That line isn't even in the movie.
that shot/moment is amazing. last time i can remember my jaw dropping while watching a movie.

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