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Who plays them in the inevitable biopic?
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Idris Ellba
Robert Downey Jr

truly a film men will never understand
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they'd have to watch it first, good luck getting anyone to do that
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I saw it in theaters
I don't need to understand it. I only watched it for the bucket scene

Documentary thread. What are some of your favourite documentaries? Topics can range from the mating of dodos to middle eastern politics
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I'm in the middle of The Next Pearl Harbor. It's a 5-hour 9/11 doc on Youtube.

Tickled is really well done. It captures that seedy underground investigative reporting tone, even though the subject matter is kind of absurd.

In Defense of Food is one of the few good docs about health and food manufacturing that doesn't fellate some special interest group (meat industry, vegans, etc.).

Citizenfour is fantastic.

The Jinx is pretty good. Great opening, great song. Case is pretty interesting.
Man on wire was pretty dull with the exception of the score and a few scenes where the score is centerstage. Otherwise a really bore to watch.

>Citizenfour is fantastic.

it was pretty good, good enough that Stones "Snowden" was a redundant, comical overdramatization of what happened. Levitt made Snowden sound like a NSA Forest Gump with that voice.
Someone give me some mountaineering documentations that i haven't seen already

just watched:

dying for everest: Pretty good

The Fatal Game: Also really good

Eight Summits: The Bill Burke Story: Meh alright.

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Have you seen this, /tv/? It's actually pretty good, it's like Jack the Ripper, about a serial killer stalking ye olde London, and it even has Karl Marx as a suspect.
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Haven't seen it but I'm big on British mystery and tv in general so I'll watch it with your endorsement.
It has the typical dark foggy London with lots of nastiness, you know the general atmosphere.

The investigation itself is a bit weak, it's more focused on showing off the world and various characters. You know like in shitty adventure games, you just go and talk to all the characters and ask them everything on the list to advance the plot, that's kind of how the "investigation" works in this movie.

I was pleasantly surprised to see an older detective as the protagonist (Nighy) though.
Sadly you simply know the twist when the first "suspect explains the murder" scene happens.

And what the fuck was up with that fucking gay stuff? It did NOTHING for the story and felt very forced.

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>Bond. Jamal Bond.
>Bond. James Bond.
>Bond. Jalal Bond.
>Bond. Xiang Bond.
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This version of the app still available?
White Idris Elbow looks like Kevin Costner.
kek i want to turn everyone into an indian

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>bully has a drunk abusive father
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>person was born of human parents
>hottest most popular girls parents are never part of her life
>matter is composed of particles

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will northerners hate jon because he bent da ny?
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>she looks like she has down's syndrome.

.001 / 10 would not bang.
photoshop warping tool to the rescue!
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>implying emilia isn't literal goddess

>star trek II back in theaters
>go to a 2pm showing on sunday
>only 10 people there
>most are fat middle aged men joking about VHS and kirks toupee

are these the REAL nerds you guys always talk about?
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yes. there's a reason why nerds were more hated than pedophiles
what went wrong
confirmed for qt3.14159

Reminder if Deckard isn't a replicant this film is not canon
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According to who, Ridley "Dementia" Scott? Geddafuggoudaheah
Why is he just wearing a plain t-shirt for a promo shot?
The only one who's saying that is Ridley Scott and his creative license have been revoked since Aliens: Covenant and has been until his death.

Thank you for your time and have a time day.

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>leave horrorkino to me
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What would it take to kill this motherfucker, has he ever actually been injured, saw the 1st movie years ago..
These movies would have been scarier if it was a human and not some stupid-looking demon bat creature.
he wasn't killed, but he did get his ass handed to him in part 2 which forced him into hibernation.

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Rank them from best to worst.
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>Gone Girl
> Sicario
> Nightcrawler
> Green Room
> Night animals or something like that to lazy to open the pciture

All of them good movies
Every movie there is pure reddiitt except Green Room.
I don't rate imdb pleb bait

This is the poor man's Mad Men.
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Didn't showtime have an offer to host mad men but turn it down?
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Californication is the more enjoyable watch and has more heart than Made Men. People may have watched it for the TnA, but there was something underneath it all.
I'm happy that never happened
The last thing mad men needed was 5 minute sex scenes every single episode

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Who was in the wrong here?
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>bunch of manlets
No wonder they lost the war
Not to mention their leader was insane and they were stupid enough to follow his orders, the fucking brainlets

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Are critics out of touch with audiences?
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why seth not lose weight
literary critics > actual newspaper film critics >>immense power gap>> film bloggers posing as film critics > tv critics > video game critics
He looks like the wheelchair dude from Hannibal

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CLOWN (2).png
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one stinky dinky.jpg
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Whatssamatta Spawny boy? You don't like clownz?!!

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