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He isnt a fucking cuckhold, why do they insist on this?? He was supposed to get with Dany NOT Jon What the fuck!!!!!
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>Ser Jorah was not a handsome man
Great casting, D&D
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Who needs Khaleesi when you HAVE KIDMAN!?

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oh cool another roastie that cries oppression when it's convenient for him

Fuck off idiot. Lurk more
he's right about the second half though

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>ywn live an exciting life and go on adventures like in game of thrones
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join the military go rogue and start hunting isis
or better yet become a vigilante and start beating up urban youths in Chicago like a super hero.
>join anti-ISIS militias
>loot whatever gold they must still have
>get money for it
>buy yourself all kind of weapons you can
>hunt criminals in Detroit or Chicago or whatever city full of crime in America
>Hard Mode: single handly clean the North of Mexico
>green eyeballs

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who will win?
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big guy posting aside,

Tom Hardy is one of the few celebs that is genuine with his charity work, unlike some certain other celebrities that we won't name here


God, that was boring af

I fucking can't stand Chaplin or his humor.

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Understandable, it's not for everyone.

Happy painting and god bless.
t. Fat yank

I think there is noone who really likes all the "classics"

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who is this meme actor and why do we have so many threads about him
Answered your own question there, chief.
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you're not supposed to be here, posting

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Composer Alf Clausen fired from The Simpsons, series seeking "a different kind of music."


When will it end?
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He wanted more money, right?
This hurts more than characters who have died.
You know in golden age simpsons when an episode starts and it has that little intro music? I don't know what they call that, they don't use it anymore, but it's after the opening credits and it kind of sets the stage a bit and it's just a 5 second diddy. Anyway, whenever you hear that, you know it's going to be a good episode.

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Say hello to my chocolate blend!
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Still less embarrassing to what De Niro has come to.

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Sweet Mary mother of fuck, that's good!
Caspere knew this?

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Looks like my kind of movie, I hope it's good
and it's from the writer of Bone tomahawk
oh fuck you /tv/

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Do you know any video/movie scene where the screen gets gradually filled with people who talk? Something like: 1 person is talking, then 2, then 3 etc. until the entire screen is filled with all of them talking at the same time.
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the first thing I thought of
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Venice opens today, with Alexander Payne's Downsizing

>For up to an hour, Downsizing seems to play to the director’s best, most acidly rueful instincts. The origins, branding and physical practicalities of small-living culture are detailed with a wicked sense of whimsy akin to Charlie Kaufman.

>At the halfway mark, however, I began to feel myself growing out of Downsizing—just as Payne makes a fearsomely ambitious, Preston Sturges-referencing allegorical lunge for the heart of America.

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Why didn't sansa swing the sword?
Why was littlefinger killed with a dagger?
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Cause they're wymin

War in Viet-fucKING-NAAAAAAM!!!!
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This is one of those movies that I continually watched like every ~2 years growing up and everything would make so much more sense each time. Ex. the scene where the principal is boning his mom
Jenny was such a fucking cunt
So the moral of the story is being a dumb but nice redneck is better than being a drugged out hippie?

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bobbyposting > baneposting > sneedposting
you mean the meme that was started on reddit and died in less than a week?
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>Ohh yeah. There's powerful niggardry at work here
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