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Am I dumb for not knowing what a "Character actor" is? Surely ever actor plays a character.
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nice doubles haha xd!
No the term is actually strange.

Character actors are known for playing a variety of distinctive characters, but they also typically have distinctive features. Lead actors tend to play the same kind of character, and they tend to have similar looks to one another.

There are a few chameleons and exceptions out there, but most character actors are instantly recognizable in everything they're in.
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Pretty much this. Actors like Guy Pearce or Michael Shannon have distinct features, so you recognize them almost immediately in films, but they are quite talented in the sense that they pour themselves into the character and there is a very evident dedication to their craft.

An example of an actor just playing a character is Bruce Willis. The guy is definitely a movie star but he is essentially always John McClean or some variation of him for the majority of his career.

Let's laugh at this dead format.

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Just came back from seeing this.
What's my opinion?
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It has black people in it so it must be bad
It has black people in it so it must be good
>will be talked about for years to come
>haven't seen it mentioned anywhere outside this thread

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Red Woman edition

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Well, for my girlfriend and I: We started talking, dating, etc... standard relationship. Really grew out feelings for one another. We would discuss our sexual desires and one time I told her that I think it's hot when girls fart. Which is true, I love confident girls who don't care, or even want people to know if they fart. I also told her I was into facesitting, and letting her control her pleasure. Then I suggested we mix the two. Now she's goes out of her way to bend over and fart on me. She'll ask me to lick her ass when she's gassy. She'll even have me sniff her butt while she's laying in bed. I think she's just turned on by turning me on and just likes making me horny.

Tl;dr: Fell in love, developed a fart fetish with my girlfriend.
Okay, I have a question for Preston Jacobs fans. Chad Summerchild represents a braindead show fan, who just wants the tits and dragons part, and is largely parody of Emergency Awesome.
Who do Brandon Nightsking and Sweetrobin represent?
>no /got/ in title
One job.

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Valar Morghulis
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fucking SJW garbage. That fat faggot author needs to kill himself.

can this fat fuck not steal from JRR for one second
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>mfw this scene is supposed to be a tranny metaphor
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did she died?
I fapped a lot to that titty popping out
Did they ever explain why people acted like degenerates around robots? Why go out of your way and destroy something that probably cost a few grand to purchase? Never got this.

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How does one be such an amazingly nice guy like Cooper? I haven't watched the new series yet but in the old series he was just an incredibly nice, positive guy all the time. He never lets cynicism or the stress of his job get the better of him. How does a person reach that level of bliss
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Being a character in a TV series helps
Are you saying it's impossible for a person in real life to be as pure as Cooper
Did you miss the episode where he beats and rapes Shelly for serving him cold coffee?

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Pretty good documentary... What's the best documentary?

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Probably the one where you go fuck urself

If you haven't ridden Kongfrontation after waiting in line for over an hour you haven't experienced pure kino
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I thought they replaced it with some 4D shit.
the mummy
It was pretty good, but I miss Kong.

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wtf happened today?

i saw a bunch of trailers about promising movies to come

>Blade of the immortal (2017) by Takashi Miike - Trailer.

>Shot Caller ... with Jaime Lannister

>The bad batch - with Drogo Jason Momoa

>Brawl in cell 99 - with Vince Vaughn and Debra Morgan
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>The bad batch - with Drogo Jason Momoa

Why did Stargate produce such shit?
Shot Caller has been out for a while, I watched it and it's great.
ShotCaller and Badbunch have been out on Torrents for months

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what did he mean by this?
the ravishing, sansa

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>father and son
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who's the father?
Weird casting choice, although the kid did a passable act I guess

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THE GOAT imo nothing comes close
precisely. it got me into screenwriting and filmmaking in general.

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Is this kino worth watching for CIA or does he only play a small part?
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He's the villain's right hand, but he's cool.

Plenty of waifus too.
shut up

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