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who are your most hated movie characters /tv/?

fuck jenny
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Cucking Forrest like that.
glad that cunt died
Janice. Soprano.

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See this? Korean celebrities dress normally wearing nice clothes. They dont dress like degenerate freaks like Hollywood celebs. They also dont have tattoos or piercings or ugly short dyke hair.

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Then there's the covers bands

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>This is the official poster for a high-budget disney movie
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rogue two lol.jpg
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Also the Nip version
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Thats actually pretty good but i can see why you would think its bad..

Could Jamie Lee Curtis play Princess Diana in an inevitable biopic?
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she's too old for that
Not too old to play the corpse.
its the part Idris Elba was born to play

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aaaggghhhh sansa save me...
I don't watch the show. what was the point of him talking about the sex he watched?
None, writers are finding ways to kill time.

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What's the essential drill sergeant kino?
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My dad likes Private Benjamin. Said he watched it in the army and laughs when the drill instructor corrects her.

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Has anyone been watching this comedykino? Quality has been consistent between the two seasons and the humor has been great. Between this and Angie Tribeca TBS has been stepping it up.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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what are this movie's strengths?
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the badas robots and the half robot guy are pretty strong i think
Elysium translates to: White people are selfish, evil bastards
let me rephrase, what aspects of the movie "elysium" left a positive impression on you as a viewer of said movie?

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that's gay
Based Warner Jews shutting down the transmonster agenda in 99'
because the wachowskis aren't your typical trannies

they religiously believe the female form is a higher being one must ascend to

Of all the villains who were right about everything and did nothing wrong, are body snatchers and other similar alien hivemind parasites the most unfairly treated?

>everyone belongs together
>no more sadness
>no more anger
>no more loneliness
>no more low IQ idiots reigning over the world
>no more SJW degeneracy
>no more virginity for the NEET losers
>only complete unity, purpose and the feeling of belonging to one big happy family

Why wouln't YOU want to assimilate into the superior hivemind, insect... I mean human?
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Because Free Will? Fuck off
>literally a Rick and Morty episode about this
Hmmmm really microwaves your marbles
I don't watch reddit and morty but community already had a lazy parody of body snatcher tropes. Doesn't Harmon get tired of always doing the same lazy homages to basic nerd tropes?

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Question for the bookfags... was it that he had a tiny penis, and that's why he didn't into pusy?

He was motivated more by power... cuz baby dick?
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he was massively cucked not once, but twice by the starks.
i like the baby dick explanation more

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Don't mind if I do!
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>actually hating this scene
What a fucking loser

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>where did it go so wrong
the first seasons were kino
>calls his son Jackson
>his own name isn't Jack
What did Disney mean by this?

How would you bring Ned Stark back?
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aaaagh posting
Mufasa style

bestowing wisdom on Jon Snow
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I know everyone says that film is a visual medium, but it feels like a lot of directors take this too far and just have long periods of silence or overly simplistic dialogue. What should I watch if I want to see something with smart dialogue or complex dialogue?
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The Social Network or Inception
Prepare to be absolutely mind fucked
My Dinner with Andre

I don't like these movies.

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