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"A'right, so there was this truck"

"A Truck?"

"Yeah, in the desert, someone in it with a bag o'er their head, couple of other guys in there. Not me this time."

"WHICH desert."

"It might not've been a desert, there were mountains and grass not long after."


"Look, they bring him out of the truck over to the plane, and there's this fella standing there right, like he's not got a belt on...but he has got a belt on."


"Just listen! ‘E says, ‘e says ‘I’m CIA’."

"You mean he was with the CIA."

"No, no, he just says CIA."

"He’s the entire CIA?"

"No he…, look they say…uhh…look, we were to give you this doctor…"

"‘What Doctor?"

"HE was the main one they were bringing, but they brought the ones with bags as extra."

"Extra Doctors? And there’s two with bags now?"

"No! One ‘ems easy to forget. Look, CIA…"

"His given name."

"Yeah, CIA says…look, don’t know what you’re playin’ at here…can’t be bringing mates. But they say they work for this kind of gangster guy, called Blaine. And CIA says…right, we’ll take ‘im."

"Ok, I’ll stop you there. If they lift up the hoods, and it’s a monkey, or any kind of primate, we are NEVER doing this feature again."
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“No, no listen. They get in the air, and CIA’s like, carrying on trying to get them to talk about the gangster.”

“While on the plane?”

“He says…where they’re going…they’re expecting one less than there is.”

“What do you MEAN Karl?”

“Like, what he’s saying is he’ll throw one out.”

“Of the plane?”

“Yeah, and like, he opens the door, and he pulls one over and like, shoots out the window next to his head.”

“‘Shoots him you mean.”

“No. He only pretends. And pretends to throw ‘im out. And CIA says… oh, he didn’t fly so good.”

“No, he didn’t.”

“Yes, he did.”

“No he didn’t. that’s not grammatically correct, you messed it up in your weird little Manc head.”

“Listen. And the other one, with the bag on their head, ‘e says…he says, well you wouldn’t shoot someone, would ya? if you were just going to chuck ‘em away anyway. And CIA walks over, takes off his mask, and its Blaine, and he’s got this like, metal spider thing, covering his mouth.”

“Oh CMON!”

“No, he does. It sort of looks like…did you ever open up a washing machine, and its all small pipes all close together. It was all that…but in face form.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“And CIA says…he says…if I take that off, would you be alright, or is it like a medicine thing. Would you die, basically, is what he was asking.”

*Sigh* All right, and what did he say.”

“He said it would hurt a lot and that.”


“For you.”


“It would hurt a lot…for you.”


“Nevermind. See its just ‘cause it’s me sayin’ it. If you saw that in a film, like, a film from that one who made Inception or what have ya, you’d think it was brilliant.”

“He wouldn’t PUT THAT in his films! He’s not that stupid!”
This is legit hilarious
10/10 if oc

What the hell was the point of this movie? Was it just about Charlie grooming Barton into another serial killer?

The whole thing just gave me high school assignment anxiety flashbacks. I'm sure there's a big secret metaphor but I just didn't see it.
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The hotel was hell and Goodman was Satan.
That seems too obvious to be true.
Rise of fascim
Disregard of the left to the common people they claim to represent (see Alf Garnett)
The death of theatre and rise of both cinema and tv
Things are not as they seem to be
The hard truth behind several talented writers, like Faulkner
Low culture vs high culture
The ways of media moguls
The studio system in hollywood before the war
Jewish diaspora

unironically, what are some good
>just turn off your brain movies
already seen most of Nolan's stuff.
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Clueless is a GOAT 90's comedy.
The last few Terminator movies.
Ignore the fans that will want to nitpick and just watch 'em. Pretty great action flicks with decent CGI.
The Rock

When Bay still made kino

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Is this the GOAT Robin Hood movie /tv/?
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If you're my mom.
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Worth watching just for Alan Rickman.

He actually had a load more scenes that Costner had cut, because he was worried people would root for the Sheriff rather than Robin. Then people preferred the Sheriff anyway. Possibly because he actually had an English accent.

>Just a minute. Robin Hood steals money from my pocket, forcing me to hurt the public, and they love him for it?

>That's it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas.

>Trailer for a holocaust movie
>Turn down for what starts playing
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>Trailer for the Witcher series
>It ain't me starts playing
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>trailer for the new Seth Rogen series
>smoke weed everyday strats playing

What was his problem?
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His eyebrows
Too ugly to ever star in a leading role

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>it's an Apophis episode
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Which one was the bigger slut?
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ur mom LMAO
Literally who
Roz and Daphne Moon from the best sitcom ever, Frasier.

What the fuck was his problem?
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he had to get it on
>characters that literally did nothing wrong

Waingro is my hero.
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>It's a Sayid doesn't know how long the battery will last episode
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Why did it turn to shit
>it's a Hurley and Sawyer literally kill two people in one of the worst ways possible but the show carries on as if nothing happened episode.

Jews, not even kidding.

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anyone have a torrent for mulholland drive about a gig in size?
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Image sauce?
mulholland drive

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Is this kino?
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