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Would you watch (((it)))?
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Only with Betty White Grandalf.
Normally no, but just by pure respect for the liberals butthurt it caused, I will.
Is it a lesbian porno?

Then yes.

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Did anyone go see blade runner the final cut in 4K last night? My theater sold out all showings and actually decided to do one more showing so people could see it if they wanted. I haven't really seen anyone talking about it, did you guys decide it's not kino anymore since they're making a sequel?
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"deckard was a replicant" meme is spammed to this day.
I dont now if you are new or what but shitposting about Blade Runner never really stopped.
As for the 4K version I think thats a limited pre-new movie marketing gimmick.

So tell us op which version did they show?
The Final Cut?

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How do people still think Rick and Morty is intellectual?
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BASED xavier renegade angel condoning a hedonistic hippie lifestyle devoid of humility and self-restraint!

I've been inspired to become obese, fuck until death by std and quit my job/kill my family! Lots to do, wish me luck!
George W. Bush would've preferred Rick and Morty, and he abolished slavery so I think we both know he's fucking retarded.
If the earth is a brain does it have dreams? dreams dreams dreams dreams

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The new season is out. Is this even worth watching with no based Pablo?
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enjoying the 1st episode so far. still the same show just no pablo.
Penia is in there so YES
Pena is based af

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>Transformers 1 - Megatron arrived and got frozen in ice. Transformers had no prior contact
>Transformers 2 - Transformers have been around since ancient humans, but hidden on Earth/Mars but pulling strings
>Transformers 3 - Transformers had something to do with the moon landing
>Transformers 4 - Transformers have been here since the time of the Dinosaurs
>Transformers 5 the earth is a transformer

What will the next one be?
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Bumblebee in the 80s
the earth transformer transforms and starts jacking off causing world wide catastophe
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You actually expect these two to give the same amount of fucks?

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So, where are his nephews and/or nieces?
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Thash hish name anon, Uncle Rukush.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

What are some essential fedoracore movies? Aside from the obvious, that is.
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Sunday Brunch and The ShoeShine Band
Anything by Michael Moore
Life of Brian

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Infinity trinity.png
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What did they mean by this?
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I tought she quit MCU?
>quitting a fat paycheck
lol she was in Homecoming for like a minute
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>whats that?
>"another" capeshit movie??

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how do they understand each other?
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The secret is that they're always angry.

This movie is completely inferior to the first one, and the assembly cut. So why is it considered the best among "Alien Purists"?
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It's only good among redditors. If you ask anyone else, then the first one is obviously better
Its not, are you retarded?
Alien is objectively the best movie in the franchise
Oh boy here we go again. Why can't people just like what they like?

Will we ever get a good Ayn Rand movie? I fucking loved Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism is god-tier ideology, but the movie of Atlas Shrugged sucked.
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Ha. Meme "libertarian" detected.
Its a bait, you filthy newfag
Loving Ayn Rand books means there's something wrong with you

Her characters are boring two dimensional cardboard cut outs and most of her plots are either preachy political rhetoric or rape fantasies

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>Let's get down to business
>To defeat
>The Huns
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chink fucking shits should fear the mighty mongol
>Someone forced my anus
>it was uuuun
Are 'Make a Man Out Of You', 'A Girl Worth Fighting For' and 'You Bring Honour To Us All' gonna be too problematic for the reboot?

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>Bro, what if i make a carbon copy of nomadic raiders but call their leader a Khal instead of Khan and their monarchy a Khalasar instead of Khaganate???
>D A B I D!!!

bravo, Martin, BRAVO
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>Bro what if I have knights but instead of Sir they are Ser? That's original right???
These are very accurate.

GRRM is not Tolkein. Tolkein was good at world building. GRRM just adopts out history and mythology into one "new" world of Planetos. His actual talent lies in character writing and character building and subverting (((tropes))) of fantasy and fiction series.
None of these bother me.

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Rat Race poster.jpg
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ITT: Your dad's favorite movie
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>that Hitler scene

>not redux

you dad is a pleb, even more so than >>87209328 's dad

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