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what the FUCK was his problem?
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You are honestly an idiot if you wouldn't eat that delicious 'za.
Why do Americans do this?
That pizza looks awfully greasy.

Then again, I grew up in Italy so I'm used to our style of pizzas. From what I understand in America pizzas tend to be more like cheese pies

Recommend me colonial kino
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Apocalypse Now

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What are some of the biggest marketing ploys in movie history?
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I honestly dont even know where to begin
But this piece shit Kangaroo Jack really went for broke with the talking animal shit.
>but its a dream sequence bro
Bruckheimer knew exactly what he was doing, no shame whatsoever
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>it's a movie about all the silly stuff you could do if you were the first person to ever lie on Earth
>dude_religion_lmao.mov instead
Just thought of a recent one:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h46ruOND_KU

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ITT: Simpsons' jokes you never understood
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Sneed wakes up one morning to find he's been transformed into a Chuck.


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How KINO is it?
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>A Talking Cat?!
It's A Talking CAT!?!, actually.

What was his endgame with this specific performance?
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To start a race war
the only thing i knew about michael richards outside of his work was that he had a bad anger streak. he was candid and specific how it needed managing. i guess the yoga wasn't working.
To teach those loudmouthed audience members/hecklers a lesson. Pretty sure they still haven't forgotten. A powerful media figure put them in their place. They probably think about it every single day. It's possible that this event even remedied their bad behavior -- can they be loud and obnoxious in public anymore without thinking about how one of the most famous television personalities of all time called them out on the carpet and put them down in the rudest fashion possible? They might just have PTSD. Michael Richards set out to do the world a favor, and sacrificed his career in the process. He was the hero the Laugh Factory deserved.

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disney should have just paid for the X-men rights.
That would imply FOX was selling, which they're not.
>rhyming feel with feel

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All the people in this scene are dead

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Bump in 2035

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>Quick, we need a place for the mid-level boss to hide
>Say no more
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>We need a vehicle for the badguys
>Got you covered, senpai
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>Now where would the actual drug deal go down?
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>we need a disgusting spic to play-
>already on the phone sir

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you little bitch.
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I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda.
nice you fixed the silence in the beginning

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Is this hillbilly kino?

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did they do it?
Yes, and the mainstream media & Hollywood's attempt to insist they didn't is very, very strange -- or at least it used to be

That's just an average american.

>tfw he actually redeems himself

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What was Marcel smoking before he lit the film cannisers up? Was it just a typical hand rolled cigarette, or was it a fatass blunt?
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Fuck this board. Nothing but retarded pedophiles

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>"You're my father! Why did you abandon me?!"
>"No Rey, you don't understand. You're my father."
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How the fuck does that even work?
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This wouldn't surprise me. Rian Johnson is going all out to make this one as shitty as possible

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How come there's no tv shows or movies about female losers?
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who would want to see that?
Welcome to the dollhouse?
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what do you call this hair style?
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90s balding intellectual
there you go
Quite stylish

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