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Did they ever explained how he was servant to both Scrooge and Darkwing Duck at the same time?
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Yes, Darkwing duck and Duck Tales take place in separate universes, it's why Launchpad doesn't crash the jet in DWD.
Scrooge is DWD

but scrooge and drake mallard look nothing alike

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White Guilt.
Piss and foot play
she gave him a no contact ejact

>While Stone has fond memories of the early days (see: ''Best'' list), his co-creator says he wouldn't cry too hard if the show's first 48 episodes, starting with ''Cartman Gets an Anal Probe,'' were wiped from history.
>Parker: If I had to permanently erase anything from the library, it would basically be anything before season 4. It's just embarrassing to watch. Okay, we were, like, 26, 27. But it's like, ''Really? We thought that was funny? We thought that was well-written? Oh my God, this is terrible.''


What did he mean by this?
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He's actually pretty easy on himself, as someone in the creative business, I hate everything I ever made.
>dub dubs

also that logic is dumb, as comedy changes. some comedy is timeless but as a kid me and my m8s thought South Park was funny af desu
That's the curse of the artist, when you start something it's a good idea but after you finish it you've already learned everything about it so it seems bad in hindsight even though it's not

Or your work is just shit I dunno

Why does everything about modern pop culture and entertainment seem soooooo shitty or mediocre at best?
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Because you're getting older, there are only so many unique stories to tell, and by sitting in your room jerking off all day on the internet you're experiencing media faster than any human alive ever has which makes it hard to impress you.
because it is

What was the point of that stupid ending?
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Pretty obvious desu

suggest me movies with lovely and qt protagonist like this one
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Bridge to Terabitha

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If the car dealership wasn't even aware that it had a Camaro (because they didn't, it's a Transformer that just drove into it and parked there) and didn't know where it came from, what kind of papers did they give to Sam's dad as proof that they sold their car to them?
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wheres the vin number?!
Bumblebee wrote his own papers and had them on the dashboard.
Bumblebee went to the black market for his paper amigo. Shhh...

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So people don't like this movie because it wasn't "scary"? How fucking retarded are you?
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Blair Witch Project has 0 jump scares, yet it's still one of the scariest movies ever made.

It Comes At Night is just boring trash for the easily impressed
style over substance: the movie
You have to admit, the trailers were misleading.

The trailers were like "watch the film and you'll find out what's on the other side of the spooky red door."

It was a great film. But I understand if people feel cheated. It's not a horror film. It's a survival film, like The Grey.

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[taps nondescript brown tunic]
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maybe he part of the brown kingdom?
big if true

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ITT: Shows that did not milk the cow enough

>each season of Rome could and probably should have been split in two.
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More nekkid Atia would have been nice, hnnnng
they could have given us ceasar in gaul, or his rise in general

season two was too rushed

they could continue it in a different time period, punic wars come to mind
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When I was a newfag, I defended our board. As an oldfag, I shall not abandon it. I give sincere thanks to OP, who has presented me with the most promising meme imaginable. I address you directly, OP. Please listen as if you were normal and intelligent, and not an autistic, porn-addled wreck/ You are certainly not without accomplishments. It is a rare man who can boast of becoming a NEET before even coming of age. You have brought upon us Reddit, 9GAG, and cancer. You are /tv/'s Daenerys Targaryen. But then a hamplanet's role has always suited you best.

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*says unfunny things before and after the show*
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Jewish nepotism can get you far
Friends is a better show
*says unfunny things during the show*

>tfw Rainer Werner Fassbinder was a faggot
>tfw Nicholas Ray was a faggot
>tfw F.W. Murneau was a faggot
why is cinema so full of degeneracy?
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kek and Godard was a marxist, we are doomed
>a handful of filmmakers were/are homosexuals
>therefore cinema is full of degeneracy

I really do hope you realize how much of a retard you are.
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I think you're a bigger faggot for being so triggered

The early seasons
>plot holes everywhere
>small inconsistencies, only noticeable by those looking
>failure at condensing book timelines
>le sex scenes provide immersion
>terrible acting, only they managed to hold a couple decent ones (ned, robert)
>terrible direction

Late seasons
>plot holes everywhere
>inconsistency a little more noticeable since they have to use the convoluted mess of the books
>love making is implied, time is used for plot advancement instead
>sex scene with john and daneres is useful and not too prolonged as to appeal to erotic attention
>terrible acting, without the good ones.
>terrible directing

Lets just face it. Game of thrones has been the same shithole since day one, the only thing that changed was more noticeable inconsistencies and a couple B or C list actors
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stop watching it if youre only gonna bitch about it

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This is the best horror film of the 00's
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Rings started rest well, but turned to shit. Very disappointing.
This is one of the few cases where Westernization actually helped, Ringu is no-burn schlok
In America, yeah I think you're right. Idk what that says about 00s horror though.

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