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holy fuck this was extremely creepy
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That's because you're watching an actual initiation. Eyes wide shut is a documentary. Kubrick made a deal and paid with his life.

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Why did Gandalf bully this hobbit so much?
telling him to throw himself in the well.
threatened to knock his head in for asking questions.
He's just a hobbit. Why so mean?
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I think you know, Pippin.

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>adapt a book pretty accurately
>but throw in a symbol that didn't exist in the book that drastically overpowers literally everything else
what the fuck did dennis mean by this?
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What's that?
The spiders aren't in the book? That made the movie, desu, specially THE ENDING.
probably that there's little point pretending you can make an exact book-to-film adaptation, because if you could you'd have a needlessly identical work on your hands, so if you bother adapting it all you may as well use the medium to build on the work or add a perspective to it.

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why was he such an asshole in the movie? in the books he is like a total bro
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Because the movies are shit.
Is that Beorn? I'm reading it for the first time and that looks like how I imagined him.
Also the answer is probably because they had to make shit up to get 3 movies out of this short children's book.
Because the dwarf needed different personalities, in the books they are all bros.

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Why did she forget how to swim in totally still lake water if she's on a swimming team?

the first thing swimmers learn how to do is fucking float on their by filling their lungs with air.

you can do that basically indefinitely if there are no waves.

And anyone on a highschool swim team would be able to swim for at least an hour or 2 continuously

People don't forget how to float or how to swim just because they had an upsetting day

Bit of a plot hole if you ask me
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swim in bikini?
I identified an spider from Ozark today, it took less than 3 minutes, shit was so cash.
don't know but I would

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>I shall play you the song of my people...a Song of Ice and Fire

Fucking really
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>why'd you leave your chop suey on the table?
>In the end, I guess we were all just walking along The Wire

Jesus christ, Simon, really?

>Be Aidan Gillen
>Turned into a walking meme because of TDKR
>Get Game of Thrones gig
>Respected show, turns into the biggest thing on TV
>Play the nuanced, complex, beloved character of Littlefinger
>Great scenes, interesting dialogue, complex intrigue
>Last chance to redeem your acting career and show the world you are a serious actor with gravitas and presence
>Fat fuck GRRM stops writing
>You get stuck with DABID writing your scenes
>Suddenly your plot doesn't make sense, your dialogue becomes poor
>You die at the hands of an animu ninja assassin in a cringy as fuck scene
>Can't escape fate
>You are a living meme again
Poor Aidan just can't win
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What I find rag inducing is these normie trash viewers dont seem to realise the shows HUGE dip in quality since season 5
>If I take that off the table, will you die?

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ITT: Villains you fell in love with
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hardly 'villain' per-se, but
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deadpool claim!
>wanting your kids to be brown dwarfs

Tom Cruise made the right choice. Manlet + Womanlet = dwarf

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What did Jay Bauman think of the Twin Peaks finale?

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>Jay pretending he's so busy with other stuff he can't watch prime Lynchkino
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What do you think Jay Bauman's keyboard smells like?

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Could you do it /tv/?
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Here is the questionare just to join
Socially inept teenagers that are told they are "special" their entire lives should not have internet access. That's just a fact
But the internet was the best when those people were the only people on the internet. It had even stabilized, since all these people were smart enough to realize their egos were ultimately meaningless.

Then the floodgates opened and that was all washed away and replaced with retards who think their political opinions matter.

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is TBBT /ourshow/ ?

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It was always our show you pleb
wtf i hate nerds now
*knock knock knock*
*knock knock knock*

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What's the best episode of Peep Show?
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Holiday is the one that stands out in my mind.
the one where they accidentally kill the dog and eat it

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I wish my face was the insole of Katy Perry's shoe.
I wish she'd disappear. She's completely hemorrhaged her brand.

Why does GoT creator David Benioff uses his mother's name professionally?

It's surprising because his father, Stephan Friedman, was so accomplished. I mean he was a chairman of Goldman Sachs and was the chairman of Obama's foreign intelligence advisory board.

Is this just another example of draconian SAG regulations?
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game of thrones is NOT a tool of social engineering, and jewish people have nothing to do with hollywood at all!!!
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delete this
It's 'cause he's a cucked kike

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What was his major malfunction?
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When The Orville ultimately blows out STD, how is the Star Trek community going to handle it?

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