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>*blocks your path*
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the rumour is time travel
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Movie Q
hopefully not more shoehorned gay characters
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I want a haphazard remake of The Wrath of Kahn. I know it's never been done before, but what if we introduce a character that wants revenge on the Federation or maybe just Kirk, and they have to go all out in a game of cat/mouse/mouse-cat/dog to set things right. Also, absolutely, Kirk should disregard direct orders under threat of court-martial, and the guy telling him to not do the thing says it right on the bridge and then tells a redshirt to "take him to the brig" but then nobody moves a,d Kirk goes back to captaining the ship. And in the end, they don't even reprimand him, they offer to promote him but he turns down the offer and then we end on the ship warping inside the space-horizon to some mid-90's punk music.

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Has left wing anti-white televison ever come up with something this great?
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someone explain it to me please
He never became what they made him to be.

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Is anything safe from reboots?
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Why does the black kid look he is high?
The new Miss Frizzle is a cutie though.
Why do they all have no seatbelts on?
Are they Jihadis?

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Show
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>What was your plan here?
>My plan? Just to hang out.
Is it a crime to hang out in the nude now?
No, and neither is getting a bite to eat at McDonald's

It's a goddamn shame

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Okay, what the fuck. I get that /tv/ likes this kid, but critics have a boner for him to now? First Stranger Things becomes the biggest show of last year, and now critics are calling 'It' the best Stephen King movie. What the fuck is going on here?
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He's the new fuckhole they pass around in Hollywood
Oh look, yet another thinly veiled Finn pedo thread

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Realistically, would he have been found guilty of any crime?

I guess you could say murder but I'm sure Morgan Freeman's character would've defended him and there was a significant amount of emotion built up when the killing happened
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Probably second degree murder.
there is legal precedent to let him off the hook in such cases
I recall they were being tracked by some other cops who would have witnessed the whole thing

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what shows/movies have the best animal companions?
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People just buy pitbulls to virtue signal "Oh look how nice they are" like they're some oppressed group of people. I've owned dogs my entire life and I wouldn't put a newborn on the belly of ANY dog just in case.
Lol it's true they act like nigger dogs are an analogy for niggers

Turns out Justin Roiland isn't funny

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Is hating my man Osteen the new reddit circlejerk?
Yeah that is true but woman on the other end was some good lel material
I don't blame him at all

I have to open my business and give all of my resources to poor slobs, for what?


Bajorans a shit edition
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Riker, when the pants ripped
do you think Riker has written filthy fatfics about himself?
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>>87229676 (Cross-thread)
TOS nostalgia episodes produced some nice stuff too

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another sneed fag thread huh

>read through Preacher
>hear it has a TV show
>Look it up
>Jesse has a shitty nu-male haircut
>Tulip is black because of "divershitty"
>Episodes are not adaptations of the books, instead making up their own shitty plots and characters
>Pic related
Why must every adaption rape the source material for the worse
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>powerful AF
>guys who brought you Sausage Party
I binned it after 3 episodes. Surprised I got that far. It's an absolute abortion.

The only thing they got right was casting Gilgun as Cassidy.
This. Other than that I don't know how you go about fucking up what was a pretty entertaining comic so bad

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Thoughts on this scene?
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in charge.png
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Should have chosen a better pic, for shitposting purposes.

Anyway, it's a big scene for me.
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Possibly the greatest sequence ever put on film. Every single image, every single frame is packed with meaning and subtext. It will be analyzed for decades, maybe centuries.
An pure kino

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Cast it
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Tom Hardy, Shai Halud
>Hmmmmm. Spice.

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Who would you cast in a live-action Overwatch film? Obviously this would be a total disaster, but let's say (((Hollywood))) decides to make one anyway and you're in charge of casting it.

(Rest of the cast in next image)
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Overwatch cast 2.png
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Rest of the characters
bretty good list, but who the fuck would want a live action video game movie?
If they think it'll make money, Hollywood will do it

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