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why did leto think it would be a good idea to make the joker sound like dick nixon on drugs?
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>aH aH aH aH aH

i was unironically expecting this movie to be at least fun
its kinda entertaining tho, just isnt a good movie.
The laugh was fucking stupid, nobody laughs like that. A deep, hearty laugh would have been better.

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what the... huh
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blacks need more representation so this is fine, you got all damn movies with white folks
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fake and gay
Reported again

Is Netflix...dare I say it...becoming kino?
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name 5 kinos on Netflix
Sorosflix is not kino.

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Holy shit. This was a terrible movie.
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wew lads
>defeating the nips in the most anime way possible

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Daily reminder: the left can't meme
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Fuck off
This. All great memes come from the right

So we know Irvin Kershner directed the hell out of Empire Strikes Back,

but what the fuck did "Director" Richard Marquand do in Return of the Jedi?
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Part 5 forward.

You can also check:

thank you anon
Say "yes, Mr Lucas" when talked to.

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So I just watched the Fourth Season of the wire.

He's the Season's villain, right?

>betrayed Randy and basically led to his eventual death
>fucked up the murder investigation allowing Snoop and Chris to murder countless more people including Old Face Andre
>lied about a CI and stole Police property
>ended up working for the evil Jew lawyer after being dishonorably discharged for a general bad career
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Herc turning out to be a bad guy after all is a testament to how mature The Wire was compared to an average TV show.
It would have been much easier to continue showing him as this goofball who's rough around the edges but ultimately means well, but instead they seized the opportunity to teach us a lesson that arrogance, ignorance and succumbing to your lowly instincts often enough can make you the bad guy even if declare yourself to be on the good side.

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I haven't seen it, is it better than Hell or High Water?
the theatre was laughing when Point mugu and Ojai was mentioned as we are in the same county
I want to see it, but its not out in the UK yet.

Its the best Avengers spin-off, from what I hear.

Why is this series so good?
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Its Rowan Atkinson insulting everyone around him for amusement - the show. Whats not to like?
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Lots of cunny plans

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Was pretty good, what did you all think?
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was pretty good but sneed's feed and seed was better
Worst of the Despicable Me canon desu. DM3 was kino

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Holy fuck, I forgot how good S1-3 were

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Theon has the best theme music
s7 was good, you filthy contrarian redditor
GoT was never good anon. That's just nostalgia combined with how shitty the last few seasons have been that's deluding you into thinking that trash was ever good.

This tv serie's script writer's wrote 7th season scenerio according to Youtubers' reactions. I think that they watch a lot of GOT reaction Youtube videos. There is nothing suprised me. Last moment attractions was Hollywood style. Absolutely disgusting. What do you think? Did you really excite?
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There was nothing unpredictable in 7th season

show used to surprise you. Not anymore. Not since like season 4 really.
It's working. Ratings are soaring aren't they?

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I think they're kinda cute.
why the fuck did they add a fucking penguin
That's the point.

To sell toys.

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Why did Ron scream in pain and need medical assistance when his chess piece got stabbed?
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jesus, harry potter lore is fucking cancer
Fake drama
we want the yu gi oh audience

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