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>film ends with character dying so he can finally reunite with his friends/family in heaven
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Name 1 kino, 6 movies, 3 films and 4 flicks where this happens
Fuck u
I like this ending

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where do I buy clothes like pacho's edition
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Abercrombie maybe?

season 3 was pretty good
Pena taking on the Mexican cartel on season 4 would be awesome
Nigga wat, go to a thrift store
>times you have acted like Pacho

you can go suck a fuck
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fuvk u
You're such a fuck ass
op has a stinky but

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How come this show can get away with making fun of religion but Rick and Morty can't?
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What a great movie... NOT!

It's kino. What really brought this all together for me was the 90s "'tude" that everyone and their mom used to sell shit that people like. It wasn't quite so "edgy" (90s edgy, not 4chan edgy) or pretentious in The Pest's case, as it was a Hollywood that wasn't afraid to make something original (ill-conceived or otherwise) on a gamble. And as a result I had more fun watching this lowbrow 90s comedy than I did watching almost any comedy released in the past ten years. Why?

The last movie like this I watched that I remember going to see in the theater was that Monster Trucks movie Nickelodeon put out. What a fun ride that was, it was corny as fuck but it didn't treat its audience like retards and neither does The Pest. The Pest is a movie that does not try to be anything more than what it is. It is nothing short of absurd that John Legwarmerzano as Disguisey McJuicenstein would be involved with the Scottish mafia and be the most dangerous game for an indiscriminately involved in the plot Nazi. And it is fucking gold as a result. What a great movie.
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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie
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a new era of sneedposting is upon us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCp3eM01dWM



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are the rumors about jolie true?

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>No Game of Thrones on Sunday
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Is it true that we have to wait like 1½ years for GoT to finish? Didn't the two fags who make the show say they wanted to finish it? Why do they postpone?
Because theres no Game of Thrones on Sunday

>via recapped

Kate Mara makes her nude debut in My Days of Mercy with multiple nude sex scenes. Ellen Page is also topless in these scenes.

First scene:

About 1 hour in Kate and Ellen are dancing in a trailer and start to make out. The scene then cuts to a long shot of them in profile as they take off their respective shirts. Ellen is topless first, then Kate removes her own shirt and bra. Great, well lit view of both their breasts from the side.

The scene then moves to the bed. Ellen is forcefully using her hand on Kate. Good view of Kate’s left breast and some bouncing too. Decent view of one of Ellen’s breasts as this is going on as well. This scene is decently lit and shot from the waist up.

Second scene:

About 10 minutes after their first sex scene, the pair return to Ellen’s character’s home and start going at it again. Hard cut to the two in bed, both topless, taking turns using their hands on one another. Full views of both their breasts, bouncing, nipple sucking. Decent lighting. It’s something else!

Third scene:

Cut to the next morning and the two are laying together naked in bed in the morning light. Shots of both her breasts and bush as Kate tries to get up several times and they wrestle a bit. Clearest lighting of any of the scenes.

Fourth scene:

Kate and Ellen are talking over Skype. Kate’s character leaves the webcam on as she goes to to take a shower, teasing Ellen by stripping off her shirt after she leaves the frame and moves back into it. Nothing to see, but Kate is topless.

Fifth scene:

About an hour and a half in and back in the trailer. Ellen is topless as Kate straddles her. Kate is wearing a nice dress and uses her hand on Ellen until the latter climaxes and they both start laughing. Good lighting in this scene. Long, bouncing view of Ellen’s breasts.
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>Ellen Page is also topless

You can see prepubescent girls run around shirtless at any beach, this isn't a draw
What about sex hair?
How is it her nude debut when she already went nude in house of cards?

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Rate them by how funny they are
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Murr > the greaseballs
>Q is 4chan personified
>Murr is a closet homosexual
>Sal is a pitiful soul who's scared of bacteria and fucking cats
>Joe is a fat bastard with no shame

I think Joe is the best because he rarely backs out and always goes for it, however awkward the situation is.
Murr's entertaining because he always thinks he can pull it off but usually fails.
Q is terrible at challenges that require him to interact with random people on the street
Sal is just okay.
Joe > Murr

What are some films about backtracking jews and their damage control attempt on a Javanese bean trading board?
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is this comfy horror kino? haven't seen it yet.

i'm looking for something akin to fright night
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Evil Dead II is akin
well i'm not gonna watch the sequel unless i've seen the first one m8

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>need to pause the movie
>current shot is really nice looking aesthetic shot to pause it on
>scene changes right before I hit the pause button
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>Unfortunately, Buck’s next series has also been met by overwhelmingly negative criticism. While only a few reviews are currently out for Inhumans — the first two episodes from which will be released in IMAX — they’ve all been highly critical.

>IGN, who genuinely favour superhero shows, awarded Inhumans 4.0 out of 10, calling the show “bad from top to bottom.”

>“Try as it might, the show does not live up to the Marvel brand,” their reviewer concluded. “It is most definitely not worth seeing in IMAX, and I wouldn’t recommend catching it on TV either.”

>Digital Spy have been equally critical, calling Inhumans the “weakest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date,” adding:” A severe throwback to the mostly underwhelming comic book adaptations of the pre-Iron Man age, this looks to be a serious misstep, one that'll hopefully provoke the House of M to take a step back and reevaluate their creative strategy.”

>Another low score came from Fandom, awarding only 1.0 out of five, writing: “In concentrating on making a splash with its IMAX premiere, it refuses to push boundaries in other, more important areas. Sadly, that means a lacklustre beginning to a series that was meant to wow.”

>Newsarama shared a similar sentiment (giving the first episode 4/10) while Vox, who decided not to outright review, strongly pointed potentially interested IMAx goers to spend their money on seeing something else.

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what is with the shape of that read head bitches head

I thought this was a porn parody
bad photoshop job
Either this show isn't pushing diversity, or it isn't pushing diversity enough

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