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Are you ready for The Strain tonight?

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didnt even know the new season was already airing.
I dropped it halfway through season 2, is that blonde with the man face still on?

same. was the the hacker chick that broke the internet? fucking dumb even for a dumb vampire show.

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>a threat died for this

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It's a day like any other day.
>It's a day like any other day.
no, its the weekend.
>lives for the weekend
fucking wageslaves

How do they explain the age difference in this film?

There's 30 years difference between them. It's surely not your usual "just married" couple.
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It's your usual woman - guy 30 years her senior couple.
Idk ... ILM may be able to offer the solutions to the issue, anon !! Just give 'me call (*¯艸¯)

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how can reviewers even exist

i can't imagine a more painful existence
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>Getting paid to just talk about a film

Sounds kino to me
You've posted these threads before, with the same Asuka reaction images. Why?
Get this, they hope one day to build a large enough following that they can review professionally and have the populace at large wait with bated breath for their reviews

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Was it CapeKINO or Capeshit?
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MEW in her prime, nuff said
and lots of other waifus

What does /tv/ make of Legion ? I never see any threads about it, so i'd like to gauge some opinion.

Anyone see this show ? Thoughts ? Would you recommend it ?

I'm keen to start watching it soon. Was actually in hospital whilst it aired so I didn't see any threads or internet buzz about it.
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its shit
When it was airing /tv/ loved it
ah would've been nice to follow threads weekly.

thats one thing netflix dump episode uploads has kinda killed.

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This movie opened my eyes. I'm never eating at McDonald's again.
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I'm glad to hear it. There are much better fast food places.
that movie is a load of bologna
>amerilards need a feature length Hollywood documentary to tell them it's a bad idea to eat fast food every single day

Defend this.

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Can someone explain to me what the fuck is with all this hype regarding this movie? I am seeing red flags everywhere. I honestly hope I am wrong since I want to see more good movies but seriously every cell in my body is telling me that it is just nothing more than a pg-13 horror flick with hype and aggressive marketing around it. For fucks sake, even Stephen King likes it and we know the man has questionable taste in his book adapted movies.
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it's rated R you dunce
Well, one red flag down I suppose.
IT is being shilled massively. For months leading up to its release, we were shitting on it left and right.

Nowadays you'll see more """positive""" sentiments than negative. Really makes you think

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"Venom, along with another standalone film Silver & Black are to be in their own entities, yet take place in the "same reality" as the MCU without any official crossover happening between the two movies and the Tom Holland iteration of Spider-Man."




Can someone explain what the fuck is going on?
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> take place in the "same reality" as the MCU without any official crossover happening between the two movies
For literally what purpose? All this will do is make the question 'where the are the avengers during this whole shit' come up. Why can't it be a just separate universe, what is the point of the cinematic universe meme if it's not even a shared universe. Why not just make every movie set in the Marvel universe but with 'no official crossover'
Just like Netflix Marvel
because they are doing something else, noob. the more questions you add don't make your point better.

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...was it kino?
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he was the only cool character in this film desu
Is it being aired on some channel at this moment to justify 2 threads?
such kino deserves at least ten threads up at all times, the game of thrones killer is here

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>it turns out the main culprit was a retarded incest hillbilly who lived in a haunted mansion

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Did you actually watch the whole thing? Seems like you didnt
Did Rust hallucinate the galaxy in the finale, or was it a vision of Carcosa?

Tell me what I am missing

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Wtf why was Hitler in hell?!
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Suicide is a mortal sin
He didn't kill all the Jews
>implying he didnt flee to argentina

TARS, analyze the content of Annes rectum.
>"Analysis complete."
Fill my mouth with it!
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This is the laziest robot design in any sci fi movie desu.
This. Wtf were they thinking.

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What did Stannis mean by this?
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>stannis sends reek back to winterfell with a catapult

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