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So did George suck the roommates dick?
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How else was he gonna get some?

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*says unfunny things before and after the show*
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*says unfunny things during the show*
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*says unfunny things about Donald Trump for the entire show*
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I miss DRUMPFTposting

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man he aged like shit

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*blocks your path*
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>Wow! Check this out! A rusty, old, piece of shit sign from a gas station! I can make a fortune off this!

Atleast this show is better than Canadian pickers with those two, excessively happy, Willie Nelson loving faggots
frank seems cool, mike is a fag though.
>This old, cracked and rusted meter goes nicely for someone looking for that industrial theme in decoration. They don't make them like this anymore.

>childhood is idolizing Adam
>adulthood is realizing Jamie made more sense
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So, was Jamie really a robot?
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Adam is the robot
What are these two up to now?

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Part 1

If you don't want to get spoiled stop reading this because these are hot leaks

Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my first language. I got these from a deep web source.

* Luke's first lines in the movie are "I won't leave this place" (callback to his last line in Episode VI)

* Rey's not Luke's daughter, nor a Solo, Kenobi or a reincarnation of Anakin. Her parents were poor people who selled their own daughter to buy a ship to a "first world planet". They were planning to come back for her, but you know... they never returned. That's it.

* The porgs are funny and all, and at some point Chewbacca almost eats one of them.

* A funeral for Han Solo and all the others who died in The Force Awakens is prepared.

* The Resistance evacuates from D'Qar as the First Order arrives. It's tense as fuck, and my source says, the action is fucking great and one of the movie's best scenes. Leia is almost killed here by her own son here (Kylo piloting his new tie fighter). They share a little "telepathic' moment.

* Admiral Holdo is Leia's rival. Apparentely she had feelings for Han Solo (she's introduced at the funeral scene).

* The true meaning of being a jedi, as Luke says, is to love, not to hate nor avoid the hate. Love redeemed Darth Vader. "The jedi as we know must end", he says.
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Part 2

* Frank Oz returns. The source didn't mention Ewan McGregor or Hayden Christensen. But it's possible they are in the movie because he said there's a scene nvolving force ghosts.

* There's a very long scene of Kylo Ren training at Snoke's throne room. The preatorian guards are there. Snoke says: "Your feelings made you weak, Kylo Ren. Weak like your father. Ben Solo is dead. You must fully embrace the dark side. Kill... the girl." Kylo Ren stops the training and gives a sad and surprised look to his master.

* Finn and Rose's mission is to contact an expert on the planet Cantonica. This expert (DJ) is some sort of hacker who is part of a large group. This guy has designed a virus that might destroy the First Order. Benicio del Toro's acting is great, according to my source. He plays a comic relief.

* There's a lot of dancing, singing and fun at Canto Bight. The city is surrounded by a wasteland. The sky is almost always dark, but the city is very colorful and happy. A gungan (Jar Jar Binks' species) makes an appareance.

* Kylo Ren fighst Rey in Anch-To. He's more powerful now so Rey can't stand a chance. Luke comes and takes down Kylo but doesn't kill him. He tells him about his grandfather and what happened to him. Kylo cries and leaves Anch-To.
* Rose says "I have a bad feeling about it" when the First Order arrives at Canto Bight. They escape with DJ and arrive at the Resistance fleet.

* Now with this virus they travel to Crait. There's an old Rebel there. This planet is beautiful and the music is great. This is all my guy told me.

* The battle of Crait starts. Finn tests his politing skills. Again the information provided by my source is very scarce, but at one point Finn crashes his ship-

* Finn and Rose infiltrate the First Order distinguished as officers. Their goal is to upload the virus into the Supremacy Star Destroyer. They get captured and share a scene with Snoke. This according to my source is the best scene of the entire movie, but he is probably exagerating I think....

* Snoke's guards are about to kill the two prisoners when Kylo comes and kills all of them. Snoke fights Kylo using the force only.

* Rey senses his friend is in danger and decides to leave the island with her master Luke. As the battle goes they arrive and Luke and Leia are again together. "What happened to you?", she says. "Don't worry", Luke replies. Leia slaps him in the face.

* The movie ends with a cliffhanger. As the entire First Order fleet falls on the planet, Rey uses the force to land it safely.
My source was from a deep web forum (a forum dedicated to lost films and alternate culture) He said he was german.

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Rowsdower, Rowsdower, bibbidy bobbidy Bowsdower, Zibbidy Zobbidy Nowsdower, BOWSA-BOWSA-BOWSDOWER--
This is the greatest episode of MST3K. Prove me wrong. You can't. You never could. You either agree with me openly, or deep inside your denial you know that I'm right. Either way, I'm right and all other arguments are invalid.


MMM, good dope!

Rows-dower! :^D

uuf [burp] I need a beer

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No one understood him

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ITT: shows reddit will never understand
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>tv series cast gets more brown and black as seasons advance and women become the heroes

why is this so common?
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Name 10 series' where this happens
Happened in Grey's anatomy. Mer even got a nigger for a sister these days.
Shannara Chronicles except the women were the heroes early on because they changed the books' story to be feminist.

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mods hate liberty.jpg
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Can you name a decent movie starring a real or fictionalized transsexual?
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Can Taylor Lautner make a career comeback?
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Only if he plays Dean Cain in the inevitable biopic.
bulking season
bruh wht happaned to this nigga.

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>You play ball like a FUCKING NIGGER!!!!

Damn. I know it's the 50s but did Ham have to go that far? They have a black friend for petes sake!
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aren't niggers generally good at sports, though? what did he mean by this?
not baseball, last years mvps and cy youngs were 4 white guys and it's probably going to be the same this year
Then black friend was outnumbered.

What was he gonna do?

We can all agree that this was blatant pedobait, right?
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>shitty tumblr gif with horrendous filter
Go back

>"Did you just call me... BLOB!?"

No. He called you bub.

Are Americans really this stupid?
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