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Back to School Edition
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Bump for mental illness
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In /iamjazz/ general we talk about social issues/topics, mostly transgenderism and gender identity, also social constructs and the feminist struggle to destroy the heteropatriarchy and toxic masculinity.

We talk about Jazz's life too, her thoughts and concerns and her development as a transitioning trans woman

Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend!
no such thing as gender. Its an idea in your head. doesn't make it real.

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what is /tv/'s thoughts on laugh tracks?
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It helps me understand when something was funny, because I'm a mouth breathing retard.
>Yes, we feel the jokes are not funny enough to warrant a laugh or even a giggle so we have to emotionally manipulate our audience so they actually laugh.

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"Entertainment ought to be entertaining."

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When everybody is around and we're swinging for long bombs away, how do we come around to know, man, this really is what it's for?
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I love the wire
I loved the pilot for The Deuce
Is Treme worth a watch?
Got some time before the deuce and was thinking about watching it.
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It's worth a watch. Underrated in comparison to the Wire but it's a great show.
good performances?
There are some good ones but some horrible ones too. One of the main actresses is pretty bad.

Has anyone in GoT been shafted harder than Meera?

>spend multiple years lugging around a cripple
>go north of the Wall to a hellish permafrozen landscape in vague search of the "3-eyed raven"
>find said raven, your brother ends up dying
>immediately get set upon by the army of the dead and the White Walkers who bring no less than the fucking Night King to hunt you
>your other long-term companion dies saving Bran
>almost die alone and freezing in a nameless forest, escape by the skin of your teeth from Bran's timely uncle
>lug Bran back to Winterfell where he gets to reunite with his family, while you've lost basically everything
>"that's all? My brother died for you, Hodor died for you, I almost died for you"
>"thanks I guess lol"
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meera a cute, CUTE!


They lived in that cave for literal YEARS.
she's basically the Samwise Gamgee of GoT and is treated like shit. i'm sure we haven't seen the last of her yet though.

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I wish they didn't switch the intro video.

Why isn't she a bigger star?
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She's hot
w i d e e y e s
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>Why isn't she a bigger star?

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Howard Stern:
>three shows a week when he's not on vacation
>he's on vacation half of the time
>takes days off on a whim
>washed up old bastard
>total sellout, he has become what he used to make fun of
>kisses the ass of every talentless, flavor of the month, hack celebrity who walks in
>mean, and not fun to listen to
>the reason a SiriusXM subscription has to be $20 a month

Jim Norton and Sam Roberts:
>five shows a week
>when they go off the air for a week, it's because Jim Norton is on a comedy tour
>they always let you know for exactly how long they'll be gone, and when they'll be back
>super comfy interviews with extremely likable and interesting people
>they actually respect the people who work for them
>they seem like they'd be great to hang out with in real life

There's only one morning show worth listening to.
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Stop posting this, Sam. I'm sorry for misgendering your baby.
anything with bennington or chris stanley is 1000 times better than jim or sam
Bennington is a boring show.

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What does /tv/ think of The Mummy Returns?
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Kino. CGI hasn't aged well though.
liked 1999 one, returns was utter garbage, on pair with dragon tomb
bretty good

solid sequel

fun stayed true to the spirit of the original while adding new shit to keep things interesting. original is still better obviosly

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What are some movies similar to this? (not necessarily Japanese)
I need a fever dream film
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>hello,im Shelley duvall
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>Tfw no qt alienfu gf
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Dr Shelley I'm CIA
Hello, I'm a crazy cat lady.

How the fuck is this guy almost 60
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>looks like someone in his 50s

probably because he is almost 60
Why did the men in this show age so much better than the women apart from Norma?
Because women age like milk

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That's a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you?
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Literally TRUMP: the movie
How could his husband have given it to him when gay marriage was not legal in New York at the time the movie was filmed?
mutant spiders that give you superpowers don't exist in new york either.

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