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I don't get it?
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There, you got what you wanted OP, delete this thread now.
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Friendly reminder that Sneedposting is solely perpetuated by a lone underageb&.

I literally cannot think of a worse movie, can you?
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Ride Along 2 was worse
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>greedy people turn into pigs

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This scared the fuck outta me when I was a kid, thought the same would happen to me if I ate excessively. Stopped eating the school lunches and my mom had to show up one time to make sure I had eaten.
final word to the finer birds taking notes
I mean is he wrong? Gluttony literally turns people into pig looking creatures. It's not being chubby or fat, what i'm saying is something else.

America really try to fix that shit harder.

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Was it kino?
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Kitchen Nightmares uk thread https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lBYF4ZHjvgI
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You know, this wasn't a bad deconstruction on the original film and other "based on true story" movies
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fuck u idiot

Was this the most not-a-rivalry rivalry ever? Arnold's movies are much better on on average and he has the higher peaks.
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>Arnold's movies are much better on on average
I love them both but that's just wrong. Touch up on your Stallone senpai, he's a better actor, writer and director. Arnold's got charisma and physique for days though.
Either way, they both have excellent filmography
>Was this the most not-a-rivalry rivalry ever?
No. The real answer is Marvel vs. DC.
>Arnold's movies... has the higher peaks.
Sure thing pal

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>scientist talks about global warming
>nobody mentions that it's just a theory
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>people don't just float off the surface of the earth
>nobody mentions that gravity is just a theory
>OP is a faggot
>that's just a theory
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i love anime!

>be bored on labor day
>decide to turn on amazon video to put on something as background noise
while I phone post in bed and fap
>pick this on season 5
>peaking at the tv every now and again when I see something hilariously stupid or bizarre
>can't stop watching it now even though the dialogue and special effects are fucking terrible
Should I actually binge this?
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ITT: movies where the good guys win
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No trial? No witnesses? What sort of due process is this?
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Why didn't he just dodge it?
He does in the books.
To bad he did not have the teleporter so many characters use.

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Anymore Sperg Kino? like this.
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>the autistic faggot has a gf
the first 15 minutes of this show was something right out of "My Twisted World."

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Obviously, I'll start

Severus Snape
>complete fucking loner
>finally meets cool gril
>gets put in different house than friend
>loses best/only friend
>gets picked on
>lives this until he becomes a teacher
>best friend dies to some fuck
>he can't save her
>lives next several years making sure her kid is ok
>eventually has to go deep undercover to save friend's kid; does bad shit
>has to kill only other friend to save the kid
>has to die to save the kid
>everyone hated him except potter (the kid) when he found out the whole story
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Sad? Excuse me, but he chose to be a a masochist cuckold that ended up watching over his ex-childhood love's husband's son who also starred in easily one of the dullest franchise in the history of movie franchises. Each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.

Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody?just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.

>a-at least the books were good though
The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.
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>spent years undercover with the most vicious gangs in america
>develops various addictions, neuroses and trauma working with the carteles and others
>watched his daughter die in front of his eyes
>wife abandoned him due to the stress of losing their child
>finds himself in the middle of a satanic pedophile cult investigation
>his only friend is a philandering piece of shit
Obviously Dale.

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Jonarya is the purest most canon ship edition

Last thread
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>She was sopping wet when he entered her. “Damn you,” she said. “Damn you damn you damn you.” He sucked her nipples till she cried out half in pain and half in pleasure. Her cunt became the world.

>And suddenly his cock was out, jutting upward from his breeches like a fat pink mast.

>The ship groaned and growled beneath him like a constipated fat man straining to shit.

>Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, and smelled fouler. By the time the moon came up she was shitting brown water. The more she drank, the more she shat, but the more she shat, the thirstier she grew, and her thirst sent her crawling to the stream to suck up more water.

>The three men were erect. The sight of their arousal was arousing

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Is she the greatest female science fiction film director of all time?
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I want to fuck Lana.
Why did they peak at the matrix and fall hard ever since?

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