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Wtf happened to him?
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You changed the date for the lefthand pic
Wait, so the robot talking in the prologue wasn't even the David from the Prometheus expedition?

What was even the point of the flashback then? It was just a dead character talking to a character we've never seen before and will never see again

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How did he go from a literal autist to an eccentric guy that slays pussy?
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flanderization. that said, i still liked dwight by the end.
post your favorite dwight moments
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Why does he wear the mask?

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apparently my prof said he did photography with him one time, noting his remarkable skill.
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>photography skill
you just point at something and push the button anon
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his old website mentions that he really enjoys photography, it even has some really old low-res samples
wonder if he still has an interest, knowing where he is now.

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>18 episodes
>better than 7 seasons of Game of Shit, The Walking Pleb and any other show from the last 15 years

How does he do it?
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Transcendal Meditation
Smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee constantly. That glorious hair also helps.
Just because its better than literal shit doesn't mean it isn't literal shit itself. The entire show was a blunder

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This was the greatest Shakespeare adaptation ever put on film. 10/10
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it's not fashionable to say this but you are wrong. Best adaptation is pic related. so good it even survives the awful American talent they brought in
Kenneth Branagh's adaptations are top tier
>Two nigger bottom left

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Any thoughts?
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He took it from DoppelCoop, who was using it as a headband
We never see him doing that, i think.
just another red herring so we don't focus on the terrible ending

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What are some good movies that will fill me with joy? After watching Twin Peaks I feel dead inside.
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My Neighbor Totoro
Kiki's Delivery Service
Whisper of the Heart
I know someone will meme at me for this, most notably jack black. But it's about bird watching and just has heaps about nature with john cleese narrating. One of the most innocent, wholesome and easy to watch movies ever.
Synecdoche, New York

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Looking for some surreal films in the vein of David Lynch. Just finished pic related.
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River's Edge has some serious Twin Peaks vibes.
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Lynch has said that he's a fan of The Day of the Locust. I can see how it influenced Mulholland Drive.
>Several elements of this film inspired scenes in David Lynch projects. To begin with, there is the Twin Peaks (1990) sign at the beginning of the film which served as obvious inspiration for the title card and setting of Lynch's television series of the same name. Also, a scene or two later (the infamous "opening" scene,) when Kelly is in here garage, the killer mentions that he has "killed twice before" - this is something which "Bob," the supposed killer from "Twin Peaks" also mentions. This scene also has uncanny resemblances to a scene in Lynch's Wild at Heart (1990) where Willem Dafoe's character, Bobby Peru, has Lula Fortune in his filthy grasp and is talking to her similarly. Later in the film, we find out that the killer in "Experiment in Terror" is actually called Garland "Red" Lynch. The resemblance to David Lynch's name is something which the director no doubt noticed, as he also named a character in "Twin Peaks" after him (Major Garland Briggs).

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The poster even looks better.
so does she
>it's a everything looks better in stills but in the actual porno looks like cheap amateur cosplay episode

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>Baa-ram-ewe, baa-ram-ewe. To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baa-ram-ewe

What did they mean by this???
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Better than Fury Road and Beyond Thunderdome
Pig in the city is better
be loyal to your family

kill yourself

this was nice
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Have you seen Odd Thomas?
I mainly liked it because it appealed to my scene girl fetish.

Deadpool had a much bigger budget, yet it couldn't give its star the kind of make-up that the brother in this movie was given.
no. i'm not one to watch films just because there's a qt in them.

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It was never supposed to be a documentary...
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drumpf BTFO
in Idiocracy, when Joe decides to put water like from the toilet on the crops, it's an order that is immediately implemented on every field

so Idiocracy is a corporate-bailout socialist economy? the government controls all production of crops, and put Brawndo on all plants as a crony-capitalist ploy to boost Brawndo's profits

the problem in Idiocracy is not that everybody is stupid. in Frito's own words "I like money"

if you're a farmer, and your crops aren't growing, and you aren't making money, you're going to do stuff so that you start making money again

but if the federal government controls all farming, then the lack of crops can be ignored until it's a species-threatening crisis because central economic planning never responds to problems as fast as decentralized market activity

and the people in that market don't have to be smart. they just have to respond to what's around them. somebody's going to figure out the correct remedies to any problems, and everybody else will copy off the people that figure it out.

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Would you watch this?
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Yes, but ironically.
I'd watch this





burn in a dumpster
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I'd see it for DeVito as eggman alone

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I'll have what she's having
Can someone please tell me the different 7 places she was talking about I'm assuming 7 was the buttholes. I'm asking for... a friend
I like how they all went masturbating afterwards

Just started third season, so far so good. Love the absolute mad man Vain.
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He becomes gay
Charles vain is the one character that ain't gay you dumb fuck

Also to op, tip top show mate I enjoyed it from start to finish
Flint might be gay, in season 2 which op already saw but you're a huge faggot

It's Vane.

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