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"I dont like sand niggers
Theyre brown and slimy and irritating
And they blow up everything
Not like you
Youre aryan
And pure"
Le kiss*
Does anyone know what george meant by this?
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Leave her alone shes white passing!
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Wtf was Lucas' problem?

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What the fuck is this shit? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GoiTW2zw80c
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Disposable entertainment for children.
holy shit I can't stand manchildren whining about reboots of shit they shouldn't be fucking watching in the first place at age 30

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What are some frog kino?
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>The Frunch Frog of Frotre Frame
La La Land

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Whoa... just like one of my japanese animes
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i wonder if her antenna things are erroneous zones
i fucking loved mantis and drax together
you fuckers won't ruin it for me.
This dumb movie was basically a cartoon for ""adults"" so why not

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Dudebro comedy isn't welcome here.
Jews and Vietnam shits on suicide watch
I need this in my life, didn't even see the first one. But if Mel's in it than I'm jumping head first

Then why does the majority of /tv/ like 22 jump street?

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No you Paki cunt.
Shouldn't it be Seed and Feed?

First you Seed, then it grows, then you Feed.

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Did he give a fuq about jesse? At all?
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Walt = Rick
Jesse = Morty
ironically Jess is edgier Morty and Walt is the LESS edgy Rick
That's not what irony is.

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Was it Kino?
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The popcorn scene is kino
Didn't the dead grandpa give his son a hand grenade?

Why didn't people watch this? Son of Zorn is freaking awesome. I mean, take He-Man...make him dumb, and put him in a live action sitcom environment. It was unique enough to work.
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Unique is rarely a good thing on broadcast TV. They loves them their formulas.

Probably would have done better on basic cable.
There was no way this wasn't going to be cancelled

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What are the best horror movies?
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The Exorcist
The Omen
Rosemary's Baby
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Paranormal Activity
Bride of Chucky
I've seen all those
anything else?

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Give me the best

Movie trilogy in the world

Or I'll eat your souls
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Objectively wrong

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fuck off Adam the animal abuser from YourMovieSucks.org
They actually uploaded this to the other guy's channel first, idk why YMS felt the need to post it on his own.

Nigga the movie isn't even that long

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My face when she falls for the BPC meme
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What's /tv/'s The VVitch for 2017? I'd say It Comes at Night, except there's no cute girl.
Not every year has a vvitch.

Am I the only one who paused lord of the rings and finished it another day? Seriously? The movies are like 4 HOURS long. The whole swordfight/m'lady stuff is fun at first, but after 2 hours it just get tedious,repetitive and lets face it cringey. I told my best friend thinking he'd agree (or at least where I was coming from) but he just got mad and told me I shouldn't have watched them in the first place. Why is he being such a little twat? I cant be the only one who pauses long tedious movies right? I mean this way I get to enjoy the movie completely instead of forcing my way through it. It's also fun to think I'm getting 2 movies for 1.
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platypus hatching.webm
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garbage thread post webms
You shouldn't have watched them in the first place.
How so?

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>from the producer of Rome and The Mentalist
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I hope the characters make fun of how goofy he looks.
Also the actor needs to bulk up.
What's this
I'm an artist

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