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>"crashing this plane...with no survivors!"
>there are multiple survivors including himself
What did Nolan mean by this?
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They weren't on the flight manifest.
But they were, or else CIA would genuinely have killed the guy he was interrogating.
They left to plane as it was crashing.

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Give me your 5 best Jackie Chan movies, I want to marathon something lighthearted and casual before classes start
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Police Story + Police Story 2 (essentially one long movie cut into two)
Wheels on Meals
Dragons Forever
Legend of Drunken Master (ie: Drunken Master 2)
Armour of God 2

Honorable mention to Rumble in the Bronx and Shanghai Noon + Knights.
Chinese Zodiac
Drunken Master 2
Police Story
Rumble in the Broncs
Wheels on Meals
Armor of God

How strong are Stark Genetics?
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stronk. notice he's not cuckblonde
no sons to claim the throne, sansa is a weak-willed leader that no one actually believes in, arya will continue to be faceless. Ned stark was the last of them.
>no sons to claim the throne
Jon Stark

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Is this the last big budget big name series that is basically uncontroversially loved?
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Yes, some sub human (probably Slav or American will post Ironman in a few minutes)
Yes, It was last big trilogy which was not tainted by the SJW bullshit

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What's the Citizen Kane of movies?
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Citizen Sneed (Formerly Immigrant Chuck)

Is this shit?
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Nah it's right fucking proper you cunt
It's decent, mostly for banter with the lads though.

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>change.org petition
>Request Netflix to pick it up
>#DarkMatter to get syfy to notice
>E-mail SYFY requesting them to continue it
[email protected]

Will you be taking part this Friday?
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No, I want Jodelle to have to do facialabuse
Oh damn, didn't know it got canned. That's a weird decision. It doesn't seem like it'd use that much budget, I'm pretty sure it reuses sets from other sci fi shows

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ITT: your first tv crush
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I'm a girl btw
>ywn have this show on DVD or BR
It hurts.

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Holy shit how the fuck did Animal Planet get away with this?
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>Lion/growling mammal noises when showing insects fighting eachother within a bunch of jump cuts

What the fuck did they mean by these?
>show footage of dangerous shark then cutting to public domain movie footage with altered sound effects to illustrate monsters of the human psyche

It's the best and worst of early 2000s tech/extreme culture, but a better time for the animal planet none the less
ahhh the nostalgia and suspense of
>noooohhmbaahhh one

So, were they gay?
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Don't let guys fool you. Most of their close male friendships are actually gay.
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How does this hold up the second time around?
I never saw their relationship as even remotely sexual, though there was very clearly love there. So I'd say kinda.

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Hey /tv/, what are some good movies to watch with my girlfrie- oh wait
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Does anyone miss day-long media events? Like, OJ's Bronco chase? Or his trial? Or more recently, Balloon Boy?

It seems like, these days, the only things even sort of like this that happen are terrorist attacks. And we just kinda gloss over them.
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you likely weren't alive for either OJ's car chase or his trial.
Closest I got was a car chase a couple weeks ago in LA. The guy was wearing a Kobe jersey and eventually climbed up a crane to hide from police.
he eventually fell but you couldn't see because it was dark by then
TV media isn't an objective source of information anymore, so what would the point be?

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Was he in the right?
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also, how about you use the other 2 threads about wonder woman that already exist, you fucking shill faggot?
How about you use your useless brain for once, you retarded faggot.

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Has Better Cuck Chuck turned into Better Cuck Jimmy?
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This is garbage
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>inb4 "wrong"
how many times are you going to make this thread and get btfo?
I don't even like Leno but it's comfy

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