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Cast him.
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Dave Bautista.
John Malkovich
Cgi monster man with the voice of jackie chan

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What went wrong?
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They took a good idea and stretched it too far. Just like the matrix.
season 1 was pure kino

Apart from appearing in S6e5 The Door, what other episodes does she appear in?
I swear she meets Melly in S7 but I can't find the episode, IMDB just shows The Door as her only appearance.
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try using imdb, dipshit
Were you fucking high when you watched an episode? She wasn't in S7.
I did.
I wasn't
I distinctly remember seeing Kinvara topless come out of a bath or something, and the scene then had her talking to to Melly about her failure in choosing Stannis as the lord of light.

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1. Why isn't she getting more roles?
2. Could she pass for a local in your country?
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1. Sweden
2. Yes
Lol, no. I'm an American.
she's a literally who

>Arrive to new region
>Bring horse to a halt
>Say name of region outloud
>Continue riding towards the city
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I did this the last time I went to Minas Tirith, its hard not to be overwhelmed by it's beauty.
>driving down interstate
>pull over when destination is in sight
>say name of city loud and smile
>get back in car and continue driving into the city
>Arrive to new thread
>Bring thread to a halt
>Say galadriel feets
>Continue riding towards the city

>character finishes taking a shit
>washes hands without using soap
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>character goes to take a shit
>doesn't cover the toilet seat in toilet paper
>character finishes taking a shit
>Washes his hands
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>character takes a piss
>it isnt brown but comically yellow

So unrealistic

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Whats the most infuriating thing they said

> I think its great cause, Rey Finn and Poe are far more developed then Luke Han and Leia.

> Yeah I saw HTTYD2 and I though it was forgetable, besides he already trained the dragon in the first movie why does he need to do it again.

(I don't think he saw it.)

>the crash and spyro game trailers.
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This is why I only watch The Millennial Falcon. Fuck all of their other shit.
whats the millennial falcon?
do they have a disney bias?

Did Cooper done goofed? Edition



Meanwhile: >>87368101
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>no set design, feels empty and lifeless
>no interesting ideas for storylines and generally bad writing
>relies on gimmicks only instead
>those are unoriginal or just bad, unfortunately ("fuck you, albert", glove, andy and lucy, coordinates, riddles, ...)
>bad acting (Bell, Lynch, Horse, Robertson, Dern, ...)
>dull characters (one-dimensional at best)
>storylines and characters are introduced for no purpose
>everything is supposed to weirdly connect and make sense
>shot in digital in a way that doesn't compensate for the technology's disadvantages (looks bad)
>roadhouse scenes (out of place, badly shot, the songs, the bands, the extras, ...)
>student-tier storytelling/editing (characters are shown walking up complete sets of stairs)
>stretched out needlessly, long takes have no particular effect
>obviously delusional and/or inexperienced fanbase perceiving it as particularly meaningful, complex or "deep"
>can't compare to the original series that doesn't have those problems (coherent/complex and beautiful sets, costumes and make-up/well shot/well acted/well written/magnificent multi-dimensional characters and character relations, music, storylines and gimmicks/creates a unique athmosphere as a result, changing the world of television forever whereas "the return" neither manages to do something established really good nor to invent something new)
>extended pitch black scenes because of a lack of a competent cinematographer
>audio issues with microphone static left unaddressed because of poor sound design
>extremely poor editing with magically disappearing extras and production staff accidentally walking into frame
>somehow the best thing in tv history

Why does /tpg/ create new threads at 300 posts instead of 500 posts? I'm hardly ever quick enough to participate in these threads.
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Did Coop end up in the same universe as Chet?

Best pirates movie kino

Hands down
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someone post the CGI at the end when Will and Elizabeth reunite. It's almost like they ran out of money because they spent so much on the (admittedly good) CGI on the pirates.

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Background girls who are hot as hell

>watching arrested development
>see this Thicc QT to the right of Oscar
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Fuck, she is sexy. Just started re-watching Arrested about an hour ago.
That netflix season sucked, though.
The red headed slave girl in Spartacus that gets fucked from behind by Batiatus or however you spell his name. You know the girl I'm talking about.

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Was The Social Network a good movie?
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Triggered nazis in 3...2...1...
WHAT is that Pepe? Zuckberg?
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the one, the only

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Are you lads ready for redditkino?
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I can feel the upvotes already.
Queen is such an overrated band.
>The homo that made the Flash Gordon and Highlander soundtracks plus a bunch of other good songs
>Reddit just because they used him in a meme once

No you fucking nigger, you are the reddit. There's like five good faggots a decade, you don't get to call them reddit, you're one of the millions of bad faggots. I suggest you act like a shotgun is the BBC you secretly crave and suckstart it until the ceiling of your mother's basement is crimson.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

Criticisms of Koyaanisqatsi? I usually only hear praise. This video essay some criticism, but i want something more in depth.

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It's excellent. The sequels are a bit preachy.

Also the last screen will make you cry.
really good and that music is classic, second one is also decent, third is pretty bad, it full of awful early 2000 video effects.

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