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Dude potatoes lmao
>he doesn't eat at least three breakfasts
Dude toes lmao

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Oh fuck what happened to his eye. also great for him desu
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you don't need to party to be a party rocker
Damn, Phil Margera is looking thin!

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previous >>87375169
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jon snow is a weak cuckold, a traitor's bastard, born of incest, who sold out the north for a foreign whore. he'll hang for what he's done. the north remembers.
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Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?
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more like Spectrum ammirite yknow cuz autism
Idris Elba.
Idris Elba

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>the current state of /tv/
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How do I clear my mind? I find it hard to concentrate on any film or television series, regardless of interest.
lift some weights
And with the new mention of 4chan in American horror story I anticipate a lot more shit posting

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what are some good tv shows?
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If you like intelligent shows OP, I think you may be ready for something with a little more alt cred like Rick and Morty

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Can we have a comfy /tarkovsky/ thread?

What are your favorite Tarkinos? I'm always tied between Zerkalo and Stalker, with Sacrifice coming in really close. The others are also solid but those three pretty much changed the way I view film desu.
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a capeshit/got bait thread will reach bump limit today
think about that
The Mirror and Nostalghia are the ones that do it for me

Question for you, friends. What was your favorite Star Trek franchise? What are your thoughts on Discovery? Do you also fear that it's going to be trash garbage? And lastly, does it greatly bother anyone else that the abomination Orville sadly looks more like a Star Trek series than Discovery does?
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I don't think Discovery looks relevant. What they showed kind of reminds me of 2009 trek. Its been that long already...and in that time I've become sick of a lot of things, and just a Dr Who fan instead.

What I only wanted was a continuation after Voyager. New characters & ships. Not interested in classic anything, or rebooted Klingons, unless its a movie.

TNG > Voyager > TOS > DS9 > ENT. I have a seperate rating for the movies.

I don't care about Orville. Seth McFarland is funny, but thats not my style of humor. I don't watch Family Guy.
I totally agree, I've always been torn between TNG and Voyager, but I' m frustrated with the prequels. Enterprise was good for what it was, but I'd still mich rather see the continuation of the Star Trek universe. Prequels seem cheap.

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If there could be a movie based on your favorite game.
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Taylor Swift can play Zelda and save the princess

Is there such thing as feminism done right?
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No, coz feminism is supposed to make women EQUAL, while they go over the top and TRY to make them superior.
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>one of the smartest characters on the show
>uses her feminity to reach the top
>is cunning and clever and plays the game right

I actually liked her more than a 90 pound teenage girl killing everyone with plot armor
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It can be done without turning them into a super muscular dude.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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It's the hockey team from hell!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>"I need you to step out the car, sir."
What did he mean by this?
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He wanted the guy to get out of the car.
I have a sneaking suspicion it he wanted him to exit the vehicle and kiss him.
Why though, what was the real meaning behind it.

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I'm so fucking bored with life. I feel guilty for not learning tonnes of stuff in my free time and not trying to make money and not reading lots of boring books. If I'm not doing everything everyday for 16 hours a day then I feel guilty. Procrastinating life by wasting it on the internet minimises my guilt. It's crazy logic but it is what I do.

I do so little at my job and stay there for so few hours despite my contract saying 9-5, you wouldn't believe me if I gave details. Nonetheless, being an ugly subhuman beta is hard work when you see attractive women everywhere, especially younger Chads and Staceys. I am locked out of society. Society is a scam that wants to use me up and throw me away. The workplace for normies is a place where they go to socialise with their clones and be judged by their clones.

I have an everythingstential crisis. I wish I had the autism that let me work on one thing for 10 hours.

>aged 26
>no friends or social life since 18
>no female attention ever
>went through university with zero social experiences
>became the loner nobody talks to within two days of my current job
>never been to pub, club, or party
>missed out on all the 16 - 22 formative social experiences that people look back on fondly (teen crushes, school prom, school dances, university fresher's week, any sort of relationships at all)
>know that women all have 5000 tinder matches and think the average male is ugly; seeing attractive women everywhere is demoralising
>feel completely bitter and detached from others due to being an ugly subhuman; lifting weights did nothing
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dumb frogposter
So why do you still give a shit? Nothing good comes from giving a shit.
I'm not reading this as it's too long but I will say that I hope you kill yourself.

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The television is 200 years old today. Say something nice about it.
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fuck it
I'm sure it was originally made with good intentions

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