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Why don't Young Hollywood Instagram starlets never talk about Chinese sweatshop cities and the injustices suffered there? Can we somehow bring this to their attention, surely they would want to know about it?
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I'd fucking give her one if you catch my drift
How come black people are more concerned about tearing down statues than ending slavery which still exists in the present day?
Why do liberals cry about microaggressions when people are thrown off buildings in other countries for being gay?

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>Well I Wikipedia that and you Wikipedia can't!
>Oh let me Wikipedia here and Wikipedia there!
>Wikipedia this! I am the Wikipedia!
>I did Wikipedia and you are no Wikipedia.
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you dont actually watch those do you
even a 12 year old kid like me in 2010 couldn't enjoy those. it's really weird how they can actually appeal to anyone

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Now that the dust has settled. Was it kino or was it Reddit?

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It was both senpai
extremely kino, if you don't like this movie you're trying too hard to be cool
The very definition of Kino

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The japanese film is total trash but the animated serie first season was fantastic.
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>you like character? too bad dead:the show
Only thing I know about this is the Fitt bitch american
It's funny, because the deaths are very unexpected, that's what I liked about it, you get surprised

The animated series was terrible compared to the actual manga.

>you like character? too bad dead:the show
That (sadly) doesn't apply anymore. Since the plot moved to earth there's not been many deaths.

Post your best female-empowerment moments
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this was a cool moment

prove me wrong
I thought it was cool too. It's prettymuch lifted right from the books
It's cool because it's all about the Witch King's overconfidence and his misunderstanding of the prophecy, not only on Eowyn's Vagina Superpowers

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"Dougleth, come back to my shed, I want to show you something"
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>every character is colored, except the main character

really makes you think
Skeeter is canonically a negro, though right?

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>Don't be a... TOMMY TEXTER

At least I'm not a Nelson Nosepicker
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Not nearly as bad as the local Randy Rapist
how do we make this /pol/ related
Regina Racemixer.

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Who was the best Hannibal Lecter? Who was the worst?

Rank em.
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Hopkins > Mikkelsen > literally whos
Hopkins > Cox = Mads > Gaspar

Hopkins, Mads, Frenchie, the other 2.

Mads could have been a real contender if it wasn't for last two seasons. They deviating greatly from original premise which lowered his over-all score even if his individual performance (Donut Steel Lecter) not the one from books, it would be pretty high by itself. In context it lowers it greatly.

If the series only ran the first season, I'd argue he was near perfect in the role but sadly it kept going and then season 3 happened and only faggots like the long drawn out scenery porn, gay innuendo and whatever the fuck that series finale was.

If the series ever comes back, they want to use a black clarice. Again more OC nonsense. Fuller needs better oversight. When he lost that, show went to shit. Which is really unfortunate.

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>America consider themselves a strong and powerful nation
>Still refuses to air The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson because of the twin towers
>Or even if they air it, they cut the scene in the twin towers majorly

Why? Why are Americans still so butthurt about this?
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burgers just can't into bantz.
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2MB, 3834x1726px

reminder, sneed poster is an underage spammer
good thing this thread has nothing to do with sneed you obsessed faggot

>the golden god
>has mantits
What did Dennis mean by this?
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Those are called pecks.
Pfft whatever you say Fatboy
he gets shirtless several times. shows me these tits you speak of.

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Cast her.
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Yeah I will cast her alright
Into a volcano

What are you working on? What can you show us?

-- Resources --

>The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

>Screenwriting Software
- Fade In (Windows/macOS/Linux, $79.95) - https://www.fadeinpro.com/ [Works with Fountain]
- Highland (macOS, $29.99) - https://quoteunquoteapps.com/highland/ [Works with Fountain]
- Slugline (macOS, $39.99) - http://slugline.co/ [Works with Fountain]
- Amazon Storywriter (Web, Free) - https://storywriter.amazon.com/ [Works with Fountain]
- Trelby (Windows/Linux, Free & Open Source) http://www.trelby.org/ [Works with Fountain]
- WriterDuet (Web, Freemium) - https://writerduet.com/ [Works with Fountain]
- Scrivener (Windows/macOS, $45.00) - https://literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php [Works with Fountain]
- Adobe Story (Web, Freemium) - https://story.adobe.com/
- Celtx (Web, Freemium) https://www.celtx.com/
- Montage (macOS, $29.95) - http://marinersoftware.com/products/montage/
- Final Draft (Windows/macOS, $249.99) - https://store.finaldraft.com/final-draft-10.html
- Movie Magic Screenwriter (Windows/macOS, $249.95) - https://www.screenplay.com/catalog/product/view/id/30/category/8

>Fountain, a free and open source plaintext screenplay format (works across multiple text editors and screenwriting apps)
- Website - https://fountain.io/
- Introduction Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3ZdiUqrZ1g
- Fountain for Vim - https://vim.sourceforge.io/scripts/script.php?script_id=3880
- Fountain for Emacs - https://rnkn.github.io/fountain-mode/
- Fountain for Atom - https://atom.io/packages/fountain
- Fountain for Visual Studio Code - https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=massivedanger.fountain
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I have script in the works about a kid who witnesses a miracle first hand which ends up forming his whole life. He ends up biting up more than he can chew and finally before one last bedtime, he spits it out.
Is it a short film?
film is always short if you really think, it represents singular ideas

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>Movie about Italians starts

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momma mia pizzeria
Any good italian movies?
Mamma Mia Pastaria

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Any good documentaries on Big Foot?

>in b4 "b-but Sasquatch can't into REAL!"

Then you have ten seconds to explain the more than 400 sightings of Bigfoot in America alone since its founding.
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Bored drunk hillbillies
Survivorman - Bigfoot is decent

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What do you expect of the second season?
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It will be fun
>Winona crying like a bitch in every episode
>autistic little faggots getting trouble
>shitty human bean soundtrack
>terrible excuse for monsters

pretty much the same as season1

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