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What would you have done?
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abuse pause, rewind, and language to make a fortune and have fun.
everytime your mum tried to do a poo, i'd rewind after she's taken her pants down so she does a poo in her pants

Then when she shuffles across the floor with her poo filled pants around her ankles, I would quickly press rewind and fast forward to make it look like she is dancing, then I would play Cha Cha Slide on a stereo and have my fun for the evening.
cry, like i did

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Does Stalker count as cyberpunk?
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what? no. what the fuck man?
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DChads party hard

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Goddamn, fucking Atlantean niggers.
Disney shills went too far
Why are Canadians so racist against fish people?

What are some films with similar aesthetics to True Detective S1?
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Hmm, kinda. It doesn't have that "evil" looming over it though
Not a film, but Ozark felt very similar to TD

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>'my friends.....you bow to Noewuan'

Who was that supposed to be? Some kind of God?
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stop posting this or else
He said 'no one'.
As in 'nobody'.

Stupid meme, fuck off.
Nice, reddit!

What went so horribly right?
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Chris Pine was okay, I guess. The rest of the movie was shit. Gadot is absolute dogshit as an actress.
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she has a short skirt and long legs

sex sells, movie is shitty besides that one thing.
I want to _____ her _____

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Im about to watch Casino for the 5th time this year. try and stop me.

Goodfellas a shit
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This time, as you watch, pay close attention to how the gemstone in DeNiro's ring always matches his socks. It's amazing.
Enjoy, Anon. Ray Liotta is a genius filmmaker.
>I see you the first time I ever saw you
>I see you and feel my heart click
>I see you 14 years old
this should clear up the 'fucked up' Ginger character for anyone who hates her. clearly groomed by James Woods; a daddy/lover figure to her

why is movie scoring such fucking shit these days

I bet you can't hum a single fucking soundtrack made in the past 15 years

all I hear from Batman is the two notes that go

bummmm bwaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm

(not even the fucking tuba brahm sound)

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What are some movies about existence that mindfuck you big time or introduce interesting concepts

Here's a girl so you virgins reply
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God I want her as a gf
you can tell shes a scumbag
Altered States
Enter the Void
A Scanner Darkly
Jacob's Ladder

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>penis inspection manager took the day off
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>Chad's falcon keeps snatching my crab legs every time I pick one
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>having to participate in the pre kino orgy with a man who had a penis under 7 inches
hope the penis inspector took an unsanctioned day off so that he is executed on his return
>tfw designated shooter
I don' t want to fuck it up and have people laughing at me, aby tips?

>dont pretend that we were friends..

Seriously wtf was this guys problem
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i don't know he just suddenly turned into an asshole even though all of the bad shit that happened to him was because his son's a fucking retard and frank tried to help
He was just keeping it real. They were friendly and willing to help one another, sure, but that was still a servant and the patron type of relationship, they never were on an equal footing where they could be considered real and close friends.
>An actual HoC thread

Oh sweet!

Anyone thought the ending to S5 was incredibly stupid and lazy? The Underwoods get into trouble and just kill Tom and whatshername. I almost feel the show was written into a corner and they took the lazy way out.

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Hey shut up, I understand it. In fact, I think it's a movie that fascist eugenics cucks will never understand. The idea was LITERALLY about liberty and individualism.
BvS. its the ultimate lib filter
I understood that one too. I actually think it may bee too smart for regular movie goers.

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>Terminator 1
>The Terminator is damaged and wears a pair of sunglasses to hide his inhumanity

>Terminator 2
>The Terminator decides to wear sunglasses at night to look "cool"

This is why T1 > T2
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I think everything that needed to be said was done in the 1st thread, so have a hearty fuck off faggot.
I thought T2 was supposed to be just a giant funded fun-fest
Not to look cool but to look more like a human. This way he looks like a typical biker dude so he blends in

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I just hope JJ Abrams stays far away
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>shit wars

this. why do you even care you massive fucking plebe
The only thing that would make me give a shit would be them bringing in Cronenberg, because he'd probably film something amazing that they wouldn't be willing to release.

>Helicopter pilot is MIA or dead
>Zombies are being let in and everywhere in the complex
>He leaves his soldiers behind to go hide
>Locks himself inside the dwelling/living area

Let's pretend Bub wasn't there. What was Rhodes plan exactly? Was he just gonna grab a bunch of ammo and then uh... shoot all of the zombies? Somehow make a run for it despite the zombies that are soon going to be clogging up the doorways?

I mean what the hell?
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You posted this thread yesterday
He didn't have a plan, that's why he's dead innit?
Rhodes did nothing wrong. He was right that science team was wasting time and resources without anything show for it.

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