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So THIS is the token youtube patrician when it comes to film and TV? THIS guy? Are you fucking kidding me? He gave Fight Club a 9/10 on his imdb and R&M a 10/10

This is your fucking patrician? Jesus fucking christ
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>I know it's heresy but I don't really like to watch that many old movies. There's an obvious lack of quality on a technical level due to the primitive technology. Yeah sure, there's no doubt that Eisenstein and Bergman are very influential but in my opinion, their movies don't hold up. The people that tend to praise the films of Kurosawa and Welles are usually either pretending to be infatuated with them to give off the look that they're cinephiles or just take influence into account when it comes to cinema. I personally like to take an objective approach to film criticism and not take into account influence and other subjective variables
source on this quote?
didn't he tried to fuck his roommate's dog?

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>Kroll was born in New York State, and raised in Rye, New York. He is the son of Lynn and Jules B. Kroll, a businessman who founded Kroll Inc., a corporate investigations and risk consulting firm. The youngest child in the family, he has a brother, Jeremy, and two sisters, Vanessa and Dana. He grew up in a Conservative Jewish family, and attended the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester.

>Laurent was born in Paris, France the daughter of Annick, a ballerina, and Pierre Laurent, a voiceover actor (who dubs the character Ned Flanders in the French version of The Simpsons). She is Jewish, of both Ashkenazi (Polish-Jewish) and Sephardic (Tunisian-Jewish) ancestry. Her grandfather survived deportation by the Nazis. Her maternal grandparents were film poster editors. She grew up in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.Her Polish-Jewish grandfather was deported from Poland during the Nazi occupation.
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>melanie laurent
gib jew gf
Mmm yes, that 95 % European, 5% Levantine mixture. Soooo Jewish.
jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew jew

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Great thread. Really funny and original

>tfw no Warhammer 40k kino
>tfw no Emperor as strong woman of colour that needs no man
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Techpriest seems like my kind of guy

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just propaganda my shit up, cia niggers
Really enjoyed this movie fellas.
Don't get why us britbongs got it so early.
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>he didn't get away with it

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is this Tom Cruise's best role?
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no, the one in Magnolia is
One of them definitely.
My personal favourite for sure.
this. respect the cock and tame the cunt.

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Is it worth a watch?
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if you like the darker x files eps, yes
At least watch "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me".
As long as you stop at the season 2 finale. Everything up to that was pure K I N O

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well, /tv/, is it

> "Interview With The Vampire"


> "Interview With A Vampire"


Greetings from Mandela
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It has always been THE you cretinous faggot.
take a look at the strawpoll results u legit sub-saharan IQ retard
I'd probably copy the movie poster desu baka senpai

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Is he ever going to grow a spine?
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has there ever been any lasting character development in a dan harmon show?

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Who will play Jim Jones in the inevitable biopic
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jeremy renner or shea whigham

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Is it kino?
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Formerly Rango
I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I think Johnny Depp was miscast; feels like something you do to have a big name attract attention in your bizarre animated movie.
yes it is, a good animated movie for once

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What was his fucking problem?
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He just enjoyed killing people.
he was /ourautisthitman/
he was cucked

Looks like you guys were wrong again. This shit was great.
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I feel like the mini series followed the book way better
Not if Part 2 starts with that stupid faggot being killed for wearing his stupid faggot hat.
How was a horror movie so comfy in places

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Hear me out /tv/: so with """movies""" like the various capeshit flicks, in particular Guardians of the Galaxy 1/2, and maybe Thor Ragnarok, is it finally the time for pulp, action-packed high-octane sci-fi flicks? The kind that pushes the 80's into space with mad synths, neon lights, massive fleets and what not?

Like this:
and even some of Dirty Pair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM3O_EX1hCI
and things like this scene, couldn't find the whole scene, but: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbCM8UEwqoo

I'm talking ultra-regurgitated science fiction tropes, things like space empires, venture space capitalism, mad scientists, and giant space cults worshipping machine god AI's - endless possibilities! We have the technology!

Seriously, even though it's a mere flick and has more focus on dumb quips and crap, GoTG2 was really chock full of this crap. Spending some more time on each element, be it the gold people, the sex bots or whatever have you, could be neat.

A pulp, but still directionally competent on tropes that most movies try to take seriously. A remix, or rather, experience meets nostalgia?
Does this even make sense, is this a genre of it's own even?
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Sounds pretty cool, would be nice to see actual Sci-Fi rather than the current trend of 'Space Fantasy' - set in space but filled with magic and shit
So we've had the movement which sought to de-infantilize capeshit and science fiction (consider the nolan batman trilogy versus it's predecessors) - when is it time to produce something intentionally frivolous yet still respectful to it's tropes?

Is the counter-movement settling in properly yet?

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think about it
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>this romantic musical comedy love letter to more classic movies has a romanticised view of hollywood

yea no shit
I'll take red just for the crying masturbation and lesbian sex scenes. Haven't seen the gay looking one on the right but it wouldn't make a difference if I did because I'm starting to realize modern films fucking suck and there's a whole plethora of past and foreign movies worth watching.
Imagine being this gay

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