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Literally just walked out of the monster screen and checked here.

SO GOOD. SO much scarier than the original, so much better, so much everything!

The scares got me good, the projector screen scene holy shit! When he bit Georgie's arm, holy shit!

Richie was the funniest character. Every scene he had, everyone laughed.

Overall amazing!

Please go see IT!
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yes yes I am also a fellow consumer of film and television
Possibly one of the times "reddit spacing" is actually valid.
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Calm down OP. We came too.

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Should I even watch this?
Generally don't like comic book shit.
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Its the best DC movie so far and probably better than 50% of te Marvel ones too

I dont care much about capeshit either but i liked it, apparently the actress doesnt look much like she should in the comics so some capeshit fans got butthurt, but ive never read them so i dont care, she did pretty good job in the movie imo and i enjoyed her
don't listen to this pleb
No, it's no better than the Marvel stuff. Chris Pine plays Chris Pine and after an hour and a half of bad accents it becomes a typical CGI superhero battle that ends in the typical way.



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what movie
So this show is satirizing both liberals and conservatives, or something along those lines, right?

Is this a leaked clip from the next X-men movie?


I think it's the new series of American Horror Story

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Is it wrong for Black actors to play White characters in movies?
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Like facts are going to stop /pol/ whining
But Ultimate Fury is a terrible character and 616 Fury is a great one.

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>On August 10, 2013, X-MEN star Famke Janssen called the police after walking into the bedroom of her Soho penthouse and finding a children’s book on the shelf next to her bed. The book in question, "The Lonely Doll", was published in 1957 and is about a doll called Edith, "who lived in a nice house and had everything she needed except somebody to play with".

>Janssen filed a report purporting that an intruder must have entered her home and left this book as some kind of message, and named a past stalker, Carlos Echeverria, as a possible culprint. The police initially approached the case as a burglary, but investigators did not find any evidence of a break-in after examining the surveillance footage, nor did they find any signs of a forced entry or fingerprints on the book.

>Detectives ultimately found a to-do list inside the book with Janssen’s name scribbled on it and deduced that the book belonged to Janssen and "has some connection to her home.” Janssen was not charged with filing a false report because she "honestly believes that someone broke into her apartment and planted the book." Oddly enough, the list also didn't have any fingerprints.
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that's spooky
no it's not, she put it there
>women being stupid is spooky

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Who hype for season 4?
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Why'd you obscure *his* name?
It was a funny gag though.
He's a celebrity, I didn't think it really mattered. My bad.
because the faggot just literally took it from Reddit. my little brother just showed me a minute ago.

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And my ass
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I thought he said "fuck me ass"?
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>dwarfs fighting side by side with elves

What is this madness?
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is this the comfy friday night LOTR general?

what did these guys do up there all day?

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If he can transform into anything, why doesn't he just transform into a dragon and eat everyone?
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dude.... it's just a movie....
I guess it's too proud and arrogant for that. It wants to play with its victims and marinate them in fear, not just slaughter them.
Why didn't he keep allahu akbaring factories?

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Anyone got any livestreams for optimum viewing pleasure tomorrow morning when Irma makes landfall?
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It's not hitting until like monday.
Unless you mean cuban feeds
Said to make Florida landfall on Sunday morning
Tomorrow is saturday...

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Who remembers the Eragon movie? Was it kino?
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I watched it when I was like 12 and even then I thought it was bad
No it was hot garbage, managed to rip off lotr star wars & pirates of the Caribbean in one movie

>I suffer without my stone
A friend dragged me into the cinema to watch this tripe.

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ay miss Ygritt
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dont be sad, human. did you gt something in your eye?

She's clearly a 4.9/10. What the fuck are you losers smoking?
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delete this thread or prepare to be hacked, coward
>Implying you wouldn't be her daddy
Come on m80
/tv/ is full of homo pedos. They like that she looks like a little boy.

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PREVIOUSLY on /who/:
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I hope because I didn't submit Starfu this time that my tribute wins.
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Get hype
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Once you've finished /who/nger gamesing, don't forget:--


Shit Trips 2 is here, so let's engage in some community self-love by reading and appreciating some of this mammoth work every Wednesday and Sunday. We'll be going through the whole thing in order.


>Prologue: The Club of the Forgotten Ones
By Gallifrey_Immigrant

By Anonymous

>Smith and Jones
By McGanon

>The Thirteen Trips by Gallifrey_Immigrant
>Solitude by SCP Anon
>Mercy by Catharticspurious

FULL SCHEDULE: https://i.imgur.com/kj92Fs9.png

Read, enjoy, discuss, reflect, shitpost.
Got questions about a story? Was there something you thought was GOAT? Memeyness that made you laugh? Let us all know.
Make it obvious which story you're posting about, & browse sensibly if you don't want to get spoiled on any stories.

Out of the loop but want to jump in?
Get Shit Trips: Volume 2 here:

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>be most talented contestant on America's Got Talent

What did America mean by this?
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another casualty

America's not ready for a clown celebrity
What kind of fucked up moron would think being a clown was a relevant form of entertainment? You'd have to be completely oblivious to modern society to think that "clown" is something people give a shit about.

All those injuns getting absolutely BTFO

This movie was great.
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You cook good rabbit pilgrim
My friend grew up in a house in Connecticut that he built. Big house with secret passages. Super comfy.
It's pretty much the perfect adventure movie

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