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>more Hype for AquaWan than Infinity War

how did Disney screw up this badly?
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Here a pity (you) DCuck...but dont tryhard that much next time
Ragnorak looks pretty good. I am hyped for Momoa Aquaman though.
This. Ragnorak, Aquaman, new mutants and DP2 are gonna be capekino

What went wrong?
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The hot one was the biggest bitch.
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Zordon was selfish and he yelled at the teenagers. Real zordon would have never have done that.

Rita was boring.

No "its morphing time"

What was sabans point for this movie anyways??

It's fucking terrible, prove me wrong, there's nothing scary about this shit, i'll be here all night waiting for someone to prove it to me and literally you cant. This whole thing was built upon clever marketing because clowns have been in our collective memories recently with the whole prank shit, and racka racka on youtube took it to another level. This is basically a cash in on social media shit, you cant fool me it's mediocre at best, and if you're not going to fully adapt everything like the rape or the gangbanging then whats the point just make a ronald mcdonald film instead
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>Just watched all the important bits on youtube
it's just the shill who are saying it's good senpai dont worry real knows real and if you look carefully there are real threads about this shit film
shit like this pisses me off because the whole thing was not scary am i just desensitized? ive seen real ghost footage and exorcisms more scary than this shit but people are scared of a projector footage, didnt the Grudge already do this? or the ring or whatever that jap film was?

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The great debate.
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Farnsworth is actually funny and likable.
Professer Fink
rick would end up getting killed by Farnsworth. Farnsworth of course not doing it on purpose and also not even know they did it forever.

So now that the It remake has gotten so much praise which means we may be getting more R Rated horror, is there hope we get a movie adaption of the F.E.A.R. game?

F.E.A.R. 1 and 2 are absolutely fucking terrifying and if done right this would be a masterpiece in the cinema!
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No, not really. I love the first F.E.A.R. plus the expansion packs but it's really fucking stupid.
It's basically The Ring with guns.
I mean, if you changed the story to be a whole lot more disempowering, then it could be cool:
>Team of 3 soldiers investigating offices of Armacham.
>Face some resistance
>Power cut
>Get separated
>There's something else here.
>Bullet-time as a metaphor for heightening insanity
>Continue w/ mission to find documentation on what's really going on.
>Elevator music
>90s style offices interior decoration
i don't know it could work.

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>Free Fire
>Alien: Newshit
>Lucky Logan
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First of all, you probably believe that he actually died, don't you?
That scene in Logan Lucky made me cry
he was pretty based. made a career out of country ballads and used the proceeds to build a mountain base with a huge gasoline reservoir for when the shit was gonna come down.

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What'chu gonna do, shrimp?
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More like The Manlet
Is this shopped? I remeber this scene but i don't remember if it was this bad or if its exaggerated
he is walking by him, he isn't supposed to be standing in front of him.

Its a /tv/ was wrong as always episode
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Diversity always prospers
>Spider-Homecoming is world's tallest midget
thank you based chinks

>4 seasons on
>still no body shown
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The wouldn't kill the main character of the series he will be back
No need for him when Queen Dany and her nephew will protect the realm
It was his turn!

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She wasn't even good in Winters Bone. You memeing such is what made this all happen you fucking asshats.
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silver linings playbook was a shit film and she didnt deserve the oscar she got
She is so obviously the most overrated actress since Julia Roberts. She has not deserved any role she has gotten.
>going to britbongland to shit talk your own country
what a cunt

on top of begging for more money when she's the highest paid woman and also awful at everything and ugly

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Is this the ultimate "villains who did nothing wrong" compilation?
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i like to thing griffth did nothing wrong, but then again I would have done the same
>Johnny Bravo
wait what
I disagree with a few

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>Something happens in the movie
>Pause and pace around the room
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>sex scene
>fast forward
Sex scenes contribute nothing to the plot 99% of the time, and they're always visually boring.
>something happens
>pause and have a full conversation with myself about what happened

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Why the fuck was a US military transport flying over the UK?
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Presumably to get ready to bomb Germany again
because the UK has been an American client state since the beginning of the Cold war
that doesn't even qualify as the tip of the iceberg regarding this movie's problems

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>There is nothing clownish about It, which grossed a massive $51 million on Friday from 4,103 theaters for a weekend debut north of $100 million.

>It is shattering numerous records, including landing the biggest start ever for a horror film, not accounting for inflation. And it's the biggest opening ever for the month of September. The movie's Friday take alone was bigger than the previous September crown holder, Hotel Transylvania 2, which pulled in $48.5 million for the three days.

>And its Friday haul almost matched the opening weekend of Paranormal Activity 3 ($52.6 million), which is the current record-holder for top horror opening.

>The movie also nabbed the biggest Friday ever for an R-rated title, beating Deadpool's $47 million. (Deadpool went on to open to $132.4 million, however.) And its Thursday preview gross of $15.3 million was the best ever for an R-rated title (besting Deadpool at $12.7 million).

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Based froggo
You know what this means right?

More remakes because hollywood is retarded
This was not a remake though?

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Whats next in the career of talented actress Hilary Duff?
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>muh ballsack makes me honry
a movie where shes at the beach? a private island maybe?

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