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when suddenly there was a TO-TAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN
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in a few weeks you will see an Audrey II

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Do not watch this shit, or if you absolutely have to, only watch five episodes and know it doesn't get any better than that. It sucks. This has been a PSA.
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So this was a pro-LGBT serie? Just think about this:

>2 single women living together in the same house
>Both raising Sabrina like her own daughter
>They literally use a closet to go to the Other Realm
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really makes you think
Interesting. That was when things were more subtle. But then again they are witches, not sure LGBT folks would like the comparison.
If that was made today they would be openly lesbian, one would be a butch dyke and every episode would be about gender identity, sexuality and politics.

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>everyone thinks Kramer is legit tard
>points out his drooling, goofy clothes and shoes, his speech
>pretty much btfo every chromo-zoned tard
The Jimmy is truly based episode
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>pretty much btfo every chromo-zoned tard
There is nothing mean spirited about that episode,
I guess you are the retard
That's true, but OP is still correct in that the episode would not be acceptable.

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They're going to melt it down and turn it into 2 thrones, aren't they /tv/?

>muh girls and boys ruling in harmony.
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Does not matter what they do.

This show had potential, but this season really just shows that there is nothing left.

Only keeping in on for the money and the ending

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Can America go fuck itself? It doesn't watch this or the wire but I have sit here year after year and listen to you fucking faggots discuss game of fags and breaking fags

Fuck you
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Don't get me started on stupid fat fucking americans. They couldn't even appreciate the young pope, those degenerate cunts
Nah, you go fuck yourself too. Those shows are alright, but they're getting too much praise. Young pope is prime kino though
>why are people talking about new things instead of shows that aired over a decade ago that I just heard of last week

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>27 GOT threads open right now
>10 Rick and Morty threads

take a look at yourselves
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Yep, and they delete my Matt LeBlanc Hot Dinner thread instead.
got is boring and not fun at all
rick and morty is not funny
i only stay here because the occasional banepost gives me hope

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Why do actors like Kurt Russell, Mads Mikkelsen, Martin Freeman, Forest Whitaker are starting to star in capeshit?
I thought they respected the work they do so why stoop so low?
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Great actors making big budget, crowd pleasing, sellout trash for the paycheck is literally as old as Hollywood you retard.

We're not even in the worst age of it, go watch some 70's disaster movies and come back to me.
Towering Inferno is kino though
It won 3 oscars

Capehit has won Oscars too. Irrelevant.

So, what's next for her career?
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The virgin walk
What a fat retard. I hope her bodyguard slams that dude on his head
Footjob Dominatrix

Anyone watched Weinberg/The Valley?

It's supposed to be the Deutsch version of Twin Peaks
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Yaknow, for all the memes about SJW, pandering, liberal agenda, you stormfags have ignored the actual and disconcerting agenda.
With Jon and Dany, HBO is trying to legitimize incest to the general public.

They started this in season 4, slowly coerxing us to barely accept the Jamie/Cersei romance, complete withsympathetic "we don´t choose who we love."

The arrow was knocked back then, and through this season, the show has drawn the arrow of incest-accept by cheaply manipulating the audience by pairing the de facto "protagonists" of the story.

Prepare for next week, when Jon and Dany will have sex, and it will, despite being blatant incest to a degree that´s illegal in every western country, be a crowning moment and "victory" for the good guys.
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>le fantasy show with lots of boobies and butts and INCEST (how edgy) and super not obvious political commentary!!!

Go back where you belong.
>fucking your aunt
More like wincest


that scene is sad. Because they are just a copies of characters. Specifficaly copies of neural map (or smth).

it's not really them. And this is why teleportation in star trek is bullshit
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>lesbian copies living in a virtual reality
for what purpose?
The writer's said that those are the actual people. Try again.

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so.... this is the power of winter beyond the wall
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Is this worth watching?
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Hell Yes, especially Season 2 is a masterpiece
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are you kidding me


this show is AMAZING

marathoned the last two available seasons in a couple of days, I couldn't stop watching. this happens very rarely

great story, the atmosphere is fantastic and it's great to see all those familiar BrBa characters

one of my favorite shows of all time, thanks Gilligan
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Vince, pls go
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>3 seasons and no panty
shitposters are not welcome

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